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Thread: Demi-God Semi-Devils

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    Thanks for the updates!

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    ‘Sword God’ laugh and said: “Its better for us to stand far away and observe the ongoing, if there are some unexpected disaster its faster and easier to escape. There is no benefit in associating with wicked people.” The female said: “Correct, my friend Taoist BuPing, the two of us will keep watch for you, if not you will get shredded by them and no one will deliver information for you, then you would have died for nothing.”

    Wu LaoDa said : “The two of you are teasing us. In reality, our opponent is simply too strong, we are frighten and thus have to take extra precautions. Just now we did not reveal the matter candidly but we really have no choice, i hope the three of you can forgive us.”

    Murong Fu and Deng BaiChuan gave each other a glance, they thought: “This Wu LaoDa is not some minor character, moreover they have great numbers, but he is so courteous towards the three of them, obviously he is trying to prevent the secret from leaking out. This Taoist BuPing, Sword God and Hibiscus Fairy, they claim they want to help out and assist, but most likely they have other motives, its best to stay away from these wicked people.” Both of them nod their head, Deng BaiChuan signal with his lips, indicating that they should leave now. Murong Fu said: “There are so many people here, not matter how big the problem you definitely can handle it, moreover you have Taoist BuPing and another two experts to help you out, in the present age who can resist? There is really no need for me to interfere, i will just be a hindrance. I will take my leave now!”

    Wu LaoDa said: “Wait! Since this matter has been exposed, it concerns the lives of several hundred people. The honour and lives of our brothers from 36 Caves and 72 Islands are hanging on a thin line. Gentleman Murong, its not that we don’t trust you, but you are too deeply involved, we don’t dare to take the risk.” Murong Fu said: “So you are saying you won’t allow me to leave?” Wu LaoDa said: “I don’t dare.” Bao BuTong said: “What Child Granny, Child Uncle, we Gusu Murong family is ill-informed, this is the first time we heard of the name, obviously we are not connected to it. Just do whatever you want to do, we guarantee we will never leak out half a word. Who is Gusu Murong Fu, how can he not keep his words? If you try to forcibly make us stay, its not going to be easy, maybe its easy to keep Bao BuTong, but don’t tell me you can make young master Murong or that Gentleman Duan stay?”

    Wu LaoDa knows he is telling the truth, especially more so for Gentleman Duan as his footwork is very weird, he is carrying a lady on his back but his feet never touch the ground at all, he is floating around like a feather and goes wherever he wants, nobody can block him; there is no time to consider and he really don’t want to make another powerful enemy by offending Gusu Murong family. Wu LaoDa glance at Taoist BuPing, his expression awkward, its seems he is trying to ask for some ideas.

    Taoist BuPing said: “Wu LaoDa, for today’s matter, you definitely have to kill her. If you fail to kill her, then its completely over. Gentleman Murong is such a powerful helper, he is standing right in front of you, why you still hesitate in inviting him?”

    Wu LaoDa grind his teeth and made up his mind, he walk towards Murong Fu and bow deeply, he said: “Gentleman Murong, we from 36 Caves and 72 Islands suffered endless torment for the past 10 years, we led an inhuman life, we are going all out and risking our lives today to get rid of that old devil, i beg your heroic spirit to save us from this dire situation, we will never forget your great kindness and virtue!” he is begging Murong Fu for help, obviously he is being forced to do it, its not his original intention, but these few words are clearly sincere and honest.

    Murong Fu said: “There are so many experts here, there is no use for me......” he already thought of his speech, he wanted to decline and not get involve in this mess, but suddenly he had 2nd thoughts: “This Wu LaoDa said: ’We will never forget your great kindness and virtue’, there are no lack of experts in 36 Caves and 72 Islands. In the future i need to carry out a major plan, i worry about the lack of people, if i help them out today then when the time comes i can invite them to help me as well. There are several hundred experts here, its really an elite troop.” As he thought of it, he immediately change his speech: “But there is a good saying, we should help one another along the way, this is my duty as a martial artist....”

    When Wu LaoDa heard it his expression is happy, he said: “Yes, yes!”

    Deng BaiChuan kept on shooting meaningful looks, he is hinting Murong Fu to quickly pull back, these people are not good people, its harmful to make friends with them. But Murong Fu just nod his head, indicating that he understood his intention, he continued: “I witness everyone’s superior martial arts, all of you uphold justice and have a sense of loyalty, i really admire greatly, thus i wish to make friends with you all. Everyone is punishing an evil person, originally you don’t need my help, but since we are friends, everyone should stick together through thick and thin, help each other out through trials and tribulations, Murong Fu is at your service.”

    The applause is like thunder, everyone cheered and clap. ‘Gusu Murong’ enjoys great reputation in the martial arts fraternity, just now everyone witness his skills and its indeed well-deserved, when Wu LaoDa ask him for help they did not expect him to agree at all, they expect him to swear an oath and not reveal the secret and that would be the end, they never expect him to agree immediately, moreover he is extremely courteous, saying things like ‘stick together through thick and thin’, ‘help each other out through trials and tribulations’, he is pledging his life to make friends with them, they cannot help but be pleasantly surprise.

    Deng BaiChuan and the rest are equally shock. They have always obeyed Murong Fu’s orders, even for Bao BuTong who likes to refute and debate he never say ‘Not true, not true’ to his young master, the four of them thought: “Young master promise to assist, obviously he has his own intentions, we merely don’t understand it for the time being.”


    When Wang YuYan heard her cousin agreeing to assist the other party, the enemy turn into a friend, she said to Duan Yu: “Gentleman Duan, they are not fighting anymore, you can put me down!” Duan Yu was startled, he said: “Yes, yes, yes!” he bend his knees slightly and put her down. Wang YuYan cheek is slightly red, she said softly: “Many thanks!” Duan Yu sigh and said: “Sigh, eternity is exhausted, there will be continuous regret from now on.” Wang YuYan said: “What are you talking about? Are you reciting poetry?”

    Duan Yu was startled, he woke up from his fantasy, countless thoughts pass through him in an instant, after he put down Wang YuYan she would accompany Murong Fu and leave, they will be separated worlds apart and never see each other again, he will drift around the world, depress for 10 years and finally dying in regret and hate, thus he said ‘eternity is exhausted, there will be continuous regret from now on’. When he heard Wang YuYan query, he quickly reply: “Its nothing...i...i....i let my imagination run wild.” Wang YuYan immediately understood the meaning behind his poetry, she blush and thought of walking to Murong Fu right away, but her acupoint had yet to unseal, she can’t move.

    Taoist BuPing said: “Wu LaoDa, congratulations, congratulations, Gentleman Murong agreed to help, the problem is 90% solved, not to mention Murong Fu peerless divine skills, even his subordinate Gentleman Duan is also a top expert with abilities rarely seen in this world.” He notice that Duan Yu expression was respectful when carrying Wang YuYan, thus he assume he has the same status as Deng BaiChuan and the rest of Murong Fu’s subordinate.

    Murong Fu quickly said: “This Brother Duan is a top expert from Dali’s Duan family, i myself admire him greatly. Brother Duan, why don’t you come over and meet these friends?”

    Duan Yu is standing beside Wang YuYan, he peek at her, sniffing her sweet fragrance, although he don’t dare to look straight at her, he is perfectly contented in looking at her jade white hands, he never hear Murong Fu calling him.

    Murong Fu shouted again: “Brother Duan, why don’t you come over and meet these friends?” He is determined to win over these brave heroes, thus he don’t dare to be haughty towards Duan Yu. But Duan Yu is completely focus on Wang YuYan’s hands, 10 fingertips, soft smooth and supple, how would he notice other people calling him?

    Wang YuYan said: “Gentleman Duan, my cousin is calling you!” Duan Yu immediately heard her words, he quickly said: “Yes, yes! He call me for what?” Wang YuYan said: “Cousin is asking you to go over and meet some new friends.” Duan Yu is unwilling to leave her side, he said: “Then are you going as well?” Wang YuYan was unsettled by his question, she said: “They want to meet you, not me.” Duan Yu said: “If you are not going, then i am not going as well.”

    Although Taoist BuPing notice Duan Yu’s exceptional footwork, he didn’t regard him as some important figure, when he heard Duan Yu’s reply he did not know it was due to infatuation, other than the lady he ignored everyone else in this world, he assume Duan Yu despise them and is unwilling to meet, he cannot help but feel resentful.

    Wang YuYan notice everyone is looking at her and Duan Yu, she felt embarrass and fear that her cousin might misunderstand, she call out: “Cousin, someone sealed my acupoint, come over to support me.”

    However Murong Fu is unwilling to display his love relationship in front of everyone, he said: “Elder brother Deng, please tend to Miss Wang. Brother Duan, why don’t you come over here?”

    Wang YuYan said: “Gentleman Duan, my cousin is inviting you, please go over.” Duan Yu heard her asking Murong Fu for support, obviously she regarded him as an outsider, in an instant his heart ached bitterly, he walk towards Murong in a daze.

    Murong Fu said: “Brother Duan, i will introduce you to several experts, this is Taoist BuPing, this is Wu LaoDa.”

