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Thread: One Sword to Immortality(一剑飞仙)

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    Post One Sword to Immortality(一剑飞仙)

    One Sword to Immortality(一剑飞仙) is a Chinese web novel written by Homeless Toad (流浪的蛤蟆). It is currently ongoing with over 300+ chapters. At a certain chapter around 170+ it was second to ISSTH on the Qidian monthly chart.


    Tempered by raging infernos and thunder, ten years were exchanged for the cold radiance of a single sword.
    A hundred and one hidden fangs and concealed claws had been endured, all for the sake of ascending into heaven this very moment!

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    Default Chapter 01 Heavens Path, A Noblemans Advancement

    The more the person ages, the more they can distinguish the reality of this world. All the dreams, expectations and hopes are crushed by this very reality.

    For the things that we had once worshiped and obsessed with, seemingly to be fading, would never be truly erased from our memories. These memories lie deeply in our hearts, surrounded by strong walls that refused to be devoured by reality. This is our fantastic fantasy, filled with joy and happiness.

    The Wandering Toad

    A group of young teenagers whom were dressed rather wildly were shifting large cases up into the van. All of them were filled with laughter and grinning with joy.

    Anyone with a bit of knowledge with latest trend would immediately recognize that these group are cosplayers. Anyone with even more knowledge with the culture would even know which famous character they were cosplaying as.

    The lead girl had a bubbly and pretty little face.She wore a flowery dress and was the most active within the group.

    Wow! Shes cute!

    That was the first impression she gave each passer-by.

    The second lead girl was cosplaying as a fairy. Supposedly to be gentle and demure, instead tints of coldness could be seen on her beautiful face, without any hint of expression.

    A handsome brother clapped his hands together and shouted: We did well! It was a good performance! Lets head to the hotel buffet later, its my treat! No one is allowed to give excuses!

    The group of teenagers celebrated with joy and cheered. They made a circle around the handsome brother, flattering him and singing praises. Some impatient ones even started shouting out what they wanted to order.

    Xu Liao smiled at the rowdy scene and carried the last case up the vehicle. When he was about find a seat in the vehicle, the handsome brother leaned over to him and grinned: Xu Liao! Thanks for your hard work today! Although I should treat you to a meal too, but as you can see there isnt enough space. I think you should not squeeze with us and leave instead.

    Xu Liaos smile froze, and gave a glance at the Huang Er cosplayer, who was standing at a distance with an expressionless face. Qu Lei, the cosplayer for Huang Er simply ignored him and slightly closed her eyes.

    Xu Liao laugh lightly and said, : I have to be home early, I will not be able to join you guys anyway. I shall make a move.

    Xu Liao waved goodbye to everyone but he soon realized nobody was even looking at him. His efforts were unappreciated. Slowly dropping his hand, he reluctantly left.

    After Xu Liao walked away for awhile, the group of teenagers burst into laughter. That fatty actually took an interest with Qu Lei?! He struggled so hard to keep up with our club, I doubt he even knows what our cosplaying character was eh!

    That disgusting looking bear, as fat as a pig, as if Qu Lei would like him! Xu Liao belongs to our Leader!

    Qu Lei raised a brow when she heard the bunch and gave a hmph in unhappiness: I have nothing to do with Gao Wen Hu, please stop this rubbish. I have something on, I will make a move. Not gonna have dinner with everyone.

    Qu Lei could not be bothered to explain to everyone and she simply left hurriedly without changing her costume.

    The handsome brother, Gao Wen Hu, face turned dark, really dark. The atmosphere turned silent. Immediately and almost automatically, the blame was put on Xu Liao. Gao Wen Hu spat out a few vulgarities.

    Xu Liao and Qu Lei were junior high school classmates. The moment he enrolled and witnessed the beauty of this girl, he fell in love. However, their character were totally different, and the fact that hes born fat, no matter his love for cosplay, he was unable to do it. Thus, it was difficult to attract his goddess attention.

    This time, he tried to help out with the cosplaying club. He put his utmost effort for a few days straight, trying to make his best contributions with hard labour. However, he still ended up being bullied by the club members.

    The cosplay event was held in an exhibition centre which was miles away from Xu Liaos home. As he was calculating how much fares to pay for the transport, he reached into his pocket. His face warped.

    Oh No! Ive forgotten to bring enough money! I cant take the train!

    Xu Liao gritted his teeth and decided to try his luck again with the van again. However, the vehicle simply drove away right in front of his eyes. Even before he had the chance to call out to them.

    Looks like I can only walk my way home, the distance is roughly around 20km, not sure if I can reach home tonight

    Xu Liao could only rub his hands helplessly as he made a lonely walk home.

    After 4 hours, the sky had completely darkened. Xu Liao was still continuing his long journey home. The only advantage he had was that his fitness level was average, this walk home became sort of a training. Maybe thats just to comfort himself.

    During the first year in Junior high, Xu Liao chased Qu Lei. Qu Lei said,: I dont like fat guys. If you can reduce your weight to 120kg, I might consider. This was when Xu Liao started his weightloss program.. which lasted for 3 years.

    Taking morning runs everyday, doing push ups and sit ups between class periods, even jumping up all the stairs. His classmate laughed but his spirit did not waver.

    Its a pity. Due to puberty and the amount of exercise he put in caused his height to increase by leaps and bounds. In his 2nd year in Junior high, his height increased from 156cm to 175cm. Unfortunately, there was still no reduction in his weight. Still remains as 190kg.. Xu Liao noticed that basketball players were lean, hence he joined them. In the 3rd year, his height shot up to 183cm and he managed to lose around 30kg. However he was still left with 160kg. Far away from Qu Leis expectations. Even though Xu Liao had eight pecs under his shirt, being born with a round, fat face and big bones, he still looked like a fatty.

    Xu Liao was exhausted. He dragged his gaze up towards the starry night sky. The beautiful and gleaming bright stars seem to improved his mood. He had always loved to admire the stars since young, every moment he stared at the stars, he felt much as if someone is consoling and comforting him. However as the city developed, clear night skies like these would soon be a rarity.

    He gazed for a moment more before lowering his head. However, in the next second he realised that there was something wrong. He hurriedly took a look up again, the view was beyond description and truely beautiful.

    But A city with major air pollution how was it possible for the sky to be so beautiful?

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    Default Chapter 02 Emperor's Stream Serum

    Xu Liao broke into a cold sweat. A chill of cold air blew up his spine which climbed all the way up to his skull. All of the hair on his body erupted.

    What is this strange phenomenon? Is the sudden surge of hormones that caused my eyesight be more perfect than perfect? Usually, I could only see seven or eight stars on a clear night, why am I suddenly able to see so many stars at once?

    Xu Liao blinked a few times in shock. He turned his head to check his surroundings, yet there were no visible changes to his vision. The advertisement board at a distance was still hard to see. Therefore he concluded that the probability of his sudden surge of hormones was impossible. However he couldnt ignore the fact that he could see so many stars in this polluted city. Xu Liao was thoroughly confused. He knew that he wasnt some expert astrologist; however, he had a faint feeling that this had nothing to do with an astrological phenomenon.

    Xu Liao body shook. He sensed that something was wrong. That sense was proven right soon after. From a distance, he could see blazing beams of light emerging from the roof of each building. Within each beam, he could make out a faint image of a shadow. Some looked like humans, some were beasts, and others were flying creatures. There were even some were trees and items.

    Xu Liao froze on the spot, suppressing his urge to scream loudly for help. His back was soaked in sweat and both his legs refused to move in fear.

    I-I must be hallucinating, I need to stay calm...

    While Xu Liao was trying to console himself repeatedly, he noticed that the sky was sparkling brightly. Seconds later, countless meteors fell from the heavens.

    These meteors were not falling aimlessly; instead, they started to converge and merge into a milky white light that shot down right into the earth.

    Each of shadows within the bright lights that emerged from the buildings started to move in unison; each releasing its energy to intercept the milky white light.

    The largest beam of white lights shot through the dark skies, it looked as if was going to smash into the ground when it suddenly changed its direction and flew towards Xu Liao.


    Xu Liao subconsciously raised both his hands to block the impact. However the action was futile. His body felt a gush of cold air merge with his soul.

    It isnt over yet

    The cold air that merged with him seemed to hold mysterious power which awakened a certain secret organ within Xu Le. This caused a heavenly defying power that pulled all the remaining milky lights towards him.

    Within merely ten minutes, at least ten meteors collided with Xu Liao.

    For every meteor that merged into Xu Liao his power increased slightly. An aura of darkness formed around Xu Liao which would absorb the white lights. As the aura became stronger with each meteor, there was something else in Xu Liaos body that became even more active, it even broke out of his body and formed into eight strands of dark aura, showing tremendous power, as if they were eight serpents.

    The moment the ninth strand of dark aura broke from Xu Liaos body, he felt both physically and mentally blissful, a feeling that could not be described. He raised his head to let out a loud, deep roar towards the sky, as if an ancient beast that revived, re-appearing into this world.

    Just as when Xu Liao wanted to jump with joy, an angry voice in his mind shouted:Shut up! Do you want to wake up all the humans in this city?!

    All of a sudden, Xu Liao felt that at least thirty to forty murderous glares were locked on to him.

    Xu Liao forced the next roar down his throat, and also withdrew the strands of dark aura. The dark aura surrounding his body slowly withered away. Soon the murderous glares faded away. When he noticed it was gone, Xu Liao heaved a sigh of relief. Thinking back, the voice sounded like it was from a little girl. Xu Liao twisted his body around hurriedly to check his surroundings but could not tell where exactly the voice came from.

    The shadows that emerged from the buildings continued to intercept the meteors that were shooting down.

    Suddenly, he saw one shadow released a strange light, sweeping horizontally as if it was dancing. It seemed to be using a treasure to suck in the meteors. Another summoned a visual image of an ancient monster with a spell, absorbing in the meteors. One more even released countless mysterious runes into a formation, attracting the meteors. Each shadow had totally different skills but were determined to get the task completed. Although this was an important matter, Xu Liao held in his roar so no one will notice him.

    Could this be these shadows are not human? What is the use of absorbing these meteors?

    The dark aura surrounding Xu Liao continued to absorb the meteors. It was not within his control. The power of the dark aura was extremely strong, not even those beings on the top of each building could compare with it. At most, only when two or three merged together would it be able to compete.

    Throughout the rest of the night, the meteors in the sky slowly decreased and the sky dimmed. Xu Liao had no idea how much time had passed or how much meteors he had absorbed. As the last meteor was absorbed by the shadows, they started disappearing as well.

    Xu Liao could feel the cold air converging into a single point and floated in his body. He then successfully tried to control the cold air to float to another location. Xu Liao realized that the cold air was mysterious; it could replenish his mind and vitality. He felt as if he could stay up all night without sleeping. Even walking from the exhibition to his home about 20km away did not cause his body to feel fatigue. His body felt as if it was bursting with energy.

    Those shadows left! I was thinking of asking them about what just happened! Xu Liao shouted to himself as he continued walking home. What happened was totally out of this world. He felt as if his brain was going to explode.

    When Xu Liaos figure disappeared into the corner of the street, right on the spot where Xu Liao stood before, a lady clothed in bluish-white appeared out of thin air knitted her eyebrows.

    She looked at Xu Liaos rear figure, muttering to herself: Why have I not seen this guy in this city before? His ability to absorb the Emperors Stream Serum wasnt too bad. The amount I could take in was not even one tenth of his.

    An old yet gentle voice rang: He was not supposed to be the devil of this city.

    An ugly looking, yet amiable grandmother spoke from within the black air. She was leaning onto a walking stick with a crooked body. However, she looked like she was in high spirits and emitting a powerful aura.

    The lady clad in bluish-white bowed respectfully and softly said: Grandma Huai! Have you not seen him before? Could this guy be a foreigner? A foreigner coming into the north city to fight for the Emperors Stream Serum, as a devil myself, this is clearly breaking the rules!

    Grandma Huai cheekily said: He is not a foreigner!
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    Default Chapter 03 Undead Tree

    Early release! and the debut chapters are over! The releases will be according the schedule next week~

    This marks the true start of the journey



    The ladys eyes widened in shock, her open mouth forming an O.

    You mean he was a human? And he awakened his blood pulse?

    Grandma Huai nodded her head and replied lightly: Ive lived for over six thousand years. This is my first time witnessing such a strong awakening, and the type of awakening is exactly the same as us. Girl! This is a great opportunity! The rest would also notice this boy.. and if you take your time.. he might be taken away

    Grandma Huai giggled and the dark aura surged around her. In this instant, the ugly yet amiable grandmother disappeared, vanishing within the dark aura.

    The face of the lady in bluish-white turned slightly red and pouted:

    Grandma Huai! How could you laugh at me!

    She stamped her foot and wrinkled her brows, frowning. Then she shook her head lightly and thought to herself: Come to think of it, he seems rather familiar. As if Ive seen him before.. but who is he?


    On the other side of the city

    A young punk was strolling down the street with a cigarette between his fingers, humming a song as if without a care in the world.

    Suddenly, a green light lit up on his forehead. A small shape of a bird could be seen as it emerged out of the green light.

    The young punk let out a bitter smile. Sister Cui! What is it today that I can help you again?

    The little green bird perched on his shoulders and chirped for a few times before pulling his hair with its beak. It then hovered into the air in front of the punk and transformed into an attractive, seductive lady clad in a light coloured silk. She gave a sly smile as her feet landed gracefully on the ground like a falling leaf in autumn.

    Duan Tian Lang! I know you are wise, yet with the most scheming set of eyes. Can you tell me, your sister, what exactly did that young man awakened in his blood pulse? His ability to absorb the Emperors Stream Serum was on par with Grandma Huai, Yun Shuai and your sister myself!

    Duan Tian Lang raised a brow. Only after a while, he responded with a sigh:Sister Cui! This may be something troublesome, are you sure you want to know about it?

    The attractive lady eyes turned cold, smiling evilly Duan Tian Lang! If you dare play games with me, I will not mind tearing you apart!

    Duan Tian Lang did not dare to drag the conversation anymore and revealed it almost immediately: The Undead Tree Blood Pulse!

    The expression on the attractive ladys face froze. By the time she had woken up to her senses, Duan Tian Lang had already escaped.

    If this guy is going to be such trouble, all the demons and legions must have already noticed him, I cant afford to get into all these damn troubles.

    Meanwhile, at a certain corner of the city, waves of gossip had already spread about Xu Liao. The mysterious non-human beings were starting to get interested in him. However, Xu Liao was oblivious to what was happening.

    Xu Liao became the center of discussion of these mysterious beings. How could the fatty whom nobody wanted to talk to expect that this day would come?


    The very next morning, without his mother nagging at him, Xu Liao woke up on his own. He felt as if his body was cleansed and was totally refreshed. The energy in his body was overflowing. Usually he will oversleep because of his studies. His school work and daily curriculum would have drained his energy entirely.

    If the incident that happened last night didnt reflect in his mind as clear as day, Xu Liao would have thought that it was just a fantasy dream.

