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Thread: Swallowed Star Spoilers Thread

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    Default Swallowed Star Spoilers Thread

    since a few people have been asking for it, here it is

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    what i thought was interesting was how Tomatoes started describing how the upgrade system work, the trading system work, etc...much like a mmorpg
    Check out WXFS translated comic of Tian Long Ba Bu
    Last updated: 02/04/2008

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    Those of you that told me to make a spoilers thread and have never been on this thread before. **** you.
    I'll be on hiatus for 10 days.

    Chapter 19: Awaken

    The skinny teenager was Zhi-An region's famous 'Cobra'*. His rise to fame is his one handed throwing knife technique. When the other prisoners started mobbing Luo Feng, the cobra teenager searched for the best opportunity to strike. Right when Luo Feng was getting out of hand, he attacked!
    The thrown knife was very sinister. As it flew, it was blocked by a prisoner's body, so Luo Feng didn't even realize what was coming for him.

    TL Note: Cobra in chinese is literally "Glasses snake".

    [XIU!] The knife flew between the gap of a prisoner's pants who was thrown up by Luo Feng. When Luo Feng saw the knife, it was only 2 meters away!

    "Not good!"

    "I can't make it" Luo Feng's reaction speed was fast, but he didn't have enough time to move his body out of the way.

    The knife wasn't aiming for any vital organs, but for Luo Feng's right shoulder.

    "NO!" Luo Feng glanced. For a fighter, his arms are extremely important. Luo Feng uses knives and is right handed. If the knife breaks through the joint and splits the bone, then he wouldn't be able to use his techniques against the beasts for a few months.

    In other words, if he gets hit, he wouldn't be able to participate in the August 1st fighter combat exam; he would have to wait until next year's February 1st.

    "NO! Get out of the way!!!"

    With the knife's speed and the three meter distance, Luo Feng's thoughts weren't thinking about the consequences at all. At this exact second, at this crucial moment, Luo Feng's spirit tightened and all of his muscles were pushed to the extreme. He stared at the knife with only one goal in mind覧

    Dodge this knife, don't let this knife hit my shoulder!


    The knife, which was right about to hit Luo Feng, strangely and mysteriously slightly changed direction. It was about to make a direct hit with Luo Feng's shoulder, but now it only grazed it and damaged Luo Feng's first layer of skin. The blood slowly dyed Luo Feng's uniform at the shoulder area.

    "Everybody down on their knees, everybody down on their knees!"

    "Hurry and get down"

    At this time, a large amount of assault rifle wielding guardsmen rushed into the lobby. All the prisoners, who were previously out of control, obediently kneeled. Even that skinny 'cobra' teenager kneeled. He looked at Luo Feng with a shocked face: "How could this happen, how did my knife miss?"

    Seeing the police rush in, even Luo Feng immediately kneeled.

    "How did the knife change direction just now?" Luo Feng, who was kneeling, was confused. However, a horrible headache without any prior warnings manifested. The pain was as if someone was pounding a spike into Luo Feng's brain. The pain caused Luo Feng's entire body to cramp and he fell on the ground.

    "What happened?"

    "You guys come look with me"

    The police, who already had the situation under control, were astonished at Luo Feng's look. Luo Feng was completely red and was sweating a lot. Some blood even come out instead of sweat, which caused Luo Feng's uniform to turn almost completely red. His veins were bursting like a blue snake coiling around Luo Feng, which made him look unprecedentedly hideous.

    "Not good, he's already out"

    "Hurry, hurry and send him to the medical room"

    Even though Luo Feng lost consciousness, his body was still completely red.

    In Luo Feng's mind.

    A huge, mysterious power continuously surged from Luo Feng's mind and instantly merged with every spot in Luo Feng's body. Under the baptism of this mysterious power, Luo Feng's bones, organs, blood, muscles, and skin were undergoing drastic changes. Even every cell was changing rapidly. This rate of change was hundreds to thousands of times faster compared to Luo Feng's genetic energy training. In theory, such drastic change should tear apart the body.

