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Thread: OT: Please TRY to stay on topic in threads.

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    Default OT: Please TRY to stay on topic in threads.

    Ken here with a request/suggestion:

    Discussions are organic in nature, and the direction they take is often unpredictable. To a certain extent, that's positive and encouraged.

    For the sake of a more coherent and enjoyable discussion experience, however, I would like all members of the SPCNET Wuxia Forum to try their best to stay on topic in the threads. It's difficult. I've been known to go on tangents in threads myself. Nevertheless, we must make a better effort to stay on topic because our thread drift problems lately have become increasingly common.

    Most importantly, I ask all members to refrain from posting off-topic information in a thread that has a specified topic (pretty much all threads). Try to keep the discussions focused.

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