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    Default Ancient Strengthening Technique (Portraits of Beauty)

    Hi all, I'm picking this novel up. If you like xianxia with a different feel, please support

    Ancient Strengthening Technique: Chapter 1 – Qing Clan, Qing Shui

    This is a small village that is surrounded by hills and mountains, the scenery was breathtaking, and the surroundings were filled with the abundance of flora and fauna. Even the quality of the air here is fragrant beyond comparison.

    Sitting atop a hillside, was a little boy roughly about five years of age. The little boy was frail and weak, with a very thin physique, and was currently in a daze. At this moment, if there was anyone looking at the little boy, they will be flabbergasted! He can be considered considerably good looking with that delicate small face and a beautiful pair of black eyes, but in this instance, the sorrowful expression in his eyes belied his age. This was a look that no ordinary five years old could emulate.

    “It has been five years, how did I appear in this world? This world and my original world was drastically different, I’m unsure of what era of history this place belong to, the only thing I know is that this continent is called Kyushu”.

    “Everyone in my current family has the capability to practice martial arts, why is it that I’m a useless trash that is unable to cultivate?” The very moment there was any hints of strenuous exercise, I will be easily exhausted, gasping for breath, suffering from palpitations in my heart and even to the point of going unconscious!” Qing Shui mumbled.

    “I was originally playing Western Fantasy [1] with my classmates, how on earth did i suddenly appear in this world!”

    “Qing shui! Qing Shui!” the voice of a woman sounded out, upon hearing that, Qing Shui gradually recovered from his melancholy and regain the bright-eyed naivety look of a 5 year old child.
    “Mum, I’m here!” Following which, he waved his hands and quickly ran towards a woman who excluded a charm distinctively different from ordinary village women.

    “Child, why did you travel so far to play, if you want to travel so far in the future, let me accompany you alright!” holding his hands, the woman smiled with a tender look in her eyes as she gently berated Qing Shui.
    Qing Shui felt warmth in his heart, when he came to this world; he was still a fetus developing inside the woman’s body. Now that five years had passed, Qing Shui was uncertain of the exact reason, but he no longer thought of things from before. He knows that this woman really feels affection for him, other people treated him as trash, and she was the only one on this world that treated him like a treasure!
    Since his birth, Qing Shui had not seen his father. From infancy till now, it was this gentle and graceful woman before him that was responsible for his upbringing.

    As a result, Qing Shui followed the surname of his mother. His mother is named Qing Yi, belonging to the Qing Clan. The Qing Clan in the Qing village, in this remote region was considered the absolute authority. The Qing Clan was the most influential family within a 100 li radius because of their connections as well as secret family martial arts techniques that was passed down generation after generation. The Qing Clan could be considered as the only family that could rival the top three great families in Hundred Miles City!

    As a result, in this remote region, no one could afford to make an enemy of the Qing Clan. Qing Shui knew all this because, in this five years, while the other kids in the family was practicing martial arts, Qing Shui was the only exception. Therefore, he had plenty of free time on his hand and thus paid more attention to the information flowing around.

    Even the commoner kids would have practiced some form of inferior martial arts. In his past life, Qing Shui also had the mentality and wish to become an top-tier expert that possessed heaven shaking and earth shattering strength that could sweep humanity off its feet.

    The chance finally came, he was reincarnated into a different world, but however he turned out to be a trash that could not cultivate! As he thought of this, he surreptitiously glances at the beautiful lady by his side. Qing Yi was also gazing at Qing Shui compassionately but there were hints of doting, hope and a sense of unfairness for Qing Shui in her eyes…

    As he glanced at the hope in her eyes, Qing Shui lowered his head. He was afraid Qing Yi would be disappointed. All parents in the world would want their child to achieve something outstanding in life, this goes without a doubt, and no parents would ever want their child to be a trash! However, looking at the current circumstances, Qing Shui was afraid that he would have no choice but to disappoint his mother.

    In these five years, the one that fed and clothed him was this woman. This woman whom which he called mother. Qing Shui was very afraid that she would leave his side one day.

    “Qing Shui, are you hungry, even if you went out to play, you still have to remember to eat your meals!” This woman had always been intellectual and caring, possessing a demeanor that’s akin to an angel. This made Qing Shui felt that his mother was not someone ordinary. Initially he thought that people respected her because she is the daughter of the Qing Clan’s grandmaster, but it seems that this was not the case.
    “Mother, am I very useless? Other children could practice martial arts, but i am unable to.. will you eventually become the same as them and think of me as trash?” Qing Shui whispered, his expression somewhat holding back tears.

    Qing Yi felt her heart shuddered with pain, all the weight of her hope was pinned on this child’s shoulder. However this child was unable to cultivate, her hope was destined to be extinguished. One can’t have everything they want in life. Forget about Qing Shui accomplishing anything outstanding, as long as he can lead a carefree and happy lifestyle, she will be extremely satisfied!

    “Shui er, no matter what, you will always be close to my heart. No matter what, I will always love you, you will always be my pride and joy, in my heart you will always be the most excellent and outstanding, only when you happy would i be happy!” Qing Yi chastely kissed his cheeks.

    Such heartwarming and affectionate actions were quite common between them; Qing Shui was quite used to it. He felt extremely blessed, no matter what, there is still someone who loves him, and with regards to those who call him trash or look down on him with contempt, what does it matter? He could only not help feeling sorry that he had not met Qing Yi’s expectations.

    Qing Clan was located at the northern most site of the Qing Village, over there, within a radius of about 10 Li, [3] were all populated by the Qing Clan main and branch families. Currently the clan master of the Qing Clan, Qing Luo was already a hundred years old, but due to him being at the peak of Houtian Stage, he looked middle age. Humans at the peak of Houtian Stage had a life expectancy of two hundred years, as compared to normal humans who only had a life expectancy of a hundred and thirty years.

    Qing Yi is the youngest daughter of the Qing Clan’s clan master. The clan master had a total of four sons, and a daughter. Qing Yi was the only daughter, and she was also the youngest. Needless to say, she was the apple of his eyes. The Qing Clan, currently collectively had about twenty plus grand children, one could say that Qing Luo was very contented. He would always smile genuinely from his heart even when he was interacting with Qing Shui. There were countless talented geniuses within the two later generations, so even if there was an addition of one more genius or one more trash, it doesn’t really matter much in his eyes. Furthermore, Qing Shui was the son of his precious daughter Qing Yi, even if he could not cultivate, as long as he could peacefully live his life, Qing Yi would also feel reassured and as such, Qing Luo was very protective of Qing Shui.