    Duan Yu said: “Yes! Yes!” but he thought: “I am standing beside her, why she never ask me to support her, instead she ask her cousin for support? Just now she wanted me to carry her but its due to the desperate situation, if her cousin can carry her then obviously she will choose her cousin, she will never allow me to touch her body.” He said: “If she can lean on her cousin body, she will naturally burst with joy. Even for Deng BaiChuan, Bao BuTong, the subordinates of her cousin, she is much closer to them than to me. What about me? What about me? There is no relations between both of us, we are strangers who come together by chance, i am just some insignificant stranger, why would she care about me? She permit me to look at her a few times, but if she can sweep her eyes a few time at my lowly self then its considered my great fortune. She most probably still treat me as a gardener in her home, if i have any other wishful thoughts, i am afraid i will immediately exhaust my karmic reward....sigh, she will never want me to support her.”

    Taoist BuPing and Wu LaoDa look at Duan Yu lifeless expression, he is just staring at empty air and completely ignored Murong Fu’s introduction, in addition his eyebrows wrinkled and he look worried, clearly he is unwilling to meet them. Taoist BuPing said: “Nice to meet you! Nice to meet you!” he stretch out his hand and grip Duan Yu’s right hand. Wu LaoDa immediately understood Taoist BuPing’s intentions, he flip his palm and hook Duan Yu’s left hand. Wu LaoDa’s martial art is overbearing, he openly display his hostility unlike Taoist BuPing, although both of them have the same intentions, they want to make Duan Yu suffer but they don’t want to reveal any trace of it, they try to appear very friendly and warm-hearted.

    Both of them held onto Duan Yu’s hand, their ‘LaoGong acupoint’ on the hollow of the palm connected, the ‘YuFu acupoint’ connected, ‘YuJi’, ‘ShaoFu’, ‘ShaoChong’, all these meridians activated. In an instant, Taoist BuPing felt his internal energy draining out swiftly, he cannot help but feel startled, he hastily tried to shake of his hand. But currently Duan Yu’s internal energy is extremely deep and profound, unexpectedly his palm is stuck onto Taoist BuPing’s palm, his [Divine Skill of the Northern Darkness] already activate, he is absorbing his opponent’s internal energy faster and faster. When Wu LaoDa grab Duan Yu’s palm, he immediately channelled his internal energy and use his poison palm skill, he want to make Duan Yu suffer an unbearable itch and make him beg for forgiveness, then he will give him the antidote. Unexpectedly, Duan Yu is immune to poison after consuming the ‘Poison Bull Cinnabar Toad’, the poison on his palm is completely harmless against Duan Yu, but his internal energy is absorbed at lightning speed. Wu LaoDa cry out loudly: “Hello, are using the [Great Energy Dissolving Skill]!”

    Duan Yu have yet to snap out of his day dream, he complain and sigh: “She don’t want me to support her, i am born to this world, but where is the joy? Why don’t i return to Dali, henceforth i should not meet her again. Sigh, why don’t i go to Heavenly Dragon Monastery and become a monk, become a disciple under Great Master KuRong, everyday i will cleanse my body and mind, from now on my six senses will be purified and tranquil, untainted and incorruptible....”

    Murong Fu is unaware of the true origins of Duan Yu’s martial arts, he saw Taoist BuPing and Wu LaoDa are distress, their expression change greatly, he assume Duan Yu is deliberately striking back, he quickly grab Taoist BuPing’s back and pull him off, his energy rush forward and retreat promptly, obstructing the suction force of the [Divine Skill of the Northern Darkness], he manage to pull Taoist BuPing off and he call out simultaneously: “Brother Duan, please be lenient!”

    Duan Yu was startled, he snap out of his day-dream, he immediately use the method taught by his uncle Duan ZhengMing and withdraw his [Divine Skill of the Northern Darkness].

    Wu LaoDa is using all his strength to pull outward, suddenly the suction is gone and he is released, he staggered and retreated a few steps, he finally manage to stabilize himself, his face and ears are red, he is frighten and angry, he shout repeatedly: “[Great Energy Dissolving Skill], [Great Energy Dissolving Skill]!” Taoist BuPing is more knowledgeable and experience, he notice Duan Yu’s internal energy absorbing skill is different from the notorious [Great Energy Dissolving Skill], but he can’t correctly identify them as he has never been hit by [Great Energy Dissolving Skill] before.

    Duan Yu’s [Divine Skill of the Northern Darkness] being mistaken as [Great Energy Dissolving Skill], it happened many times before, he smile and said: “Old Freak of XingXiu Ding ChunQiu is vile and repulsive, why would i learn his stinky martial arts? You really lack knowledge....sigh, sigh, sigh!” Originally he intended to tease Wu LaoDa, but he suddenly thought of Wang YuYan treating him as a stranger, he is infatuated and head over heels in love with her, speaking of ‘lack of knowledge’ he is 100 times worse than Wu LaoDa, he cannot help but sigh 3 times.

    Murong Fu said: “Brother Duan is a direct descendent of the Duan family, his family is famous and upright, [YiYang Finger] and [Six Meridians Divine Sword] matchless under the heaven, how can he be mention together with the Old Freak of XingXiu?”

    While he is speaking, he felt his right palm and arm swelling more and more, evidently its not due to the impact from the dwarf’s twin hammer, he is bewildered and raise his hand, the back of his hand is glowing faint green, he smell some fishy stench, he immediately realize the truth: “Ah, yes, my arm came into contact with the ‘Verdant Wave Fragrant Dew Sabre’, the poison gas slowly diffuse into the skin.” At once he flip the sabre horizontally, the back of the sabre facing outward, the edge of the sabre facing himself, he said to Wu LaoDa: “Mr Wu, i will return this honourable weapon back, sorry for the offense.”

    Wu LaoDa stretch out his hand to receive it, but Murong Fu did not release the handle, he was startled and laugh: “This sabre is a little strange, mostly probably it offended you.” He took out a small bottle from his bosom, he open the bottle cork, he pour some fine powder on his palm, he turn his palm over and press in on Murong Fu’s arm. In an instant the medicine penetrate the skin, Murong Fu felt a cooling sensation on his arm and palm, he knew the antidote has already taken effect, he smiled and presented the sabre.

    Wu LaoDa received the sabre, he said to Duan Yu: “This brother Duan, are you a friend or foe? If you are a friend you should trust us completely so that i can report the truth candidly. If you are a foe, although your martial art is high but we will fight you to the death.” As he finish speaking he look askance, his expression cold and imposing.

    Duan Yu is troubled by emotional matters, how would he have Wu LaoDa’s heroic spirit? He is dejected and said: “I have so much worries on my mind now, i can’t push it away or solve it, where to find the mood to pay attention to other people’s matters? I am not your friend, but i am also not your foe. I can’t help you, but i also won’t trouble you. Sigh, i am grieving for all eternity, the world is so vast and big but who will recognize my worth, my tears roll down in grief and indignation. Those who know me say i am depress, those who don’t know me say i am bringing trouble to myself. The gains and losses in the martial arts fraternity, why would Duan Yu even care about it?”

    Taoist BuPing notice Duan Yu is crazy and eccentric, he keep mumbling to himself, but after mumbling a few words he would secretly look at Wang YuYan, Taoist BuPing already guessed 80-90% of the matter, he raise his voice and said to Wang YuYan: “Miss Wang, your cousin Gentleman Murong already promise to assist us for the sake of justice, we will take part in this together and uphold justice, presumably Miss will take part as well?” Wang YuYan said: “Yes, since my cousin is with you, naturally i will also follow, i willingly follow your lead.” Taoist BuPing smiled and said: “I don’t deserve such praise! Miss Wang is too modest.” He turn his head and said to Duan Yu: “Gentleman Murong is with us, Miss Wang is also with us. Gentleman Duan, if you can join us as well, everyone will be eternally grateful to you. But if Gentleman is not willing then please leave by yourself, how about it?” as he finish speaking he move his right hand, his posture sending off a guest.

    Wu LaoDa said: “This...maybe its inappropriate.....” he really disapprove of the idea, if Duan Yu leave, he might leak out their secret, he grip his serrated-sabre tightly, if Duan Yu take a single step he will immediately move forward and block him.

    But Duan Yu pace back and forth in a circle, he said: “You ask me to leave, but where can i go? Although the world is big, but where will Duan Yu find safe shelter? I....i have nowhere to go.”

    Taoist BuPing smiled and said: “Since this is the case, then Gentleman Duan please come with us. When the time comes, you can just sit back without lifting a finger, don’t help either side.”

    Wu LaoDa have some misgivings, Taoist BuPing look at him and cast a meaningful glance, he said: “Wu LaoDa, you are trifle in handling matters. Come, come, come! There are 36 Cave-masters and 72 Island-masters, poor Taoist been looking forward to the meeting but we never meet at all. From now on everyone will share the same enemy and hatred, you should come forward and introduce yourself to Gentleman Murong, Gentleman Duan and poor Taoist.”

