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The Rise of the White Warrior
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Thread: The Rise of the White Warrior

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    Default The Rise of the White Warrior

    What can a young man do after he lost his family, his love one, and the ones who means the most to him?
    What can a young man do to protect himself when he holds the most powerful martial art script that the whole world craves for?
    What can a young man who's new to the Martial World (Jiang Hu/ Gong Wu) do to survive?


    The Rise of the White Warrior...
    Second book after The Legend of the White Warrior...
    A story about how this young man rised to the fame that this father held... and even further...



    Benny Chan as... Mok Ming Hei ( 莫明希 )
    He’s the carrier of the Ching Sum Kuet and descendent of Mok Tian Hau. What can this naive and handsome individual do to live up to his family's name and protect the Ching Sum Kuet from falling into the hands of the wrong person?

    Leila Tong as... Tong Siu Lan ( 唐小兰 )
    She loved him, but she never told him. Being the soft and fragile girl she is, she never knew the secrets that her mother holds behind the powerful Hing Gong (Qing Gong) that she was taught...

    Nancy Wu as... Bak Gwun Yu ( 白君如 )
    Being the second mistress of the White Cloud Sect that only consist of female members, she had never met a real man before. Though all the men she heard of were malicious and heartless, her first encounter with a kind and generous man changed her view. But what would it do to her future and her status in the sect?
    (note: nancy does not appear until halfway into the story)

    Sammual Chan as... Mung Wai Hung ( 蒙卫雄 )
    Born from a wealthy family who just moved into the city of Luo Yang, he had a perfect life with a silver spoon in his mouth. There was one thing he couldn't get though, the heart of the girl he loved. What will he do when all that he wants could not be grasped within his hands?

    Myolie Wu as... Hong Deep Ting ( 康蝶婷 )
    Being Mung Wai Hung's cousin, she always had affection for him. However, since she wasn't as pretty or skinny as some of the girls out there, Wai Hung never laid his eyes upon her. With her attitude of believing that upper-class are better than the others, how will it be when she passes those who hates people with such attitudes?


    Unassigned Characters...

    Tong Yi Ting ( 唐谊婷 )
    Being the mother of Siu Lan, she held many secrets from daughter. Will there be a day for these secret's revelation or will she just leave her daughter in confusion about her past?

    Tit Lawng Fan ( 铁朗凡 )
    The mysterious leader of the Monkey Clan. In the past, there was one woman that changed his whole life. What will happen when he encounter this woman once again? Will he choose to have her hate him forever for his actions or win a smile on her face?

    Bak Sing Ping ( 白星平 )
    She's the mother of Sing Ping, the head mistress of the White Cloud Sect, the place where the Martial World calls the 'healing or poisonous kingdom' (for it has all the cures and poisons that one can imagine of). Holding a powerful position in the martial world where no one dares to take over her kingdom and being one of the four legendary beauties of the martial world, why does she hate men that much?

    Shum Ying ( 沈莹 )
    She may be young and naive, but her past is mysterious and dark. Will she ever let this shadow of darkness cast upon her leave her when she encounters the White Warrior?

    Fong Ying Fung ( 方英丰 )
    A semi-god. A mystic. Whatever you would want to call him. What does he know and how does he know it? Is it even his duty to inform people about their future? Will disaster befall him once heaven finds out?

    Chan Gwok Ho ( 陈国浩 )
    He's the commander of a powerful army in the government. If he holds so much power, what about the Ching Sum Kuet attracts him to much? Why does he strive to obtain it with his own hands? Will this attempt of his fail again like his last one or will he actually win?


    Okay, hello! This is a continuation from my other story 'the legend of the white warrior.' if you are interested in reading that one... here is the URL:


    if you are a little lost and do not wish to read the first book too, feel free to leave a comment and i'll try to clear things up. =D thanks for reading and comments are greatly appreciated!

    The Chronicles of the White Warrior:
    Book 1 - The Legend of the White Warrior
    Book 2 - The Rise of the White Warrior
    Book 3 - The Revenge of the White Warrior
    Book 4 - The Curse of the White Warrior


    ***credits to emilyy (babiadorkable) for editing! =D
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    CHAPTER 1: Remembering the Past

    This chapter is just going to be like a flashback of events, sort of like the last chapter of "The Legend of the White Warrior," so people who didn't read this before sort of have an idea of what's going on.



