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Thread: Masked Rider Blade: Legend story

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    Default Masked Rider Blade: Legend story

    93 million years ago, a war has been brought upon a star called Valinace. It was a war between the Genesis and the Undead. The war has been fought for 2 centries until 10 special Rider units has been created and was use to end the war.
    And so, the Undead's have lost the great war to the Genesis and have been sealed away. And after peace has been brought back to Valinace, the 10 special rider units was sentence to be destroy so that no other living things will ever use it for evil! And so the units were destroyed, but not all of them. 4 has been stolen and believed to have vanished!

    So many centries of lightyears has passed since the great war between the Genesis and the Undeads. Now the genesis was no longer living on Valinace, in which was now known as Earth!

    December 8, 2085
    I was only a scientist doing research on bugs and insect's, and living a normal life with the women I love. Until that day when i have found which seem's to be a type of strange lookin device! it was something that i have never seen before, it holds a very powerful transformation that is beyond our human's understanding and knowledge!

    But there is something that I understand inside my heart! It has the will and fate to protect this world and to protect my love ones from which they were called the Undead's!!

    I'm not sure if peoples will be interested in my story of Masked rider blade but if anybody likes it then maybe I'll finished the whole story by chapter's. So please comment. Thank you
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    Sounds interesting, hope to see how it will be like!

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