    Wu LaoDa said: “This should be case.” At once he call out everyone’s name, one by one he introduce them. These people rule different region and territory, most of them don’t even know each other, while Wu LaoDa is introducing them to Gentleman Murong, someone will frequently call out: “Ah, it turns out this so-and-so Cave-master.” Or they will whisper: “So-and-so Island-master with shocking reputation, unexpectedly his appearance is like this.” Murong Fu was secretly amazed: “How come these people don’t even know each other? It seems they are meeting each other for the first time.”

    Among the Cave-masters and Island-masters, four of them got killed by Murong Fu in the chaotic battle, when the subordinates of the four sees Murong Fu, they despise him and felt indignant.

    Murong Fu said brightly: “Just now i accidentally killed a few noble friend, i am terribly apologetic, from now on i will spare no effort and do my best to make up for my past mistake. But if someone is unwilling to forgive me, since we are fighting a common enemy we will put our differences aside for the moment, once the deed is done, please come to Gusu Basin of Swallow and find me, we will settle it once and for all.” Wu LaoDa said: “Your words are correct. Gentleman Murong is very straightforward and honest! Even among our own brothers, we might have some complain and animosity, but we are facing a powerful enemy, everyone should put their minor differences aside. If anyone is short-sighted and refuse to take into account the big picture and try to take advantage of the situation to take revenge, then what should we do?” Many people say in succession:

    “That person is obviously a horse that brings trouble to its herd, everyone should get rid of him.”

    “If we cannot deal with that Heavenly Mountain old witch, its hard for everyone to preserve their lives, there is no need to even mention personal hatred.”

    “How can there be intact eggs in an overturn bird nest? Wu LaoDa, Gentleman Murong, don’t worry, no one will do such stupid thing.”

    Murong Fu said: “Very good, i offer my thanks. I wonder what errands you have for me, please instruct me.”

    Taoist BuPing said: “Wu LaoDa, since everyone is participating in this major event we need to work towards a common goal. You are the chief, please tell us the matter about Child Elder of Heavenly Mountain, how powerful is that old witch, what kind of shocking ability she has, tell us so that everyone can guard against her to avoid any surprise which we are not aware of.”

    Wu LaoDa said: “Yes! All the Cave-masters and Island-masters recommended me to organize this event, my ability and talent is shallow, originally i cannot hold such heavy responsibility, luckily Gentleman Murong, Taoist BuPing, Sword God Mr Zhuo and Hibiscus Fairy join in to uphold justice, thus my burden is greatly reduced.” He still have some resentment towards Duan Yu, thus he did not mention ‘Gentleman Duan’ in his speech.

    Someone from the crowd said: “Save those polite words, get to the main point!” another person said: “Damn your grandmother, we are going to risk our lives to kill someone, our lives are in jeopardy, all these empty talks, aren’t you wasting our time?”

    Wu LaoDa laugh and said: “Brother Hong spew such vulgar language. Sea Horse Island Island-master Qin, please stand guard at the south-east, release the signal immediately if you spot any enemy. Violet Rock Cave Cave-master Huo, please stand guard at the west....” he dispatch eight experts in succession, they guard the eight directions. The eight of them complied with the orders, they lead their subordinates and rush off to their designated guard point.

    Murong Fu pondered: “These eight Cave-masters and Island-masters, it seems they are cruel and arrogant, violent and fierce people, unexpectedly they complied with the orders of Wu LaoDa, their expression vigilant and fearful, obviously the enemy is so powerful that they become extremely fearful. I promise to render my help, but i am afraid this problem is really dangerous and difficult.”

    Wu LaoDa wait for the eight group of guards to walk far away, he said: “Everyone please sit down, i will narrate our painful embarrassment.”

    Bao BuTong suddenly interrupted: “You bunch of people commit murder and arson, put poison and pillage, all of you fierce and vicious, terrible tyrants, what kind of painful embarrassment you have? It makes no sense, it makes no sense!” Murong Fu said: “3rd brother Bao, calm down and listen to Cave-master Wu’s account, don’t interrupt his words.” Bao BuTong grumbled: “His words lack logic, i cannot help but speak out bluntly.” Although he did rebut, but since Murong Fu already gave him an order, he dare not interrupt anymore.

    Wu LaoDa force a bitter smile and said: “Brother Bao is correct. The one surnamed Wu, although my ability is lowly, but i am born stubborn, i take advantage of people, i don’t allow others to take advantage of me, but who would have expect, sigh!”

    Wu LaoDa gave a sigh, suddenly the person beside him also gave a long sigh, he is even more sorrowful. Everyone look towards the person who gave the long sigh, Duan Yu is looking at the moon with his hands behind his back, Duan Yu gave a long sigh and said: “The moon is so bright, a pretty lady appear before me; she is so elegant and attractive, i worry about how to express my feelings!” He is humming the chapter <Rising Moon> from the <Book of Songs>, the meaning is that the moonlight is bright, the beauty graceful, he find it hard to relax his thoughts and he cannot help but worry secretly. Most of the people around him are uneducated martial artists, how can they understand the meaning of this poem? Everyone glare furiously at Duan Yu, they blame him for interrupting Wu LaoDa.

    Wang YuYan understood Duan Yu’s real intentions, she afraid that her cousin might take offense and she secretly peek at Murong Fu, he is fixing his gaze entirely on Wu LaoDa, he never listen to Duan Yu recital of poetry, she breathe a sigh of relief.


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    SWORD GOD! Didn't do anything again =/

    DY is really ultra sappy right now.

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    Thanks a lot d4rksinz.

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    Default sword god!

    Thanks for continuing - the problems is the SWORD GOD has been talked up too much on this forum - I keep expecting him to do something earth-shattering.

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    dear d4rksinz, thanx for being faithful and sticking with this project throughout 2012 , giving us some of the top, excellent translations on the whole .. it was great reading and fun.... have a stupedo-fantabulus 2013!!!

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    Thanks for the support, and happy new year everyone!!

    ....and now for the translations:

    Wu LaoDa said: “Gentleman Murong and Taoist BuPing , both of you are not outsiders anymore, i am not afraid of letting you know about this matter. We 36 Cave-masters and 72 Island-masters, some live in desolated mountains, some rule over islands, it may seem as if we are free and unfettered, but all of us are restricted by Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain. To be honest, we are her slave. Every year, she will send some people to heavily reprimand us, she will curse and berate us, no living person can withstand it. You must be wondering, we must be indignant to be reprimanded by her correct? But this is not the case, the more she curse us, the happier we feel.....”

    Bao BuTong cannot help but interrupt: “This is strange! Aren’t you demeaning yourself?”

    Wu LaoDa said: “Brother Bao you are not aware of the full details, if the people sent by Child Elder scold us severely, our crisis for that year can be considered over, all the caves and islands will organize a huge feast for several days to celebrate our well-being. Sigh, conducting ourselves like this, its indeed very demeaning. If the people sent by Child Elder don’t curse our grandson as bastards, if they don’t curse our 18 generation ancestors, our lives in the future will be difficult. You must understand, if she don’t send people to curse us, she will send people to beat us, if you are lucky you get 30 strokes of rod, if your legs don’t get broken in the process you will most likely organize a huge feast and celebrate.”

    Bao BuTong and Feng BoE look at each other and smile, both of them make huge effort to restrain themselves from laughing out, unexpectedly these people have to organize a feast and celebrate even after getting beaten, such strange incident has never been heard before, but Wu LaoDa’s tone is mournful and miserable, the crowd around him also gnash their teeth in anger and curse, it seems this matter is not fake.

    Originally, Duan Yu focus solely on Wang YuYan, while looking at her, he notice that she listen attentively to Wu LaoDa, thus he also listen to Wu LaoDa speak, after listening to a few sentence he cannot help but slap his palm and said: “Ridiculous! This Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain, is she a god or immortal? Devil or monster? She is so tyrannical, isn’t she a bit too absurd?”

    Wu LaoDa said: “Gentleman Duan is correct. This Child Elder push us around, she treat us worse than pigs and dogs. If she don’t order her people to beat us with rod, she will often use whip to lash our back, else she will hammer in a few nails into our back. Island-master Sima, the scars you got from the lashings, please let our friends see it.”

    A thin and emaciated old man said: “Ashamed, ashamed!” he undo his garment, on his back there are 3 vertical stripe and 3 horizontal stripe, the stripe criss-cross and is bright red in colour, it is really nauseating just looking at it, they can imagine the pain and anguish the old man must have felt when he endured the lashings. A black man said loudly: “That is nothing. Please look at the nails on my back.” he undo his garment, there are 3 huge iron nail, its nailed onto his back, the nails are rusted, evidently it has been a long time but unexpectedly this black man did not attempt to remove it. Another monk said hoarsely: “The injuries suffered by Island-master Yu, i am afraid it can’t be compared with junior monk!” he undo his monk robe. A slender iron chain penetrate through his scapula, the chain goes downward and penetrate his wrist bone. He only need to move his wrist lightly and it will affect his scapula, everyone can well imagine the pain.

    Duan Yu is extremely angry, he shouted: “Preposterous, preposterous! Unexpectedly there is such sinister person in this world. Wu LaoDa, Duan Yu is determined to help you, everyone will work together to purge this great evil.”