    Located within Qing Clan, there was an enormous courtyard. This courtyard was an extremely important place for the Qing Clan. As both Qing Yi and Qing Shui entered, they could see the grandsons and grand daughters of the Qing clan boisterously practicing their martial arts; every one of them was akin to a ferocious tiger cub!
    Qing Yi could see the sadness in Qing Shui’s eyes, as she silently sighed. This child at this young age, had such a unyielding personality that seeks strength, it may be a curse instead of a blessing..
    She gently guided Qing Shui into her embrace, unwilling to let him see the children that were currently practicing martial arts!

    But all her actions were futile, because at this moment, sounds of ridicule and contemptible laughter targeted at Qing Shui rang out. This sensation was even worse than being directly called trash!

    [1] a MMORPG game in Qing Shui’s previous world.
    [2] Shui`er (adding a er behind a person’s name makes it more endearing, it is usually between parent and child or between lovers)
    [3] a metric system used by Chinese to measure distance
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    Ancient Strengthening Technique: Chapter 2 – Three Years Later

    Time flowed by, like arrows shot speedily across eternity, akin to a white steed flitting pass a gap. Even though Qing Shui did grow taller, he still looked delicate and scrawny. The only saving grace was his pair of beautiful black eyes seemed to be even more charming with the passage of time. To Qing Shui, the passing of time was not very advantageous for him. He was still unable to cultivate any martial arts!

    “Qing Shui! Qing Shui!”a youth with a robust build comparable to a tiger ran over, shouting for Qing Shui.
    Whenever he had free time, Qing Shui usually chose to jog on the nearby hills and mountains. He loves the quiet solitude of the open hills, being out with nature calms him down, as he is able to temporarily release the burden in his heart and will be less irritated. As he grew older, the frequency of which he jogs also gradually increased with time.

    Qing Shui turned his head and saw that the person calling him was actually his closest buddy, Qing Hu!
    Qing Hu was younger than Qing Shui by a year. He had already managed to master the Qing Clan hereditary martial skill “Blue Lotus Art” to the 3rd grade of Martial Warrior.

    Cultivation in this world can be broken down into 10 realms. The 10 realms are: Martial Student, Martial Warrior, Martial General, Martial Commander, Xian Tian, Martial King, Martial Saint, Martial Emperor, False God. Each of this realm further consists of 10 grades.

    Qing Hu was the youngest grandson of the Qing Clan, there were 3 other grand children that were the same age as him. It could be said that during the year he was born, the Qing Clan was blessed with a total of 4 grandchildren.

    There were many members of the same generation from the Qing Clan who despise Qing Shui; this was a world where cultivation was everything. For someone who was destined to be unable to cultivate, the person could only be trash whom everyone held in contempt. The only true friend he had was Qing Hu!

    The moment he stepped into this world, because of his lack of cultivation talent, it was already determined that Qing Shui would be lonely and forsaken by others.

    Qing Shui had lived for a total of 26 years. 18 years from his previous world and 8 years on this world. Thus, his mentality was a lot stronger than a normal child, he did not cry out nor feel abandoned despite his loneliness. In spite of all the bullying, there was basically no one who saw him crying or throwing a tantrum before!

    Qing Shui was also reluctant to squabble with the stinking brats because of insignificant matters. He had no patience for them. Despite the increasingly amount of cold stares and sarcastic remarks that always floated around him, he was unconcerned. However, he really treasured his friendship with Qing Hu. Despite the fact that Qing Hu was a little kid compared to him, he was still really happy to have made a true friend in Qing Hu.

    Qing Clan’s grand master, Qing Luo cultivation was at the peak of the Hou Tian Realm. Of his 4 sons, 3 had already reached the level of a Martial Commander, 8th Grade. Some were at the peak of 8th stage and some were not.

    The only exception was the 2nd son, Qing He. Qing He had already reached the level of a Martial Commander, 9th Grade! However, no matter how much he tried, he was still unable to make a breakthrough to the peak of Hou Tian Realm [1].

    Now, Qing He needs to fully concentrate on his cultivation, hoping to make a breakthrough, entering the level of Martial Commander 10th Stage, reaching the peak of the Hou Tian realm. Only when there are 2 peak Hou Tian stage experts in the Qing Clan, would they be able to clash directly with the Shi Family from Hundred Miles City!

    Within the 3rd generation, there are also quite a few geniuses. Because of Qing Luo’s personal nurturing, the eldest grandson Qing Zi had already broken through to Martial General, 7th Grade at the age of 21!

    Another outstanding genius by the name of Qing You actually broke through to the realm of Martial General, 6th Stage at the age of 13. This training speed was even 2 years quicker in comparison to Qing Zi. This made Qing Luo extremely elated to the point where he was smiling even in his sleep. The meaning behind reaching the same stage in the difference of 2 years was extremely clear. Qing You could be comparable to those heavenly-defying geniuses, a genius among geniuses. Qing Luo had tremendous faith and huge expectations regarding this grandson of his.

    In this world where cultivation was everything, the topics and discussion between people naturally revolves around cultivation. This word “cultivation” was the bane of Qing Shui. He detested everything that has got to do with this word. And so, whenever he was not sleeping nor eating, he would rather jog in the hills and mountains alone, basking in the great solitude of nature.
    As time passes, his personality got colder and colder, Qing Yi was the only one who had the capability to coax a smile from him. Even Qing Luo was unable to thaw his frosty countenance.

    Qing Shui doesn’t know that every time when Qing Yi saw his lonesome figure, she could feel stabs of pain in her heart. During the past 3 years, Qing Yi had accumulated countless precious medicinal herbs for Qing Shui to improve his constitution but it was all for nought.. That frosty expression on his face would thaw during times when he was asleep, only when he was having a good dream would he be able to truly smile from his heart.
    “Hey Qing Hu, why are you not cultivating but sneaked out to play? Are you not afraid of your Father punishing you by hitting your buttocks?” Qing Shui intense visage loosen up and he broke into a slight smile as he joked with Qing Hu.
    “No problem, it’s not painful at all, nothing to be scared of!” Qing Hu brushed it off lightly, Qing Shui felt that the way Qing Hu reply was very adorable, as if he was pretending to be an adult.

    “Alright, let’s go back now! If not Aunt Yi will come and catch you again.” Qing Hu opened his eyes wide and said in a commanding tone!

