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Thread: GREAT REVIEW (Charactor REVIEW) ON HSDS 2003

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    and it says that phyllis is singapore on this website

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    Phyllis Quek and Florence Tan are both are Malaysians. At least, they were. I don't think either of them have taken up Singapore citizenship.

    They are known to be "from Singapore" because they started their careers in Singapore, and are still working for Singapore's Mediacorp. Both of them are in HSDS because it was a China, Taiwan and Singapore joint venture, not Malaysia. To say that they were actress from Malaysia sort of suggest that it was China/Taiwan/Malaysia collaboration. Though I agree that it is ridiculous for her nationality to be stated as Singapore. She is a Singaporean artiste, but she is Malaysian in nationality.

    It's like Kristy Yeung Kung Yu spent much of her childhood in Canada. If my memory hasn't failed me, she has Canadian citizenship. She returned to HK to take part in that ATV beauty contest. She's technically from Canada. However, she is known to be a HK actress, not Canadian one.

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