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Thread: Any websites with ATV news in english translations out there?

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    Default Any websites with ATV news in english translations out there?

    I was wondering if anyone knows how to read chinese and can translate ATV news from the magazines online and from the ATV website because there isn't any website out there specifically for translating ATV news into english. It's really hard to know more about their artists when there's no translations of interviews they do, functions and promotions they do. Even rumors don't seem to exist for their artists not that it's a bad thing though. I think this would help people know more about about ATV series and their people. Many overseas only know how to read english and not chinese.

    If there is a website that translates ATV news into english can someone please tell me thanks.
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    hi there
    no such website exists. i have been a fan of ATV dramas for several years now and I have never come across such a website. the best that you can hope for is for kind hearted chinese people to translate the news into english. however not a lot of people are fans of ATV stars so a lot of translation doesn't occur.

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    The only website I can fink of dat translate news is AsianFanatics but it's not really about ATV

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