    Wu LaoDa said: “Many thanks to Gentleman Duan assistance.” He turn his head and said to Murong Fu: “Everyone here endured some form of torture from Child Elder. We claim this is an ‘Assembly of Ten Thousand Immortals’, we are just exaggerating, in reality it should be ‘Assembly of Ten Thousand Ghosts’. Our lives for these past years, i am afraid even the sufferings endured by ghost in hell can’t be compared with us. In the past, everyone is afraid of her terrible methods, thus we simply suffer in silence, luckily god is fair, that old witch dominate us for a lifetime but she can also run out of luck.”

    Murong Fu said: “Everyone here is controlled by Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain and did not rebel, is it because of her superior martial arts which lead to defeat at every encounter?” Wu LaoDa said: “Obviously that old witch’s martial art is extremely powerful. But nobody knows exactly how brilliant it is.” Murong Fu said: “Deep and immeasurable?” Wu LaoDa nod his head and said: “Deep and immeasurable!” Murong Fu ask: “You say that old woman ran out of luck, how so?”

    Wu LaoDa raise his eyebrows, his spirit rose, he said: “Its for this reason that we are gathering here. On the 2nd day of the 5th lunar month, Heavenly Wind Cave Cave-master An and i, Sea Horse Island Island-master Qin, etc, all nine of us take turns to present our offerings, pearls and treasures, thin silk and satin, exotic delicacies, rouge and cosmetics, we delivered it to Misty Peak Heavenly Mountain.....” Bao BuTong laugh out loudly and ask: “That old woman is a granny, how come she still use rouge and cosmetics?” Wu LaoDa said: “That old witch is old, but she have quite a number of female servants under her, some of the young women need these cosmetics. But there is not a single man at the mountain peak, i don’t know who they dress up for?” Bao BuTong smiled and said: “Maybe its for you to see.”

    Wu LaoDa said grimly: “Brother Bao you are teasing me. When we go to Misty Peak, our eyes are covered by black cloth, we can hear but cannot see, the people at Misty Peak, whether they are pretty or ugly, young or old, nobody knows.”

    Murong Fu said: “If that is the case, then the appearance of Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain, nobody ever seen it before?”

    Wu LaoDa sigh and said: “Someone did see her before. But those who see her will meet a tragic end. The incident happen 23 years ago, someone got the guts, he secretly pull down his black cloth and glance at that old witch, he didn’t have time to pull the cloth up as both his eyes were blinded by that old witch, his tongue cut off, both his arms chop off.” Murong Fu said: “Its fine if his eyes are blinded, but why cut off his tongue and arms?” Wu LaoDa said: “Perhaps its to prevent him from revealing the appearance of the old witch, cut off his tongue so that he cannot speak, cut off his arms so that he cannot write.”

    Bao BuTong stick out his tongue and said: “Scoundrel, scoundrel! Ferocious, ferocious!”

    Wu LaoDa said: “Cave-master An and i, Island-master Qin, etc, the nine of us were extremely scared while at Misty Peak. The medicine that old witch ask us to prepare 3 years ago, a few items are really rare, for example the egg of 300 years old turtle, 5 chi long deer antler, we really can’t find it. We cannot fulfil her demands, thus we assume the punishment must be heavy. Unexpectedly when the nine of us hand over the items, the old witch send someone to pass on a message: ‘The items are passable, you nine bastards, quickly grab your tail and get lost!’ its as if we are granted amnesty from the emperor, we were overjoyed, immediately we left the mountain peak, its best to leave quickly, if that old witch detect some of the items are not complete and inquire then we will be in deep trouble. We reach the base of the mountain and remove the black cloth covering our eyes, but we saw three dead people. One of them, Cave-master An recognize him as an expert from Western Xia First-Class Hall, he is called Nine-Wing Taoist.”

    Taoist BuPing said: “Oh, so Nine-Wing Taoist is killed by that old witch, however its rumoured that he was killed by Gusu Murong family.” Bao BuTong said: “Bullshit! Bullshit! What Eight-Tail Monk or Nine-Wing Taoist, we never heard of them before, this blood-debt is place on us again.” His curse is directed at people who spread the rumours, he isn’t scolding Taoist BuPing, but bystanders still felt rather uncomfortable when hearing it. Taoist BuPing did not take offense, he smiled and said: “A famous person will attract criticism, it's a natural way of life!” Bao BuTong said: “Bull.......” he glance sideway at Murong Fu, he swallowed his words. Taoist BuPing said: “Brother Bao, how come you swallow your words?” Bao BuTong is having second thoughts, he shout furiously: “What? You cursing me, i am eating fart correct?” Taoist BuPing smiled and said: “I don’t dare! Whatever Brother Bao likes to eat, you can simply eat.”

    Bao BuPing intended to debate with him but Murong Fu said: “In this world, praises and approval cannot be anticipated, we wholeheartedly want to preserve our reputation, instead we suffer slander, this is a very common matter, 3rd Brother Bao why the need to debate? Its rumoured that Nine-Wing Taoist possess extremely high lightness martial art, he is skilled in [Thunder God Shield], he rarely meets his match, ignoring the fact that he does not have any enmity with me, even if we did have some hatred i might not be able to beat him, he is known as the [Thunder That Shift The Nine Heavens] Nine-Wing Taoist.”

    Taoist BuPing smiled and said: “Gentleman Murong is too modest. Although Nine-Wing Taoist [Thunder That Shift The Nine Heavens] is impressive, but if Gentleman Murong also returns it with another [Thunder That Shift The Nine Heavens], then he will wait for death with his hands tied.”

    Wu LaoDa said: “There are two scars on Nine-Wing Taoist, both of them inflicted by sword. Hence, its rumoured that he died by Gusu Murong hands, but that is pure rubbish. Base on my observation, how can it be fake? If Gentleman Murong wants to kill him, obviously he will use Nine-Wing Taoist’s [Thunder God Shield] to kill him.”

    Taoist BuPing interrupted: “Two sword wounds? Two scars? That is so strange!”

    Wu LaoDa slap his thigh and said: “Taoist BuPing is indeed an expert, you immediately detect something fishy. Nine-Wing Taoist died at the base of Misty Peak, but he suffered two sword wounds, something is amiss!”

    Murong Fu pondered: “What is so fishy about that? Taoist BuPing found it strange, but i really don’t understand.” In an instant he cannot help but feel inferior.

    Wu LaoDa wanted to test Murong Fu, he said: “Gentleman Murong, do you think there is something fishy as well?”

    Murong Fu is unwillingly to bluff his way through, he was startled and wanted to say: “I really don’t know the underlying reason.” Suddenly Wang YuYan said: “One of the sword wounds on Nine-Wing Taoist is likely to be on his right leg, between the ‘FengShi’ and ‘FuTu’ acupoint, the other sword wound must be on his back, his ‘XuanShu’ acupoint, his vertebra is slice in half with a single sword move, am i correct?”

    Wu LaoDa’s shock is no small matter, he said: “Miss you are also at Misty Peak? How come we....we never see....see you?” his voice is trembling, clearly he is extremely scared. He thought that since Wang YuYan is at the scene, then his future conduct inevitably will be known to her as well, he is afraid that the big secret is leaked out already, he have yet to mobilize the attacks but Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain already knows about it.” Another voice transmit from the crowd of people: “How come you come we didn’t see....see....see....” The speaker already suffered from serious stuttering, he is even more anxious and his speech is unclear. Murong Fu thought the person’s stuttering is awkward, its really funny, but unexpectedly none of the 36 Cave-master and 72 Island-masters dare to ridicule him, Murong Fu presume the person’s martial arts must be solid, or the person is very vicious and everyone is rather fearful of him, immediately everyone cast meaningful looks at Bao BuTong, hinting him not to offend this person.

    Wang YuYan said indifferently: “Heavenly Mountain is located at western region, it is so far away, i never been there before.”

    Wu LaoDa is even more afraid, he thought: “Since you didn’t witness it personally, then you must have heard it from other people, don’t tell me this matter spread all over the martial arts fraternity already?” he quickly inquire: “Miss, who did you heard it from?”

    Wang YuYan said: “Its just my own casual guess. Nine-Wing Taoist is an expert in the ‘Thunder And Lightning Arts’, when he fight with others he will definitely use his lightness martial art. He wield an iron tablet on his left hand, 42 move [Sichuan Road Tablet Art], protecting his chest, back, the top of his head and his left side, its really like an iron barrel, difficult for his opponent to attack, the only gap is on his right side, for a sword-wielding expert to injure him, he must attack his right leg, between the ‘FengShi’ and ‘FuTu’ acupoint. If the sword is thrust between these two acupoint, Nine-Wing Taoist will definitely raise his tablet to protect his chest, at the same time he will use his [Thunder God Shield] and make a move [Spring Thunder Moving Abruptly], chopping his opponent. Since his opponent is an expert, naturally he will seize the opportunity and chop his back. I guess this move must be from [White Rainbow Piercing The Sun], the move [White Emperor Beheading The Snake], or similar kind of moves to chop his ‘XuanShu’ acupoint on his backbone. Nine-Wing Taoist’s martial art is strong, its not easy to use a sword to harm him, its best to use judge-pen or some other short weapon to hit his pressure point, but since its a sword, then this move is the most effective.”