    Qing Shui softly sighed as he glanced at Qing Hu’s strong, robust body in comparison to his own frail and delicate one. “Do I have to live like that, being unable to cultivate for the rest of my life? Why are there so many stories of legendary characters transcending dimensions to become world-shaking experts but i’m the only exception?” Qing Yu lamented in exasperation.
    Qing Shui and Qing Hu arrived back at the mansion just when Qing Yi was about to go look for them. Upon seeing them, Qing Yi hurriedly ushered them into the dining hall for the reunion dinner. Today was the last day of the month, during the last day of every month, the Qing Clan would hold a reunion dinner where the whole family eats together. This way, there was a place for the family members to exchange news and a time for family bonding.

    Seated at the main table, alongside with Qing Luo, was Qing He, Qing Zi and Qing You. The other remaining members of the second and third generations were not privileged enough be seated at the main table along with the geniuses of the Qing Clan.
    Despite Qing Zi and Qing You being in the third generation, they were able to dine at the main table because of their strength and talent. This sitting arrangement was arranged by none other than Qing Luo. He wanted to nurture the rest of the clan members by instilling an atmosphere of friendly competitiveness. Being seated at the main table was a position of honour. It was something that everyone regarded like a badge of glory. Not only this, the allowance of those seated at the main table were also much higher as compared to the rest of the clan members!

    Qing Shui finished eating silently at Qing Yi’s side; the other clan members of similar strength level would usually congregate together with the exception of Qing Shui. Since he was young, Qing Shui had always been alone. As a mother, seeing her child bereft of friends and companionship, Qing Yi felt really helpless!

    Qing Yi had always suppressed her emotions deep in her heart. 3 years.. this 3 years, it seemed that his demeanor had totally changed. In the past, there would still be moments where Qing Shui occasionally exhibit his childish side, compared to now, Qing Shui seemed to have aged prematurely in his personality and mentality, losing his childhood in the process. As Qing Yi look at the lonesome figure of her beloved son, tears would involuntarily flow down her face.

    She had broken down and wept this tears of helplessness countless times in this past 3 years!

    *Translator note
    [1] In case you guys are confused, Hou Tian realm refers to all the stages before Xian Tian. It consists of: Martial Student, Martial Warrior, Martial General, Martial Commander. So the peak of Hou Tian realm equates to Martial Commander, 10th Grade.

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    Ancient Strengthening Technique: Chapter 3 – Body Transformation!

    Qing Shui dejectedly walked out of the Qing Mansion. Other than going to the nearby hills and mountains, he had no other place to go. Coming once again to this place, a place where he had visited countless times before, as he stared over the horizons, over the peaks of endless mountains and deep valleys, thoughts of suicide crossed his mind. However, every time he thought of suicide, memories of a look filled with gentleness and hope will appear in his thoughts. He told himself no matter what, he must persevere and live on, for the sake of that hope-filled gaze belonging to his mother!

    Qing Shui was unwilling to remain a trash like this. The more he thought, the more anger he felt. When the anger had been bottled up to the point of eruption, traces of madness appeared in his eyes as he roared at the heavens. “Shitty heavens, I will never give up, if you want to suppress me, I, SHALL, SUPPRESS, YOU!” A voice filled with a thousand ounce of unhappiness echoed far and wide.

    After yelling, Qing Shui deliriously chose a path up the mountain and begin to sprint upwards. He wanted to vent all his negative emotions such as the dissatisfaction and anger he felt, by exhausting his energies. He felt that he might explode if there was no outlet for him to release.

    The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. Just only sprinting a short distance actually made him emphysematous and experienced tightness in his chest; Qing Shui gritted his teeth, ignored his body reactions and continued sprinting onwards.
    Aches in his body, coupled with the difficulty in breathing resulted in rivulets of sweat, akin to the flowing of a small stream cascading down his face. This actually stimulated his will to persist on.

    “I will not admit defeat, I have to be stronger, I must endure…….” Qing Shui was already delirious as he ran haphazardly for an unknown amount of time. He ran and ran and ran, to the point where he was no longer fully conscious, and finally, darkness claimed him.

    Time passed slowly, the skies had already darken as the moon rises to its acme. Cascading down beams of silvery light that looked so gentle, like an angel descending from the heavens, casting their shine on Qing Shui. Qing Shui was still unconscious, his delicate body looked so tiny and pitiful as he fainted halfway up the mountain pass.

    Back in the Qing Clan, Qing Yi was in a fluster as she realised that Qing Shui was missing. She immediately went to the nearby hills where Qing Shui frequented in an attempt to search for him. However, there was no traces to be found. Unwilling to give up, she persisted on to no avail.

    Qing Yi returned to the Qing Clan in a panic, and hurriedly ordered all the servants and slaves to join the search for Qing Shui. Everyone was terrified as they witnessed an insane looking Qing Yi displaying her power. Only now did they know that she was actually an expert, her previous graceful and gentle demeanour had disappeared totally as she frantically searched for Qing Shui.
    At the moment, before Qing Shui fainted due to over exhaustion, there was an endless rush of knowledge and information that gushed towards his mind. It was as if a hidden door had been forced open.

    Strengthening Techniques, Meditation Techniques, Alchemy, Smithing Skills, Hidden Weapon Techniques, Tailoring, Cooking, Hunting, Foundation Building skills and various Craftsmen techniques . . . . . . . . . .

    “Ahhh, isn’t this all the abilities I had when i was playing [Western Fantasy], why would they appear in my mind now? Even more incredible, there are also detailed methods of cultivation! But sadly, other than the [Ancient Strengthening Technique], the others seemed to be useless to me.

    Qing Shui was very excited, in [Western Fantasy] , the human race had the highest capacity for learning. Those that cultivated to the pinnacle of martial arts, could even fight with celestials and demons. However, he understood that in this world, there was no gods or demons; the strongest warrior here would only be able to instantly destroy a city with a wave of his hand.
    From his experience in playing [Western Fantasy], Qing Shui knew that the strongest skills was not martial art techniques but the complementary supporting arts like strengthening and foundation building techniques instead. Even with no martial arts techniques, just by building one’s foundation, one could be invincible. That is if one focused on and practices to the zenith of both foundation building arts and strengthening techniques. As the saying goes, practicing martial arts without first establishing your foundation well, in the end it all comes to naught!

    Qing Shui also realised that the names of the techniques, as well as their detailed description of ways of cultivating was deeply imprinted in his mind. He had gained the ability to memorise anything he sees instantly!

    Eidetic Memory?

