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Thread: lady stealer - bat bien ky hiep

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    Default lady stealer - bat bien ky hiep

    eh-- i searched everywhere for the thread... but i found a link, but surprisingly it was deleted.

    has anyone seen it, i watched it. i think it`s atv cuz the little symbol thing, so far its funny. i wanna right a review [: haha. but i get lazy. anyways, any one wanna tell me MORE about whats it about.

    so far i gathered, that... the king`s uncle wants to prove that tai hau [the empress?] had an affair based on a book with love poems, written in a SPECiAL ink that can only be found in the palace, to become king.... [:

    i want to also find out names too [: thanks

    **i have a partial "review" / "spoilers" at my site... below (in the siggy)
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    this was cute tv show.

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    Did you guys like the ending? I was a bit disappointed but I guess it would make sense why it ended that way.
    I thought Noel was very cute in this series, very different from the usual roles she had in tvb series. Eric's character was very funny. So was the second Brother. That one Mongolian girl who likes Eric reminds me of Marianne Chan.

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