View Poll Results: Would you attend an SPCNET Get-Together in New York City if there was one?

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  • Yes, definitely! I want to meet the members in real life!

    11 16.92%
  • No way! I like to keep my virtual and real lives separate!

    3 4.62%
  • No way! I'm afraid some members will turn out to be psycho-killers!

    6 9.23%
  • Maybe, I would need to know who's going first..

    12 18.46%
  • No, NYC is too far away and I don't have the financial means to get there.

    33 50.77%
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Thread: SPCNET Get-together

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragonite3579
    why not come to singapore during christmas?or hold different gathring around the world andpost pics here on spcnet?
    Yea yea...but who would want to come to a tropical country for Christmas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NetDriftr
    what kind of parents would allow a 12 year old to meet up with a bunch of strangers 10 years older than them?
    That's to assume that these kids have good parents monitoring their activities. You hear stories nowadays, with kids going to meet people they've met on the net, and it just makes me

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