    Wu LaoDa breathe a sigh of relief, its as if he is released from a heavy burden, after a long time he stick out his thumb and said: “Admirable! Admirable! The people under Gusu Murong is really extraordinary! Miss, your analysis is deep and logical, its as if you witness it personally.”

    Duan Yu cannot help but interrupt: “This lady is surnamed Wang, she is not....she is not Gusu Murong....”

    Wang YuYan smiled and said: “Gusu Murong is my closest relative, there is nothing wrong in calling me part of Gusu Murong family.”

    Duan Yu vision turn dark, his body sway, his ears buzzing with the phrase: “There is nothing wrong in calling me part of Gusu Murong family.”

    The stuttering person said: “So it” Wu LaoDa did not wait for him to finish speaking and said: “The wounds on Nine-Wing Taoist are indeed as speculated by Miss Wang, one sword wound at the right leg between the ‘FengShi’ and ‘FuTu’ acupoint, the ‘XuanShu’ acupoint on his back chop in half.....” but he is still worried, he inquire: “Miss Wang, you are certain that you deduce it using martial arts knowledge, you really didn’t hear it from someone else?” Wang YuYan nod her head and said: “Yes.”

    The stuttering person suddenly said: “If you want to kill...kill....kill Wu LaoDa, then”

    Wu LaoDa heard the person ask Wang YuYan on how to kill him, he is furious and shouted loudly: “What is your intention in asking that question?” but he immediately had second thoughts: “This lady is so young, its really unimaginable that she can deduce how Nine-Wing Taoist died base on martial arts knowledge, most probably she hid at the base of Misty Peak and witness someone using the sword moves. The implication of this matter is serious, there is no harm in probing further.” He said: “Correct. May i ask Miss, if you want to kill me, how would you do it?”

    Wang YuYan smile faintly, she move close to Murong Fu’s ear and said softly: “Cousin, the loophole in this person’s martial art is behind his shoulder the ‘TianZong’ acupoint and the ‘Qing Leng Yuan’ acupoint behind his elbow, you can subdue him by attacking these two points.”

    In the presence of several hundred experts, how can Murong Fu accept the guidance given by a young maiden? He snorted and said brightly: “Since Cave-master Wu is asking you, there is no harm in saying it out loud.”

    Wang YuYan blush, she felt ashamed, she pondered: “I wanted to fawn upon you, but i didn’t expect to show off my ability in front of everyone, it overshadowed your manly authority.” She said: “Cousin, Gusu Murong knows all the martial arts under the heaven, you tell Wu LaoDa about it.”

    Murong Fu is unwilling to pretend, thus he is unwilling to receive the glory base on her knowledge, he said: “Wu LaoDa’s martial art is high, you want to harm him, its easier said than done? Cave-master Wu, we don’t need to discuss this unrelated topic, please continue narrating what you heard and saw at the base of Misty Peak.”

    Wu LaoDa is determined to know if someone else is at the base of Misty Peak, he said: “Miss Wang, if you don’t know the method to kill me then you might not know the sword moves that killed Nine-Wing Taoist, then your speech just now is just wasting our time. Please tell us truthfully, how you know about the death of Nine-Wing Taoist, this matter is extremely important, its not for fun.”

    Duan Yu fix his gaze and concentrate his attention on Wang YuYan when she move towards Murong Fu, he look at her actions towards Murong Fu, while she is speaking to Murong Fu he also concentrate and listen attentively. Duan Yu’s internal energy is deep and profound, although Wang YuYan whispered softly to Murong Fu, he heard every single word clearly, at this moment, listening to Wu LaoDa’s tone, it seems as if he is rebuking Wang YuYan for telling lies, Duan Yu respect her as if she is his sweetheart deity, how can he allow someone else to trouble her? Thus he did not say anything else, he move his right foot and executed [Graceful Steps upon the Waves], he flash to the east and spin to the west, suddenly he move to Wu LaoDa’s back.

    Wu LaoDa was alarmed, he said: “What you doing.....” Duan Yu extend his right hand, he is already pressing down on the ‘TianZong’ acupoint behind Wu LaoDa’s right shoulder, his left hand grab the ‘Qing Leng Yuan’ acupoint behind Wu LaoDa’s left elbow. These two acupoints are indeed his Achilles heel, the weak point in his martial arts. Duan Yu is careless and clumsy, he doesn’t know any martial arts at all, but firstly his footwork is strange and exquisite, in an instant he seize the advantage and arrive at Wu LaoDa’s back, secondly Wang YuYan is extremely accurate in determining Wu LaoDa’s martial arts, as Wu LaoDa flip his palm to attack his opponent but both his weak points are already controlled by his opponent, his opponent only needs to send a tiny bit of internal energy and he will immediately be crippled. Although Duan Yu possess strong internal energy, he cannot channel it at will, even though he manage to grab onto Wu LaoDa’s weak point but in reality he cannot harm him at all. Wu LaoDa previously suffered under the hands of Duan Yu, he don’t dare to flaunt his bravery in front of him. He force a bitter smile and said: “Gentleman Duan’s martial art is marvellous, i am completely convinced.”

    Duan Yu said: “I don’t know any martial arts, this is all due to the guidance of Miss Wang.” As he finish speaking he release him and stroll back.

    Wu LaoDa was startled and fearful, he stare stupidly for quite some time and finally said: “I am finally aware that this world is vast, Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain might not be the only one who possess superior martial arts.” He kept glancing at Duan Yu’s shadow repeatedly, he is bewildered.

    Taoist BuPing said: “Wu LaoDa, you have people with such high-level ability assisting you, its really heartening.” Wu LaoDa nod his head and said: “Yes, yes! Our probability of success increase by several times.” Taoist BuPing said: “Since there are two sword wounds on Nine-Wing Taoist, then he is not killed by Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain.”

    Wu LaoDa said: “Correct! At that time when i saw these sword wounds, i had similar thoughts as you. Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain don’t like to travel far away from home, normal people don’t dare to come within 100 li of Misty Peak to make a nuisance. She rarely has to fully utilize her martial arts. Thus, within 100 li of Misty Peak, if someone is killed, then it must be done by her personally. We are well aware of her temper, sometimes we deliberately lure 1-2 experts to the base of Misty Peak, let that old woman satisfy her lust for killing. When she kill people she only use 1 move, where is the logic in leaving two sword wounds on her opponent?”

    Murong Fu was startled, he pondered: “This Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain don’t need a 2nd move to kill people, there is really such level of martial arts in this world?”

    Bao BuTong is also sceptical, he is not reserved like Murong Fu, he ask: “Cave-master Wu, you say that Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain don’t need to use a 2nd move to kill people, of course its easy when dealing with someone with ordinary martial arts, but if its a real expert, don’t tell me she can also kill with a single move? Exaggeration, exaggeration! Its really hard to believe.”

    Wu LaoDa said: “If Brother Bao refuse to believe, there is nothing i can do. But all of us are willing to be insulted by Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain, whatever she says, we don’t dare to say no, if she does not have superhuman abilities, which of the 36 Cave-masters and 72 Islands-masters here wants to be nice to her? How come for all these years, we are so docile and nobody dares to revolt?”

    Bao BuTong nod his head and said: “Its indeed odd, everyone here might not be willing to be her slave.” Although he felt Wu LaoDa’s speech is logical, he still want to debate: “Not true, not true! You say nobody dares to revolt, but now aren’t you revolting?”

    Wu LaoDa said: “There is some reasoning behind it. At that time, when i saw the two sword wounds on Nine-Wing Taoist, i had some doubts, i look at the other two dead people, those two also did not die by a single move, obviously its due to a fierce battle, they are riddled with scars. Immediately i discuss with Brother An, Brother Qin and the others, this matter is simply too strange. Could it be that Nine-Wing Taoist and the others wasn’t killed by Child Elder? But if they wasn’t killed by Child Elder, then her subordinates at Vulture Palace, how dare they kill people at the base of Misty Peak and spoil Child Elder’s reputation in killing people with a single move? I had several doubts and suspicions, when we travel for a few li, Cave-master An suddenly said: ‘Maybe....maybe that old madam...contracted.....contracted.....’”

    Murong Fu is aware that he is referring to the stuttering person, he thought: “So this person is Cave-master An.”

    Wu LaoDa continued: “At that time we are not far from Misty Peak, but in fact its actually a few thousand li away, when mentioning that old witch nobody dares to be disrespectful towards her, we always address her as old madam. Brother An said: ‘contracted.....contracted...’ these few words, everyone also know it without consulting each other: ‘contracted illness?’”

    Taoist BuPing said: “That child granny, how old is she?”

    Wang YuYan said softly: “She can’t be too young.”

    Duan Yu said: “Correct, since she is a granny then she can’t be too young. But in the future, if you become a granny, you will still be young.” But Wang YuYan listen attentively to Wu LaoDa, she pay no attention to him at all, Duan Yu felt dull, he pondered: “The words of Wu LaoDa, i better pay attention as well, if not when Miss Wang ask me about it and i can’t answer then won’t i be wasting a golden opportunity?”