    The moment he reached home last night he fell asleep and did not have the time to consolidate his thoughts on what actually happened. Now, when he woke up, all the questions seemed to flood in and started to make his brain hurt. What exactly happened last night? What were those bizarre meteors? And those beings that absorbed the meteors.. either they are demons or devils.. they dont look like humans.. where did they come from?

    Xu Liao put both of his hands on his bulging stomach, he could clearly feel that there is something pumping lightly as if it was another heart. This mysterious organ would swallow a tiny strand of the meteors cold breath that were absorbed previously, and followed by emitting profound energy. The cold breath of the three hundred meteors that were absorbed last night was almost completely devoured by it. Due to this, up to 90% of Xu Liaos body was occupied by the new profound energy.

    Xu Liao slowly manipulated this new found energy within his body. He formed a small spherical shaped dark aura on his palm. The aura could change its shape freely with just a thought. He felt it was much easier than trying to control the cold breath within his body. Not knowing what the dark aura could do, he pointed his palm towards a nearby tin can.

    The dark aura sphere shot towards the tin can and did not stop there, it passed through the can and the walls behind it. At that moment, he realized he could not retrieve the tin can using the ability of the dark aura sphere.

    Xu Liao was embarrassed. He summoned the dark aura sphere back into his palms and kept it. He then rubbed his eyes and shouted in his mind: Open the third eye!

    A second passed, yet nothing happened. However, his eyes were covered with a dark aura.

    He employed his worldly knowledge from all the novels, comics, movies and dramas... various psychic and physical martial arts but was of no use. The dark aura sphere could not do anything. It could only phase through any matter and change its shape. It couldnt do anything special.

    The only coolest idea he could think of was by mimicking famous iconic figures using photos on the internet, using his dark aura sphere, he could transform it into a mystical suit and armor, or cosplay himself as Darth Vader from Star Wars. He could even form a pure black light saber that looks more evil than the Siths'.

    Xu Liao cant help but laugh bitterly, murmuring to himself: Its not totally useless. At least I can mix around with Qu Lei and the rest. I could even have my own character. This is even more realistic than their props! Without the aid of backstage effects, I can easily display it myself."

    While he was busy entertaining himself by improving the details on the Darth Vader suit, someone knocked on the door. Xu Liao! Are you awake? Come have your breakfast and go to school! A gentle voice reminded. It was Xu Liaos mother.
    Alright mother, Im coming right away! Xu Liao exited his room while being immersed in his thoughts.

    His door was shut.

    If Xu Liaos mother had not her back turned towards the door, she would have fainted in shock. It was only after a few seconds had passed that Xu Liao realized that he actually walked through the door.....

    Translated by Gary. Edited by Jason

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    OMG I have been waiting for someone else to translate this popular novel ever since Jan this year since the last translator stopped doing it thank you!! My prayers have been answered!!

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    Default Chapter 04 Inherited Genes

    Ive tried so many ways to use this dark aura sphere, how could Ive not thought of walking through walls?

    Xu Liao was so happy that his head almost hit the roof when he jumped for joy after accidentally finding out the new ability.

    Xu Liaos mother sensed a presence behind her and swung around. Xu Liao jumped and immediately closed his palm, absorbing the dark aura sphere back into his body without her noticing.

    Why are you so exceptionally happy today? She raised her brow in suspicion. Her eyes scanning him from head to toe.

    Its nothing! Just some school matters! Xu Liao grinned mischievously.

    Xu Liaos mother rolled her eyes and shrugged, continuing with her chores. Xu Liao kept an innocent smile on his face while he made his way to the table side. He gulped down his breakfast, swung his backpack over his shoulders and hurriedly left for school. In the past, Xu Liao would also leave for school in a hurry, but since he woke up early today and was in high spirits, he strolled down the street to school.

    Xu Liao couldnt help but feel excited to test out his new ability. However, he remembered that there would be surveillance cameras everywhere and dropped the idea. Wouldnt it cause serious consequences of the government noticed this? He then started to look for isolated areas instead to test his ability Dark Aura Wall Piercing

    Xu Liao was walking on the path to school that he had walked for over a thousand times so he was very familiar with the route. However, after crossing a street he couldnt recognize the path.

    He sank deep in thought, he knew that on the way to school there would be a split in the road, heading left will lead to the Wan Shou path, right would bring him to Cui Wei path. These two paths are not for commercial purposes though many people still use it. He turned right, walking past the Wan Shou path and it lead him to a bustling commerical street. This was absolutely not the Cui Wei path that he knew. There was no such street on his way to school. Xu Liao had initially thought he took the wrong turn, however after taking a look at his surroundings, he felt something was amiss.

    The buildings on the street were traditionally designed and rather amusing. No matter which direction he looked from the path, he realized he could not spot any tall city buildings. Both sides of the street were cottages, only once in a while he could spot one or two story buildings. The building that was most conspicuous was a five story building. It was definitely not the style of a big city.

    Xu Liao had lived in the city for over ten years and was quite sure that this street hadnt exist before.

    Aside from the traditional buildings, the people gave Xu Liao an even weirder vibe.

    Most people on the street are dressed in the normal city outfit, there were even students like Xu Liao. However, a small portion of people dressed totally out of the ordinary. The dress code wasnt consistent. Was it an ancient robe? Or was it a style from an ancient dynasty? This small portion of people looked as if nothing was wrong as they walked down the street. They definitely werent cosplaying.

    Pulling his gaze away from the buildings and regular people, Xu Liao gaped for at least two minutes when he analyzed the crowd carefully. There were monsters! Monsters! There was someone with a head of a pig, dragging cans of beer behind him. Next to him, a pretty woman with a long elegant tail curled behind her back. On the other side, with a height of three meters stood a gremlin with an elephant head, wearing a vest that clearly showed Moving House Services and was carrying gigantic boxes. All these monsters looked so realistic. Absolutely couldnt be make-up or outfits.

    Am I hallucinating?

    Going to school had totally slipped from his Xu Liaos mind as he stared with a blank expression. He rubbed his eyes in disbelief.

    Xu Liao! Its time for school! Why are you just standing here?

    Xu Liao turned around and took a few steps back in surprise: Zhao Yan Qin! Why is it you!

    This girl was Xu Liaos classmate. She was rather average in her looks and studies. Most of the time she was really quiet and out of the limelight, and she only had a few friends. They were classmates for two years but he could not remember the last time they had a conversation.

    Why wouldnt it be me? How long have youve been awakened? Its my first time seeing you here in Huai Demon Street.

    Huh? Awakened? What in the ghost is that? What is Huai Demon street?

    Zhao Yan Qing smacked her forehead with her palm. She sighed as she spoke:Have your parents not mentioned this to you before?

    My parents are normal humans alright? Xu Liao exclaimed.

    Zhao Yan Qing widened her eyes, slightly shocked. Your parents did not know? Oh oh oh! So you inherited from your ancestors! Then you should have at least some elders in the house to mention this to you right? Dont tell me you are not aware that you have awakened the demon blood pulse in you?

    Xu Liao could not take it anymore. The elders in my house are not demons!

    Zhao Yan Qing quickly put her hands over Xu Liaos mouth and alerted him:Dont shout on the street like a ghost!

    Almost immediately, Xu Liao shook his head and removed Zhao Yan Qins hand from his mouth. He then realized that her hands were soft like feather, filled with the scent of nectar. He never felt this refreshing feeling before. His face reddened because was not familiar with the feeling of being close with the opposite gender.

    Zhao Yan Qin noticed Xu Liaos cheeks turned red. She smiled and took back her hand while glancing Xu Liao from head to toe.

    Not only you inherited from your grandparents, but surprisingly also from your great grandparents!

    Xu Liao knitted his brows and exclaimed while still blushing:Inherit my foot! My family line are all normal human beings. Ancestors for the eight generations are all human beings.

    Zhao Yan Qin shook her head and sighed. Since your family does not have anyone awakened except for you.. let me explain to you.

    Lifting her finger which looked soft and fragile, Zhao Yan Qin explained: The demons and humans each have their own theory. The demons think of it this way: Since ancient times, demons and humans had been living together, had marriages with each other, thus, a portion of human genetics were flowing in the blood of demons. Scientific evidence shows that at least a quarter of humans contain demonic genes. However, the humans think that when they are born, majority of the humans had genes hidden deep within them. Even the latest skill and technology could not trace these genes. Overall, no matter which theory was right, it was proven that several normal human beings had hidden demonic genes which will erupt when the conditions are set thus becoming a demon!

    Translated by Gary. Edited by Jason.

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    Default Chapter 05 Source of the Demons

    2nd Regular Chapter of the week~



    Xu Liao eyes widened: Zhao Yan Qin! Did you read too many novels? How could you even come up with that kind of logic? The humans and demons theory? Most humans have genes from the demons? Why dont we add in the International Demon Alliance and Humans Practitioner Parliament meeting??

    Zhao Yan Qin eyes narrowed and spoke seriously: Indeed. There is an International Demon Alliance, but our Chinas Million Demon Clan will not acknowledge them. Just based on size, the Million Demon Clan is the world biggest demon association. The Humans Practitioner Parliament doesnt exist though. Instead theres a similar organization called the Dark Parliament. They are based in Europe but the size of their organization is simply too small, moreover the abilities of the members are only of average. They like to cause trouble and always ended up getting suppressed by the Chinas big demons for decades.

    Xu Liao threw his hands in the air and gave up trying to understand her. But ever since last nights incident, and the changes on his body, Xu Liao could not help but believe half of Zhao Yan Qins words.

    Why dont we skip discussing about where these two theories came from? Instead, shouldnt it be the other way around? Why would humans even believe that they had genes from ancient demons to begin with .. and why would demons think that humans got their genes from ancestors?

    Zhao Yan Qin laughed. These two theories were passed down for who knows how long! Anyway, these two theories are merely just creating debates in science. No one knows which is true. However, the fact that everyone has some sort of genetic inheritance from demons is proven to be true. Any normal humans would have a chance of being awakened. Since you have just awakened yourself, surely you dont need me to prove to you, eh?

    If not for the changes on Xu Liaos body, he would have long disapproved Zhao Yan Qins words. Being a person who strongly believes in the theory of normal human evolution, Xu Liao would definitely not accept other theories of how humans came upon. Even if he wanted to refute her statement, he could not find confidence to do so.

    Zhao Yan Qin put her hand gently on Xu Liaos shoulders, and spoke softly: Although there are many kinds of research that had proven that at least a quarter of humans carry demonic genes, these humans wouldnt get awakened during their entire lifespan and die of old age as per normal humans. Out of ten thousand humans , only an average of three humans will awaken. The world has seven billion humans and only six hundred thousand demons. Therefore you dont have to worry about the world being filled with demons. We demons are still really rare.

    Xu Liao sensed that something was somewhat off. Dont demons produce demon offsprings? And what about those demons that trained to immortal ascension? Why is their population so small?

    Zhao Yan Qin let out a small laugh. The age when demons and humans marriages were common was long long ago. The human genes have already been stained. Except for the pure blooded Big Seven, there arent any pure blooded demons left. Even if the parents are demons, the children that they conceive has a ninety percent chance to be human. The children that were born demons were less than twenty per year. It isnt even worth mentioning.

    Xu Liao looked down and went deep in thought. He couldnt help but imagine the marriage between humans and demons. A demon carrying a human child and living happily ever after? He couldnt wrap his head around it.

    What about those immortal demons? Xu Liao looked up and asked.

    Ever since the fall of the Qing Dynasty, there had never been a way for a demon to ascend to immortality. After all, now demons are already having a hard time giving birth to demons, not to even mention immortality. Zhao Yan Qin shrugged and explained.

    Xu Liao was embarrassed as he did not expect the demonic world to be so different from his own perspective.

    As a north city dweller, since youve awakened your blood pulse, we will need you to quickly register your existence and take a test to determine what demon pulse youve awakened to. Our northern city registration centre provides benefits for newcomers. I can bring you there! Zhao Yan Qin patted her chest with pride.

    Xu Liao was surprised. Registration? Benefits? As a demon?!

    Zhao Yan Qin proudly explained: Of course! Chinas Million Demon Clan is one of the worlds largest organisation. It is also Chinas one and only legalised demon political group. All new demons must join the Million Demon Clan! They give high benefits for newcomers and they are ranked as the number one demon association!

    Xu Liao could not absorb so much bizarre information at once. He decided to consider the offer, and slowly digest all information in his head. Unknowingly to both of them, they had almost reached school.

    As soon as they reached school, Zhao Yan Qin immediately distanced herself from Xu Liao. Xu Liao was also shy being too close with her as it was never a good thing to go to school with a girl because rumours will fly. As a result, both of them acted as if they didnt know each other too well and stepped into school one by one, separately.

    Zhao Yan Qin slowed down her steps and looked at Xu Liao as he entered the school gate, she couldnt help but smile lightly and whispered to herself. I totally didnt expect that the guy whom was covered in dark aura last night was my classmate. I almost couldnt recognise him. But he was just like how Grandma Huai described Is this my chance? I dont think he suits me at all.

    Xu Liao increased his pace and entered the classroom. He couldnt help but glance over at Qu Leis seat. However, contrary to his expectations, she wasnt there. He felt his heart sank.

    Eventually, all his classmates entered the classroom. The school bell rang, signalling the start of class, but Qu Lei was nowhere to be seen. Xu Liao couldnt sit still and felt really uncomfortable as if insects were crawling around his body.

    When first lesson was finally over, Xu Liao approached another female classmate who was a close friend of Qu Lei and whispered:Do you know why is Qu Lei not here today?

    The female classmate replied expressionlessly. She went for a performance. She had already applied leave with the teacher.

    It was only then when Xu Liao remembered that apart from the cosplay festival yesterday, Qu Lei had to attend another exhibition today. Too many incidents happened last night made him forget that he had actually decided to apply for leave today to accompany Qu Lei and continue with his hard labour like usual.

    Xu Liao stood still and frowned. He was considering whether he should resume his previous plans and head down to the exhibition. The female classmate noticed this and spoke in a low voice: Its too late for you to go now. Qu Lei had probably finished her performance and went off with her crew to film outdoor scenes. The places they intended to go are quite far away and they are not easy to reach without a vehicle. The crew rented a vehicle just for the outdoor scene. Though they did not have any specific location to film, they decided that if they spotted anywhere they liked they would stop and film. So.. even if you could make it there on time, you could never find them.

    Xu Liao felt as if a rock had smashed all his hopes. He thanked the female classmate nonetheless and trudged down the hallway with a heavy heart. However, not long after, he heard someone call his name.

    Xu Liao!

    Translated by Gary. Edited by Jason

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    Default Chapter 06 Kyoto Demons' Affair Centre

    Our 3rd Regular Chapter~

    Do stay tuned for our extra releases this weekend!


    Xu Liao! Why do you look like youre in a daze?

    It is none of your business how I look like!

    Xu Liao stared at Zhao Yan Qin. He didnt have anything against her; however, he was in a bad mood when she called his name. Anyone who was around him could hear that he was somewhat annoyed.

