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Thread: Did Hui Juk attempt to take the Siu Yiu Sect mainstream?

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    Default Did Hui Juk attempt to take the Siu Yiu Sect mainstream?

    At the point that Hui Juk took over as the Siu Yiu Sect Leader, the Siu Yiu Sect was a shadowy organization whose existence was unknown to most of the mainstream wulin public (i.e. Shaolin, the Beggar's Union, the Deun Royal Family, etc.). Even those who had an inkling of the Siu Yiu Sect's existence knew it only as a highly secretive organization.

    Given Hui Juk's background (brought up by and as a member of Shaolin, the most mainstream and public wulin sect of all) and personality, do you think that Post-DGSD, he attempted to take the Siu Yiu Sect mainstream? Would he have changed the sect's policies so that it could function as a mainstream wulin sect?

    In HSDS, that was Cheung Mo Gei's agenda for the Ming Cult after he took office as Cult Leader. Within two years' time, he and his subordinates had transformed the Ming Cult from a marginalized, persecuted "devil cult" into a major mainstream wulin power whose status was on par with Shaolin, Mo Dong Sect, and Ngor Mei Sect. I wonder if Hui Juk even attempted to do the same for the Siu Yiu Sect.

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