    Mok Ming Hei 莫明希 - Benny Chan
    Sima Mei Yin 司马美言 - Tavia Yeung
    Sima Lok Yun 司马诺仁
    Mok Fung 莫凤
    Mok Tian Hau 莫天孝


    The Ching Sum Kuet, one of the top martial art in the martial world that thousands fight for, was based on the factor of love. Why were thousands willing to waste their lives for this? Mastering the Ching Sum Kuet gives one the power to control nature. Water, fire, wind, and the all the other sources of nature that can be named. At each level, sources of nature become easier and easier to grasp, along with the use of this powerful martial art’s three miraculous weapons: the Ching Sum Fan, Ching Sum Sword, and the Ching Sum Flute. The whole martial world and the government desired this martial art and were willing to do anything to get their hands on it, for if they can control nature, they can control anything. If a martial art will cause this much destruction, why was it born in the first place? With its existence and the need to prevent it from getting into the wrong hands, this martial art was placed in the hands of the White Warrior, Mok Tian Hau. With level 1 to 5 as the basics, the challenge of mastering this martial art began with Level 6, which required one to fall in love. Level 7 requires both to know each other’s feelings. Level 8 requires their love to reach the point where scarification could be willingly made to save the other’s life. Lastly, level 9 requires many love stories of that single man, and for him to remember each and every one deeply.

    Chan Gwok Ho, a general of China, was one of the many people who tried to gain this martial art into his own hands. He hunted down the Mok family for years, with the reason of gaining this martial art back for his own family, but the human heart is the same throughout for his case, he wanted it for himself. To avoid these people, Mok Tian Hau tempted to leave the martial world and lived in the city of Luo Yang with his current wife and son, Mok Ming Hei, for the most dangerous place like a big city was the safest place.

    In the city of Luo Yang, Ming Hei grew up and was secretly taught martial arts by his father, without the knowledge that what he’s learning is the Ching Sum Kuet. He was able to reach level 8 when he was in love with a beautiful girl named Sima Mei Yin. However, she was an upperclass. Tian Hau feared that any upperclass will be related to Chan Gwok Ho in a way. Therefore, he tried to break Ming Hei and her apart. To his surprise, his filial son was disobedient to his commands and went his own way this time. This eventually brought the death of his parents after a revelation of Tian Hau’s identity and the coming of Chan Gwok Ho into the city. There, Ming Hei’s parents died right before his own eyes on his 19th birthday and lived a secret life without anyone knowing about his existence in the house his father’s close friend, Tong Yi Ting, who lived on a small hill on the outskirts of town with her daughter, Tong Siu Lan, a beautiful girl who had always loved Ming Hei, but never revealed her feelings to him.

    It was just yesterday when this tragedy happened. So there was Ming Hei, sitting in the corner of his bed and sobbing for his parents as he left his bloody hands that were injured while he dug his parent’s graves uncared for, allowing the blood to trickle down upon his white clothing.

    There, he remembered the way of how he and Mei Yin met…


    “Mister, these two were caught fighting on the streets,” reported one of the officers.

    “Fighting on the streets? What are your names?” asked the government official.

    “Yuan Ming Hei,” said Ming Hei.

    “Sima Mei Yin, the daughter of Sima Lok Yun, if you know what is good for you,” said the pretty girl while taking out a jade amulet with her last name carved on it to show her identity.

    Ming Hei’s eyes widened at the site to realize that the daughter of a rich family was a sassy girl like her.


    He also remembered when she was trying to be like a princess when she thought she liked Yeung Sung…


    “Please Ming Hei, please. If you don’t help me, I’ll come here to bother you every day. Come on, please,” said Mei Yin tugging on his sleeve harder, and harder. Ming Hei tried to make her loose her grip, but it did not work.

    “Fine! I’ll help you!” said Ming Hei finally, after he couldn’t stand her begging.

    “Really?! Thank you!” said Mei Yin giving him a big hug, but Ming Hei pushed her off.

    “First thing, do not tug and pull people, that is not something a well taught upper class daughter should do,” said Ming Hei.

    “Yes teacher,” said Mei Yin while giving a little bow. “Is that more ladylike?”

    “Much better,” said Ming Hei pleasingly.


    He remembered the warm hands of his mother…


    Ming Hei then went inside and into his room, carrying a bottle of healing oil in his hand. He sat down and took off his top and then examined his bruise on his hand. It was worst than he had thought. Then he tried to rub his bruise with his left hand, but it was difficult. At that moment, his mother passed by and saw his bruise. She gasped in shock.

    “Ming Hei! What happened?” said Ah Fung as she entered.

    Ming Hei placed his finger on his lips as a sign for his mother to be quiet. “I hurt myself when I went out today; it’s just a bruise, nothing bad. Don’t tell dad, or else he’ll make a big deal about it and ask me all about it,” said Ming Hei.

