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Thread: Maximising your abilities as a sportsmen

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    Default Maximising your abilities as a sportsmen

    Firstly it should be known that all star sportsmen take a lot of Vitamins and dietary supplements daily to help sustain great levels of fitness during their rigourus careers usually through prescription by personal trainers etc...

    Some of the stuff they use are:

    BLAZE XTREME (a fat burning supplement contaning the All-Star MVPs: Delta 5-E, Tyramine, Forskolin, EGCG (a special constitutent of green Tea), Bacosides A & B, TTA and Caffeine)

    NITRON5 containing ornithine and arginine.
    Nitron 5 is designed to:-

    1. Increase lean body mass and strength

    2. Support muscle pumps and blood flow

    ERGOLEAN AMP. Pre-Workout Neuro-stimulant/ Thermogenic Monster.

    It contains Creatine Gluconate (cell volumizer) creatine with a "two staged" delivery system requiring absolutely no "loading period" and insuring fast, sustained, and maximal muscle volumization.

    Viper-an isotonic drink to boost the immunity.

    Promax 50 - A liquid protein boosting supplement

    T-Bomb II:

    It is like Testosterone on Testosterone- it jacks up the testosterone levels to the max, technically a male hormone optimizing formula. Supposedly a pro-hormone free testosterone formula available to optimize testosterone levels in the blood, also increasing the free testosterone, improving the testosterone to estrongen ratio and maximizing the anabolic effects of pure testosterone.

    and loads more....

    Now the question is do you think that normal sportsmen such as people in schools be allowed to be prescribed to such awesome performance enchancing supplements?

    I believe as long as the supplements they taken are not of those that are extremely damaging to an athletes body in the long-term should be quite acceptable asthese medicine certainly boosts sportsmens performances.
    It is also not only on-field abilities that get boosts, with proper training etc ones would definitely receive other great boosts... e.g. sexual endurance, stamina etc...

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    There's the issue of cost. As long as they are legal and safe, I don't see why not. But the education system will be reluctant to give these to young ones.

    Maximising testosterone sounds like something harmful. And if they don't utilise the extra protein it was just be converted into waste calories.
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    Yeah it could be but having a mild boost in it has many benefits.

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    Doesn't too much protein make ya lose your hair?

    Kinda heard that somewhere.
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    Taking those "drugs" is only 50% of it in being a good sports person. Micheal Jordan was a great basketball player, but he was a horrible baseball player. He probably did all those named "drugs", but it didn't maximise his talent in playing baseball.

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