    Wu LaoDa said: “Nobody knows how old Child Elder is. We are under her control, at least 10-20 years, at most 30-40 years, only Cave-master of WuLiang Cave and a few others, they recently came under the control of Vulture Palace. In any case, nobody has ever seen her appearance, nobody dares to ask her about her age.”

    As Duan Yu listen, he recall that he know the Cave-master of WuLiang Cave, he look around, indeed Xin ShuangQing is leaning against a large rock far away, his head lowered in contemplation, his expression sorrowful.

    Wu LaoDa continued: “We immediately recall: ‘Man must die eventually’, no matter how powerful Child Elder is she will eventually die and her body break down. Our offering is not complete but she did not punish us, its already unusual, moreover Nine-Wing Taoist died at the base of the mountain, unexpectedly he suffered more than one wound, this is even more suspicious. To cut the story short, something must be greatly amiss.”

    “We look at each other, nobody dare to speak, everyone knew that this is our only chance to take off our chains, but Child Granny is strict in governing us, nobody dare to suggest to investigate the incident. After a long time, Brother Qin said: ‘2nd Brother An conjecture is reasonable, but this matter is simply too risky, in my opinion, we should go back and quietly wait for news, after getting solid information it won’t be too late to decide on what to do.’”

    “Brother Qin’s tried and tested method is appropriate....but...but we simply cannot wait anymore. Brother An said: ‘This life-death talisman....’ he don’t need to say it, everyone understood. The old witch has a hold on our life-death talisman, we cannot rebel, if she dies due to illness and the life-death talisman falls into the hands of another person, won’t we be the slave of the second person again? We cannot free ourselves and be trapped for eternity? If that person is cruel and malicious, or worse than that old witch, then won’t we have to endure even more suffering and torment? We are like an arrow on the bow string, there is no choice but to fire. We are well aware that its exceptionally risky, but we must go and investigate fully.”

    “Among our group, in terms of martial arts and resourcefulness, Cave-master An is number one, especially his lightness martial art, its much higher than the rest. It was quiet at that time, the eight of us look at Cave-master An’s face.”

    Murong Fu, Wang YuYan, Duan Yu, Deng BaiChuan, Bao BuTong, they don’t know Cave-master An, they scan the crowd repeatedly, they want to know what kind of person Cave-master An is, who possess superior martial arts and stutters while speaking. Everyone suddenly recall, previously Wu LaoDa introduce the crowd to Murong Fu and Taoist BuPing, but Cave-master An is not among them.

    Wu LaoDa said: “Cave-master An likes his peace and quiet, he is not fond of making friends, thus he did not introduce himself just now, please don’t blame him! At that time, everyone long for Cave-master An to take charge and investigate the matter. Cave-master An said: ‘Since this is the case, i will accept and go ahead to investigate.’” Everyone is aware that Cave-master An’s speech is not that smooth flowing, its just that Wu LaoDa is unwilling to imitate his stuttering to avoid ridicule; this is also the reason why Cave-master An is unwilling to meet Murong Fu and Taoist BuPing.

    Wu LaoDa continued: “We wait anxiously at the base of Misty Peak, time crawls, we are afraid that Cave-master An might meet some misfortune. We don’t have to lie to each other, although we are worried about Cave-master An falling under the evil hands of that old witch, but we are more worried the old witch might make life difficult for us in her anger. But since the matter already reach such a state, we can only endure, if the old witch wants to punish us severely, there is no way for us to escape. After 6 hours, Cave-master An finally return to the designated meeting point. His expression is happy, everyone breathe a sigh of relief. He said: ‘The old madam is sick, she is not at Misty Peak.’ It seems he secretly return to Misty Peak and eavesdrop on the conversation between the old witch’s maids, he found out that the old witch suffered serious illness, she left to find medicine and seek medical treatment.”

    When Wu LaoDa finish speaking, everyone immediately cheered loudly. They long knew about the news concerning the illness of Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain, everyone gathered here, the purpose is to discuss this matter, but hearing Wu LaoDa mention the incident they cannot help but cheer.

    Duan Yu shakes his head and said: “Feeling happy upon hearing news about illness, you people rejoice in other people’s misfortune!” his words is inter-mix with thunderous joyful cheers, nobody heard his words.

    Wu LaoDa said: “We were elated when we heard this news, but we are worried the old witch is crafty, she deliberately fake illness to test us, the nine of us discuss, after two days we finally went up Misty Peak together to investigate. This time, i personally heard it for myself. That old witch indeed suffered serious illness, most probably its real. But we can’t find out the location of the life-death talisman.”

    Bao BuTong interrupted: “Hello, old chap Wu, that life-death talisman, what stupid thing is it?” Wu LaoDa gave a sigh and said: “That thing is complicated and not easy to explain, i can’t explain it to Brother Bao in a short period of time. In short, the old witch controls the life-death talisman, she can kill us any time.” Bao BuTong said: “Then its an extremely powerful magic weapon?” Wu LaoDa laugh bitterly and said: “You can also say that.”

    Duan Yu pondered: “That Divine Farmer Clan Clan-Leader, goat-beard SiKong Xuan, he is extremely afraid of Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain’s life-death talisman to the extent that he jump off the cliff to commit suicide, it seems this magic weapon is really powerful.”

    Wu LaoDa is unwilling to talk about the ‘life-death talisman’, he said to the crowd: “The old witch suffered a serious illness, its absolutely true. To free ourselves from disaster we have to gather our courage and fight till death. However, we don’t know if the old witch has return to Vulture Palace. We have to figure out how to proceed from now on. Especially Taoist BuPing, Gentleman Murong, Miss Wang....Gentleman Duan, if the four of you have any brilliant idea please grant it to us.”

    Duan Yu said: “Previously, i heard that Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain is vicious and tyrannical, she humiliate everyone, i feel really indignant, i am determined to go up Misty Peak and debate with that old madam. But since she has fallen ill, its not the way of gentleman to take advantage of other’s precarious position. Not to mention that i don’t have any brilliant idea, even if i have some brilliant ideas i won’t speak of it.”

    ----End of Chapter 34-----

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    I'll second that!!! Thanks so much - another little chunk of translation was a great Christmas present for us all!

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    QUOTE=lwhite;1055145]I'll second that!!! Thanks so much - another little chunk of translation was a great Christmas present for us all![/QUOTE]

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    At this point in the story, Murong Fu isn't unlikeable. He has pride but it keeps him from bluffing up his own abilities.

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    Default Chapter 35

    Chapter 35 --- Beautiful Woman Become Old With A Snap Of The Finger, Splendid And Fragrant In An Instant

    Wu LaoDa countenance change immediately, he is about to speak but Taoist BuPing cast a meaningful look at him, he smiled and said: “Gentleman Duan is a nobleman, you refuse to take advantage of other people’s precarious position, a capable person with great style, admirable, admirable! Brother Wu, we will assault Misty Peak, the number one priority is to know the real situation at Vulture Palace. Cave-master An, Brother Wu, etc, the nine of you investigated personally, after that old witch left, how many experts are still at the Palace? How are they deployed? I assume Brother Wu is thorough in your investigation, please tell us and let everyone know, how about it?”

    Wu LaoDa said: “I am really ashamed, we look around at Vulture Palace, but nobody dare to pry further, we did our utmost to conceal ourselves, we fear bumping into someone else. But while i was at the Palace’s rear garden, i accidentally bump into a little girl. This child is a servant or maid, she suddenly raise her head, i did not have time to dodge and we met face-to-face. I am deeply afraid of leaking out the secret, i rush forward to capture her. Those ladies at the Palace, all of them are instructed by that old witch in martial arts, their skill is no small matter, although its just a child but i am afraid she is very capable. I rush towards her, i am fully aware that i will most probably die.....”

    His voice trembled, obviously the situation at that time was extremely dangerous, he cannot help but shiver when he recount it. Everyone see that his still safe and sound now, obviously he must have adverted the danger at Misty Peak, although he is forced to pick a fight at Misty Peak to get out of danger, but everyone felt he is rather reckless to attempt it.

    Wu LaoDa continued: “When i rush forward, i use all my strength, i executed [Tiger Claw Skill] with my pair of hands, a thought flash through my mind at that time: ‘If i can’t catch that child with this move and she yell out to attract reinforcement, then i will simply jump off this peak which is several hundred zhang high, commit suicide cleanly to avoid being captured by the female commanders of that old witch and suffer endless misery.’ Unexpectedly....unexpectedly my left-hand landed on her shoulder, right-hand gripping her arm, she did not resist at all, in an instant her body soften and she lost all her strength, she don’t have the slightest bit of martial arts. I was overjoyed at the unexpected turn of event, i was so stunned that my legs became limp and painful, i am not afraid of being ridicule by everyone, i scared myself, that child turn soft and collapsed, i am useless, i also turn soft and collapsed.”

    As he finish speaking, the crowd laugh out loudly, the mood became relax. Although Wu LaoDa chastise himself for being a coward, but everyone knows that he is actually very brave and strong, he dare to capture someone at Misty Peak, how can it be a simple matter?