    Zhao Yan Qin didnt bother with his attitude and stuck her tongue at him cutely. She gave a mischievous smile and giggled. You have already awakened your demon blood pulse. Do you remember that I said I would take you down to the registration centre? I suggest you quickly make a trip down to the Kyoto Demons Affairs centre to register your existence. At the same time, we can find out what type of blood pulse you have. This step is extremely important for your growth in the future. Since youre my classmate, I wouldnt mind to be your Guide! Zhao Yan Qin closed her eyes and grinned haughtily. Xu Liao was innately shocked. Her attitude was totally different from his impression before. Despite her typical girl-next-door appearance, she seemed more playful and impish than before. Although she was behaving this way, he could tell that behind her young feminine facial features, she had a rather elegant demeanour.

    (ED: Kyoto Demons Affair is the name of the registration centre)

    Xu Liao thoroughly confused every time Zhao Yan Qin added extra information he wasnt aware about. He furrowed his brows and asked: Kyoto Demons Affair centre? Do I really have to register? How will they test out my blood pulse? And what is a Guide??

    The Kyoto Demons Affair centre, demon registration and Guide are terms that Xu Liao knew nothing about.

    Zhao Yan Qin laughed softly as she explained: The Kyoto Demons Affair centre is part of the immediate Million Demon Clan which rules over every matter related to demons within the northern city, its four provinces and two cities. Their jurisdiction covers more than twenty times the size of the northern city. The Million Demon Clans demons use some sort of an identification card to identify each other. Only with it will you be considered a demon with identity. Without it, you will be considered as wild. Although the Million Demon Clan wouldnt hunt down wild demons and force them to register, those without the identification card could be killed or captured by Human practitioners and the Clan will not retaliate. The card is a measure to protect demons, especially the weak or new born ones as it is extremely easy for them to get killed by human practitioners.

    Zhao Yan Qin paused for a while. Then she blinked her beautiful eyes and continued: As for the Guide

    The Guide is responsible for registering and teaching the basics to newly registered demons. The Million Demon Clan will reward the Guide based on the results. For example, if I do my job as a Guide, I will receive recognition so I can upgrade the level of my demon identification card.

    Xu Liao looked slightly displeased. Why would those human practitioners want to capture or kill me when I have not done anything wrong?

    Zhao Yan Qin looked at Xu Liao as if he asked a ridiculous question. She then laughed lightly and replied: Humans slaughter pigs, cows, goats, chickens, dogs, rabbits and all kinds of living creatures. Do you think these innocent lives did anything wrong? This is because humans are on the top of the food chain! For the exact same reason, strong demons eat humans equally as much too; and the humans cannot do anything to stop them. So as the Million Demon Clan grows larger, they were able to come into terms with the humans in order to protect newly registered demons. The other demon organizations around the world are not as formidable as the Million Demon Clan. In those countries, even if the demons join the organization, they would also be killed by the Human practitioners. Those without power will die, those with power will rule. There is no reasoning.

    Xu Liao was speechless. Apart from his Dark Aura Wall Piercing skill, he had no other fighting techniques. As a newly awakened demon, he could easily get killed like an ant if he met any of the strong human practitioners. The thought of this scared him.

    Zhao Yan Qin thought she had successfully convinced Xu Liao to register for an identification card. However, Xu Liao suddenly paused and asked: But arent we in the middle of class? We dont have time to register now.

    Zhao Yan Qin laughed, her eyes forming a crescent shape similar to a fox. She then said: No problem! The Kyoto Demons Affair centre is open around the clock, throughout the week. We can just head there after school.

    Xu Liao was finally convinced. He nodded and replied: Alright. Thanks for your help.

    One of Qu Leis best friends smiled wryly to herself by the side. She then hastily wiped the smile off her face as she prepared for the next lesson. She is an extremely hardworking girl who focused a hundred percent for each lesson. While she was packing her textbook, her gaze switched to the two. Her gaze grew stern as she watched Xu Liao and Zhao Yan Qin chatting as if they were close friends.

    Her relationship with Qu Lei was great. She understood how much effort Xu Liao had put in when he tried to chase Qu Lei. She knew that Xu Liao doesnt usually socialize with other girls, moreover this Zhao Yan Qin was particularly anti-social. However, when she saw the two of them having a conversation, they seemed as if they were very close, obviously not a relationship between classmates. This made her puzzled.

    She sank deep in thought, speculating silently. Qu Lei is such a beautiful girl but Xu Liao actually changed his target to Zhao Yan Qin who looked nothing more than average! I have to tell Qu Lei that Xu Liao is a flirt, and she must not fall into his trap!

    Never did Xu Liao know that his simple chat with Zhao Yan Qin would be contorted into a lie which would eventually bite him in the back.

    The schoolbell rang. Xu Liao and Zhao Yan Qin separated and went back to their classroom. As Xu Liao sat on his chair, he felt as if someone was glaring at him. He swept a glance at the side and realized that the best friend of Qu Lei was staring daggers at him. Xu Liaos heart sank a little. After thinking for a moment, he couldnt think of any reason why would she be offended with him.

    She might have just merely looked at me for no reason. I must be thinking too much. Xu Liao decided to drop his speculation as if trying to convince himself.

    As Xu Liao was consoling himself, the English teacher stepped into class. Xu Liao dropped his remaining thoughts and concentrated listening in class.

    Qu Lei hadnt come back since morning till afternoon. Xu Liao felt worried despite knowing that Qu Lei often participates in extra activities and this wasnt the first time she was missing.

    Xu Liao did not have this feeling before, and for no apparent reason, he suddenly realized how far apart Qu Leis world was from his.

    Every time Xu Liao gazed over at Qu Leis empty desk, he gave a light sigh!

    If Qu Lei was present in class today, Xu Liao would have considered to not register for the demon identification card with Zhao Yan Qin. He would simply gather all the guts in his body and shamelessly accompany Qu Lei home. However, there was no choice to consider since Qu Lei wasnt even present in school today. After the class ended in the afternoon, Xu Liao met up with Zhao Yan Qin outside the school gate.

    Upon meeting, Zhao Yan Qin did not bring Xu Liao directly to the Kyoto Demons Affair centre but instead, she grabbed his hand and pulled him to a hotel nearby their school. Xu Liao panicked inside as he couldnt tell why she was doing this.

    What Xu Liao did not realize was, when Zhao Yan Qin and him met at the school gate, the same girl who was Qu Leis best friend happened to be leaving as well. She frowned slightly and felt even more suspicious when she saw both of them walking together so intimately. However, when Zhao Yan Qin and Xu Liao entered the hotel, she reeled back in shock. She immediately whipped up her phone and snapped a few photos of them entering the hotel.

    Translated by Gary. Edited by Jason

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    Default Chapter 07 The Demon Maiden's Cosmetic Prowess

    Special Weekend Release!!!

    Stay tuned for tomorrows release as well~



    When they reached the hotel, Zhao Yan Qin immediately went up the stairwell, leaving Xu Liao to wait in the lobby.

    Xu Liao walked to a nearby sofa and sat down while waiting for Zhao Yan Qin. After a while , there were still no signs of her. At the same time, he spotted a group exiting the lift. The leader of the group was awfully familiar. It was Gao Wen Hu, the leader of Qu Leis cosplaying club! The group clustered together, walking with large strides, giving off a strong presence.

    Xu Liao figured that they must had just ended their performance and rented a room temporarily to change their costumes. Xu Liao was slightly disappointed because Qu Lei was not amongst the group, but as usual, he approached the group with a large smile as he called out to them.

    Gao Wen Hu wrinkled his eyebrows and gestured to the rest of the group to carry on as he hastily moved towards Xu Liao. He said in a deep, yet low voice: Qu Lei is not with us. She had already went home. She must had known that you are waiting for her here so she left early. I think youre being inconsiderate. What are you trying to achieve by pestering her over and over again?
    Xu Liao was stunned. He clearly wasnt aware that the cosplaying club would be changing their costumes here. Moreover, even though it was a misunderstanding, he could not find the words to explain.

    Noticing Xu Liaos expression, Gao Wen Hu gave an evil smile decided to apply even more pressure on Xu Liao. Do you think you even deserve Qu Lei? Dont you know that when both of you walk side by side, Qu Lei will get humiliated by everyone? If you truly want the best for Qu Lei then you should scram, and never ever join our activities anymore.

    Xu Liao bit his lower lip. After hearing the hostile words by Gao Wen Hu the smile on Xu Liaos face disappeared. Even though Xu Liao was good tempered by nature, he wasnt someone to be bullied. As much as Xu Liao could not tolerate his harsh words, he chose not to get into any deeper conflicts.

    Just as Xu Liao was about to open his mouth to explain himself, Gao Wen Hu continued his torment, in an even darker look and evil voice: Have you seen how you look in the mirror? Just based on your toad-like honour, you want to be with Qu Lei? I can guarantee that even the ugliest girl in school will not take a liking to you. I shall save you some face today, if

    At that moment, when Gao Wen Hu was yapping off words that deeply scarred Xu Liaos honest heart, and was ready to give the final blow, a gentle and crisp voice interrupted him. Xu Liao! Xu Liao! Have you waited for too long?

    Zhao Yan Qin bounced up and down like a little lamb, skipping merrily towards Xu Liao, her hair dancing gracefully side to side. She smiled widely and waved towards Xu Liao. She had changed into a lavender silky dress, with a slight difference in her hairstyle. Her usual ponytail was untied, and her hair flowed down her shoulders like a gentle flowing stream. In an instant, her demeanour changed entirely.

    Not only she had changed her hairstyle, as if some magic was cast upon her, her face was slimmer, her eyes widened beautifully, her eyebrows were longer and bold, her nose seemed sharper, her lips were rosy and even more seductive. Xu Liao could still recognize her by her face contour. However, when he compared her with her previous appearance in his mind, he was shocked that it didnt resemble each other at all! Complimented with her elegant dress and faintly letting off a graceful aura, it was as if a fairy had descended upon the world.

    Three points for Charming, three points for Enchanting, three points for Sexy, and one point for her aura.

    She was only gone for a moment, and this originally average demon maiden transformed into someone so stunning, and beautiful, which left everyone in awe.


    Her rating meter shot up to a 120 score from an original 45!

    Xu Liao was blown away.

    Zhao Yan Qin giggled and winked seductively. She hooked onto Xu Liaos arm and with a lovely voice, she said softly: I can finally show you my true appearance. It was so tiring to hold myself back all the time! Do you think Im beautiful?

    Xu Liao considered for a moment his choice of words, but chose to answer honestly anyway. Yes I think you are really beautiful! Why dont you dress like this for school?

    Zhao Yan Qin swept a glance over at Gao Wen Hu and giggled. Because this will attract a lot of toads! Just like the one on your left still drooling all over the place.

    Gao Wen Hu was even more shocked than Xu Liao by the beauty of Zhao Yan Qin. His mouth opened wide, totally forgetting to close. Only after being caught by Zhao Yan Qin, he remembered to close and wipe the corners of his mouth. Surprisingly, there was indeed a long line of drool hanging from his mouth, and even swinging could not break it. Gao Wen Hu instantly felt distressed and embarrassed at his unsightly appearance.

    As if Gao Wen Hu was non-existent, Zhao Yan Qin cheekily hooked onto Xu Liaos arm openly and pulled him away leaving a trace of light scented perfume. Gao Wen Hu swayed uncontrollably.

    After stepping out of the hotel, Zhao Yan Qin eyes grew slightly dim. I dont wish to go to the school that is located in the demons district, so the only way would be changing my appearance into someone uglier. This can save me a lot of trouble rejecting all the guys who are going to chase me! I am a demon, I cant willingly date with any guy, unless the other party decides to marry into my family!

    Marry into your family?! Whats so difficult about that?

    Xu Liao replied without thinking and soon realized that he said something inappropriate. He shifted his gaze from her in awkwardness.

    However, Zhao Yan Qin was not bothered at all and continued to laugh cheekily, her spirit full of energy. She then gently replied: Most humans are afraid of demons. If they know my real identity, they would definitely find ways to harm me.

    Xu Liao couldnt hold back his manly pride and said: If theres anyone who harm you, let me protect you then!

    Zhao Yan Qin face flushed, with a somewhat shy look on her face she opened her cherry lips slightly and spoke softly: You dont even know what kind of a demon am I..

    Without hesitation, Xu Liao questioned: Whats so important with being the kind of demon you are? Arent all demons are still demons?

    She shook her head lightly and pursed her lips, Zhao Yan Qin explained: Some people can accept any demons that are foxes, snakes, even mammals that evolved into demons without any problems. However, some people have no tolerance or are afraid of demons that are bugs, centipedes, scorpions. Humph! Who knows? Once you know my true identity, you might detest me!

    Xu Liao gave it a thought, and joked: As long as you are not a coriander, then I have no fear!
    (ED: Coriander is a type of Chinese parsley.)

    Zhao Yan Qin cupped her hands on her mouth and bursted into laughter. Had she not grabbed onto Xu Liaos arm, Xu Liao would be worried she might fall for laughing too hard. After a while, Zhao Yan Qin dried her eyes and said: I have never heard of coriander as a demon so you can be rest assured okay? I am not a coriander demon!

    So what demon are you? Xu Liao couldnt help but feel curious.

    Zhao Yan Qin rolled her eyes at Xu Liao. Didnt you said as long as Im not a coriander demon, you wouldnt mind? Why do you have to ask a girl this question? This kind of sensitive questions makes me uncomfortable you know!

    Xu Liao sealed his mouth and even though hes still curious, he stopped asking. He only felt that Zhao Yan Qin was capricious, and it was too difficult to get into the head of this demon maiden. So he might as well not think about it.

    Under Zhao Yan Qins persistent rejection, Xu Liao forgot that both of them were still linking arms, as if an intimate couple.

    Translated by Gary, Edited by Jason

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    Default Chapter 08 Heavenly Monument

    Zhao Yan Qin led Xu Liao into the nearby train station. They turned past two inconspicuous corners into a surprisingly desolate train platform.

    Xu Liao looked up at the nearby station sign with a slightly odd expression on his face. This whole service line was one that he totally unheard of.

    Noticing his odd expression, Zhao Yan Qin giggled. Yes, youre right~! This subway was built by the Million Demon Clan, and just for the demons. It links to all the commercial site attractions of the northern city and also connects the eighteen demons living sector altogether. Moreover! There are three main lines that connect to other distant cities. This train service is much more convenient than the trains for humans.

    Before Xu Liao had the time to be surprised, he noticed that the train had entered the station. Zhao Yan Qin stuffed her hand in her bag and whipped out a card. She swiftly swiped twice on the train door and pulled Xu Liao into the cabin.

    The cabins were silent. Except for the two of them, the train was totally vacant. Xu Liao was taken aback. Compared to the regular city train stations, this amazingly empty train would bring tears of joy to many of those white collared workers.

    The cabin seats were made out of authentic leather. In the front of every seat, there was a fixed metallic table. Upon sitting down, Zhao Yan Qin gently placed the card on the table and, in an instant, it lit up. A visual menu materialized on the surface of the table. It was actually a touch screen platform!

    As she picked her card, Zhao Yan Qin flipped it towards Xu Liao and explained: This is the demon identification card. Not only it functions as something to prove our identity, it has additional uses. It can be used at the bank, transportation, and many other sorts of usage like activating this menu inside the train. The owners aura is linked to the card, thus the card can only be activated by the owner. About the card ranks, it goes like this: Black Card being the best, followed by Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Normal, and the lowest rank being the Newcomer Card.