    “I won’t tell him. Here, let me help you,” said Ah Fung as she got some oil and rubbed it on Ming Hei’s bruise.

    “Thanks mother,” said Ming Hei.

    “We’re a family, no need to say things like that,” said Ah Fung. “How did you hurt yourself?”

    “Oh, nothing. Someone in the streets accidentally whacked me in the arm with a stick,” said Ming Hei.

    “I see,” said Ah Fung as she helped his son rubbed his bruise.


    He remembered when Mei Yin confessed her love to him…


    “What do you mean by that? Do you think I’m those stupid upper class woman who plays with people’s feelings?” said Mei Yin. Ming Hei didn’t listen. “Look at me!” said Mei Yin. Ming Hei didn’t turn around. “I said, look at me!” said Mei Yin as he forced Ming Hei to turn around. She held his hands and looked at him in the eyes. “The only one I have in my heart,” said Mei Yin as tears gushed out of her eyes, “is you.”


    He remembered when Mei Yin and he marked their love with a simple lilac…


    Ming Hei pulled a nice little lilac from the best bunch on the hill and handed it to Mei Yin.

    “It’s for you!” said Ming Hei. Mei Yin received the flower with her little hands and sniffed it with her nose.

    “Thank you,” said Mei Yin.

    “I’ve known you for a while already and haven’t gotten you anything, so I thought I should--- yeah,” said Ming Hei. The sweet smile and beautiful eyes that Mei Yin released on Mei Yin caused his brain to go blank and couldn’t continue what he was going to say. Even though, Mei Yin knows what he has in mind. She then kneeled down and picked out another beautiful lilac and handed it to Ming Hei.

    “This one is for you!” said Mei Yin. Ming Hei looked at her oddly for a while, but then happily accepted the flower. “You gave me something so I thought that I should give you something in return,” smiled Mei Yin.

    Ming Hei smiled back. “These two little lilacs shall be our first gifts of love to each other. When you get home, place it under a lot of books so then it’ll form into a bookmark. I will do the same, so we can then keep it forever.” He then held tightly onto Mei Yin’s hands.

    “Yes, I will,” said Mei Yin. She then gave him a big hug which he returned.

    “No matter what happens, this flower will always be with us, signaling our story that will last a lifetime. Even if we can not be together at the end, this flower will always stay with you and me,” said Ming Hei.

    “It will always stay with me, until the point I die,” said Mei Yin.


    Ming Hei remembered when Mei Yin gained a scar on her face…

    Mei Yin sat down right next to him as he applied the coverage cream onto her face.

    “You still look beautiful no matter what. Okay?” said Ming Hei as he touched her cheeks.


    He remembered his father’s powerful voice…


    They were inside the cave right after battle with Duen Shun…

    “Ming Hei! Do you know that you have caused a LOT of trouble?!” shouted Tian Hau furiously. Ming Hei looked at his father blankly and then stood up.

    “Father, I don’t get it. Who led me to this trouble? If you had told me all of this in the first place, I would have known that Duen Shun was someone bad and I wouldn’t have helped him! If you have told me all of this, today wouldn’t have existed! What IS the Ching Sum Kuet? Who IS the legendary White Warrior? Who IS Duen Shun? Who is Fong Ying Fung? Who are these people and what are these things? What else have you not told me?” said Ming Hei.

    Tian Hau held up his hand at his son. “You—you.” Without saying more, Tian Hau slapped his hand across his son’s face.

    “Father! What did I do wrong? Why did you slap me?” demanded Ming Hei.

    “You did NOT listen to what I say! If you were more obedient, none of this would have happened!” said Tian Hau.

    “I don’t get it, what DID I do wrong? I don’t think that any of this action is wrong!” said Ming Hei.

    “You have three wrong actions. One, you healed Duen Shun when he’s an enemy. Two, you are with this Sima Mei Yin when I strongly told you to not be with. Three, you did not tell me about your improvement in martial arts!” said Tian Hau.


    He remembered when he tempted to run away with Mei Yin…


    They headed for the cave where Duen Shun stayed. The road they walked was dark and scary. Once they reached the entrance of the cave, a howl of a wolf was heard. Mei Yin got scared and grasped Ming Hei’s body.

    “It’s okay. It’s only a wolf. I can tell that it’s far away. He won’t come into here,” comforted Ming Hei.

    “I’m scared,” said Mei Yin.

    “How about this? I’ll stay with you here ever single night. Before the sun rises, I will go back home so my parents won’t find out. Then at noon I’ll be back here and stay with you until I have to leave for home. When I come, I’ll bring you things to do in your spare time, okay?” said Ming Hei. Mei Yin nodded.