    Wu LaoDa wave his hand, his subordinate carried a black cloth-sack, step forward and place it in front of him. Wu LaoDa untie the rope binding the sack, he pull open the sack and revealed a person.

    Everyone cry out in surprise, that person’s figure is very small, its a little girl.

    Wu LaoDa said proudly: “This baby girl, i captured her from Misty Peak.” Everyone cheered:

    “Wu LaoDa is amazing! You are a hero!”

    “Immortals from 36 Caves and 72 Islands, Wu LaoDa is at the top of the list!”

    The cheers are intermixed with squeaking and wailing, the little girl is rubbing her face and crying.

    Wu LaoDa said: “After capturing this female doll, we were afraid the news might leak out if we delay any longer, thus we left Misty Peak immediately. We questioned this girl repeatedly, but its a pity, she is mute. Initially we thought she pretended to be deaf and mute, we tried all sorts of method to test her, sometimes we shout loudly behind her back to check if she is scared, we try repeatedly, she is really deaf and mute.”

    The little girl is weeping, ‘Ya Ya Ya’, sure enough its the noise made by mute people. A person from the crowd ask: “Wu LaoDa, she can’t speak, but can she write?” Wu LaoDa said: “She can’t write as well. We beat her up, submerge her in water, burn her with fire, starve her, we tried all sorts of method, it seems she is not stubborn, she really don’t know.”

    Duan Yu cannot help but said: “Using this kind of despicable method to torment a little girl, you are shameless!” Wu LaoDa said: “The sufferings and torment we suffered under Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain, its 10 times worse, we are just paying it back, how can it be shameless?” Duan Yu said: “If you want revenge you should seek out Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain, torturing her little servant girl, how is it useful?”

    Wu LaoDa said: “Of course its useful.” He raise his voice and said: “Brothers, today we work as one, we will rebel against Misty Peak, from now on we share all riches and suffer all misfortune together, everyone will swear an oath with blood to confirm this matter. Is there anyone who is unwilling?” He ask twice, no one speak out. He ask for the 3rd time, a tall and sturdy man turn around, he did not say anything and ran to the west.

    Wu LaoDa shouted: “Sword-Fish Island Island-master Ou, where are you going?” The man did not reply, he kept running, his movement is extremely fast, in a blink of an eye he already pass a mountain depression. Everyone shouted: “He is a coward, running away prior to battle, intercept him quick.” Immediately around 10 people give chase, all of them possess high-level lightness martial arts, but they are quite far from Island-master Ou, nobody knows if they can catch up.

    Suddenly there is a miserable ‘Ah’ cry, it came from the rear of the mountain. Everyone had a shock, their countenance change, the 10 people who are chasing also stop moving, they heard the wind blowing, a spherical object swiftly flew up from the rear of the mountain, as it reach mid-air it fall straight towards the crowd.

    Wu LaoDa leap forward and caught the spherical object, under the light the object is bloodied and mutilated, unexpectedly its a severed head, he look at the facial feature of the head, both the eyes wide open, its Island-master Ou, Wu LaoDa voice trembled: “Island-master Ou...” he cannot imagine how Island-master Ou died within such a short period of time, a terrible thought came to him: “Don’t tell me Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain has arrive?”

    Taoist BuPing burst into loud laughter, he said brightly: “Sword God, Sword God, your reputation is indeed well-deserved, Brother Zhuo, your guard is really tight!”

    A bright voice transmit from the rear of the mountain: “Running away prior to a battle, he should be put to death to avoid leaking out the secret. All the Cave-masters and Island-masters, please don’t take offense.”

    Everyone rouse from their panic-stricken state, they said: “Luckily Sword God got rid of the traitor and prevent him from spoiling the matter.”

    Murong Fu and Deng BaiChuan pondered: “This person is known as ‘Sword God’, but isn’t he a bit too arrogant and conceited. No matter how brilliant your sword art, how can you proclaim yourself as ‘God’? I never heard of such person before, i wonder how brilliant is his sword art?”

    Wu LaoDa is ashamed of being overly suspicious, he said loudly: “Brother, please take out your weapons, chop your sabre and thrust your sword at this little girl. Although this girl is young and mute, but she is still from Misty Peak, when your weapon is drenched in her blood you cannot reconcile with Misty Peak anymore, even if you have a change of heart you still cannot withdraw.” As he finish speaking, he immediately raise his serrated-sabre.

    A bunch of people shout in unison: “Correct, this should be the case! Everyone will swear an oath with blood, from now on you can only advance and not retreat, fight that old witch till death.”

    Duan Yu shouted: “You cannot do that, you must not do that. Brother Murong, please stop their savage act.” Murong Fu shakes his head and said: “Brother Duan, their life and death is base on this single action, we are outsiders, we cannot meddle rashly.” Duan Yu is boiling with righteous indignation, he shouted: “A man sees injustice, how can he shut his eyes and ignore it, Miss Wang, even if you rebuke me i still have to save her, but....but Duan Yu don’t even have the strength to strangle a chicken, i am afraid its difficult for me to save her life. Hello, hello, Brother Deng, Brother GongYe, why aren’t you helping? Brother Bao, Brother Feng, i will rush in to save her, you provide support, how about it?” Deng BaiChuan and the rest always take their cue from Murong Fu, since Murong Fu is unwilling to act they can only shake their head at Duan Yu, but their expression is apologetic.

    Wu LaoDa heard Duan Yu making a big fuss, he thought: ‘This person possess extremely high martial arts, its not easy to handle if he really wants to create trouble, the situation can change abruptly, its best to quickly end this matter’, at once he raise his serrated-sabre and shouted: “Wu LaoDa will act first!” he swing his sabre and chop towards the little girl.

    Duan Yu shouted: “Not good!” he extend his finger, he execute a move [ZhongChong Sword] and thrust it at the serrated-sabre. But he cannot control his [Six Meridians Divine Sword] at will, sometimes his internal energy is abundant, his power boundless and inexhaustible, but sometimes he can’t even gather a tiny bit of internal energy, its entirely dependent on whether he is willing to focus completely on the task. Although he acted heroically to save the little girl, but ultimately its not the same passionate care he shower on Wang YuYan, as he thrust out the sword, his internal energy only reach his palm, it can’t be fired out.

    As the sabre was about to land on the little girl’s body, suddenly a black shadow leap out from behind a rock, he wave his left palm, a powerful force knock Wu LaoDa away, the person’s right hand grabbed the cloth-sack, he carried the sack along with the little girl on his back and rush quickly towards the North-west mountain peak.

    Everyone shout in unison and chase after him. But the person’s running speed is strangely quick, in an instant he already reach the jungle at the hillside. The various Cave-masters and Island-masters fired their hidden projectiles, but it hit the tree bark or got deflected by the branch and leaves.

    Duan Yu is elated, his vision is sharp, he recognize the person, he met him at Su XingHe’s chess meet, the person broke the incomparably complicated chess formation, sure enough, Murong Fu shouted out: “That person is a Shaolin monk, Xu Zhu.” Duan Yu also shout: “Senior martial brother Xu Zhu, the one surnamed Duan will bow 10 times to you! Your Shaolin Temple is a giant among men, your reputation is indeed well deserved!”

    Everyone saw the person push away Wu LaoDa with a single palm, his footstep nimble and agile, his martial art is truly solid, they also heard Murong Fu and Duan Yu identify him as a Shaolin monk, under the famous reputation of Shaolin Temple everyone became timid, they don’t dare to approach unduly. But the implication of the matter is simply too serious, the little girl is rescued by a Shaolin monk, if they don’t silence the male-female pair then their conspiracy will be leaked out and they will attract disaster, everyone bellowed their grievances and rush forward.

    They saw the Shaolin monk rushing up the mountain peak, the mountain peak is high and reaching through the clouds, white snow covered the summit, to reach the top, even if you are a top expert in lightness martial arts you will still require 4-5 days of effort. Taoist BuPing shout: “Everyone please don’t panic, that monk is going up the mountain peak, its a one-way dead end, he won’t fly up to heaven. Everyone guard the mountain base access route tightly, don’t give him any chance to escape.” When everyone heard it they felt somewhat at ease, Wu LaoDa allocate the manpower, they guarded all the routes to the mountain peak. Out of fear that the people guarding the routes can’t hold off the monk if he rush out, they deployed 3 rows of barricade at the routes, if the front barricade can’t hold him off there is still the middle barricade, after the middle barricade there is another rear barricade, moreover there will be 10 experts patrolling around and they will provide additional support. Once the assignment is done, Wu LaoDa and Taoist BuPing, Cave-master An, Cave-master Huo, Island-master Qin, etc, all ten experts went up the mountain to track down the monk, their priority is to eliminate the Shaolin monk to avoid future disaster.

    Murong Fu and his group are assigned to guard at the eastern route, to preserve their reputation they are invited to sit at the east, but in reality its just to prevent them from interfering with the matter. Murong Fu is sharp, he is aware that Wu LaoDa is still suspicious of him, he smile faintly and led Deng BaiChuan and the rest to guard the east road. Duan Yu naturally followed them east, he is not afraid of being branded annoying, he cannot help but praise Xu Zhu as a great hero.