    Xu Liao was blown away. He never knew that there were so many uses for just a single card. After a while, he sighed. I had initially thought that if there were real demons in this world, they should be living in some deep mountain at the end of the world or something like that. How would have anyone known that the advancement of the demon society would be on par with humans? Even the living standards and technology is higher than humans. What is the identification card of the humans when compared to this?

    Watching him shake his head in resignment, Zhao Yan Qin felt her pride swelling as she smiled sweetly at Xu Liao. She turned to face the metallic table and performed a few gestures on touch screen. I have just arranged an appointment with the Kyoto Demons Affair centre. We can immediately start with the registration process once we reach.

    Xu Liao was speechless.

    After ten minutes, they finally reached the Kyoto Demons Affair centre station. The moment they stepped out of the cabin, they spotted a passenger.

    This particular passenger was dressed in a senior high school uniform, and looked slightly older than Xu Liao and Zhao Yan Qin. His complexion was flawless, seemingly like a prince from a fairytale. He had an indescribable fresh and cool aura surrounding him. Gao Wen Hu was considered to be handsome, but when compared to this student, Gao Wen Hu was practically nothing. He was reading a book when he spotted Zhao Yan Qin and Xu Liao. Giving a light smile, he greeted both of them and made his way out of the station.

    Although Xu Liao was aware that anyone who boarded the train was definitely a demon, but he couldnt help but develop a favourable impression on the handsome young man. As they stepped out of the station, Xu Liao thought that he could pick up some pointers here in the future.

    But the moment when Xu Liao exited the station, he almost tripped in shock. The station exit was actually located at the Forbidden City gate of the northern city! He was overwhelmed, his jaw refusing to shut.

    (ED: The Forbidden City is a famous tourist attraction in China)

    The Northern City used to be an ancient capital. The Forbidden City in the heart of the northern city is globally known as the number one ranked Royal Palace. Every day, a flood of tourists could be seen at this attraction. Even if its not the peak seasons for tourists, it is also always bustling with activities and required the local security to manage the crowd.

    So what is with the concept of building a train station inside the Forbidden City?

    Zhao Yan Qin led Xu Liao to a remote, large looking gate. After entering, they twisted and turned past corners to reach a towering, majestic palace door. Strangely, when compared to the other areas within the Forbidden City, this palace seemed to be deserted, without a soul in sight.

    Xu Liao soon realized that the so called Kyoto Demons Affair centre was actually operating in an area of the Forbidden City. It was totally out of this world. The thought of this simply blew his mind.

    Zhao Yan Qin pointed towards a banner located at the top of the palace door. She stood upright, puffed her cheeks and explained as if she was a tourist guide: This is the Yun Xi Palace. It was not recorded in the history books of the humans. Nobody can find any details. It can only be found in our demon history books.

    She then took a deep breath and continued: A long time ago, the Emperor of the Ming Dynasty ruled the world. He was not only the owner of this palace, but was also a demon general. He placed a Heavenly Monument within this Yun Xi Palace, repressing the fortune of the country. After a long time, the Ming Dynasty fell to the Qing Dynasty and the Emperor sealed it up. Until the time when the Qing Dynasty fell, was the time when the seal broke.

    Xu Liao didnt think he could be shocked so many times in one day. He couldnt make a sound and silently followed Zhao Yan Qin, stepping into the Yun Xi Palace.

    Upon entering, the first thing he spotted was a tall monument of the gods. Its eyes were embedded with precious Lapis Lazuli jewels; the body towered over one kilometre high, piercing through the clouds, the base of the monument stretched for a hundred meters in diameter and was made out of pure white jade. It was a truly magnificent masterpiece. Unable to understand the value of these stones, Xu Liao kneeled down at the base of the monument and tried to chisel a piece of stone out.

    The monument was divided into nine layers. Engravings of countless majestic birds and demons could be seen on the surface. Each of these engravings looked as if they were alive. While gazing at these engravings, suddenly, Xu Liao had a feeling that as if millions of the demon army was soaring through the skies, trying to break the nine layers of heaven to descend upon this world.

    Subconsciously, Xu Liao took a step back and took a deep breath.

    Zhao Yan Qins eyes widened in shock for a moment, then she laughed: You.. you are not too bad! I have seen many new awakened demons fall under the aura of the Heavenly Monument. Some would even bow down or faint on the spot.

    Xu Liao forced a smile and said: Lets go and register first. Do you need my human identification card?

    Zhao Yan Qin took his hand and pulled him up a few steps in front of the Heavenly Monument. She faced him and said: First, you have to test out what blood pulse you have awakened, and then we can register. If not, the identification card would not be able to categorize your type. The Heavenly Monument is a heavenly treasure that fell onto human civilization. The demons engraved on it were alive, but sealed by the heavens so they could not leave this monument. When you put your hand on the monument, try to feel if there is any connection. That would be your ancestral source. If youre lucky, you may even discover your blood pulse inheritance and acquire a page of their unique cultivation technique.

    Translated by Gary. Edited by Jason

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    Default Chapter 09 Golden Demon Blood, Ten-Colour Flower Vines

    Regular 1st Chapter ~

    ED: Finally some battle scenes lol

    TL: Battle scenes, oooooh yeah



    At the foot of the Heavenly Monument, Xu Liao felt giddy with excitement. He exclaimed: Is such a wonderful thing even possible?!

    Zhao Yan Qin cupped one hand over her mouth and giggled as she lightly shoved Xu Liao towards the Heavenly Monument. This is one of the many benefits of joining the Million Demon Clan. However, the newly registered demons that are able claim inheritance from their blood pulse numbered less than three in total a year. So dont raise your hopes too high, because the higher it is, the larger the disappointment.

    Xu Liao nodded and casually asked: Did you obtain any blood pulse inheritance?

    Zhao Yan Qin just laughed and wagged her index finger playfully. This is the biggest secret of every demon. Unless you are very close with me, otherwise, why would I tell you?

    Xu Liao forced a smile, realizing that he had said something insensitive. He looked towards the Heavenly Monument and walked near it, following Zhao Yan Qins instructions; he pressed both palms onto the monument and silently guided the demonic energy within his body into the Heavenly Monument. As soon as his energy collided with the monument, he felt something churning in his stomach, emitting strands of demonic energy into the Heavenly Monument. Once the demonic energy fused with the Heavenly Monument, he saw a large white cloud enveloping his entire body. Thousands upon thousands of roars could be heard within the white cloud, made by all sorts of terrifying creatures and demons as they started to reawaken from their slumber.

    Xu Liao couldnt sense any connection between any of these demons. The demonic energy continued to sweep past the white cloud, as if it knew that none of these demons are worthy of it. Without hesitation, it started to soar deeper into the Heavenly Monument.

    In that instant, the demonic energy pierced through eight white clouds and continued trailing towards the last white cloud without a hint of slowing down.

    Xu Liao started to realize that these white clouds were actually seals and he was on the verge of breaching the ninth seal. The higher the seal was located, the stronger the demonic powers of the demons within. He discovered that the fact that his demonic energy could reach the ninth seal proved how strong his blood pulse was.

    However, just as Xu Liao thought he could find a worthy demon within the ninth seal, his demonic energy actually pierced through and shot past it!

    Xu Liao stood aghast. He was absolutely speechless at how overwhelming his demonic energy was.

    The next moment, Xu Liao felt his body was light as if he was floating. A blinding light flashed, and the Yun Xi Palace, together with the Heavenly Monument disappeared. Instead, a majestic temple towering over thirty three floors appeared in front of Xu Liao.

    The temple gates swung open, and countless of generals and soldiers poured out from the heavenly temple like a huge wave. There were thousands of ancient weapons, myriads of magical spells shooting around in all four directions, and that wasnt even all, there were arrays of profound skills and elemental barrages clashing with each other outside the gate.

    An endless amount of demons, under the command of a seven head godly demon were attacking the heavenly temple.

    With each passing second, countless of demons, generals and soldiers perished. The blood of the demons and the heavenly temples soldiers were so thick that it eventually formed an ominous dark cloud that emitted a yellow fog which enveloped the entire battlefield. Flashes of green coloured lightning crashed into the ground, killing anything in its wake.

    The seven head godly demon clad in a mighty full plated golden armor suddenly let out a howl that could sever spirits. Its body bulged and its power grew into unfathomable levels. He struck his two quarterstaffs on each hand together; merging the two into one as divine lightning crashed upon the two poles as if the creation of the weapon defied the heavens. The demon suddenly swung his staff in an arc, smashing anything it comes into contact with into blood mists. The battlefield fell silent for a moment, countless of generals and soldiers perished under that single attack.

    The purpose of the assault was not to eliminate the army. Instead, it was targeted at the giant tree that was providing the spiritual energy to the heavenly temple. The giant tree grew for thirty tree days, with infinite branches and leaves shooting into every floor of the temple.

    All of a sudden, an immeasurable amount of mighty attacks from the heavenly temple targeted the godly demon. However, the godly demons armor deflected every single attack as if it was nothing.


    One swing from the godly demon decimated the entire defense line of the heavenly temple, and shattered right into the giant tree. The whole thirty three floors collapsed into half of its height, the fragmented broken debris from the heavenly temple flew everywhere.

    The godly demon clad in the mysterious golden armor used up its entire energy pool with that swing. However, it wasnt just because of the attack that drained his energy completely; his attack had also deflected countless of magical attacks and weapons. The godly demon spurted out blood from its veins and was unable to use any more energy to sustain his transformation. He shrunk rapidly, spurting even more blood, forming a blood rain. At that moment, appearing out a nowhere, another godly demon clad in a black armor armed with two crescent shaped warglaives jumped in front of the golden godly demon. He gave a snort. With a flick of his hand, he summoned thousands of dark thunderbolts to parry the attacks from the heavenly temples army.

    When the dark thunderbolts clashed with the magical spells and weapons, the magical spells and weapons immediately disintegrated without resistance.

    Xu Liao felt his body burning up. Amidst the chaos, a drop of golden demon blood splashed onto him. Suddenly, he realized he could move his limbs. He twisted his body slightly and pushed his eight strands of dark aura as thick as pythons out of his body, absorbing the essence from the giant tree and growing larger in the process.

    Until this moment, Xu Liao did not have any self consciousness. Ever since the drop of blood from the golden demon splashed onto his body, he began to regain his self consciousness. He realized that he was a little bud that grew on the giant tree, but after regaining control of his body, he began to separate himself from the tree. It was as if he was an odd plant with countless of branches and leaves, he had roots but was not stuck in the soil. Some of the leaves grew out shoots, each blooming with thousands of ten-coloured flowers. Each of the flowers had circles of dark aura and was bloodthirsty.

    When the ten-coloured flower vines finally emerged, Xu Liao felt an extraordinary feeling overcome him. But just as he could experience it a little longer, the entire thirty three floored temple vanished. The bloody scene of death dissipated without a trace. The very next moment, Xu Liao found himself free falling towards the ground.

    As he was falling through the ninth seal, he spotted a strange root; it emitted an aura as strong as dragons. The sight of the giant tree where the root was growing was blurry. Drawn in by its power, Xu Liao couldnt help but use both of his hands to grab at the tree. He managed to grab a branch with leaves, but could not stabilize his body. His hand slipped and he fell straight through the nine seals.

    A moment later, Xu Liao found himself in the same position from when he started, with two hands pressing on the Heavenly Monument.

    He felt that everything he experienced was real, but he could not wrap his head around any of it. It was as if it was a dream or an illusion.

    Xu Liao closed his eyes and concentrated. Suddenly, his eyes snapped open in surprise. He realized that the demonic energy in his body grew larger in size and there was a growth between his eyebrows. The growth kept wriggling and started to devour the demonic energy within Xu Liaos body. It continued to grow larger, without a fear of anything.

    Just when Xu Liao was still lost in a daze, unable to figure out what is happening, Zhao Yan Qin screamed in excitement. Its the Undead Tree!! I knew it would be the Undead Tree! What you have just awakened was the Undead Tree Blood Pulse. This is one of the hundred and thirty eight secondary blood pulse!

    Xu Liao felt as if something was still off, but he kept it to himself. He didnt mention the bloody scene that he witnessed, and neither was he intending to discuss with anyone. He firmly believed that what he saw was something that could get him killed if word of it spreads.

    Oblivious to his thoughts, Zhao Yan Qin was still bouncing excitedly. She pulled on Xu Liao and pointed up to the giant tree on the Heavenly Monument that was glowing.

    Although this giant tree left a huge impression on Xu Liao, but when he plucked a branch from the time as he was falling through the ninth seal, he didnt feel like he had any sort of affinity with the giant tree. Instead, he had an immense desire to peel off the bark of the tree and consume it

    Translated by Gary, Edited by Jason

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    Default Chapter 10 Commander Xu Fu

    Regular 2nd Chapter ~



    When this thought rang through his mind, he couldnt help but feel like it was ridiculous. Even if he awakened into a demon, why would his personal tastes in food change to eating trees or grass? He shook out all thoughts of eating the tree out of his head.

    On the other hand, Zhao Yan Qin was bouncing around with enthusiasm ever since she confirmed that he had inherited the Undead Tree. She quickly dragged Xu Liao by his arm and dashed straight into the Kyoto Demons Affair centre.

    The interior appeared to be quite modernized, contrary to the exterior. There were all sorts of digital appliances and equipments that were advanced. If we were to compare the interior with Google, Oracle, Amazon, the latter would be put to shame. Every function within the centre was mostly automated. Other than three to five employees managing the area, it looked pretty much empty. The employees were relaxing on the couch, chit-chatting. It wasnt expected of the northern city organization to have such a high proficiency in workflow.

    Zhao Yan Qins sweet voice rang over the service counter. The counter was made out of a similar black metallic texture found on the train, however it had intricate ornate lines tracing the edges of the counter. The employee smiled while his fingers tapped a few functions on the visual display in front of him. In a mere ten seconds, the employee produced a transparent card that looked like a piece of glass; it had a mosaic gold trim on the borders of the card, Xu Liao noticed several faint looking lines within it.

    Zhao Yan Qin froze for a moment as she stared at the identification card in Xu Liaos hands. She stomped her foot lightly and exclaimed: I have awakened for more than ten years.. and worked so hard to get my Silver Card!! And you! You just awakened and got the Gold Card? The secondary level blood pulse had so much advantage?!

    Xu Liao noticed Zhao Yan Qin eyes turn green with envy. He took a few steps back and stared at the Gold card in his hands. This .. this is the Gold Card? Didnt you say I will definitely get the Newcomer Card?

    The employee behind the counter gave a light smile and explained: The secondary level blood pulse is already impressive, coupled together with the Undead Tree blood pulse which is considered one of the most precious blood pulse within the secondary level, it is said that this combination is highly sought by many. However, the reason why he had received the Gold card wasnt because he had awakened a secondary level blood pulse, instead, it was because his demonic powers were strong enough to fulfill the Gold Card requirements. If it werent for the Heavenly Monument to test his blood pulse and finding his blood pulse inheritance, he could even be eligible for a Platinum card.