    Like a mirage, after the images of all the skills from [Western Fantasy] flashed through his mind, in his sea of consciousness, a gigantic image of Yin and Yang appeared in his mind!

    Image of Tai-Chi! [1] Or should I call it Yin Yang?

    As the ancient dictum goes “After the chaotic world had been created, it was divided into Yin and Yang by the creator in order to stabilize the world”, Alright, Qing Shui thought, he decided to refer to it as Yin and Yang.

    After which, the image of Yin-Yang gradually shrunk to the size of a seed. Slowly and continually rotating, fixed in his sea of consciousness. Qing Shui could feel that, with each round of rotation, the symbol actually emits a minuscule amount of energy. This energy flowed towards all the major meridians, energy channels and organs in his body, slowly transforming them.

    At this instant, Qing Shui felt that his body contained boundless energy. However, he was confused. Didn’t I died from electrocution when playing [Western Fantasy]? Why did the abilities from [Western Fantasy] appear here today?
    Could it be that it is somewhat related to me fainting from the point of exhaustion?

    Forget it, anyway in the past, I was a trash that couldn’t cultivate, no matter what transformation my body took, it can’t be worst than what i originally was!

    Qing Shui was in a semi-conscious state. Despite feeling immensely invigorated in comparison to his past self, he was unable to regain consciousness. He could sensed the rotation of the Yin-Yang symbol in his mind, will rotate continually for eternity. Qing Shui was unsure of the actual reason but he had a very strong intuition that this symbol will change his destiny!
    All of a sudden, he heard voices calling out his name!

    “Ah, its mother!”

    Qing Shui heard Qing Yi calling out his name desperately, and felt a surge of warmth in his heart. He kept wanting to call out to her but was unable to.
    “Qing Shui!”
    “Qing Shui!”
    “He is here, we found him!” Qing Shui heard an unknown voice calling out in front him.

    “Qing Shui! Qing Shui!” Qing Shui heard his mother calling out to him in anguish. Even without looking, he could sense that her face was tear-filled and contorted in grief.

    After that, he felt Qing Yi embracing him tightly; that familiar warm hug reminded him of how this beautiful and gentle woman had single-handedly raised him up, contradictory causing him to feel very blessed and hints of heartache. He increasingly hated the guy who had abandoned her. Qing Shui swore that in the future, he would definitely seek redress for Qing Yi

    After some time had passed, Qing Shui had drifted off into sleep. Before that, he could still feel someone taking his pulse and hints of conversation between Qing Yi and others.

    Qing Shui drifted off into sleep with a smile on his face, he had a feeling, the sun tomorrow would shine especially brightly! !

    [1] symbol of taichi:
    Both the symbol of Tai-chi and Yin-Yang have the same meaning, just differently named.

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    Ancient Strengthening Technique: Chapter 4 – Ancient Strengthening Technique

    The next day, just when dawn was breaking, Qing Shui awoke naturally. He noticed Qing Yi was sitting next to his bed and was holding his hands. Hints of worry and exhaustion could be seen on her face, and even her gentle and beautiful eyes had traces of blood in them!

    After noticing that Qing Shui had awoke, Qing Yi hugged him happily.

    “Shui`er, you finally regained consciousness, are you feeling alright, is there any discomfort?!” Qing Yi ardently asked.

    “Mother dearest..” Qing Shui called out tenderly, his heart filled with a sense of gratitude. Knowing that Qing Yi stayed up the whole night just to accompany him, the actions of hers tugged on his heart strings as bitterness filled his heart.

    As he called out, Qing Yi could feel there was hints of grievances and regrets in his voice. In this world, as a male, if you could not even hold your own against others, no matter how much money you have, you are still trash! Even those of low cultivation had the right to trample on you. This dog-eat-dog world was simply following the simple logic of might makes right.
    Qing Yi hugged her son tightly, feeling that she had let him down somewhat.

    “Mother, quickly go to sleep, you must be very tired after staying awake last night.” Qing Shui could only adopt a child-like way of speaking to coax Qing Yi to sleep. Even so, Qing Yi felt warmth in her heart and she could tell that the intelligence of Qing Shui was far above the norm.. What a pity that he was unable to cultivate, if not for this, based on his high level of comprehension, he would certainly have been a genius. Not only that, he was ultimately the son born of her and that man..
    But now… sigh there was no use for regrets.

    In the end, she was still coaxed by Qing Shui, and obediently laid on the bed. As Qing Shui wanted to get down the bed to make space for Qing Yi, she reached out to embrace her little boy. Qing Shui nestled close to her bosom and gently lay in his mother’s embrace.

    Qing Yi fell asleep promptly, after all, she was up for the whole night and was exceedingly wearied. Seeing that Qing Shui was fine, she could finally relax and fell into a slumber.

    After waiting for Qing Yi to fall asleep, Qing Shui lightly stepped out of the room, enthusiasm slowly filled his heart. Now, he was no longer that trash from before, he felt that he had undergone a miraculous transformation. Maybe now… he could be like the others and finally embark upon the road of cultivation. It didn’t matter he was slightly older, as long as he had a inextinguishable will to succeed, no matter how many obstacles are placed before him, he would not stumble.
    Qing Shui wanted to test his hypothesis, the moment he stepped out of the Qing Mansion, he started to run at top speed. At this moment, his heart was filled with trepidation, he was worried that all that had happened was an illusion, and his dream of cultivating would once more be shattered.

    With only a single breath, he managed to run half the distance to the top of the mountain. Even though he was breathing hard, he did not feel asphyxiated. There was a remarkable difference when compared to before! He felt that since that night, his body had undergone an extremely phenomenal change. After contemplating, he guessed it must be because of that image of Yin-Yang embedded in his sea of consciousness!

    Qing Shui close his eyes, slowly entering into a state of mediation. His spirit gradually went in his sea of consciousness and saw the Yin-Yang symbol again. The Yin-Yang symbol was rotating relentlessly, emitting unending streams of energy, slowly transforming Qing Shui’s body and organs!

    During the bout of unconsciousness yesterday, many information regarding foundation building and strengthening techniques had appeared in his mind. He had already decided there and then that he would use them to strengthen his constitution. Moreover, as of now, he no longer had that frail and delicate body from before. The Yin-Yang symbol in his sea of consciousness was constantly nourishing him with energy, transforming his body. He was sure that alongside with his current physique, and by practising the Ancient Strengthening Technique diligently, he would not need too much time before the quality of his body became much stronger than common cultivators.