    However, as the mysterious power merged, Luo Feng's insides were completely unharmed, despite his cramps, loss of blood, etc.

    "Hurry, carefully, send him to the medical room" The police started to carry Luo Feng to the medical room.

    The mess caused by the large scale gang fight was quickly cleaned out.


    8 PM.

    In the eerie three story jail, there was a movie being played on a 200 inch screen in the lobby on the first floor.


    A middle-aged man said as he sat on the sofa while wearing pajamas. Immediately, the movie being played was paused. At this time, a knocking noise came from outside.

    "Come in" The door opened and a man wearing a military uniform came in and greeted, "Officer, we investigated everything about this time's large gang fight. Zhou Hua Yang organized this to deal with the young man named Luo Feng. However, the result was a large amount of people injured in battle against Luo Feng, some even have major wounds"

    "That Zhou Hua Yang kid? Using his Zhou family's influence, he's quite cocky" The pajama wearing middle-aged man said indifferently.

    "Even though Zhou Hua Yang organized this, we estimate that the young man named Zhang Hao Bai is the true person behind this" The military officer said respectfully, "We flipped through Luo Feng's files. His reason for being locked up is related to Zhang Hao Bai, so the chances of Zhang Hao Bai asking Zhou Hua Yang for help is quite high"

    China has six major cities at the moment.

    Since humanity has gathered together like never before, the country's control over their citizens increased.

    "However, officer, our investigation of the gang fight's battle scene, the metal benches and tables marks show that Luo Feng's fitness level has no doubt reached a fighter's" The military officer said with confidence and persuasion. All of the benches and tables in the jail were made out of metal.

    Luo Feng's fists completely deformed the tables and his one chop cut the benches in half.

    How fearsome is this!

    "A level of a fighter?" The middle-aged man who was indifferent up to now suddenly stood up and frowned as he stared at the officer, "Are you sure?"

    "A hundred percent sure!" The military officer replied, "I just called the thunder dojo and the dojo of limits to confirm it. Luo Feng has taken the prospective fighter exam and passed! It's just that his profile isn't updated, but I'm sure it will be in these few days"

    "A prospective fighter? What did he come running to a jail for if he's a prospective fighter?" The middle-aged man frowned, "If things really heat up, then there'll be a huge problem"

    All fighters, no matter who, take their rights seriously.

    If a fighter suffered losses because of the police system, then all of the fighters will be unhappy. There'll be big trouble then. Since the police do not have the right to make any sort of detainment against fighters.

    "Where is this Luo Feng person?" said the middle-aged man.

    "He has had a weird headache sickness since he was young. It happened during his high school exams and now it just happened again. However, everything is fine now. He is still in a coma in the medical room" replied the military officer.

    The middle-aged man thought for a bit and ordered: "Immediately bring Luo Feng to the military personnel recuperation region and let him rest! After he wakes up, bring me to make a personal apology. Tomorrow morning, we'll contact the dojo of limits he resides at and explain everything. We must keep the situation under control! After that, we'll send him home.

    "Yes, officer" the military officer went to carry out his orders and left.


    Late night.

    Luo Feng's eyes made a few slight movements and then opened as he sat alone in the gloomy room.

    "Where is this?" Luo Feng suddenly came to and scanned the surroundings. The spots on the fence outside the window were clear and the neighbor's television's volume was extremely high. Luo Feng could even hear the conversations outside on the side walk.

    "No, it's not that they're loud, it's that my hearing has improved by a lot"

    Luo Feng got off the bed and stood up. As he walked around in the room, his sight, hearing, and even sense of smell improved by an amazing amount.

    Luo Feng's gaze landed on a stool beside him. WIth a heartbeat, he felt a formless energy instantly take control of the stool. This formless energy was unable to be sensed, but Luo Feng himself could feel it clearly: This formless energy came from his mind.

    "What is this power? How did I get this kind of power?" Luo Feng could feel his heart beat faster as he felt the supernatural power act like a formless hand.


    At this time of the night, the stool actually started floating.

