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Thread: Dare to Strike 扫冰者

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    Default Dare to Strike 扫冰者

    Found the opening and clips from this 1999 (?) TCS series on Youtube.

    If I remember correctly, it's about two cops (Julian Cheung and Li Nanxing) trying to infiltrate and bust drug rings in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Starring a few local artistes (Li Nanxing, Ann Kok) and many overseas artistes (Julian Cheung, Andrew Lian Kai, Steven Au, Monica Chan, Damien Lau). It's quite entertaining to watch, especially of Li Nanxing's transformation.
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    Seriously, this is one of the best series(to me)... The standard of Mediacorp nowadays is simply too low(at least it is to me). Such a coincidence that recently I just dl this and now I saw someone actually bringing it out.

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    I really enjoyed watching Lee NanXing series. I wish he has more series coming out.

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    I remember having watched this a long whiles ago. I also quite enjoyed it. Was nice seeing the cooperating between the two companies. Best fact though was that Li Nan Xiang and Julian worked very well together and did produce the partners chemistry.

    Can't remember much about the serei except for the ending and somewhat of Julian's relationship with his ex-wife and all ^__^
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    This is a great series, especially Li Nanxing's transformation to a drug lord is just so cool!!! However, the parts where Julian is a gangster weren't so nice... the gangster scenes in Dare to Strike pales in comparison to Young and Dangerous and even TVB's Shades of Truth...

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