    At that moment, when Zhao Yan Qin was about to open her mouth to reply, an idea flashed in her mind. She quickly cupped her mouth and nodded her head firmly, accepting the employees explanation.

    Xu Liao flipped the identification card a few times in his hands, trying to analyze it. Isnt it just a demon identification card? What is the difference in grade?

    Zhao Yan Qin slapped Xu Liaos head lightly. With some envy in her eyes, she explained: The Gold card has additional benefits. Every card has limitations. The Gold card has lesser limitations when compared to the Silver Card. As for these limitations, you will know them in the future. Other than for identification purposes, the Gold card is still a wonderful piece of technology. The transparent portion of the card can be used as a screen; all operations within the card can be done via touch screen functions. Any card lower than this, including my silver card, do not have this function.

    I see, I see.. Xu Liao muttered and nodded obediently at everything Zhao Yan Qin said. However, in truth, he still could not fully comprehend what she said. He only understood that this card had intelligent features. He even threw occasional questions about the Gold card to the employee. Suddenly, a young man burst out from one of rooms in a hurry. This was the same young man that Xu Liao and Zhao Yan Qin had seen while exiting the train cabin. The young man paused his steps for a moment before giving both of them a friendly smile.

    Xu Liao smiled and waved. Are you here for an errand too?

    The young man that looked like a high school student was slightly stunned, and he said with a light smile: Im not here to run errands, I work here.

    Xu Liaos face was full of amazement. He asked curiously: Wow. Youre not older than us by much, yet you are working already? The benefits of being a demon seem really good. I wish I could be like you. To get a job here, coming to this relaxing workplace and wont have to go to school. Do you come here to do nothing but use the internet, play video games then go home? What is your monthly income? Is it higher than the average income of the northern city?

    The faces of the employees working within the Kyoto Demons Affair centre turned dark. Staring at Xu Liao while emitting a killing aura. However, Xu Liao was totally oblivious to them. The atmosphere grew tense. It did not have the relaxing feel like before.

    However, the handsome young man just laughed. If you want to work for us, you can! I can make the necessary arrangements for you. The Kyoto Demons Affair centre has always been lacking manpower. Who doesnt like a relaxing work life? Thats why they avoided working in a government like this place.

    Xu Liao didnt catch the young mans words clearly as his face lit up in joy, and he casually said: At such an age, you can start coming to work and even hire people to join. You guys must have a lot of authority

    The employee that handed out Xu Liaos identification card was dumbfounded but he could not hold his anger in any longer. He shouted loudly: This young man is our Commander! How dare you call him at such an age! He is already 16,700 years old! When he was born, humans were still monkeys!

    Xu Liao stared blank in shock. It sounded so ridiculous and his logical mind was screaming in resistance. But, when the other employees started to stand up slowly with serious expressions on their faces, he could only swallow his saliva and choose to believe it. Xu Liao felt like digging a hole and jumping in to hide his shame.

    The handsome young man who resembled a high school student simply stood there without erasing his smile from his face. He lifted up his palm towards the employee who was about to initiate his transformation, gesturing him to stop. He then said with a gentle voice: My name is Xu Fu, Commander of the Kyoto Demons Affair centre. Since you wanted to come to work, then I shall arrange a more relaxing job for you. Theres a job to safeguard the entrance portal to the human world, it is a very suitable job for you.

    Xu Liaos mouth opened but no words could come out. Even Zhao Yan Qin started to be more vigilant.

    Even this undaunted young demon girl, despite having nerves of steel, felt a little pressure. Her beautiful face shrunk back, and looked slightly pale. Xu Liao had no idea how strong was the employees of the Kyoto Demons Affair centre and their Commander. However, Zhao Yan Qin was different, she had awakened for over ten years, of course she knew how strong Xu Fu was as a demon and how highly ranked he was in the Million Demon Clan even though she had never met him in person before.

    The jurisdiction zone of the Kyoto Demons Affair centre covered four provinces and two cities. Within the Million Demon Clan, there would be three palaces, six courtyards, seventeen associations. Out of the six courtyards, he ranked first of the sixth courtyard. The Commanders authority is higher than any of the human officials, comparable to the presidency of other larger countries.

    With Commander Xu Fu as the Kyoto Demons Affair centre head, not only is he respected within the ranks, his personal strength is absolutely tyrannical. Not only is he ranked top ten in the Million Demon Clan, he is also ranked top ten as the worlds strongest demons. His origin is mysterious. Almost nobody knew where he came from, and what his identity was before. The official website of the Million Demon Clan only had vague information about him. Not even photos of him were recorded. However, there were plenty of rumours of his power, such that every demon should know him.

    With a mere casual wave of his hand, every employee within the Kyoto Demons Affair centre acted immediately. Soon enough, Xu Liao received a bronze key and details of the job were transmitted to his identification card.

    Xu Liao hurriedly scanned through the information and realized that the area where the portal was located was already abandoned for a long time. It was no longer suitable for demons to live there. The job was to safeguard the gate and prevent any normal humans from entering by mistake. Even better, the entrance itself was located inside an area that had no human activities. It has been decades since the last human entered by mistake.

    This job seems relatively easy Xu Liao murmured to himself.

    Translated by Gary, Edited by Jason

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    Default Chapter 10 (Part 2) Commander Xu Fu

    As Xu Liao was looking through the details on his card, Commander Xu Fu smiled cheekily at the side, not saying a word. Only until noticing Xu Liao lifting his head as he finished reading, he said: This portal found at the Huai Demon Street. It is a place where we demons live. No humans are able to enter the street. Most of the time there will be no issues. Are you satisfied with this job?

    Xu Liao nodded his head in agreement, but before he could speak, Zhao Yan Qin hooked onto Xu Liaos arm and dragged him behind her, not forgetting to grab the bronze key. She replied with vigilance in her voice: Commander, please rest assured, I live at the Huai Demon Street, I will ensure that he performs his job properly.

    Xu Liao furrowed his brows, wondering why Zhao Yan Qin was even more eager than him in replying. Once again, before he could say anything to her, she had already pushed him out of the office and hurriedly left Yun Xi Palace.

    Commander Xu Fu sent them off with his eyes. He couldnt help but smile before muttering to himself: I didnt expect someone would actually awaken the Undead Tree Blood Pulse. It seems like our northern city might be able to open one more residential area! The demon population is increasing too rapidly, we do not have enough housing for everyone. What a pity though, he did not receive the blood pulse inheritance; otherwise, he could skip a decade of cultivation.

    Commander Xu Fu then leisurely strolled back into his office. Only after a while, would the employees dare to breath normally again. Even after that, everyone seemed extremely meticulous in their work.

    After Zhao Yan Qin successfully pulled Xu Liao out of the Yun Xu Palace, she took in a deep breath and stared at Xu Liao, with a hint of lingering fear in her eyes. You.. you have really big guts!! How can you speak to Commander Xu Fu in that manner?

    Xu Liao tilted his head in confusion and asked: Did I say something wrong? I think Commander Xu Fu is a nice person, he is like a perfect ideal male supporting role in a love drama.

    Zhao Yan Qins pretty face froze and her cheeks turned pale. She immediately put both of her hands on his mouth and pushed him against the wall using a strength that doesnt fit her demeanour. She snapped coldly at Xu Liao: If you want to die alone, do it yourself! Dont drag me down with you! Do you know what kind of a person Xu Fu is? How can you find the courage to say such things?

    Xu Liao had an innocent expression and asked: What kind of person is Xu Fu?

    Zhao Yan Qin answered without changing her stern expression. Nobody knows what type of demon Commando Xu Fu possesses. Nobody knows his origin as well. However, you should know that ten years ago, when he fought against the infamous western European largest demonic sea god off the Indian ocean, he conjured a deadly tsunami that wiped out more than two hundred thousand lives.

    Xu Liao felt that his back was drenched in cold sweat. A demon that could summon a tsunami? Absolutely terrifying.

    Zhao Yan Qin stared deep into his eyes, only releasing him once she saw that he understood the situation. She turned away from him and gave a hmph. Now do you understand how powerful is Commander Xu Fu? Please avoid making casual jokes or statements to powerful demons like him. We have to keep a low profile for now, once they are furious and if they decide to kill us, well just perish without even knowing how.

    Xu Liao nodded his head in a daze; all he could think of was Zhao Yan Qins soft and tender hands on his cheeks. Her hands had a lingering sweet fragrance that didnt go away. Xu Liaos face flushed. While the fragrance was indeed refreshing, his heart couldnt help but beat rapidly when in such close proximity with a beauty.

    With Zhao Yan Qin leading, both of them returned to the station to board the train. They alighted at the Huai Demon Street and exited the station. Since the distance to Zhao Yan Qins house was only about one to two hundred meters, she invited Xu Liao to her house before heading to the abandoned portal. Zhao Yan Qins house had an antique feeling to it. In front of her house, there was a sign hanging, depicting two huge buns. As he entered, he noticed the counter had a few bamboo steamer baskets stacked on top of each other. He then realized that Zhao Yan Qins house was a traditional restaurant.

    Zhao Yan Qin bowed and greeted her parents as she put down her bag. She grabbed two nearby buns and cheekily passed it to Xu Liao. Her parents had a calm expression on their faces, and they totally didnt look like demons at all. Despite being slightly shy because this was Xu Liaos first time visiting a female classmate home, he felt warm inside his heart as he felt that her parents were very kind.

    While munching on the buns, both Xu Liao and Zhao Yan Qin headed to the abandoned portal entrance. Licking his fingers, Xu Liao had to hand it to her parents, the buns were simply exquisite. A fragrant light aroma with a hint of broiled meat gave him a sense of bliss like nothing before. Two buns were simply not enough for him.

    The abandoned portal was located at a desolate corner of the Huai Demon Street. Only a house could be seen beside it.

    This house was different from Zhao Yan Qins home. At the entrance, there was a pathway with rows of bamboos standing on each side, with a bamboo door at the end. Looking through the gaps between the bamboo door, there was a spacious courtyard. The house had an elegant and serene feeling to it. There was soft trickle from a small creek; it flowed through the courtyard, as if a gentle stream flowing from the mountains.

    In an instant, Xu Liao fell in love with the house. He inserted the bronze key into a slot on the bamboo door and pushed open the door slightly.

    Xu Liao popped his head into the gap between the door to have a glance. Zhao Yan Qin giggled and shoved him gently into the house. She then followed behind.

    As the two of them walked into the courtyard, the rows of bamboos behind them started to shift, forming an elegant wall. There were no doors and no windows. Even the bamboo door that they had entered with had disappeared.

    Once he stepped onto the courtyard personally, Xu Liao realized that it was considerably big, with an estimation of at least two or three acres of land. Not only there is a hill and a stream, it even has a three story bamboo house! It was totally different from what he had seen on the outside. He then immediately understood that it was some sort of way to protect the privacy of the owner.

    Xu Liao mused to himself: Demons sure do know how to enjoy themselves. It is a pity that this house isnt mine. I am merely a guard. I dont even have rights to this house.

    Zhao Yan Qin ran around the courtyard like a little girl. She then turned to Xu Liao and said cheerfully: Ive always wanted to come in this house to take a look, but I did not have the key. Even when I used my demonic powers, I could not penetrate the barrier.Haha..! I didnt expect my wish to come true today!

    Xu Liao couldnt help but smile and gave a hidden laugh If only I could invite Qu Lei over how good would that be? Hehe The thought of Qu Lei made Xu Liao grin from ear-to-ear, his eyes forming a crescent shape.

    Zhao Yan Qin thought that Xu Liao was smiling so widely because she liked this place. She giggled and said: Since youve gotten your demon identification card, you can now apply for residential welfare. Do you want to move into Huai Demon Street too?

    Xu Liao was slightly surprised and asked. We could apply for free?

    Zhao Yan Qin nodded her head and replied: Any demon can apply. The Million Demon Clan allocates houses for free, but everyone only have the rights to stay, not own the house. If you are moving or if the owner has died, the rights to stay will be passed on to someone of higher status. You are unable to decide who to pass the house to, and you cannot resell it. Northern citys residential area is overcrowded, and the welfare listings for houses are simply too little. You can only wait until someone moves or dies before you can get an empty house. You must apply now, because the waiting time to acquire a house will take some time!

    Xu Liao couldnt help but feel disappointed!

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    Default Chapter 11 The Big Four Legions

    Zhao Yan Qin glanced towards the sky and noticed it was turning dark. She sighed and reluctantly said: Its getting late. I will head home first. Meet me at the Huai Demon Street intersection after school tomorrow. She spun around cheerfully and walked away without waiting for Xu Liaos reply.

    Xu Liao hesitated a little. He did not want to attend school with this little demoness. However, he decided to not say anything. Zhao Yan Qin looked back and gave a smile. Her expression was like a young flower blooming in spring. Her captivating and alluring smile stunned Xu Liao for a moment, and he missed any chance to reject her. Watching Zhao Yan Qin disappear into the shadows, he sighed and muttered to himself: I did not expect her to be so beautiful.. If she went to school with this appearance, how many men will she actually manage to seduce?

    Xu Liao wandered in the courtyard for a while before slowly taking out the bronze key with reluctance in his eyes. However, the moment when he was about to insert the bronze key into the bamboo door, a loud thunderous roar rang out. The bamboo walls shook and suddenly exploded, leaving a huge hole in the wall. The once peaceful courtyard was now littered with shattered bamboo splinters.

    Ever since he had followed Zhao Yan Qin throughout the day, he realized that although the Kyoto Demons Affair centre and the Humans Government Department was similar in management, the Kyoto Demons Affair centres efficiency was on another level. Though Commander Xu Fu was a high ranking official and had unfathomable strength, he can be considered to be kind. Even the whole Huai Demon Street was considered to be relatively peaceful. However, this gave him a misconception that inhabitants of the demon world are mostly friendly, with not much difference from the humans. Hence, Xu Liao just stood with a blank expression, not knowing how to react to the situation.

    The man who blew open the wall slowly stepped into the courtyard. He had a nonchalant expression on his face, and did not bother make another attack. When Xu Liao spotted him, his eyes widened in amazement. The man was as tall as Yao Ming, and had bulging muscles on every part of his body, together with a matching pair of dark, ferocious eyes, Xu Liao felt as if he could be a top grade Marvel movie villain even without any special effects or makeup.

    Standing behind the tall man, there was another man with a small stature with an insidious look on his face. One could tell that he was an evil man from looks alone. He was dressed in a worn green army uniform from the pioneer batch.

    The tall mans eyes locked onto Xu Liao and gave a wicked laugh. His laugh rang throughout the courtyard and even made Xu Liao flinch slightly. With a slight mocking tone, he said: Heh! We received news that there was someone who had awakened the Undead Tree blood pulse. We, the Storm Legion, are here to recruit you as our disciple! With your Undead Tree blood pulse, you will be hunted by other great clans. There is a vast world out there, bigger than what you can even imagine. There are unlimited dangers as well as countless of precious treasures! You cannot even begin to imagine the future potential of the Undead Tree blood pulse. Therefore you are not suitable to slowly die off in this lowly place in Huai Demon Street.

