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Sangdoo, Let's go to School
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Thread: Sangdoo, Let's go to School

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    Default Sangdoo, Let's go to School


    This is the story of Sang-Doo, a young single father who has resorted to the life of a gigolo to pay for his daughter's hospital bills. One day, he sees his first love, Eun-Hwan. Circumstances had parted them ten years ago and although he forgot her over time, he never stopped loving her. Even though Eun-Hwan is engaged, Sang-Doo is determined to win back her love. However, Eun-Hwan has her doubts even though she still loves Sang-Doo. She is engaged to Min-Suk and finds it hard to believe that Sang-Doo is sincere about her since he didn't profess his love for her ten years before. So, do the two ill-fated lovers reunite?

    (Synopsis taken from http://www.spcnet.tv/reviews/review.php?rID=939)

    I wonder if anyone else has seen this. I recently decided to watch it and I like it a lot. I'm very impressed with the character that Bi/Rain plays in this series and his acting actually brings the character to life.
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    ya,i watched this drama but only the last episode i hadn't finish because i am busy on that day....hish!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thank you for your link...it's so useful to me....rain is gorgeous!!!!!
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    Rain is really cute in this series....it's a good series to watch...the ending is kinda...umm..i dont want to ruin it for yoi
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