    He remembered their night together…

    “Ming Hei, I love you,” whispered Mei Yin into Ming Hei’s ear.

    “I love you too,” said Ming Hei. He hopes that he can hear her say that every night before he sleeps.

    Suddenly, Ming Hei felt Mei Yin slowly inched her hand down his chest…


    Ming Hei remembered his and Mei Yin’s battle with the Sima Lok Yun…


    Ming Hei jumped off the roof of the Sima residents and palmed these two stupid guards in the head, causing them to faint and fall to the ground. The doors to Mei Yin’s room were lock. He tried to unlock them, but they didn’t seem to work. He then unsheathed his sword and gave the lock a few strikes. The doors went BOOM! And opened. There, Mei Yin sat with disappointment on her face. Once she raised her head to see what the loud sound was, her face lighted with happiness.

    “Ming Hei!” said Mei Yin as she ran over to him.

    “Mei Yin,” said Ming Hei happily. Once Mei Yin reached him, she accidentally touched his left arm and caused him to shriek in pain.

    “What is it?” said Mei Yin concernedly.

    “It’s nothing. We’ll talk later. Let’s get out of here first,” said Ming Hei. As Mei Yin followed Ming Hei out the door, he saw 4 other guards and Lok Yun standing right there.

    “Yuen Ming Hei, I knew that you would come back one day,” said Lok Yun. “But today, you will NOT escape! How dare you abduct my daughter! People, go!” Under his command, the four warriors charged towards Ming Hei. Ming Hei unsheathed his sword and began the battle. Seeing him fight, Mei Yin didn’t want to leave him alone, so she pulled out her nine section whip and joined in.


    He remembered his father’s speeches…


    “Ming Hei, go to your room and wait for me to come,” said Tian Hau. Ming Hei did as told. He sat there at the table with his hands supporting his chin. All that was in his mind was Mei Yin and the memories they shared. He took out the lilac bookmark he had and stared at it as memories of the past blemished his mind. All those memories they had were wonderful times and they helped him release a smile on his face at this time. Tian Hau coughed as he stood at the door. Ming Hei quickly placed his lilac bookmark back to his waistband.

    “You don’t have to hide that. Just leave it out,” said Tian Hau. So Ming Hei took it out again. “I know that bookmark was something that you and Mei Yin shared, am I right?” Ming Hei nodded. “Well, just keep it as something for the past and look back into, not forward. We are moving tomorrow, you will not see her again. She will be married and someone else’s wife. Just think about the times with her in the past, because it is the past now. Understand?”

    Ming Hei just stared at his father and he finally spoke, “Why aren’t you mad?”

    “Why should I be? I have gone though the exact same things as you are right now. I know how it feels. They always say like son like father. I guess that is true. You are walking my own path. I tried to change it for you but I guess destiny is destiny. It will not change,” said Tian Hau.


    Lastly, he remembered the death of his parents after his father passed down his remainng inner engery to him…


    “Make good use of the energy. Goodbye son,” said Tian Hau as he tried to smile. He then held Ah Fung’s hand once again and then at the same time, their eyes closed and passed away, with their hand held tightly together and not letting go.

    “No!! Father! Mother!” cried Ming Hei. Ming Hei touched their hands. They were getting cold. The warm feeling that they had just a minute ago has left.

    “Father, mother, please don’t play with me. It’s almost morning. We have to wake up and open our store. Mother, you have to start making breakfast now. Father, you have to go take the herbs off the drying racks with me. Wake up, please. Please wakeup,” said Ming Hei. He held his hand tightly on top of his mother and father’s. The power of the three shall never diminish from the face of this world. Tears dropped down his face and wetted the clothing of the two who lied motionless. Yi Ting stood aside of them, watching as this tragedy happened. Tears dropped down her face and wetted her face.

    “Father, mother, please don’t leave me,” said Ming Hei once last time. He wiped the tears of his eyes. He realized that his parents really are gone now and he can’t bring them back no matter what. He continued to sob for his parents. He just couldn’t accept the truth that his parents have passed away.


    Tears trickled down his face as more and more memories scrolled through his mind. What will he do with the energy his father gave him if he has no one else in his life that he can count on? What will he do with the rest of his life? Revenge. That was the only thing that was in his mind. There will be one day where revenge will be cast on the Chan Family. Ming Hei clenched onto his fists with force as anger and vengeance circulated throughout his soul and heart. But with his current ability and intelligence, will revenge ever be possible?

