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Thread: Review : The Fantasy Couple

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaasbris
    I meant ex-SES member Ms. Ok ju-hyun. Recently she admitted her plastic surgery, which wasn't surprising though.
    You see that i almost spread a rumor....hehehehehe..ok...
    ****Love, Live, and watch Asian Series****

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suet Seung View Post
    Why does this synopsis remind me so much of the Americian movie with Goldie Hawn and Patrick Swayze? Goldie Hawn played a rich heiress who got into a yacht/boat accident lost her memory and Patrick took her in, even though she had mistreated him in the past and pose her as his wife and mother of his three children.

    I know it could be different but the basic plot sounds similiar enough to be a copy.
    It's not Patrick Swayze but rather Kurt Russell as the main guy. My all time favorite movie.

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    i just bought the vcd of this series....
    the show is super funny, i love it
    especially when she kidnaps the 3 boys dog just to get back her princess... and the scene where they make the exchange.
    one can almost say that cho anna is almost truthful to the facts of live that it hurts other people's feelings....

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    Default Really funny

    I was in Kuala lumpur recently and watched this show for a few nights. It's really funny and I did'nt find any of the characters annoying. Unlike My girl which has a very annoying old man.

    There was the episode when Billy was chasing after Kang Ja to get a photo back and then she seemed to be chasing after him not long after. It was hilarious how Billy pretended that he was running in slow motion. And the villagers took it all in their stride,

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