    Time flowed by quickly, dawn had already arrived. Looking at the sun slowly rising up, casting its golden glow on the organisms of the earth, the freshness of the air in the mountains and the fragrance of the flowers and plants, would allow one to have joy in their hearts.

    Qing Shui tidied up the various information in his mind and he decided to focus all his attention on mastering body strengthening techniques! The most important point of the strengthening technique lies in having a solid foundation, and the toughness of his bones and body. As long as the quality of his body was strong enough, there was basically no difference between him and the other cultivators

    Strengthening techniques form the basis of a cultivator’s foundation, the technique that appeared in Qing Shui mind was one of the most ancient strengthening techniques ever created by mankind. It could even allow cultivators who had cultivated to the peak, the ability to clash with gods and demons. It would not be wrong to say that all strengthening techniques had traces of their origin from the Ancient Strengthening Technique that Qing Shui was planning to practise. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this was one of the strongest technique!

    Practising the Ancient Strengthening Technique could allow the cultivator to build up his constitution. The effects are somewhat similar to the rotating seed-sized Yin-Yang symbol inside him, the Ancient Strengthening Technique could also nourish the bones and the marrow, refining the organs in his body, eventually evolving the muscles to be soft to the touch, yet at the same time, also capable of rivaling the toughest steel and iron!

    This is what strengthening techniques meant. It could even greatly enhance the vitality of the practitioner!
    Qing Shui tried to recall the details of the Ancient Strengthening Technique, it appeared that he could do so effortlessly, confirming the fact that he had eidetic memory! The Yin-Yang symbol was also entwined with him, continually rotating in his sea of consciousness!

    Qing Shui found a secluded spot and he proceed over there to practise the Ancient Strengthening Technique. To practise this, one does not need to mediate, the cultivator would only need to calm his heart down and slowly rotate the Qi in their body.
    Qing Shui started to analyse and fumble his way through the methods of cultivating the Ancient Strengthening Technique. After trying for some time, he was still unable to form a strand of Qi. Qing Shui persisted on as he knew that rome wasn’t build in a single day! If it was so simple to be strong, the world would already been filled with countless experts!
    Qing Shui continue to persevere and tried to form the strand of Qi over and over again. Each time he failed actually spurred him on to try harder and harder.

    Gradually, Qing Shui begin to feel numbness. He had tried for what seemed like an eternity but was still form that strand of Qi!

    After another hour had passed, Qing Shui opened his eyes and realised that it was almost noon, Qing Shui knew that he would have to return soon as he did not want Qing Yi to worry about him. Despite standing at the remote location for the whole morning, Qing Shui was not tired at all! He began to jog slowly back to Qing Mansion.

    Upon reaching the Qing Mansion, Qing Shui realised that the training session for the Qing Clan younger generation was not yet ended. Looking at them practising their close combat skills and swordplay now, he no longer felt anything. The previous feeling of envy and jealousy was replaced by a determination to become even stronger than them.

    After entering the courtyard, he bumped into Qing Luo. “Qing Shui, did you went out to play again? You should rest more at home to nurse your body back to health!” Qing Luo gently rebuked him.

    “Grandpa, I was just taking a stroll near the entrance of the Qing Mansion, don’t worry about me, I’m totally fine!” Qing Shui knew that his grandfather was truly worried about him.

    “En, you must be more careful. Today, I sent someone to the Hundred Miles City to purchase a stalk of 100 years purple ginseng. We will boil it to extract it’s essence and you can have it for dinner tonight!” Qing Luo said to Qing Shui with a doting gaze in his eyes.

    Qing Luo could also tell that Qing Shui was exceptionally intelligent. Every sentence of his was spoken with clarity and intent, he was almost like an adult in terms of his mentality. What a waste was it that he could not cultivate.. Qing Luo sighed..

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    Ancient Strengthening Technique: Chapter 5 – Qing Shui Cultivates!

    The days were very peaceful, despite the fact that he was still unable to form that strand of Qi, Qing Shui was still practising the Ancient Strengthening Technique relentlessly. He believed that he would succeed sooner or later.

    The Yin-Yang symbol in his sea of consciousness was constantly nourishing his whole body, Qing Shui could feel his constitution improving. The improvement referred not to the muscles but to the bones and organs getting tougher in his body!
    Qing Shui still looked small and weak, however, amidst the skinny and delicate body frame; one could sense a hint of vitality that was not there before! The sense of charm in his eyes also grew to the point where it held a hint of profoundness.

    Qing Shui knew that he should disclose his current body condition, letting them know that he had rebuilt his constitution and could begin to practise martial arts. Initially, Qing Shui planned to keep this a secret, however he longed for the day where the hope in Qing Yi’s eyes were realised. Therefore, Qing Shui decided to tell Qing Yi the truth.

    As he returned from the mountains, inside the courtyard of the Qing Mansion, the clan members from the 3rd generation were all zealously practising the Qing Clan secret technique – Blue Lotus Art

    Since Qing Shui was determined to be unable to cultivate a few years back and there was still quite a distance between the clan members and Qing Shui

    At the innermost section of the Qing Mansion..

    Qing Yi was standing at the house entrance. This was the place where both mother and son stayed all their life. There was a small garden filled entirely with plants and flowers, and a medium sized lake with azure coloured carps swimming leisurely, giving people a rustic feeling as they gaze at the place.

    Qing Yi was standing by the lake side, that beautiful face alongside with that gentle and graceful demeanour gives off a sense of beauty could be described as sinking fishes falling birds [1]. That moment was as if Qing Yi was a perfect portrait of beauty! However, there were moments where one could feel the sadness emanating out as she stood there.
    Qing Shui had already saw his mother from a distance away, this is the umpteenth times where he saw Qing Yi standing in the same position. “Sigh… but what can I do now?”, to attain her wish, I must first become stronger… Much stronger than I currently am now.

    At the age of 1, Qing Shui could already understood the things people were saying around him. Qing Yi naturally didn’t know that and would often sighed and talk to him about her secrets as a form of release when Qing Shui was still an infant.
    Qing Yu covertly sneaked out before shouting in a loud voice “Mother, I am back, I have recovered, I am fine now!!” He did not want Qing Yi to know that he had witnessed her despair earlier. He felt that despair was too personal for him to encroach upon, therefore Qing Shui had decided to loudly announce his arrival so that Qing Yi could notice him.

    It was just as he thought, once Qing Yi heard his voice, her expressions instantly changed greeting him with a smile on her face with totally no signs of her melancholy earlier.