    Xu Liao could sense that the man was emitting a very aggressive aura that seethed through his flesh. However, Xu Liao mumbled to himself: Is the brain of this man rotten or something? Who in the right mind would want to join a person who looked like a villain? Not to even mention the first impression of the shifty looking man behind him.

    Xu Liao had a mixed expression on his face. While he wanted to refuse, he did not want to provoke the dangerous looking duo. He took a deep breath and carefully asked. So, who are the two of you?

    The tall man let out an arrogant laugh and said: You have not heard of the Storm Legion? We are one of the Big Four Legions, on par with one of the top tier Human Clan. We are like the support column of the demonic world. Unlike the Million Demon Clan who decided to be a subservient of the humans, we, the Storm Legion are the strongest amongst the Big Four Legions. You should be honoured to join us.

    Xu Liao did not want to continue the conversation with this low IQ man any longer. He put on a false expression, appearing to be considering before replying: I will not join any clan or associations before university. Please leave!

    The tall man merely gave a cold smile and bent his body to the front slightly. The muscles on his body were almost bursting, as if filled with explosive energy.

    Although Xu Liao could not tell his exact power level, he immediately knew that this tall mans strength was way beyond his own. As for his demonic skills all he could do was his Dark Aura Wall Piercing, which was pathetic. If a battle was to occur, he would definitely be beat into a bloody pulp in a second. Xu Liaos face turned dark and took a step back as he spoke cautiously: What are you going to do?

    At the same time, the man with the small stature suddenly moved a few steps to the front and spoke in a low, rough voice. I have read through your data. Only recently youve awakened to your Undead Tree blood pulse. You probably have no idea what this means. Those people in the Kyoto Demons Affair centre did not reveal anything to you eh?

    Xu Liao nodded slowly. Indeed no one had mentioned to him about such things.

    The man with the small stature laughed evilly and said: Every demon needs their own living area. These living areas are separated from the human world, and they are known as Dimension Tears of this world. In order to activate such Dimension Tears, there has to be a great talisman. Grandma Huai is the talisman of the Huai Demon Street. She had already been sealed for three thousand years. To become a talisman of this world, the real body will be sealed for eternity. Even if you want to leave, it is impossible. You can only slowly suffer and watch over this street until you die of old age. And it is worse if you dont die. Do you really want to become a demon who lives forever that cannot leave a certain area of this world?

    The tall man gave a snort and interrupted. Becoming the northern citys nineteenth living sector, is that the future you desire? As compared to those living sectors that you can look forward to, the so-called benefits that you are receiving now are nothing but trash. The Million Demon Clan is only using this kind of small tactic to reel you in.

    Xu Liao sank deep in thought. Indeed, he had never thought clearly about the truth of this situation. Although he felt that the two intruders were evil, but he could sense that they were telling the truth.

    Xu Liao kept silent for a while before replying with determination in his eyes. No matter what you say, I will not consider joining the Storm Legion, so please leave!

    The tall man laughed menacingly and took a step forward. Do you think you had a choice to begin with? Nobody can reject the Storm Legions invitation!

    Xu Liao could feel the threatening aura crushing his body. In a moment of fear, he subconsciously released his demonic energy and surrounded himself under the dark aura. The eight strands of dark aura swirled around him, not losing one bit to the aggressive aura emitted by the tall man, even though he only possessed one skill.

    Just when both auras were about to clash, suddenly a sharp, archaic voice pierced through the air. How dare you act rashly in my territory! Have you thought about the consequences? Even both of you added up together are not even three hundred years old, for that, I, Grandma Huai has to say that your guts are quite big!

    The two mens faces turned ugly. The man with a small stature suddenly spoke in a deep voice: We are from the Storm Legion. Grandma Huai, although you have the Million Demon Clan supporting you, what can you do to us?

    Grandma Huai just laughed with her sharp, and archaic voice: Do you think that the Storm Legion will find trouble with me just for the two of you? Since when did the Big Four Legions had the guts to provoke us Million Demon Clan. I am the talisman of the northern citys eighteen living sector. If the Storm Legion dares to touch a strand of my hair, you had better await the Million Demon Clans revenge.

    Translated by Gary. Edited by Jason

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    Default Chapter 12 Nine Mysterious Strengthening Skill

    2nd Regular Chapter of the week


    Xu Liao laughed silently at how pathetic those two demons were. They could speak with him aggressively because he was weak, however, when a greater power came, all they could do is to use the Storm Legion name. It doesnt seem like what a demon would do, rather, it was like a corrupted human official with authority. Once the situation gets out of hand, they would immediately think of using the name of their backer.

    Both of the demons started a verbal war with Grandma Huai. After some time, Grandma Huai roared at the two demons: What are you still muttering about! Scram! We, the Million Demon Clan is the worlds top demon organization with powerful demons far beyond the Storm Legions. Even if you find trouble with me here, no matter how we dispute, I will always be right.

    Suddenly, the skies above the Huai Demon Street turned dark. The clouds swirled violently, forming a dark whirlpool. An ancient and ugly face of an old lady emerged from the whirlpool, emitting a profound aura. She gave an odd laugh as she grabbed the two demons and sent them flying.

    Xu Liao was innately shocked. The two powerful demons that were acting aggressive previously, seemed so weak compared to Grandma Huai as she threw them as if they were like toys. The amount of demonic energy that Grandma Huai displayed was only a small portion, but it was already a hundred times stronger than the two demons. Indeed, it was the power of a thousand year old demon. The dark clouds returned back to normal after a while.

    Xu Liao blinked a few times, trying to register what he had just saw. At that moment, a short and petite looking grandmother was looking at him with a gentle warmth in her eyes. This was the very same face that appeared in the whirlpool and tossed the two demons away.

    Young man! Do you feel confused? Did you think that what they said made sense?

    Xu Liao pondered for a while and looked up to the sky. Then he slowly shook his head and said: Im not looking forward to leading the life that they had mentioned. Im also not interested in joining their Storm Legion. How my future will be, I am not very sure myself. But one thing is for certain, that is I do not want to kill or join any demonic legion.

    Grandma Huai laughed heartily and said: Young man! What you said is right. You have not reached the stage to consider your future. Grandma Huai can give you three advices: Do not easily decide to stay in a certain place forever until you completely understood and experienced many things. Do not give up your desire for power regardless of reasons. I have seen too many demons who loved peace, or blinded by confusing reasons, give up their search for power. In the end they got overtaken by others who had been weaker than them, and even killed by them. My last advice is, every organisation has their ugly side, no matter how respected their leaders are.

    Xu Liao seemed to only understand half of what Grandma Huai explained. But he did not want to interrupt an elderly that was giving him advice. as he highly respected them. He could feel that this mysterious grandma was protecting him without any ulterior motive, and even saving him just now.

    Grandma Huai had a gentle expression on her face. She looked at Xu Liao with tenderness in her eyes as her body slowly dissipated, only leaving behind a weird laughter.

    After Grandma Huai disappeared, Xu Liao suddenly remembered something and shouted in his mind: Oh no! I will get nagged by Mother for reaching home so late today!

    Xu Liao grabbed his schoolbag and dashed towards his house. As he was passing through Huai Demon Street, he had a slight feeling that someone was looking at him. He shrugged and continued running home with his fastest speed.

    However, to his surprise, his mother wasnt home.

    His mother would usually be home at this time; Xu Liao felt a little worried and gave his mother a call. After several ringing tones, his call got through. His mothers voice sounded rather tired. She said that she had to work overtime today and will be home soon and asked Xu Liao to settle his own dinner.

    However, Xu Liao wasnt hungry. Ever since he awakened, his desire for food lessened, with almost no urge to eat. Nevertheless, when he starts eating, he could estimate that he could eat a few more times than his original appetite.

    After finishing his school assignments for the day, he started thinking about the incident that happened today. A few questions lingered in his mind. This Undead Tree blood pulse that I have awakened.. why is it so special that the Storm Legion would invite me by force? They mentioned that the Million Demon Clan wanted me to become like Grandma Huai, a talisman for the demonic world, to create the nineteenth demonic living sector in the northern city. Is this information true? The Million Demon Clan didnt seem to pay attention to me, since no one mentioned ths to me from the start.

    Xu Liao walked into his room and fell onto his bed, feeling exhausted. He pondered about the questions a while more before drifting to sleep.

    A gigantic pitch-dark staff rose to the skies, with a little hint of black gold mottled in thin lines, setting off an ancient historic feel to it.

    If you look at it closely, the gigantic staff had no physical mass. But instead it was formed by unlimited amount of pitch-dark aura; the thin lines were bathed in a golden light formed out of runes. Hundreds of millions of these golden runes formed the outline of the gigantic pitch-dark staff.

    The pitch-dark staff, as if a gigantic column, towered to the heavens. Although it wasnt moving, it felt like it was a living object. It emitted an undying battle spirit aura, as if it could rend the heavens.

    Countless years passed, time seemed to have lost its meaning. The pitch-dark staff suddenly collapsed. The golden runes that formed the outer layer of the staff started to vanish layer by layer. Only after a while, the last remaining layer of the golden metallic line, as thin as a thread, did not dissipate and stood majestically, connecting to the heavens and earth!

    It was as thin as silk, but it felt that it was strong enough to latch onto both heaven and earth. It emitted a profound aura that gave off a feeling of arrogance.

    Xu Liaos eyes snapped open in shock. He breathed heavily and could feel his whole body drenched in sweat.

    Xu Liao sat up and concentrated on his thoughts. For the first time in his life, he saw his own body, skin, muscles, veins, internal organs, bones and all of his other parts right in front of his eyes. It was even clearer than what he could view at the hospital. He was certain that not even the latest technologies used in the modern world would be able to view this much detail.

    The golden metallic thread then took over Xu Liaos consciousness and focused all of his concentration onto one spot.

    At that spot, Xu Liao saw countless of golden runes floating around, slowly forming symbols in a line. Strangely, he felt as if the symbols were familiar to him and understood them while he was quite certain that this was his first time seeing these symbols.

    Soon, the golden runes formed a readable formula. This set of formula is named <<Nine Mysterious Strengthening Skill>>

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    Default Chapter 13 Heavenly Demon Purgatory Skill

    Xu Liao realized that other than the golden metallic thread wedged in between his brows, there was something else extraordinary within his body.

    A ball of dark light floated in his belly, spreading vast amounts of dark energy that was enveloping his entire body at an astonishing pace. The only exception was the area near his brows. It wasnt that the dark energy had a special reason not to, but rather, the golden metallic thread was devouring the dark energy as rapidly as it was being emitted!

    Strands of dark light occasionally burst forth from his body like tentacles, but were soon shrunk back forcefully. Compared to the majestic aura from the golden metallic thread that seemed as if it was always announcing its presence, it caused the dark light to waver, struggling to suppress the majestic aura.

    Xu Liao tried to probe within the dark light but was totally unable to detect the countless rune symbols that were currently floating inside. As if it could sense Xu Liaos probing, the dark energy suddenly burst forth from within, innumerous dark coloured rune symbols flew out and formed a formula in front of him.

    <<Heavenly Demon Purgatory Skill>> !!

    Although he was inexperienced with the knowledge of the demon world, at that moment, he understood that he had awakened two different types of blood pulse! One blood pulse was obviously from the scene where he witnessed the golden godly demons blood splash onto his body, and the other was when ten-coloured flower vines bloomed from within the heavenly temple.

    Xu Liao wasnt sure if this kind of situation was common in the demonic world, however, no matter what this definitely wasnt the Undead Tree blood pulse.

    His eyes widened for a moment and mused to himself. So this is the legendary Blood Pulse Inheritance? Why didnt the Heavenly Monument detect that I had a Blood Pulse Inheritance?

    The ten-coloured flower vine blood pulse was the first to be awakened. It had devoured and digested all the meteors that collided with Xu Liao. The godly demonic blood pulse came later. It did not acquire energy from the meteors to evolve, thus it could only steal the dark demonic energy from the ten coloured flower vines, as a result, it was currently still very weak. Comparing the two blood pulses, the godly demon could pulverize the entire thirty three floors of the heavenly temple with a single move, as for the ten coloured flower vine, it was only a mere sapling that separated from the giant tree, Xu Liao could obviously recognize that the godly demon blood pulse was stronger.

    He considered for just a moment before choosing to cultivate the Nine Mysterious Strengthening Skill. The golden metallic thread shone as Xu Liao concentrated on it, and with that, he began cultivating for the very first time.

    The Nine Mysterious Strengthening Skill strengthens the tendons and bones; it refines the dirt, coating a layer of protection on the skin. It is the number one dharma for reinforcing the entire physical body, and it doesnt merely restrict to the tendons. If the skill were to be fully named with all its properties, it would be Nine Mysterious Strengthening of Tendons and Bones, Refining the Dirt Protection Skill

    Although Xu Liao did not exactly understand the locations of meridians in his body, the moment when he awakened the x-ray vision, it revealed to him every inch of demonic energy flowing inside his body.

    The Nine Mysterious Strengthening Skill is deeply profound; it is like a vast infinite ocean, which Xu Liao could only slowly cultivate one step at a time. He shifted his concentration a little, the golden metallic thread stretched upwards, entering the Seimei channel, linking to the Jing Cuan Zhu, Qu Cha, Wu Chu, Cheng Guan, Tong Tian point, intersecting the Bai Hui point at the top of the head. Flowing down horizontally above the ears, it connected with the brain. Then, it exited the top section, it passed through the Yu Chen and Tian Zhu,flowing downwards along the sides of the Cui Zhi and then to the Shen Shu in the waist area. It followed the spine downwards, connecting to the belly and then passing the kidney, right into the bladder. Entering the Bai Huan Yu area, it bent towards the Shang Liao passage then down to Hui Yang points. It passed through the hips and then into the thighs until the Wei Zhong point. Finally, from the thighs it raced down to the feet and exited through the outer end of the toes.

    (ED: Meridian points in Chinese acupuncture. Gary the TL was suffering translating this =D)

    The meteors that Xu Liao devoured previously, emitted out a cold air. It had been fully consumed by the dark light inside Xu Liaos belly, forming a unique dark demonic energy that could pass through matter. Ninety percent of the dark light demonic energy had been integrated within his belly; only ten percent of it flowed through his meridians.

    While the Nine Mysterious Strengthening Skill was being cultivated, the golden metallic thread expanded ceaselessly. It completely overwhelmed the twelve meridians of the bladder, as well as stealing the dark demonic energy to nurture itself with a fierce, authoritative aura. Surprisingly, the dark light within the belly didnt resist. The eight strands of dark energy shrunk back, letting off signs of fear.

    When demons awaken, seventy percent of the demons will form a demonic core within their bodies. The demonic core is the source of energy for demonic powers. It also represents the grade of the awakened blood pulse. Every demonic core had a unique structure and could look like anything, for instance, the golden metallic thread and the dark light within his belly could be considered a unique type of blood pulse.

    The grade of demonic blood pulses are divided into five categories: Top, Secondary, Third, Fourth, Fifth.

    As the quality of the blood pulse decreases, the demonic core structure also becomes more simplified. The stronger the blood pulse, the stronger the ability and is easier to cultivate, and if the blood pulse is grade is low, the ability will be weak and becomes harder to train in it. The Fifth grade blood pulse is so poor that it wouldnt even form a demonic core. Though it is known that a minority is able to practice and form the core, in truth, most could not even officially practice throughout their lives.

