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Thread: Little Dragon Girl's Double Sword Attack: switching hands?

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    Default Little Dragon Girl's Double Sword Attack: switching hands?

    After Little Dragon Girl learned the Left/Right Hand Technique from Chow Bak Tung and began to execute Double Sword Attack by herself (without Yeung Gor), did she generally have a preference on which hand would do the Cheun Jen Sword Technique and which hand would do the Jade Maiden Sword Technique, or could she go either way? Was it possible for her to switch hands (i.e. the hand that is using Cheun Jen Sword Technique would switch to Jade Maiden Sword Technique, and vice-versa) in midcombat?

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    That would definitly confuse many fighters, yes i believe it would be possible to switch, but only if she has a clear mind.

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    It should be possible to switch hands. According to the descriptions of L/R technique in LOCH, it's as if you've split your mind into two. So your body acts as if two people were controlling it seperately. I'm guessing either side of the body can be chosen to use Jade Maiden or Chuen Zen.

    In fact, Guo Jing can even use seperate internal energies with the different sides of the body. I may be quoting incorrectly since it's been a long time since I read the novel, but when HYS was playing the flute for HR's bridal competition, GJ was reacting to his music by turning half of his body cold and then sweating profusely with the other half.

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