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Thread: Qiang Shen - Gun and Glory [Jackie Lui, Joey Meng, Sunny Chan]

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    Default Qiang Shen - Gun and Glory [Jackie Lui, Joey Meng, Sunny Chan]

    Has anyone seen this serial? Please share your opinions.

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    I thought it was not bad. Jackie was great as usual and my favorite character was Ben Ng. He was quite hilarious in this series.

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    oh man i remember watching this series when iwas little its so funny i think jacky liu can shot like 100 shots with his gun and would never miss or something and ben or was it jacky can shoot like the wall/floor or something and make it hit you or something... but this series was cool old school..

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    i recently watched it, but it was in mando with no sub titles but anyhows, i managed to work out wat was going on haha
    if anyone knows where to get the canto version, plse let me know....

    those that have seen did the main chick died at the end? Or did Jackie just married someone that looks like her??

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