    Xu Liao mused to himself. The Undead Tree is a Secondary blood pulse. The ten-coloured flower vine is obviously stronger than the Undead Tree blood pulse, so perhaps that is a top grade blood pulse. The godly demonic blood pulse is stronger than the ten coloured flower vine, so it should even be above top grade.

    He activated his bladder meridian, in an instant, Xu Liaos movements rapidly increased. Everything around him seemed to slow down slightly. The golden metallic thread started to swim around his meridian freely, the muscles in his body tightened and even let out several soft exploding sounds.

    Xu Liao tried a few dribbling actions, and the dribbling skills he originally wasnt good at, instantly became effortless. He couldnt help but give a wide smile and thought to himself. This Nine Mysterious Strengthening Skill is awesome!! I had only practiced once, and my body quality and coordination increased by leaps and bounds! If I actually practiced for a month, wouldnt my body quality become similar to that of a NBA player?

    Xu Liaos shuffled his feet and did a few crossovers with amazing speed. He then suddenly turned around and did a quick jumpshot. However, that jumpshot did not end well. He couldnt control the explosive energy within his body and his body flew upwards, head first towards the ceiling.

    If it was the previous Xu Liao, he would have made a hole in the ceiling with the shape of his head. However, as if it was a natural instinct, he activated the dark demonic energy to protect himself from the impact.

    Unfortunately, due to the characteristics of the demonic energy of passing through matter, it made Xu Liao phase directly through the ceiling, and right into his neighbours bedroom.

    Xu Liao could spot a pair of delicate feet hanging from the ends of the bed, suddenly, not knowing what the owner of this pair of delicate feet was dreaming; it swung carelessly and landed on Xu Liaos face, with the flexible toes massaging Xu Liaos face.

    Translated by Gary. Edited by Jason

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    Default Chapter 14 Bladder and Spleen of the Twelve Meridians

    Xu Liao was stunned for a moment. He remembered that the neighbours above him was a family of three, and there was a high school sister a few years older than him. They hardly greeted one another, so he didnt expect that now he would be able to sneak into the bedroom of this older sister.

    He quickly tilted his head to a side, dodging her other foot. Just as he was about to descend back to his room, he gave a mischievous grin. He held out his right palm and blew some demonic air onto the delicate pair of feet.

    Even though there was almost no trace of demonic energy in the air, it brought along a cold and frigid atmosphere. The moment the demonic air touched the delicate pair of feet, the older sisters feet instinctively shot back into the blanket as she screamed and woke up immediately. Her eyes widened and her pupils shrunk when she spotted Xu Liaos head floating in between the floor of her room.

    Without even being able to catch her breath, the older sister screamed again and fainted onto the bed.

    Xu Liao had a slightly crooked smile on his face as he scratched his head, feeling a little guilty and apologetic. He regretted pulling such a frightening prank on someone. The result of his prank was different from what he expected as he didnt consider that she would be so afraid. After thinking for a while, he realized that as a head on the ground , blowing cold air onto someones feet, if the person was slightly more timid, he or she might even pee on the spot.

    Xu Liao shyly descended back into his room, using both hands to push onto the ceiling. Unable to contain his excitement, he circled around his room for a few rounds. Then he slapped his palm with his fist and straightened his body. He decided to strike the iron while it is still hot, and immediately resume his cultivation in the Nine Mysterious Strengthening Skill!

    The twelve meridians are in correspondence with each other, like the Sanyang Hand and Sanyin Hand, also the Sanyang Foot and Sanyin Foot.

    The Nine Mysterious Strengthening Skill is an exquisite Yin Yang cultivation technique. Once you have mastered the Bladder Meridian of the twelve meridians, naturally, the next meridian you have to master would be the Spleen Meridian, in order to have a balance of Yin and Yang.

    However, there are forbidden techniques, and they do not rely on the balance of Yin and Yang; instead, they would train in one to the extreme. For instance, some people would only cultivate the Sanyang Meridian, and totally neglect the Sanying Meridian. This cultivation method would be naturally deadly to ones body if not done correctly.

    The Spleen Meridian starts from the tip of the big toe, flowing through the inner foot and right through the Ying Bai point, Tai Dou, Tai Bai, Gong Sun, Nei Qiu point, to the inner heel and up the lower thigh. Flowing all the way to the back of tibia, acrros the San Yin Jiao, Lou Gu, Di Ji, Yin Ling Quan point moving upwards to the edge between the knee and the inner thigh, then through the Hai Men, Kei Men and Chong Men point, connecting into the abdomen, the spleen and the stomach organs, ending at the root of the tongue.

    The golden metallic thread travelled all the way down, connecting to the bladder meridian. Then it flowed between the Sanyang Foot Meridian and the Sanyin Foor Meridian, as if it was as one. It became stronger, however, the colour seem to have dimmed.

    The dark energy within his belly finally lost the control over the power of the two meridians as it shrunk itself to a corner. However, inside the dark energy there was a faint glimmer, and within it there were countless of golden stars.

    Xu Liao didnt know if this change was good or bad, since it was his first time cultivating, he didnt dare to push the limits. After opening both meridians, he concentrated in shifting the golden metallic thread between the Bladder and Spleen Meridian.

    For every successful loop within the Bladder and Spleen, Xu Liao could feel his own meridians enlarging and stabilizing. He could sense the vast benefits he had obtained through cultivating. While in cultivation, time passed quickly, and without realizing, five hours had passed. Xu Liao didnt stop cultivating until the moment his mother knocked on his door, asking him to get out of bed.

    Xu Liao was slightly puzzled due to the lapse in time, he did not know when his mother came home, but it seemed like she was in a good mood. The next morning, she whipped up a sunny side up and smiled happily as she watched him eat and leave for school.

    Nothing strange happened on the way to Huai Demon Street. Xu Liao met Zhao Yan Qin once again as promised, however she was back to her plain girl-next-door appearance.

    Although Xu Liao felt it was slightly weird, but meeting this little demoness gave him a sense of kinship. Furthermore, she was the only acquaintance that knew of his awakened demon pulse. Both of them headed to school together, and separated once the school was in sight. However, Xu Liao didnt realize that there was someone trailing him.

    After Xu Liao stepped through the school gate, Gao Wen Hu kept his phone and proudly whispered to himself: Too bad. A brat like you is not even suitable to be my rival. Qu Lei doesnt even like you. Even though I have photographic evidence, theres not much value in defaming you. But.. once I meet the beautiful young lady in that light purple dress, I will use these photos to defame you and reveal your true colours!

    Today, when Xu Liao stepped into the classroom, he immediately saw Qu Lei. However, he did not have any chance to start any conversation with her because of his club activities.

    In order to lose weight, Xu Liao joined the schools basketball team in his second year of junior high school. Due to his physical stature, he had always been in charge or cleaning the sports hall, tidying various gym equipments, and giving guidance to newcomers but was not given a chance to even be a substitute of the basketball team. He had not represented the school team in any competitions, and that included friendly matches.

    Xu Liao didnt care much about it, since his main objective was to lose weight. For every practice, he would be all smiles, and snatching all the chores from the other players. Thus, his popularity in the basketball team was pretty decent.

    Xu Liao had taken leave for the first lesson of the day because of the basketball club. However, there wasnt anything to do the entire morning.

    The reason why everyone was being called over by the basketball coach was because something major happened.

    The next semester was an urgent period of time for the junior high school students because they had to prepare for the examinations. Many students who are involved in club activities would choose to quit, and the schools basketball team isnt any exception. The four strongest main players were in their third year, and had just submitted their resignation. This left the coach with a big headache. In two months time there was the National League and the arrangements were all in disarray. He had no choice but to recruit new players as soon as possible.

    Last semester, the schools basketball team had performed extremely well. Not only were the competitions held within the region won, they had trumped over the province competition and acquired one out of two positions to join the National League.

    If the basketball team were to rank in the top three at least, the coach would indubitably receive a pay raise, and might even transfer to a higher unit. Thus, the coach paid a lot of attention to this situation.

    Unfortunately, apart from the second year point guard, Hou Tao, the other four main players had quit. The remaining substitutes could not derive a decent plan to salvage the situation.

    As for Xu Liao, he wasnt even good enough to play as a substitute, hence, the coach didnt even give him a thought. Xu Liao simply smiled and looked at his teammates being switched back and forth upon the coachs commands.

    Suddenly, a brilliant idea came to mind. Xu Liaos face lit up and cheekily thought to himself: Maybe

    Translated By Gary. Edited By Jason

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    Default Chapter 15 Rampage

    The basketball coach tried over ten different formations and was finally able to fill almost all of the positions with suitable players. However, the only problem was the power forward position, there were none that was suitable for that role. As the coach decided to glance through all the players again, his eyes fell upon Xu Liao.

    Xu Liao had a height of 183cm, and weighing around 80kg. Comparing to adult players, he might seem like he was lacking, but in junior high school, he was a considered to be somewhat burly.

    The coach folded his arms and sank deep into thought: Xu Liao has the right size as a power forward. Although he couldnt even qualify for the substitute bench, this boy is very hardworking during practice. Honestly, I have never seen his skills yet, but since he is a third year student, surely he must have some standards No harm in giving it a shot.

    Xu Liao, youre up!

    Suddenly being called out by the coach, Xu Liao was stunned for a moment. But he did not dally as he took off his jacket and walked onto the basketball court. The entire spectator stand shook as the crowd roared with laughter. They all knew that Xu Liao was not even a substitute and was only known as the handyman of the team. In everyones mind, Xu Liao was only good in cleaning and tidying the sports hall, absolutely no one thought that Xu Liao could play basketball.

    The coach felt humiliated by the crowd as if their laughter was directed at him, but how could he eat back his words and send Xu Liao back after just ordering him to get on the court? He reprimanded the crowd with a stern expression: What are you guys laughing at? All of you leave school every day to Chase skirts. Can you tell me which one of you stays back after our training to build up your own physique or polish your basketball skills and techniques? Xu Liao did it every single day, and never did he once go easy on himself.

    Hou Tao, the only veteran point guard left in the team couldnt hold his laughter in any longer and shouted. Coach! Everyone knows that Xu Liao trains his body because he wants to get a girl! He was desperate for Qu Lei thats why he trained so hard!

    The only main point guard Hou Tao couldnt hold it anymore and started laughing and shouted: Coach! Everyone knows that Xu Liao trains his body because he wants to get a girl! He was so desperate for Qu Lei thats why he trained!

    In order to court Qu Lei, Xu Liao trained his physique every day since and joined the basketball team to slim down. Actually all of these was already known by the coach and other teachers, but out of anger, he did not think about what he was saying. Since you people think that Xu Liao cant make it to the team, then you should be on the defending team against him in a three versus three match. And if Xu Liao manages to score, I will make you run the whole sports hall for a hundred rounds!

    Hou Tao stood up lazily and waved his hand in a nonchalant manner. Coach, I wouldnt dare to say this if I was against other players, but if its Xu Liao, then I will make him unable to even jump.

    Xu Liaos expression on his face didnt change as he maintained the smile on his face. He was feeling very unsettled in his heart, being looked down upon by so many people just didnt feel good. His relationship with Hou Tao was actually not bad, since Xu Liaos had a kind disposition.

    Xu Liao mused silently to himself as he kept his usual smile on his face. If it was a few days ago, I wouldnt dare compete. But now that I have cultivated in the Nine Mysterious Strengthening Skill and opened both of my meridians, I refuse to believe that Hou Tan can guard me!

    The whistle went off and the three versus three match officially started. Xu Liao ran to various empty spots but no one passed the ball to him. He was unsatisfied as his hard work for running into positions was wasted. As a result, the match was essentially two versus three and Hou Taos team led the score by ten points within three minutes. With two 3-pointer shots and two lay-ups, Xu Liaos team got wrecked.

    The coach sighed as he shook his head; he lifted up his hand, intending to end this match soon. He admitted that he was too desperate by pinning his hopes on a player that couldnt even make it as a substitute. It felt ridiculous.

    Hou Tao dribbled the ball towards Xu Liao with a smug look on his face. He wanted to prove to the coach that Xu Liao doesnt have what it takes to be a basketball player.

    Hou Tao closed the gap and did an explosive crossover right past Xu Liao. He confidently followed up with a lay-up. However, just when he was about to lay-up, he realized that the basketball was no longer in his hand! His mouth gaped as he stood looking at his empty right hand.

    The very next second, Hou Tao heard the crowd in the sports hall cheering wildly.

    Hou Tao turned his head towards Xu Liao slowly and saw him standing under the basketball rim which was vibrating non-stop, and the basketball bouncing on the court.

    Everyone except Hou Tao witnessed the unimaginable scene. The moment when Hou Tao tried to break through Xu Liaos defense with a crossover dribble, a shadow of an afterimage swiped the ball off Hou Taos hand. A few moments later, there was a huge leap from the free throw line, followed by a gust of wind as Xu Liao slammed the ball into the rim. He held on for a moment before slowly sliding his fingertips off the rim, producing a dull vibrating sound that resounded throughout the hall. The action of him slowly landing onto the court, with the rim still vibrating made everyone feel intimidated by how much power and skill he had.

    Xu Liao was equally stunned himself. Even though he had been training his physique for the past three years, he fully understood his capabilities. Had it been a few days back, he would at most only be able to touch the bottom of the backboard, not to even mention a possibility of dunking.

    Just a mere day of cultivation and I can make my physical qualities reach such a standard. This Nine Mysterious Strengthening Skill is amazing!

    Xu Liao didnt celebrate just because he scored two points, but instead, he simply stood still in a daze.

    However, how could the coach know what Xu Liao was thinking?

    The coach couldnt contain his happiness and jumped around with joy. Totally not the actions of what a near forty years-old man would do.

    This slam dunk from the free throw line was absurd, even Gao Yuan, one of the original main four players could at most do a hook near the basketball rim. Even though it looked like a dunk, but it was actually just a normal shot near the rim.

    Not only mentioning about the explosive nature of his jump, but his ball-stealing technique, dribbling and flash-like sprinting speed, he is like a monster! Why in the world did I command this talent to do cleaning chores? Im so glad I got him to tryout, if not I would really miss out on this gem. His amazing physical qualities and technical skills in junior high school level, hell, he would even be able to play the center position without a hitch.

    The coach interrupted the match because he was simply too elated. He immediately placed Xu Liao into the main team and appointed him as the center position. Thus, the official training has started.

    Even though Hou Tao did not witness the scene first hand, but he knew what exactly happened. After the four main senior players left the team, Hou Tao was the only main player left. He was one of the main stars of the team, how could he be convinced to have lost to a guy that was a lowly handyman?

    Hou Tao was bitter, and in the next few matches he challenged Xu Liao to a one-on-one whenever he had a chance. Naturally, Hou Taos basketball skills are above Xu Liao, but when it came to physical qualities, how could he compare to Xu Liao who had devoured the Emperor Stream Serum and cultivated the Nine Mysterious Strengthening Skill? As long it was a one versus one situation, Hou Tao could never break though his defence. However, as for defending Xu Liaos offensive

    Even if Hou Tao put his entire life onto it, he just wasnt able to. Just a slight collision with Xu Liao and he would wobble, and his defence will break. Just brute force itself could defeat him.