    Qing Shui felt a stab of pain in his heart, “Mother suffered so much, but in order not to let me worry, she had always pretended to be happy in front of me, only in the middle of the night where there was no one around, would she finally cry.”
    “Mother, I have fully recovered! I can cultivate now!” Qing Shui happily smiled.

    Qing Shui could see traces of happiness and the once extinguished hope rekindled in Qing Yi eyes!

    “Did you do anything forbidden, don’t make me worry Qing Shui, i just want you to be happy..” Qing Yi slightly berated Qing Shui, because from her expert opinion, it was almost impossible for Qing Shui to recover. There was almost no way for him to cultivate because of his weak heart.

    Qing Shui knew that it was not so easy for Qing Yi to believe this.

    “Mother, it is true, this few days, Grandpa had brewed a lot of purple ginseng soup for me to consume. Grandpa said that these 100 year ginsengs were invaluable!” Qing Shui spoke excitedly in the manner of a child.

    After hearing this, Qing Yi felt that there was a chance that Qing Shui’s constitution really improved! She then asked “Qing Shui, tell me the details of everything that happened, I want to be clear before making any diagnosis”.

    “2 days ago, after drinking the 100 year ginseng brew, I felt full of energy, and it was as though the problem of my breathlessness had also disappeared! Mother had forbidden me from sprinting as my heart may not be able to take the stress. However, at that point of time, i could feel a sense of boundless energy within me and thus I ran faster and faster, up the mountain and back to the Qing Mansion but nothing bad happened to me!” Qing Shui hurriedly explained.

    “Is this true… Shui`er, is what you said true?!” Qing Yi eyes were rimmed with tears.

    “ Its true, even Grandpa knows about it, he took my pulse and said that I was really fine. To be even more certain, he wants to bring me to Doctor Wu and so I came to invite mother to go together!” Qing Shui excitedly slightly pull on Qing Yi’s sleeves as he talked.

    “Alright! Let us go together!” Qing Yi happily held Qing Shui’s hand, the excitement in her heart was forcibly suppressed, but Qing Shui could still feel it somewhat. Now, she is just overjoyed temporarily, but in the future, I will definitely make sure she stays happy forever!

    “Qing Clan’s Master, Congratuations! Young Master Qing Shui have no problems with his body at all. In fact, his internal organs are even stronger than ordinary people, this recovery rate is really too astounding!” Doctor Wu enthusiastically added.
    At this moment, just a few sentences from Doctor Wu confirming the recovery of Qing Shui, actually caused tears to flow down Qing Yi’s face. She was tightly embracing Qing Shui, Qing Shui smiled as he knew that this were tears were not borne of anguish but of happiness!

    “Mother dearest.. don’t cry!” Qing Shui gently wiped the tears off her face.

    After escorting Doctor Wu out, Qing Luo returned with a perculiar expression on his face.

    Initially, Qing Shui had a very weak constitution, unsuitable for practising martial arts. Qing Luo was also sad for him. After all, Qing Shui was the son of his treasured daughter. However, if Qing Shui ever managed to recover, he would surely be stronger than average when compared to people of the same martial realm. If he grew up, he would definitely be an exceptional genius, and given how much he loved his mother, he would absolutely seek revenge in the future! Sigh, what a sin… this must be karma..

    “Grandpa, Mother, I wish to cultivate!” This simple words from Qing Shui greatly startled both Qing Luo and Qing Yi.

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    The raws that i was using for the first 5 chapters had actually 8 chapters of content in them! to prevent confusion, I will be referencing from this source starting from the next chapter.

    As a result, the next chapter will be posted as Chapter 9.

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    Ancient Strengthening Technique: Chapter 9 – Blue Lotus Art

    Qing Luo felt an ambivalence of happiness and bitterness, previously, since fate had decreed that Qing Shui was unable to cultivate, it wouldn’t be a problem just for him to live out his life peacefully in the Qing Clan. Now that he had recovered and was able to practise martial arts, it was unknown, in the future would it be a blessing or tragedy for the Qing Clan….

    Compared to Qing Luo, Qing Yi was in euphoria, her son had finally recovered, he would never have to be called trash again. If not for this, Qing Yi was worried that Qing Shui may go mad eventually because of his longing to attain power.

    “Qing Shui, the current me have no capability to bring you back to your rightful home… However, since you have recovered, you can finally take a small step on the path of cultivation, in the future, you must surely depend own your own power to get back what was originally yours.”

    Due to his memories from when he was a baby, Qing Shui could understand of fragments of what Qing Yi had said. It was enough for now, when he got stronger, he would naturally comprehend more about the truth behind his background.

    Qing Luo softly sighed, after which, he nodded his head and patted Qing Shui on his head before leaving.

    “Mother, I feel that Grandpa was somewhat unwilling to let me cultivate?” Qing Shui curiously questioned quietly.

    “How could that be possible, there is no such thing, your Grandpa is just worried that on the road of cultivation, it is inevitable to have fights with other cultivators, he is worried that you may get wounded.” Qing Yi warmly said as she patted Qing Shui’s head.

    “Mother, could you instruct me now, I want to start right now.” After all, he had not even mastered the first step of the Ancient Strengthening Technique. Even if he had mastered it, the Ancient Strengthening Technique could only be executed to its highest level of potential when it was complementing other martial techniques. It was going to be his first experience in training in martial arts as well, therefore he also hoped that he could learn and demonstrate those impressive-looking moves.
    “Excellent, come over here Qing Shui, I will impart you my insights regarding the dao of martial arts.” Qing Yi happily pulled Qing Shui closer.

    Qing Yi’s study room, was not extremely spacious, but it was clean and organised. The faint scent of ancient books permeated the room, emitting a pleasant smell.

    “Qing Shui, martial arts cultivation can be very arduous, are you afraid.” Qing Yi asked softly as she sat down next to Qing Shui.

    “I’m not afraid, mother, no matter how many obstacles are placed before me, i will treat them as my stepping stones, I will never stumble!”

    Qing Shui gently laughed, the temperament of this child of hers was the exact same as his father! Unbiddenly, waves of melancholy assailed her heart as she thought of Qing Shui’s father.

    “Qing Shui, cultivation can be generally split into 2 paths. First is the foundation building, second is the martial techniques. Only by combining both together would one be able to unleash true formidable might.

    “Mother, does this means that the more solid one’s foundation are, the greater strength one would be able to exhibit?” Qing Shui asked after contemplating for a short while.

