Little Dragon Girl from ROCH and Green Winged Bat King from HSDS were known as superior practitioners of hing gung (lightness skill). Although neither one would have any chance to defeat a Greats-level fighter in a competition of inner power, either one could probably run circles around even the Greats. Hing gung is said to be tied into inner power. Without good inner power, it's impossible to be a good user of hing gung. That being the case, is that the reason why Little Dragon Girl and Wai 1 Siu seemed a bit deficient (compared to their peers) in the more offensive applications of hing gung? Little Dragon Girl was able to outspeed Kau Cheen Yan, who was the Greats-level fighter with the best hing gung skills, and with her Left/Right Hand Double Sword Technique, could probably match a Great in fighting technique. In inner power, however, she could not compete with a Great. Similarly, Wai 1 Siu could outspeed any of his Ming Cult compatriots. Only Cheung Mo Gei with his complete 9 Yeung Jen Ging inner power could keep up with Wai 1 Siu. In terms of overall fighting ability, however, Wai 1 Siu was weaker than the other three Guardian Lords of the Ming Cult. Does this mean that fighters who divert their inner power for hing gung use are not able to also divert it for offensive power?