    Translated by Gary. Edited by Jason.

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    Default Chapter 16 Xu Liao's Confession

    The coach furrowed his brows as he watched Xu Liao rampaging through the basketball court aggressively like a tank. Although his strength proved to be effective, but this pure aggressive style had quite a lot of limitations. Once Xu Liao meets someone with even stronger physical abilities than him, he would be defeated without a doubt. However, the coach did not have much choice. He gritted his teeth and slapped his thigh, silently shouting in his mind:

    Theres no other way, I can only place Xu Liao as the Power Forward. For the next few days I shall give him intense training sessions, and hopefully he can improve his abilities before the competition.

    The coach finally decided on the main players and substitutes after two tough matches, after which, he gave a short speech and dismissed everyone.

    Xu Liao had plenty of free time. In the past, he wasnt very involved in basketball, and only doing manual chores like tidying and cleaning. However, after finishing the match recently, he slowly started to fall in love with the sport. Just as he was waving goodbye to everyone, he felt someone tap on his right shoulder. He turned around and saw the coach putting on a strange expression on his face. The coach leaned over and whispered in a low voice:

    You are in your third year, right?

    Xu Liao nodded his head subconsciously.

    Then the coach suddenly knit his brows together and continued with a stern voice:

    If our school team manages to reach at least the top ten in this National League, there will be a single spot reserved in the Northern Affiliated High School specifically for a graduate in the team.

    And we all know that the Northern Affiliated High School is one of the best high schools in the city. The original four members had left, and Hou Tao is currently in his second year. If you manage to get into the top ten, then the spot will definitely be yours!

    He then sighed lightly and said: I understand that the final year is tough, and the assignments and examinations are important, but based on my knowledge, your results are quite average and you will have a hard time admitting even to a second-rate high school. Why not take your chances and aim for this spot?

    Xu Liao was slightly shocked. He didnt know it was possible to enter a top rate high school through basketball. He knew that his results were average, and most probably would end up entering a third rate high school, or even worse, a technical school. A top rated school like the Northern Affiliated High School was definitely out of his league if not for the possibility of obtaining a slot through the competition.

    Then he suddenly remembered that Qu Lei mentioned that she had always wanted to enter the Northern Affiliated High School. His eyes lit up as his heart burned with fiery passion and immediately nodded his head vigorously.

    The coach let out a sigh of relief. The former four main players were not willing to gamble their future for this spot. There was an underlying reason why they were not optimistic about obtaining that spot. According to their knowledge, they knew that their school teams ability was lacking and the chances of entering the top ten in the National League was not worth to gamble for. Moreover, the former players fared well in their studies and would not have a problem in entering a decent school. That was the reason why no one was willing to take this risk, as it would affect their future if they lost.

    After training with the basketball team for the entire day, Xu Liao finally returned to his own classroom. It already was the last lesson of the day, which was self-revision. As the name suggests, there are no teachers around. Moreover, the self-revision lessons were usually empty as those students who lived far away would rather not attend, and preferred to head back home to revise.

    Xu Liao glanced over to Qu Leis seat and realized that she was still present. Naturally he felt relaxed, whenever Qu Lei is near him. However, he would only steal a few glances at her from a distance and not dare to start a conversation with her.

    After a while, Xu Liao made his way to his seat, intending to pack his bag and return home. Just as he was about to do this, Gao Wen Hu stood up suddenly and gave a light cough.

    Xu Liao, I want to have a word with you.

    Xu Liao took a step back in surprise and stared at Gao Wen Hu. Both of them were not close at all! If Gao Wen Hu was not in the same cosplay club as Qu Lei, Xu Liao would not even consider getting along with someone so arrogant and proud. Moreover, just recently both of them had several conflicts, thus, Xu Liao just could not understand why Gao Wen Hu would look for him.

    Whats the matter?

    Xu Liao raised his brow as he casually asked back.

    Gao Wen Hu laughed lightly and suddenly raised his voice: There are two matters! Firstly, our cosplay club will be going on a hiatus because the graduating students are preparing for the final exams, so only the core members will gather when necessary. You can stop coming from now on.

    Xu Liaos expression immediately turned sour. Noticing Xu Liaos darkening face, Gao Wen Hu proudly continued:

    Secondly, I will pass this message from Qu Lei. She does not need you to follow her after school anymore, so youd better know your place.

    Even though his facial expression was as dark as the bottom of an abyss, Xu Liao did not activate his demonic energy.

    He glared coldly at Gao Wen Hu and then taking a deep breath before raising his voice:

    I LIKE QU LEI!! Even though I had been quiet about this, I am quite sure that everyone knows. If she, Qu Lei doesnt want me to do something, I will stop doing it! Just when she wanted me to cut down my weight, I immediately started training continuously for three years without any grumble nor regrets! If she wants to tell me anything, I will only listen if it comes from her mouth! Why does she need to ask you to pass a message to me!?

    The classroom went silent. Nobody had expected Xu Liao to openly confess his feelings to her even though they were all aware of Xu Liaos affections for Qu Lei. The silence slowly broke into cheers as his classmates started shouting excitedly. Some of the male classmates even slapped Xu Liaos back as they cheered him on. After all, it requires a lot of courage to confess opening in the face of others. Even the female classmates viewed Xu Liao in another perspective after his confession, and were all shyly whispering to each other.

    Qu Lei, who was trying to concentrate on her studies did not react when Gao Wen Hu stood up to warn Xu Liao. Only after Xu Liaos public confession did she raise her head slightly, staring at Xu Liao.

    Xu Liao was going all out. Since he had already said so much, he would go through it all the way. He simply stared back at Qu Lei, ignoring the presence of Gao Wen Hu.

    Qu Leis eyes connected with Xu Liao for a while before she diverted her sight. With a clear and crisp voice, she said:

    I did not plead Gao Wen Hu to say these words. I dont want anything to affect my studies, after all, this is the third and final year..

    Qu Lei then paused for a moment, and plainly said:

    If you want to be qualified to chase me, then make sure you can at least enter the Northern Affiliated High School! After curtly stating her conditions, she promptly kept her books and walked out of the classroom.

    The entire classroom roared with laughter. Gao Wen Hu snorted at Xu Liao.

    Everyone had been classmates for three years and they knew that it was impossible for Xu Liao to enter the Northern Affiliated High School with his current results. Thus, they viewed it as if Qu Lei was rejecting Xu Liaos confession.

    Xu Liao clenched his fist into a ball, however, his eyes shone brightly. He did not utter any word as he silently left the classroom after packing his bag.

    At this moment, Gao Wen Hu finally realized that his warnings did not affect Xu Liao. He had the urge to rush out of the classroom to teach Xu Liao a lesson, but after noticing how large Xu Liao was, he chose to swallow his resentment.

    After leaving school in a hurry, Xu Liao spotted Qu Lei on her usual path home, she was walking slowly as if not in a hurry to reach home. Xu Liao held his arm out and wanted to call out to her, but he could not find anything to say. Suddenly, Qu Lei turned around and smiled sweetly. Then she said in a soft voice:

    Back then, when we were in our first year, I told you to cut down your weight to 120kg, only then I would consider being your girlfriend. Actually, it was just a casual remark, and yet you worked so hard to train your body. I thought you would give up.

    Xu Liao just simply smiled nervously, not knowing what to reply. Qu Lei then combed her hair with her fingers and smiled.

    In the end, even though you did not manage to cut down to 120kg, I realize that it is not a problem with your determination. Anyone who had grown to your height in two and a half years would be unable to lose so much weight. But what I mentioned before still counts, so Im giving you a second chance, though I think that you wouldnt be able to accomplish it.

    Xu Liao could not help but reply with determination in his eyes:

    What if I can do it?

    Qu Liao laughed loudly, and then looked at him sincerely.If you manage to enter, I will definitely stick to my promise and let you continue to chase me!

    Xu Liao was extremely excited. He felt like fist-pumping right at this very moment. Just as he was about to mention about the method he was going to use to enter the Northern Affiliated High School, Qu Lei swung back around and spoke plainly.

    However, even though I was touched by your actions, I will not accept you yet, because I still do not like you enough.

    As if his heart was pierced by an arrow, Xu Liao felt like he could not breathe for a moment. Her last words rang through his mind over and over again as he stood deathly still, watching Qu Lei disappear into the distance

    Translated by Gary. Edited by Jason.

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    Default Chapter 17 Longevity Sect, Sun Bo Fang

    Regular Chapter!


    Xu Liao walked home slowly; his eyes were listless and dead. Qu Leis rejection kept running through his mind, and it was as if nothing else in the world matters anymore. Even as he walked past the Huai Demon Street, he didnt bother to glance at the interesting buildings and weird-looking demons.

    Just as he was about to reach home, suddenly a terrifying gust of wind blew past him. Xu Liao sensed something was wrong and immediately activated his demonic energy to shield himself from the wind.

    Out of nowhere, an enormous body flew towards Xu Liao and phased through him due to Xu Liaos skill. The body smashed into a garbage can behind Xu Liao, flinging rubbish everywhere.

    Xu Liaos face drained. He sensed the force behind the throw was several times of his own. Xu Liao raised his head slowly and stared at a man dressed in a white casual suit, his face had a rather relaxed look. The man in the white suit slowly walked towards the enormous body and grabbed his throat. Then he lifted the man up as if he was as light as a feather.

    Xu Liao subconsciously switched his gaze to the huge man and nodded slightly, agreeing in his mind. He recognized that this man in the white suit was the man who threw the enormous man. Moreover, he also recognized the enormous man! It was one of the members from the Storm Legion the other day. He was the one with the bulging muscles and dark, fierce eyes who threatened Xu Liao to join their Storm Legion. Xu Liao thought that the both of them was rather strong before, and didnt expect that they were chased away so easily by Grandma Huai. Now, it was this man again getting thrashed by the man in the white suit.

    Despite cultivating the Nine Mysterious Strengthening Skill, and opening both of his core meridians, when it comes to battle, he had no offensive skills at all and was absolutely not a match for the two men from the Storm Legion, not even to mention this man in the white casual suit who easily wiped the floor with them. This man here was obviously coming for Xu Liao, thus, he stared at the man and asked cautiously:

    Who are you? What do you want?

    The man straightened out his suit casually and smiled.

    I am Sun Bo Fang of the Longevity Sect.

    Xu Liao recalled some of the common knowledge of the demonic world and rebutted him.

    You are a human practitioner from the Longevity Sect? I belong to the Million Demon Clan, you cant kill me!

    Within China, the Million Demon Clan is thriving among its peers. Globally, there are the Big Four Legions as the main alliance among demons, it forged alliances with several smaller associations and thus, forming the International Demon Alliance as a whole to fight against the Eastern Eighteen Xian Faction and Western Ying Zong Liu Faction.

    Xu Liao face was pale. Though he knew he had the Million Demon Clan as a form of protection, however, he was facing a professional demon killer from the Eighteen Xian Faction! The killer could end his life with a single touch. Xu Liao was worried that he would make a move on him without caring of the consequences. So what if the Million Demon Clan would help him in his revenge? Nothing would matter if he was already dead.

    Sun Bo Fang let off a brilliant smile, with an appearance as warm as the morning sun.

    I am not as powerful what youre imagining. To risk my life by messing with the Million Demon Clan for killing such an unimportant person like you. It isnt fun to provoke the Million Demon Clan. My purpose here is because I have heard that you awakened the Undead Tree Blood pulse!

    Xu Liao face darkened slightly. He intended to deny this man, but once he glanced at the lifeless corpse of the enormous man at the side, he swallowed down his rebuttal. Showing a face as honest as he could, Xu Liao replied:

    Everyone said that I had awakened the Undead Tree Blood pulse, but even I myself could not confirm it.

    Xu Liao was planning to try to escape after that question, however the man in the white suit just laughed lightly and said:

    The Heavenly Monument of the Million Demon Clan would absolutely not make any mistake. You have awakened the Undead Tree Blood pulse, and coincidentally, I need your help.

    Follow me.

    Sun Bo Fang then waved his arm and unleashed a menacing black mist from his sleeve. The black mist slowly swirled around the body.

    At the side, Xu Liao stole a few glances and froze with fear. Apparently, this smoke of black mist was actually formed by countless of black-shelled beetles! Soon, sand started to seep out of the mist and carried away by the wind. Within a few seconds, the body of the man was devoured. Not even the bones were spared. All of these black beetles had grinded the man into bone dust!

    Xu Liao had a cold feeling in his spine. His face was totally stiff. After a while, he asked in a frantic voice:

    Just like that!?

    Ha ha ha!! Of course! We, the Eighteen Xian Faction and Million Demon Clan had an agreement not to harm any demons registered under their name. But we do not have any agreements with the other demon associations. So when we see them, of course we will kill them! For them to die in my hands, they have only themselves to blame for being weak. With so little strength, they still dared to run around as if it was their fathers backyard. Their deaths could not be blamed, right?

    Xu Liao subconsciously nodded his head. Of course, Xu Liao felt that his view was crooked, but how could he find the courage to refute Sun Bo Fang? As long Sun Bo Fang would not harm him, any other matters are easy to negotiate.

    Sun Bo Fang then lightly locked his fingers together close to his palm. All the black beetles immediately flew back into his sleeve. He smiled warmly at Xu Liao and said:

    Follow me to Huai Demon Street.

    Xu Liao didnt dare to object, so he could only obediently follow Sun Bo Fang cautiously. However, he was curious why Sun Bo Fang would want to go to the demons living sector.

    Nevertheless, there was a glint of hope within Xu Liaos eyes.

    Maybe.. when we reach Huai Demon Street, Grandma Huai will come out and save me! I dont believe this guy would lay his hands on Grandma Huai? Since Grandma Huai is one of the eighteen talismans, I am sure that the Million Demon Clan would be particularly alert in these areas. And even if Grandma Huai is unable to defeat this guy, Commander Xu Fu should be able to

    However, the truth was, Xu Liao had thought too much!

    As if nothing was wrong, Sun Bo Fang and Xu Liao walked past the normal streets without any interference. It was like nobody even noticed them. Sun Bo Fang did not provoke any of the demons. This made Xu Liao feel slightly better, but when he remembered Sun Bo Fangs black beetles in his sleeve, it gave him a chill down his spine.

    Sun Bo Fang lead Xu Liao to the area where Xu Liao was in charge of preventing humans from entering the demonic world. Then, without asking for Xu Liaos permission, Sun Bo Fang took out a bronze key and unlocked the bamboo door.

    Xu Liao immediately tried to feel for his own bronze key, and indeed, Sun Bo Fang had taken his key without him realizing. Xu Liao face stiffened for a moment, but decided to just continue observing.

    He even felt that Sun Bo Fang was quite resourceful and started to admire him slightly.

    Sun Bo Fang walked to the back of the bamboo house and stood in front of a mound. A wave of emotions could be seen on his face as he caressed the mound gently.

    Translated by Gary. Edited by Jason.

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