    Qing Shui was stunned, the level of Qing Shui’s comprehension was too high…

    “You could say that, as the saying goes; practising martial arts without first establishing a solid foundation, in the end it all comes to naught.”

    “Mother, then could you teach me our family’s Blue Lotus Art?” Qing Shui had been in the Qing Clan for 8 years, there was no reason why he did not know of the existence of the Qing Clan’s secret martial skill.

    “Okay, Blue Lotus Art was the strongest set of martial techniques that was passed down from our Qing Clan’s ancestors. Other than enabling one to stregthen their body, Blue Lotus Art consists of utilising both offensive and defensive techniques. You must understand that most martial arts practised by cultivators only served to strengthen the body, many of those arts were not inclusive of attacking techniques, much less defensive ones. Blue Lotus Art was of a higher tier compared to these!
    “Wow.. isn’t the Blue Lotus Art unrivaled when compared to other cultivation techniques” Qing Shui asked in awe.

    Qing Yi lamented, “A long time ago, the ancestor of our Qing Clan cultivated the Blue Lotus Art Technique to the 9th Lotus Manifestation Stage. He became an peerless expert of his time. But after countless generations, our Qing Clan had declined to the point where we could only survive in this small mountain village.”

    “Mother, what does the 9th Lotus Manifestation Stage means?”

    “The Blue Lotus Art, after comprehending and attaining mastery of each stage would result in the manifestation of a protective lotus. The protective lotus could then be used for attack or defense. The ancestor previously mentioned had managed to cultivate the Blue Lotus Art almost to its pinnacle, resulting in the manifestation of 9 protective lotus!”

    “Mother, then what is the stage of your cultivation? How many lotus can you manifest currently?” Qing Shui asked.
    Qing Yi bowed her head and said with a hint of embarrassment, “only 2 at the moment…”

    “Hmm, how about Grandpa?” Qing Shui continued to ask.

    “Your Grandpa has reached the stage the 3rd Lotus Manifestation stage, he is currently the strongest in our Qing Clan, having reached the peak of Hou Tian stage.” Qing Yi answered.

    “Then how many stages can the Blue Lotus Art be divided into? What is the highest stage where one could cultivate to?”
    “Our Blue Lotus Art consists of a total of 10 stage. At the Martial Warrior and Martial General stage, it was completely impossible to manifest any lotus. Only when one had reached the stage of Martial Commander, 7th Grade, would he be able to manifest a single lotus. 2 lotus for Martial Commander, 8th Grade and finally 3 lotus for Martial Commander, 10th Grade! (peak of Hou Tian)

    “Then how did the ancestor cultivate to the stage of manifesting 9 lotus?”

    Looking at Qing Shui confusedly blinking his beautiful eyes, Qing Yi softly sighed… Although Qing Shui was very intelligent, she could not tell him of this right now..

    “The cultivation methods of the later stages of BLue Lotus Art had already been lost long ago.. Currently we only possess the methods of up to the Hou Tian realm.. As for stages past the Xian Tian Realm, we have no idea on how to further proceed. That is why your Grandpa had been stuck at the peak of Hou Tian, unable to break into the Xian Tian Realm.”

    “Mother will now instruct you in the beginning stance of the Blue Lotus Art.” Qing Yi stood up and motioned Qing Shui to follow her.

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    Ancient Strengthening Technique: Chapter 10 - Emergence of Qi

    In the basement.

    Qing Yi educated Qing Shui about the various meridians and energy channels in the human body, prior to this, Qing Shui had already obtain the information from the Ancient Strengthening Technique, therefore he was easily able to follow Qing Yi’s teachings. After hearing Qing Yi expounded on her knowledge, Qing Shui also gained enlightenment in terms of cultivating the Ancient Strengthening Technique

    2 hours later.

    When Qing Yi departed, Qing Shui was slowly entering into a meditative state.

    Mediation, this was an inordinately important practise in the way of cultivation. This was especially true when cultivating in higher-tiered martial arts, if one could not even calm their heart down, they surely would not be able to go far on the road to become an expert.

    Looking at the ease in which Qing Shui entered the meditative state, Qing Yi couldn't help but be startled. His talent is really unbelievable!

    Qing Shui was cultivating based on the oracular formula of the Blue Lotus, gradually entering into a state similar to when he was cultivating the Ancient Strengthening Technique, arriving into a realm of fantasy, as if his soul had been projected out of his body.

    Eventually, Qing Yi could feel a strand of hair-thin Qi emerging from his Dan Tian [1], flowing along his energy channels and circulating around his body. This strand of Qi felt extremely fragile, as if it could break any moment.

    Gradually, after the Qi had circulated for the full span of a single day and night, it flowed back to his Dan Tian.

    Qing Shui has finally succeeded in condensing Qi! He happily open his eyes, with a face full of elation.

    “I imagine if i told mother of this success, she would definitely be astounded.” he grinned.

    Qing Shui had never felt better in his life before, it was akin to someone dying of thirst in the desert and suddenly a huge source of water appeared in front of him. This sense of contentment was a type of feeling that resonates with both the body and soul.

    Qing Shui slowly walked out of the basement.

    “Mother dearest..” Qing Shui jubilantly called out.

    Qing Yi was pleasantly surprised, Qing Shui had only been mediating for a short while; she still had not recovered from her elation when Qing Shui entered the meditative state with ease and yet now, Qing Shui had appeared to have completed his training.

    “Mother, I have managed condensed Qi! However, it is very thin just like a strand of hair.”

    This words left Qing Yi dumbfounded. Her graceful jade-like face turned red as her lips trembled..

    “Qing Shui, quickly give me your hand” Qing Yi eagerly said.

    Qing Shui obediently obeyed, presenting his hands to Qing Yi. Qing Yi extended her graceful snow-white and jade-like hands to take Qing Shui hands into her own.

    “Qing Shui, quickly circulate your Qi based on the formula of the Blue Lotus Art.”

    After awhile, Qing Yi emotionally embraced Qing Shui and gave him 2 pecks of kisses on his cheeks.

    “Shui`er, you are a genius… a real genius.” Qing Shui said with a hint of excitement in her voice. Of course, Qing Yi would only lose her composure in front of her son.

    Seeing how happy Qing Yi was, Qing Shui’s heart was also filled with warmth. He knew that although Qing Yi usually appeared to be very happy, always wearing a smile on her face, in reality, she was only acting strong for his sake. But now, Qing Shui knew that Qing Yi was really happy from the depths of her heart.