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    CHAPTER 2: Keeping it a Secret

    Tong Siu Lan - Leila Tong
    Tong Yi Ting
    Sima Mei Yin - Tavia Yeung
    Sima Lok Yun
    Siu Fa


    Tong Siu Lan and her mother, Tong Yi Ting, decided to give Ming Hei some time alone. So they traveled back into the city of Luo Yang to open their flower stall which they always had that very day. Once they entered, they spotted a whole crowd standing in front of a bunch of yellow wanted posters that were glued to the wall of the city’s main entrance. Being the curious girl who she always was, Siu Lan ventured over to see what the big commotion was about. Her eyes widened at the site of reading the words printed on the posters. It said: “If you spot Yuen Tian Hau, Yuen Fung, and Yuen Ming Hei, the owners of the medicine shop down the street, report it to Chan Gwok Ho at the He Family’s Manor. This family was the family of the vicious Legendary White Warrior who the government has been searching for for 18 years. They have preformed an unforgivable act to the country. Unfortunately, they have gotten away. Whoever has information about them or can bring them to the He Family’s Manor will be awarded greatly.”

    “Tian Hau is the Legendary White Warrior? That can not be true!” a woman in red said in doubt.

    “Who would have known? Ming Hei would never do something like that. He’s not that type of person,” said a woman in blue.

    “He is such a nice kid. How can Ming Hei ever be able to do something like that? This can not be the truth,” said a man in green as he reread the text on the posters carefully.

    “The White Warrior is a good man, why are they classifying him as ‘vicious’? How can the Yuen family ever be the White Warrior?” said a woman in gray.

    “Siu Lan! You talk to Ming Hei a lot, do you know what’s happening?” said the woman in blue again when she saw her appearance. Everyone started to crowded around her as they threw questions at her, but she does not know the answers.

    “I—I don’t know,” said Siu Lan nervously.

    “Come on Siu Lan, tell us something,” said the man in green. The volume of voices around her increased and increased. She covered her ears and knelt down onto the floor from fright. Tears slowly trickled down her face. Yi Ting saw this from afar and quickly ran over to rescue her daughter.

    “Hey hey! My daughter knows nothing. Siu Lan, let’s go,” said Yi Ting as she pulled her away. The crowd did not follow and started discussing about this matter among themselves.

    Once they came to a stop, Yi Ting questioned Siu Lan about the commotion.

    “The-- they said that Ming Hei’s family did something vicious and Chan Gwok Ho, who is staying at the He Family’s manor, wants information about them and whoever that can give him that information will be awarded greatly,” said Siu Lan as tears trickled down her soft cheeks. “Mother, why does the heaven have to do this to Ming Hei? His family is a good family! Why do they have to be so mean to them and make them suffer these tragedies when they didn’t do anything to the world? Ming Hei already lost his family, why do they have to push him all the way to the edge of his life?”

    “Daughter, you have to understand. The whole world wants the Ching Sum Kuet. We don’t desire the power that it possesses, but others do not understand the happiness that a common and plain family holds, for the Ching Sum Kuet controls nature, and once they can control nature, they can control the world. They will do whatever they need to get their hands on what they desire and what they desire is power. That is the dark part of the martial world, and even the government. At least Ming Hei has you and me whom he can trust. We will protect him all the way and save his family’s martial art from getting into the hands of others who will use it the wrong way. We must stand strong and not tell anyone about anything. That Chan Gwok Ho might come to us and try to bribe us into getting some information. No matter what he does, you must not tell him anything. Understand?” said Yi Ting.

    “Yes mother,” said Siu Lan softly.

    “I know that was a lot of pressure when the whole crowd was pressuring you for information, but you must stand strong. Now, wipe off your tears, or else you won’t be pretty,” said Yi Ting. After that, they went to their usual spot where they sold their flowers. As they walked their way, they passed by Ming Hei’s family medicine shop. The wooden doors were closed shut with two strips of yellow paper forming an ‘X’ upon the crease. The government closed it down. Without this medicine shop opened, it made the street seem dead and lifeless, for it was always the glory of the street. It was where all the commotion was near since Ming Hei’s cheerful personality and joyful voice was heard from a mile away. Today, everything was different. Everyone didn’t carry that regular smile they usually have on their face. By studying their facial expressions, it was easy to tell that they were worried about the Yuen’s and their current condition. They just could not believe that such a family will have a secret like this hidden inside.