    With Luo Feng's one thought, the entire bed beside him started floating. He turned his head to a television, and even it started floating too. Soon after were three chairs, a tea making machine, and the cabinet beside him. All of them were floating above the ground.

    Very quickly覧

    Almost everything in this room was floating above the ground, like in space where there's no gravity.

    "I can make all of these things float and yet not feel challenged or tired at all?" Luo Feng slowly walked to the balcony. It was late at night and completely silent. Luo Feng's gaze landed upon a fence, and with one thought.


    One of the columns of the fence started rotating and it detached itself from the fence. The column's front part, under Luo Feng's gaze, started twisting and turning and turned sharp; it became a steel needle. All of this was floating in mid air with the formless power.

    "Go!" Luo Feng thought.

    This column moved like lightning and shot towards a fake mountain in a small region. In amazing speed, the needle pierced through the boulder on the fake mountain. After piercing through, it turned around and flew straight through the hole it made.


    The steel needle was like an uncountable number of phantoms as it pierced the fake mountain. As if pierced through a huge amount of armor piercing bullets, the mountain quickly became a sieve.

    [PENG!] There was suddenly the sound of an explosion.

    The fake mountain that was two to three meter high burst open and became countless, little shattered rocks. The needle that Luo Feng was controlling also blew up and became powder.

    "Who's there?"

    [WU WU ~~~ WU WU~~~] The entire recuperation area's sirens were going off. A large amount of lights were lit up and quite a few assault rifle wielding guardsmen rushed over.

    Luo Feng immediately ran back to the bed in his room, still shocked and awed: "That rock which was easily two meters thick was pierced through in an instant! My needle's power was like a heavy PiMei sniper rifle shooting through armor. The needle wasn't sturdy enough so it turned into powder as it pierced through the fake mountain"

    "I pierced through it a hundred times in just one instant. Wouldn't that be like shooting a hundred armor piercing bullets ?" Luo Feng took a deep breath, "Just, just what is happening?"

    That mysterious, fearsome power, in this regular military recuperation area, has awakened!
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    Chapter 20: Dark, golden ball (final chapter of volume 1)

    No lights were turned on in the gloomy room.

    In utter darkness, Luo Feng sat on the sofa. He was unable to calm down: "This power is too powerful. A regular pistol could only make a dent out of that huge boulder. With my needle, I easily destroyed the fake mountain; it's power is easily tens to hundreds of times stronger!"

    In the war between man and beast that has lasted for a couple dozen years, man couldn't achieve victory because the beasts are too strong.

    There are weak and strong monsters in their horde.

    Even the weakest monsters can shake off the pistol's attacks. Even the weakest fighter can block the bullet with just their muscles. For the stronger monsters, even military grade weapons cannot harm them. Only heavy class sniper rifles, huge barreled heavy machine guns, high rate of fire machine guns, cannons, etc, can harm them!

    Of course, the top monsters like the 'Black crowned eagle' wouldn't even lose a feather after withstanding a barrage from the 20mm fire-god cannon! That, is truly terrifying.

    "I can't believe I have telekinesis, this, could this be....." Luo Feng's heart skipped a beat, "Could it be a spirit reader's 'spiritual force'?"

    Luo Feng knew very little about spirit readers.

    However, he knew some basic information. Spirit readers were usually powerful fighters who also trained their genetic energy! However, spirit readers not only train the basic genetic energy, but also their second power覧telekinesis!This telekinesis is called by most, 'spiritual force'.

    "However, I'll have to check later if it's actually spiritual force" Luo Feng thought.

    Luo Feng has only seen one spirit reader since birth.

    And that is the mysterious black robed person chief instructor 'Wu Tong' called captain in Yang Zhou city's limit hall.

    "The needle's power was powerful, but it would be no use against the black crowned eagle. Only a high intensity laser cannon or nuclear weapons could pose a threat to them" Luo Feng was clear that, even though his current power was amazing, there are tens to hundreds to thousands of even more powerful existences on earth!

