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Gabriel Hoi aka Hoi Chun Kit
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Thread: Gabriel Hoi aka Hoi Chun Kit

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    Default Gabriel Hoi aka Hoi Chun Kit

    There was no discussion on Gabriel Hoi in this actors forum, so I decided to start one on him. I think this guy is hot! He looks mixed- Chinese/Mexican. I like it. I first saw him in the TVB series Untraceable Evidence 2. He is exotic looking. Anyone else likes him? Post pictures of him, preferably new ones. I only have old pics of him, also does anyone know how old he is?

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    Ah, so he's the guy who plays the jerk son in Rural Hero. I also feel like I've seen him in another series before. I've seen Untraceable Evidence 2 too, but I don't remember him in there. Did he play Da Yong's younger brother in DIF 3 by any chance or was that someone else?

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    I believe he also played Zhao Min's brother in HSDS2000. Haven't seen much of him lately.
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    Yea he was Michael Tao's borther in DIF 3, he looked so hot in that series too, I felt so sad when his character died especially since I liked him so much in there. He's back with ATV again recently and filmed Hk Special Cases and Relentless Justice. I never liked him when he was with TVB besides his DIF3 role. I started liking him after his 2nd lead role in Anything But Him where his acting was able to make me feel for his character and he was able to make his younger man, old woman relationship convincing even when the woman really did look alot older than him in appearance.

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