    At the Sima Resident, Mei Yin was sitting down in front of her desk silently and obediently as Siu Fa did her hair for her. On her face, she carried a smile that hasn’t been seen for weeks. She has decided to go into the city to visit Ming Hei right away when she is ready and all prettied up. Mei Yin picked up a mirror and studied her hair, revealing an unhappy smile on her face.

    “No! No! No, Siu Fa! This is not how you do it! Where is Siu Chun? She is the one who does my hair usually. Why is she not doing it for me now? She is the only one who knows how to do my hair the way I want. Where is she?” said Mei Yin.

    “Lo Yeh told me to do your hair today,” said Siu Fa softly.

    “That is not what I’m asking you right no. I’ll say it once again. Where is Siu Chun?” said Mei Yin in a soft and serious voice.

    “Lo Yeh told me to do your hair today,” repeated Siu Fa softly as her voice trembled.

    “Enough with that sentence! Where is Siu Chun? Tell me now or else I’ll make father sell you to the brothel or something!” yelled Mei Yin.

    Siu Fa quickly fell to her knees and begged for mercy. “Please Siu Jeh! Don’t sell me to the brothel! I will do a very good job with your hair! Please don’t tell Lo Yeh to sell me to the brothel like he did with Siu Chun!”

    “Father sold Siu Chun to the brothel?” said Mei Yin in her soft and serious voice once again. Siu Fa lowered her head. “Answer me. Did father sell Siu Chun to the brothel?” declared Mei Yin as she tugged on Siu Fa’s hair.

    Siu Fa started to weep. “Siu Jeh, please don’t sell me to the brothel.”

    “I said, did father sell Siu Chun to the brothel?” yelled Mei Yin as she tugged harder. Siu Fa just wept even more. “If you do not tell me now then I will sell you to the brothel.”

    “Siu Jeh, please don’t. I beg you, please,” begged Siu Fa.

    “Then answer my question,” insisted Mei Yin.

    Siu Fa looked into her Miss’s face, debating whether she should tell her or not. “Yes, Lo Yeh did. Please don’t do the same to me.”

    “Why did he sell Siu Chun to the brothel?” asked Mei Yin once again in her soft and serious voice, a voice that sent shivers and anxiety down a person’s spine.

    “H—he said that she was helping you escape, an—and she refused to tell Lo Yeh where you were for those days you were gone. So Lo Yeh sold her…” stuttered Siu Fa as her voice slowly faded away.

    “What?! How can father do that?!” yelled Mei Yin as she quickly scurried out the door.

    “Siu Jeh!” yelled Siu Fa after her. Mei Yin was out of sight already.

    In the main room, Lok Yun just received a wanted poster from the government office. It was the wanted poster for Ming Hei’s family, the same one posted on the city walls. Lok Yun read the words on it as his arms quiver and his beat sped up, for he was scared that this family might bring trouble for his own, especially because of the relationship between his daughter and Ming Hei. He couldn’t imagine what Chan Gwok Ho will do if they told him that they knew nothing. Just then, Mei Yin stormed into the room.

    “Father! Why did you sell Siu Chun to the brothel?!” questioned Mei Yin furiously.

    “How did you find out?” said Lok Yun calmly as he flipped the wanted poster around and folded it up so she would not be able to see it.

    “Siu Fa accidently blurted it out. Why did you do it? You know that she is the closest friend I ever had. If you do not buy her back, I will run away once again,” threatened Mei Yin with the same calm yet serious voice.

    “You think you can run away again? I can sell whichever servant I want to. Get back to your room before I get any more angry!” yelled Lok Yun as he slapped the table.

    Just then, Mei Yin noticed that there was something in his hands. She quickly walked up to him as flames of anger burned in her eyes. Once she was close enough, she snatched the yellow piece of paper out of his hands. Lok Yun tried to grab it, but Mei Yin jumped up onto the banisters easily and sat there as she read. Lok Yun just lowered his head and sighed.

    “Trying to keep something from me? Let’s see what it says,” said Mei Yin as she unfolded the paper and read it out loud, “If you spot Yuen Tian Hau, Yuen Fung, and Yuen Ming Hei, the owners of the medicine shop down the street, report it to Chan Gwok Ho at the He Family’s Manor. This family was the family of the vicious Legendary White Warrior who the government has been searching for for 18 years. They have preformed an unforgivable act to the country. Unfortunately, they have gotten away. Whoever has information about them or can bring them to the He Family’s Manor will be awarded greatly?!” Mei Yin quickly jumped down from the banisters with the paper held tightly in her fist. She glared into her father’s eyes. “Why did you not tell me this earlier?” said Mei Yin as she tried to hold back her tears.