    According to the internet, the strongest fighter who slayed the black crowned eagle覧

    His speed surpasses the speed of sound! He can cut the black crowned eagle in half with just a knife! One kick could destroy a six story apartment!

    This is the strongest person within all the fighters.

    "The strongest fighter 'Hong', the second strongest 'Thunder God', are treated as equals by the five major countries!" Luo Feng took a deep breath. For a country to treat one person as an equal, it's obvious that their powers are insanely high.

    "My needle probably can't even touch their bodies" Luo Feng reminded himself: Even though he was powerful, there are still many other powerful people.

    Even though he reminded himself this.....

    Those fighters are too far ahead for Luo Feng to comprehend. Luo Feng's current power is enough for his family to live a great life.

    "Work hard!"

    "I'm still young, so I might be able to stand in the circle of the strongest fighters in the future" Luo Feng thought with excitement.


    In this gloomy room, Luo Feng has awakened, so he was too excited to sleep.

    "Whatever, I'm too worked up to sleep now. I guess I'll do some genetic energy training" Luo Feng got into the Wu Xin Xian Tian position and closed his eyes to start training.

    His body already has some genetic energy and he has previous experience.

    So it was very easy to sense the energy.

    The genetic energy flowed through his soles, palms, and the artery of his head, "It seems like the rate of absorption is faster today". The energy followed the five paths into Luo Feng's body. Every cell in every location gulped down this mysterious energy.

    With the mitochondrial conversion, the energy turned into genetic energy.

    "Eh? My head....." Luo Feng could feel that a large amount of energy flowed into his brain and gathered there.

    After something like a tremor of a soul, Luo Feng surprisingly found out..... that his consciousness has moved to a very mysterious place.

    This mysterious place had no borders or walls, it was just an infinite expanse of fog. In this fog, there was a dark, golden ball. This dark, golden ball was like a star that slowly rotated by itself, while releasing a stream of fog. This mysterious place's fog kept increasing.

    "This fog..... is, is the spiritual force?" Luo Feng easily felt the energy in the fog; it was his spiritual force that he used to control things.


    Luo Feng clearly saw a stream of transparent energy leak into this mysterious place; the energy quickly assimilated into the fog's energy. Luo Feng could feel that the transparent energy was the cosmic energy.

    "This fog is the spiritual force, and this transparent energy is the cosmic energy. The cosmic energy is sucked into here and transformed into spiritual force. My spiritual force extends from my brain" Luo Feng was shocked, "This place is my brain? Or should I say, my conscious realm?"

    The conscious realm is a special title fighters use for the mind.

    "Why is there a dark, golden ball in the middle of my conscious realm?" Luo Feng observed as this dark golden ball constantly rotated by itself and released the fog (spiritual force). As it released the spiritual force, Luo Feng's mind was also comfortable.

    "This dark, golden ball might be the cause for all my comas" Luo Feng had an intuition.

    "A dark, golden ball releasing spiritual force?"

    "In the past, I didn't have any spiritual force. I only had it after this time's coma" Luo Feng thought, "Then with this time's coma, this dark, golden ball released a large amount of spiritual force. Not only did it grant me the power of telekinesis, but it also enhanced my body"

    His fitness level was strong, but compared to telekinesis, it was nothing.


    "When the prisoners were attacking me, one of them threw a knife. That knife suddenly changed direction when it was about to pierce through my shoulder. I guess that was because of my spiritual force" Luo Feng easily deducted the truth from the situation.

    Indeed, the dark, golden ball did release a large amount of spiritual force from this time's coma.

    However, when Luo Feng first started doing genetic energy training on his first night in jail, the cosmic energy started triggering changes in his conscious realm. Even without the throwing knife, the dark, golden ball was already releasing a large amount of spiritual force. As time passed, it built up and gave him the power of telekinesis.

    The throwing knife attack only caused Luo Feng to awaken earlier.

    "There's a 90% chance that this dark, golden ball was acting up and caused my comas as a result. However, now that the dark, golden ball is constantly releasing spiritual force, I shouldn't be going into a coma anymore" Luo Feng thought that, like a dam holding back water, the dark, golden ball couldn't release any spiritual force.