    “Mother will be going first to prepare some delicacies for my little genius.” Qing Yi patted Qing Shui on his head lovingly.

    After Qing Yi left, Qing Shui shook his head in helplessness, his actual age was not that much younger than Qing Yi. But currently with his small body frame, he would have to talk in a way similar to a child and even the praises from adults were also said in a nauseously sweet manner.

    With a mother like this, even if the heavens tumbled down, Qing Shui would still be unconcerned, Qing Shui only wish now was for this woman whom he called mother to be happy.

    It may be because of her good mood recently, Qing Yi had a much better appetite as compared to the past. It was the same for QIng Shui, but he did not know was the actual reason because of him intensively training or because he could finally relax and be happy.

    “Mother, let me go out and do some scouting, I will join the rest of our clan members for cultivation practise tomorrow.”

    [1] a point 2 inches below the naval, where one Qi usually resides.

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    Ancient Strengthening Technique: Chapter 11 - Impurities Cleansing

    Qing Shui was blinking his beautiful eyes and smiling with a hint of confidence that was absent from before. He did not believe that he would be weaker when compared to the rest of the 3rd generation martial students.

    Qing Shui would only show that smile with a childish countenance in front of Qing Yi.

    And everytime Qing Yi saw that beautiful eyes of Qing Shui, memories would dredged up involuntarily, she could not help but be distracted albeit recovering quickly.

    Qing Shui walked out of Qing Mansion, and returned to a secret cave he discovered during his time of exploring the mountains. For the past few days, this cave was the place where he had practised the Ancient Strengthening Technique.

    The cave was very small, only with the space the size of a room. When Qing Shui first discovered the cave, he was filled with excitement and carried the hope of finding some mysterious treasure or top tier martial arts manuals. Contrary to his expectations, neither of the above was found, he only found a thumb-sized piece of oval jade after ransacking the cave. The pendant was somewhat worn and tattered, initially he did not want to keep the pendant, however as he took a closer look, he noticed there was a symbol of Yin-Yang inscribed on the pendant! This, he decided to keep it. The pendant produced a warm feeling when touched.

    He was reminded of the Yin-Yang symbol in his sea of consciousness and decided to wear the pendant around his neck, hidden in his clothes.

    After which, he would come to this cave everyday and leave after cultivating the Ancient Strengthening Technique. Today was no exception, despite countless disappointment as he struggled to understand the first step of the Ancient Strengthening Technique, he would still come to this cave and cultivate it every single day. The thought of giving up had never appeared in his mind.

    Previously, Qing Shui was still unable to master the first step the Ancient Strengthening Technique. There was supposed to be a formation of a flow of Qi and the Dan Tian would become something akin to a whirlpool.

    But today, was different. After successfully condensing the strand of Qi from cultivating the Blue Lotus Art, a small cloud of mist formed in his Dan Tian.

    Sitting down cross legged, Qing Shui activated the Ancient Strengthening Technique. To his surprise, that strand of Qi which appeared after cultivating the Blue Lotus Art, had actually begun to circulate through his meridians and energy channels as dictated by the Ancient Strengthening Technique!

    Qing Shui was a little confused.

    After circulating the Qi for sometime, the stand of Qi seemed to have become slightly thicker, and the flow of Qi got stronger.

    Could it be that, this was the purpose of the Ancient Strengthening Technique? It need a catalyst before it could be activated. That strand of Qi from the Blue Lotus Art was the catalyst it needed! That may be the reason why the Ancient Strengthening Technique had different levels.

    The Ancient Strengthening Technique could be differentiate into 9 levels to represent the 9 heavens. In the early stages of the technique, one could temper their Dan Tian. In the later stages, one could even reach Core Formation!

    “Forget it, I will cultivate first and worry about the rest in the future.”

    Qing Shui cautiously circulate his Qi, while closing his eyes. Unknown to him, when his Qi was circulated according to the path of the Ancient Strengthening Technique, when flowed to his chest, the pendant around his neck started to glimmer with faint traces of light. The traces of light was extremely pure to behold, it was not dazzlingly bright but was exceptionally beautiful.

    All this was not noticed by Qing Shui. Along the path designated by the Ancient Strengthening Technique, after the Blue Lotus Qi had completed a grand cycle of circulation [1], Qing Shui realised that there was 2 streams of Qi, 1 yellow and 1 blue converging together in his Dan Tian.

    Unknowingly, his Dan Tian had also evolved, forming a whirlpool of Qi. He could vaguely feel that the whirl pool of Qi was constantly revolving. Qing Shui could feel that it was capable of producing immense energy!

    “So my guess was right, the Ancient Strengthening Technique needed a catalyst before it could be activated.. No wonder I failed innumerable times previously.”

    The Qi from the Blue Lotus Art was light blue in colour, and that yellow Qi should have originated from the Ancient Strengthening Technique.” Qing Shui deduced.

    “Finally, the formation of the flow of Qi had succeeded, I will depend largely on the Ancient Strengthening Technique and the continually rotating symbol of Yin Yang in my mind of consciousness to slowly refining my body and strength to a terrifying stage. At that stage, without the use of any martial techniques and just based on the toughness of my body alone, I should be comparable to an expert.”

    “I absolutely cannot slack off in my cultivation of the Blue Lotus Art. At the very least, I must at least reach the 9 Lotus Manifestation Stage.” What a pity that the later stages of cultivation methods had been lost. Qing Shui dejectedly shook his head. He felt that Qing Yi should know something about the missing cultivation methods, it was just that she could not tell him at this moment of time.

    “Never mind, mastering the Ancient Strengthening Technique is more important than the Blue Lotus Art. After all, I wanted to train in the Blue Lotus Art as a means of deceiving others, to hide the existence of my Ancient Strengthening Technique.”

    “Today, I have managed to comprehend the basics of the initial stage of the Ancient Strengthening Technique, it could be said that it was a good start, I should not overthink things. Like what mother said, pride comes before a fall, it will be better for me to take 1 step at a time.”

    Only after ending his practise, did Qing Shui realised that there was an oily, black layer of filth that emitted an unpleasant smell excreted from his pores.

    Could this be… Impurities Cleansing?

    [1] Grand cycle of circulation - the Qi has been circulated through the entire body, 8 great meridians and all energy channels.

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    This is awesomeness. Keep up the good work.

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    This is one of my fav fantasy xianxia.
    Genre: Fantasy Advent Harem.

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    hi all, I have moved to Gravity Tales. If you are interested, you can read the future chapters over there. Thank you!

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