    “Even if I tell you, why would it matter?” said Lok Yun. “You and that Yuen Ming Hei have no future! Even if you are not marrying He Git, I will not allow you to marry him!”

    “The only person in this world who I will marry is him. No one else in the world can take his place. No matter what you do, there will not be another person in the world that I will marry!” said Mei Yin.

    “You don’t even know if he’s alive. He might be dead already. With his martial arts, he will never be able to beat Chan Gwok Ho. Yuen Ming Hei is not the Legendary White Warrior with the mighty power of the Ching Sum Kuet in his hands, it’s his father. His father was injured by He Git the other day, so no matter how powerful the Ching Sum Kuet really is, there is absolutely no way for him to beat Chan Gwok Ho,” said Lok Yun.

    “Father, what I said is final and I will now repeat it. There is no one else in this world but Ming Hei that I will marry. I am demanding you to bring Siu Chun back from the brothel or else I will kill myself and you will never see my face ever again,” said Mei Yin.

    “How dare you talk to me like that? Just from the way you are talking to me, I will not bring her back. You want to kill yourself? Go ahead! I know that you are smarter than that. You know that dying will result you with nothing at all and that is not the way to solve problems,” said Lok Yun.

    “You are wrong this time father. I have nothing left. I am born as an upperclass and there are only three things which I am looking forward to each day ever since I was born. One, be able to find the one I actually love and live a happy life with him. Two, have a friend who I can actually trust. Three, have family members who actually supports me. One was achieved already, but why can’t you just let Ming Hei and me be together?! Two is already achieved. Why did you have to sell Siu Chun to the brothel?! Three is already achieved ever since birth, but what now? You do not support me. What happened to the father who always loved me and cared for me? Ever since mother died, you’ve changed a lot. Ever since my disagreement to the marriage with He Git, you changed even more. Do you even care about my happiness or do you just care about material wealth? The three things I was looking for in my life do not exist in this world. What is the point of me living right now? There is no point, I can die and have no regrets. The only one who will be regretting is YOU!” retorted Mei Yin.

    “You---” yelled Lok Yun. Quickly, his hand slapped right across her face, and formed a large and red handprint on her face.

    “This slap you gave me has officially ended our father and daughter relationship,” said Mei Yin with tearful eyes as she ran out the door.

    “You two, go and get Siu Jeh back home immediately!” yelled Lok Yun to two guards.

    As Mei Yin ran down the street, she noticed the two men chasing her. Being the clever girl she was, she twisted and turned at various street corners and into alleys. Soon, she managed to lose the two guards. She quickly proceeded down the streets and naturally ended up in front of Ming Hei’s family medicine shop, as if she was intended to go there. There, she saw the shop closed down with two strips of yellow paper from the government that formed an ‘X’ on the doors. A tear drop onto her face as she continued to walk speedily down the street until she saw Siu Lan from a distant. Siu Lan too, did not carry a smile on her face as she handed her customers the flowers which they have bought.

    “Siu Lan!” yelled Mei Yin from a distance as she ran towards her.

    “Mei Yin?” said Siu Lan astonishingly. Yi Ting calmed her daughter by placing her hands on the shoulder.

    “Remember, do not reveal anything,” whispered Yi Ting.

    “Siu Lan, do you know what happened to Ming Hei? Where is he right now?” panicked Mei Yin as she approached them.

    “I—I don’t know,” said Siu Lan.

    “Siu Lan, I know that you know where he is! Please tell me!” cried Mei Yin.

    “I---I don’t know anything,” said Siu Lan once again.

    Mei Yin dropped to her knees as tears flooded out her eyes. “Siu Lan, I have never begged someone on my knees in my whole life. Please, please tell me where he is. You don’t know how I feel right now.”

    “Mei Yin, please stand up. I really don’t know what happened to him. We are all worried about him, you aren’t the only one. I promise you, if I get any information about where he is or where he is, you’ll be the first one that I will inform,” said Siu Lan as she helped her up.

    “Siu Lan, I know you know something, please tell me,” said Mei Yin.

    “Miss Sima, we seriously do not know anything. For what reason do you think that we do?” asked Yi Ting. Mei Yin looked onto the faces of Yi Ting and Siu Lan as she thought.

    “I’m sorry Tong Ma. I was just worried. Please excuse me,” said Mei Yin as she wiped off her tears.

    “Mei Yin, I promise you. If I ever know anything, I’ll let you know. Okay?” said Siu Lan. Mei Yin nodded sadly.

    Just then, the guards saw Mei Yin from the distant and ran up to her.

    “Siu Jeh,” said one guard. “Master told us to---“

    “I am not going back,” snapped Mei Yin.