    Because of that, Luo Feng had headaches every day. Now that there's a channel for the water to drain out, there's naturally no problem anymore.


    Dawn of day two. When Luo Feng was leaving the room and went down stairs, he realized there was someone sitting in the lobby.

    "Good morning, Mr. Luo Feng" A man in a military uniform stood up and smiled.

    "Hello" Luo Feng said suspiciously, "Where is this place, how did I get here? Also, I think I've never met you before"

    The military officer smiled: "Let me introduce myself. I am Zhi-An region's jail's Tong An. This is my Zhi-An region's military recuperation area. Mr. Luo Feng..... I can't believe that you already passed the prospective fighter exam. Of course, our jail has no right to keep Mr. Luo Feng here, so Mr. Luo Feng has the right to go home now"

    "Go home now?" Luo Feng nodded.

    Luo Feng wasn't surprised, since when he beat up so many prisoners yesterday and especially when he left so many dents on the metal tables, it was easy for people to realize his true strength.

    "I want to ask, who was behind all of this?" Luo Feng frowned.

    The military officer hesitated.

    "If your jail cannot answer, I will contact the dojo of limits and go through Jiang-Nan city's security agency to find everything out" said Luo Feng. Once this matter goes out, people will know that a prospective fighter was locked up in a jail and mobbed by prisoners and that the jail tried to hide the offenders.

    In the higher authorities of the jail, there'll definitely be trouble.

    The military officer laughed: "Don't rush, Mr. Luo Feng. It's like this, according to our investigations, a gang leader named 'Zhou Hua Yang' organized this attack. According to our investigation, they wanted to break Mr. Luo Feng's arm and leg"

    "Oh?" Luo Feng frowned, "Break my arm and leg? How cruel, they want to take me out? I don't even know this Zhou Hua Yang, who made him do it?"

    The military officer replied: "We have already interrogated Zhou Hua Yang. A teenager named Zhang Hao Bai asked him to do it"

    "Zhan Hao Bai?"

    Luo Feng's gaze was cold, "He doesn't know when to quit!"

    "Indeed, he doesn't" The military officer smiled, "Luo Feng, you can choose to go through Jiang-Nan city's security agency to detain Zhang Hao Bai. He was the mastermind of a plot to harm a prospective fighter, which is a heavy crime! It's normal for him to get 20 years in prison"

    "Don't blame me for speaking out of turn, but Zhang Hao Bai's uncle is also a fighter!" said the military officer, "Luo Feng, you can choose to make his uncle lose face and ask the security agency to detain Zhang Hao Bai..... since the security agency deals with all the fighters' matters and have immense power. Zhang Hao Bai's uncle cannot influence the actions of the security agency at all"

    "You can choose to make an enemy out of his uncle and deal with Zhang Hao Bai"

    "You can also negotiate with him in private and make the Zhang family pay money. All of this will be decided by you, Luo Feng" The military officer smiled, "That's all I had to say. Your cell phone and other belongings are all right here, Mr. Luo Feng"

    Luo Feng nodded.

    To negotiate in private and make him pay a large sum of money? Or deal with him regardless of the consequences?

    "Hello, Dad" Luo Feng held up the cell phone and called, "I left the jail already and I'll be home in a bit to eat breakfast! Don't worry, dad, your son is very strong now, how could there be any problems?

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    Thank you, mathew1122. Enjoy your well deserved hiatus, & have a lot of age-appropriate fun!

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    Thanks mathew1122 ^^don't worry u should take a one month vacation and enjoy your summer :P

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    Default thank you

    Thank you very much for all your hard work with this series

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    spirit reader's 'spiritual force'
    I think that instead of "spirit reader" it should be "psychic", and "psychic energy or force" instead of "spiritual force".

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    no spoiler discussion in spoiler thread?
    I'll start asking than, is there any romance or bromance in here?
    If yes who's the heroine or secondary hero and which chapter they appear...
    thanks in advance

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