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    Default Reviews Received

    checked 05-30-03

    Japan: Satorare 2002
    *Reviewed by Chi Mei

    Taiwan: The legend of condor lovers 1998 *Reviewed by Amy Li

    TVB: Reaching Out 2001
    Japan: LONG VACATION 1996
    *Reviewed by OrangeJelly

    Japan: TOKYO LOVE STORY 1991
    *Reviewed by Tenshi

    Taiwan: State of Divinity 2000
    Taiwan: Romance in the rain 2001
    *Reviewed by Amy Li

    Movie: Life is a Miracle 2001
    *Reviewed by Jennifer Lam

    Movie: Summer Holiday 2000
    Movie: Reunion 2002
    Movie: So Close 2002
    *Reviewed by Chi Mei

    Korea: Joyful Girl’s Successful Story 2002 Korea: Her House 2001
    *Reviewed by Lin

    TVB: Take care, your highness! 1985
    *Reviewed by sukting

    Movie: Matrix
    *Reviewed by Joyce

    TVB: Vigilante Force 2003
    *Reviewed by wind

    Anime: Grave of the Fireflies 1988 *Reviewed by cherrie

    Taiwan: managing love 2002
    *Reviewed by sukting

    Movie: Bicentennial Man 1999
    Movie: Fear 1996
    *Reviewed by Chi Mei

    ATV: The Good Old Days - a true classic 1995
    *Reviewed by chilamania

    China: Zou Xiang Go Her (Towards a Republic) 2003
    *Reviewed by Giant Eagle

    TVB: Take My Word For It 2002
    *Reviewed by hoyan_gwong

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    checked 06-27-03

    Movie: Love is Butterfly 2002
    Movie: Diva - Ah Hey 2003
    *Reviewed by Chi Mei

    TVB: Lofty Water Verdant Bow 2003
    *Reviewed by Nhi

    China: Towards a Republic (Zou Xiang Gong Her) 2003
    *Reviewed by Giant Eagle

    TVB: Fate Twisters 2003
    *Reviewed by Josh

    TVB: Swordsman Lai Bo Yee 1995
    *Reviewed by Majorie Fu

    TVB: Back to Square One 2003
    TVB: Vigilante Force 2003
    *Reviewed by evelyn

    Korea: A woman's home 2001
    Korea: Days of Youth
    Korea: Bad friends 1998
    Korea: Invitation
    Korea: Love again
    Korea: Love 1998
    Korea: Models
    Korea: The Piano 2001
    Korea: Sunshine upon me 2002
    Korea: Truth 2000
    *Reviewed by sukting

    TVB: Perish In The Name Of Love 2003
    *Reviewed by SilverMoon

    TVB: Aiming High 1998
    *Reviewed by rain^

    Korea: Romance 2002
    *Reviewed by June

    TVB: Police station no 7 2002
    *Reviewed by Rodimus

    TVB: Eternal Happiness
    TVB: Lofty Waters Verdant Bow
    *Reviewed by mommyJJ

    TVB: Square Pegs 2003
    *Reviewed by Kitty

    Movie: Farewell, My Concubine 1993
    *Reviewed by Aurora

    China: Xiao Ao Jiang Hu 2001 - CCTV 2001
    *Reviewed by TristeCoeur

    TVB: Doom to Oblivion 2002
    *Reviewed by nsingyi

    Korea: Guardian Angel
    *Reviewed by kvietnguyen

    Taiwan: managing love II 2002
    *Reviewed by sukting

    TVB: Fate Twisters 2003
    *Reviewed by Khanhtien

    China: HSDS- Yi Tian Tu Long Ji 2003
    *Reviewed by Carol

    (this long list is a result of neglect on my part, I am quite ashamed)
    If you don't see your review on this list, please email or PM me about it. I have decided to be more strict on accepting reviews now since I want to maintain a higher standard for reviews. I'm always happy to give suggestions on what I think is a good review and accept the review after revision.

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    checked 7-13-03

    TVB: Return of the Condor Heroes 1983
    *Reviewed by Poomintr Sooksripaisarnkit

    TVB: Detective Investigation Files IV 1999
    *Reviewed by Bridget

    Movie: Lan Yu 2001
    *Reviewed by do^aho

    TVB: Saga of the Lost Kingdom 1988
    *Reviewed by Shirley

    Movie: Twins Effect 2003
    Movie: My Tutor Friend 2003
    Movie: Killer Clans 1976
    *Reviewed by PJ

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    checked 08/10/03

    TVB: The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow 2003
    *Reviewed by Victor Seow

    TVB: Time Off 1998
    *Reviewed by Josh

    The W Files 2003
    *Reviewed by Kitty

    Japan: News No Onna ( Newswoman/ Anchorwoman) 1998 *Reviewed by Amh

    ATV: Venture Against Time 2003
    *Reviewed by kvietnguyen

    to be continued...

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