    The person who grabbed the cloth-sack is indeed Xu Zhu. He is scared out of his wits during the battle between Murong Fu and Ding ChunQiu at the small inn, during the time when You TanZhi rescued AhZi, Murong Fu free himself and escape, Ding ChunQiu went out to give chase, Xu Zhu immediately sneak out from the rear door. His only concern is to find HuiFang and the other martial uncles and listen to their orders, but he don’t recognize the route, after the fierce battle between Murong Fu and Ding ChunQiu, he became a frightened person, he don’t dare to go to small inn or small guesthouse anymore, he just rush randomly in the mountain and field.

    At that time, the 36 Cave-masters and 72 Island-masters are gathering at the mountain valley, they all brought along their trusted aides and disciples, there’s quite a number of people, thus Xu Zhu inevitably bump into some of them. Xu Zhu saw these people are martial artists, he wanted to inquire the whereabouts of HuiFang and his martial uncles, but their appearance is fierce and ferocious, he is afraid they are with Ding ChunQiu, he don’t dare to inquire, he secretly eavesdrop on their conversation, they seem to be planning some sort of shady business, Xu Zhu is chivalrous and like to help those in distress, moreover Shaolin disciple is duty bound to assist, thus he followed them and eventually he saw and heard all the ongoing of the matter. He is unaware of the various grudge and resentment in the matter, just as Wu LaoDa was about to kill a completely defenceless mute-girl, his merciful heart was moved, no matter who is right or wrong, he definitely must save the little girl, at once he rush out from behind the rock, he grab the cloth-sack and ran away.

    As he travel up the mountain peak, he gather his energy and rush straight ahead, the forest is getting denser, the shouting of his pursuers gradually die off. When he save someone its purely out of his merciful heart, he is determined to become a Bodhisattva, when living thing is in trouble he definitely have to save them, but now he recall that these people are martial art experts, their method cruel and vicious, he is no match against anyone of them, he pondered: “I have to run to a secret secluded location and hide, don’t let them find me, only then can i preserve my life and the little girl’s life.” At the moment there is no time to consider other alternatives, he can’t differentiate the route in his panic state, wherever there is dense vegetation he will simply run there.

    Luckily he inherited 70 years of internal energy from the Carefree Sect's old man, his internal is abundant and vigorous, he ran for nearly 4 hours but unexpectedly he is not tired at all. He ran with full strength, originally his Carefree Sect’s internal energy gathered at his left ‘ShanZhong’ acupoint, it slowly scattered to other acupoints all over his body, the obstructions clear up, he felt refreshed and invigorated, his physical strength increased. After rushing for another period of time, the sky turn bright, he is stepping on thin-layer of snow, it seems he is already half-way up the mountain. This place is in northwest high mountain, the summit is towering, snow cover permanent, the climate like cold winter. Xu Zhu compose himself, he look at his surroundings, his heart bounce randomly, he mumbled to himself: “Where should i run?”

    Suddenly he heard a voice behind his back: “Coward, only think about running, i am so ashamed of you!” Xu Zhu is startled, he shout loudly: “Ayo!” he extend his leg and ran wildly up the mountain peak. After running for a few li, he finally dare to turn his head back, but he didn’t see anyone pursuing, he said softly: “Lucky, no one is chasing.”

    As he finish speaking, a voice came from behind his back: “You are a man, frighten to such a state, you are a dog! Rat! Little bastard!” Xu Zhu’s shock is no small matter, he extend his leg and rush forward again, the voice behind his back said: “Coward and stupid, you are really not a good thing!” The voice is around 2 chi from his back, its within his reach.

    Xu Zhu pondered: “Terrible, terrible! This person’s martial art is so powerful, its difficult for me to escape.” He extend his leg, he ran faster and faster, the voice said again: “Since you are afraid then you should not try to be a hero and save people. Where you intend to run?”

    The voice is just beside Xu Zhu’s ear, his legs soften, he almost fell down, he stumbled and turn around, the sky is bright, sunlight penetrate the dense shade, but he can’t see anyone. Xu Zhu assume the person is hiding behind a tree, he said respectfully: “Junior monk saw these people want to harm a little girl, thus i overestimated my ability and save her, i am not trying to show off as a hero.”

    The voice sneered: “You overestimated your ability, you will experience suffering.”

    The voice still came from behind his ear, Xu Zhu is startled, he hastily turn around, there is nothing behind him, where is the person? He assume this person’s movement must be extremely fast, the person’s martial art must be more than 10 times higher, even if there are 10 Xu Zhu they will all be dead if the person really wants to harm him, from the person’ tone its only criticizing him for being coward and incompetent, the person does not seem to be the same group with Wu LaoDa, he compose himself and said: “Junior monk is incompetent, senior please give me some directions.”

    The voice sneered: “You are not my disciple, why should i guide you?”

    Xu Zhu said: “Yes, yes! Junior monk is talking nonsense, senior please forgive me. They have many people, junior monk is not their match, i....i have to run now.” When he finish speaking, he gather his energy and rush up the mountain peak.

    The voice behind his back said: “This mountain peak is a dead-end, they are guarding at the base of the mountain, how can you escape?” Xu Zhu stare blankly, he stop moving and said: “I...i...i didn’t expect it. Senior is merciful, please show me the correct path.” The voice laugh grimly and said: “There are two path, one, you turn around and kill the enemy, butcher all those demons and ghosts.” Xu Zhu said: “Firstly, junior monk is incompetent, secondly i am unwilling to commit murder.” The voice said: “Then the second path, jump off the mountain, drop straight into the bottomless ravine, death ends all your trouble, Nirvana, free from all suffering.”

    Xu Zhu said: “This....” he turn his head back and took a quick look, everywhere is covered with snow, but there is only his footprint, there is no 2nd person, he pondered: “This person walk on snow and leave no traces, martial art is extremely high, it really reach unimaginable level.” The voice said: “What this and that, what you trying to say?” Xu Zhu said: “If i jump down, junior monk will definitely die, but that little girl whom i saved will also die. Firstly, i did not save a person properly, secondly junior monk’s Buddhist cultivation is shallow, i really cannot reach Nirvana, i will undoubtedly reincarnate and suffer for an entire lifetime again.”

    The voice said: “What is your relationship with Misty Peak? Why did you disregard your own life to save that person?” Xu Zhu quickly ran up the mountain peak, he said: “What Misty Peak, Vulture Palace, junior monk heard it for the first time today. Junior monk is a Shaolin disciple, i received orders to leave the mountain, i have no connections to other sects or schools.” The voice sneered: “So you are saying you are a little monk that stand up bravely for what is right.” Xu Zhu said: “Junior monk is telling the truth, but i am not acting heroically. Junior monk have no knowledge and experience, my conduct is rash, i have countless problems troubling me and i don’t know what to do.”

    The voice said: “Your internal is abundant and vigorous, you are truly capable, but the inner power is not from Shaolin, what is the reason?”

    Xu Zhu said: “This matter is a long story, its precisely one of my big problem.” The voice said: “What long story, short story, i forbid you to avoid the problem, quickly tell me.” The tone is severe, there is no room for him to evade the question. But Xu Zhu recalled Kang GuangLing saying that the phrase ‘Carefree Sect’ is a secret, definitely cannot let outsiders hear it, although the person behind him is a martial art senior, but he can't even see the person’s appearance, how can he hastily reveal this big problem without careful considerations, he said: “Senior, please forgive me, junior monk really have alot of difficulties, i cannot tell you.”

    The voice said: “Good, since this is the case, quickly put me down.” Xu Zhu is startled, he said: “Wh.....what?” the voice said: “Quickly put me down, what do you mean what, you are so long-winded!”

    Xu Zhu listen to the voice, its neither male nor female, but its extremely old, he heard the voice said ‘Quickly put me down’, he don’t understand the meaning, he stabilize himself and turn around, there is still no one behind him, he is really suspicious and fearful, the voice said: “Stinky monk, quickly put me down! I am in the cloth-sack, who do you think i am?”


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    Oh XZ. Still, I guess it's not unreasonable to assume a supremely powerful martial artist was on top of the mountain.

    I really look forward to the coming parts with XZ.

    As for MRF, I only had just praised him a bit for the previous when he demonstrated an extremely unheroic streak here.

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    d4rksinz... Thank You.

    I've been really looking forward to reading this part of the book.
    I've always wondered how the dramas compare with the written source for the relationship between XZ and the Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain, as well as her Shi Mei... I forget her name, the Queen of Xixia.

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    Default thanks!

    Awesome new update. Thank you.

    XV is another strange character in a book full of strange characters. At least he's not hopeless with women a DY though :-)

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    I'm not sure if this was mentioned but what version are you using, I am most curious about that.

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    I particularly like the parts connected with XZ .... looking fwd to the next update ... much thanks ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bladebird View Post
    I'm not sure if this was mentioned but what version are you using, I am most curious about that.
    The latest version.
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    Wuxia translations on WuxiaSociety

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