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    In SOD 96, when LHC is going to Shaolin with his motley crew to rescue YYY he encounters Chongxu and 2 of his underlings. I'm not sure if it was TVB altered as that scene was quite cheesy compared to the rest with drawn in animation effects. But the 2 underlings used liang er swords play (same type as the 2 guys that challenged ZWJ on bright peak used). Chongxu was remarking that when that swordsplay encountered a good opponent it was quite useless.

    Is there any more info on that skill, assuming it was not made up by TVB?

    Also what skill did Chongxu use to face LHC? And how exactly did LHC overcome him as i think he resorted to some risky tactic?
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    That part's actually been translated recently on the XAJH thread in translations. Go check it out!

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