    “But Master t---” started the other guard.

    “I don’t care, I’m not going back,” retorted Mei Yin.

    “Then sorry, Siu Jeh,” said the first guard. Mei Yin knew that they were going to try to use force to bring her home so she started running off, with the guards hastily chasing after.

    As she ran, she directed her Phoenix Palm at them, but the guards were quick enough to dodge it. The guards then traveled with their Hing Gong, landing in front and behind Mei Yin. Mei Yin kicked her Phoenix kick into one guard’s stomach and took him down. The other guard was smarter though. She tried to do her kick once again but that guard held her leg. She attempted to fight it off, but he blocked every single one and was able to push her right hand behind her back. She could not move.

    “I’m sorry Siu Jeh, but please follow me home,” said the guard. The other guard quickly got up and forced Mei Yin home.

    Siu Lan watched this sight from afar. She bit down onto her lips as feeling of guilt traveled through her body.

    “Don’t feel bad Siu Lan. You are not telling her for Ming Hei’s good,” comforted Yi Ting. Siu Lan looked down onto the ground and sighed.


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    CHAPTER 3: The Essence of Living

    Mok Ming Hei - Benny Chan
    Tong Siu Lan - Leila Tong
    Tong Yi Ting
    Sima Mei Yin - Tavia Yeung
    Sima Lok Yun
    Chan Gwok Ho
    He Git - Kenneath Ma
    Mrs. He


    The day ended quickly and Siu Lan and Yi Ting headed home. At home, Ming He remained sitting in the corner of the bed with his knees up and his arms around his legs. He tried to remember all the unforgettable moments in his past with all the people who were the most important to him. Sadly, the more he thought about this, the more was getting forgotten.

    Siu Lan opened his door and Ming Hei only glanced at her appearance and placed his head down again. Siu Lan looked at the table and realized that the congee that she laid down earlier remained untouched.

    “Ming Hei, you haven’t eaten anything at all today,” said Siu Lan concernedly as she sat besides him.

    Ming Hei did not answer.

    “Ming Hei,” said Siu Lan as she placed on his hand that held his knees. Ming Hei did not react. Yi Ting peeked into the room and saw the scene. She felt the pain that Siu Lan’s heart is going through right now at the scene of Ming Hei’s silence.

    “Siu Lan, why don’t you take the congee outside and get a fresh warm bowl in?” said Yi Ting as she walked in.

    “Yes mother,” said Siu Lan obediently as she walked out.

    “Shut the door,” said Yi Ting. Siu Lan did told.

    “Ming Hei. Why are you being like this? What happened yesterday is over. There is nothing that can be done to bring your parents back,” said Yi Ting as she sat besides him.

    “They are my parents. I can’t just let that go! They were the ones who were with me ever since birth! How can you tell me to just forget it?” said Ming Hei.

    “So you finally spoke? Ming Hei, the war is not over yet. I know that you love your parents very much, then why don’t you show it? Live strong like your dad told you. You think your parents will be happy if they see you like this? What you are doing right now is giving up your life. Your father’s last words were for you to live strong. You have to live strong, or else you will not be able to stand proud in front of your parents when you face them in the underworld. Now, when Siu Lan comes back, I better see you eat the congee and allow me to wrap your injured hands,” said Yi Ting.

    The last words of Tian Hau floated back into his mind: Live strong and carry the proud surname of Mok and keep the Ching Sum Kuet safe.

    A knock was heard on the door. Siu Lan came in and placed the warm bowl of congee on the table and stood there quietly.

    “Ming Hei?” said Yi Ting. Ming Hei looked at the bowl of congee and slowly got up. A smile quickly beamed on Siu Lan’s face as she saw him get up. As he got off the bed, he collapsed onto his knees but luckily, Siu Lan and Yi Ting were right there to support him.

    “You must have sat in that position for too long,” said Yi Ting. “Remember, we are always here to support you till the end.”

    Ming Hei released a faint smile and sat at the table and slowly ate. Yi Ting and Siu Lan smiled as they witnessed him gaining his essence to live on. After he finished, Siu Lan wrapped up his injured hands for him.

    He was like this for three more months, the months of the cold winter. He got up everyday at the same time when Siu Lan and Yi Ting had to leave. He ate his meals regularly. Everything seemed normal, but he hardly spoke a single word to anyone and hardly steps out of his room. He spends his time examining every inch of his room and at least 4 hours a day rocking on his uneven chair. Yi Ting peeks into his room frequently, seeing that he’s not able to let go the death of his parents that easily.

    Winter just passed as a cold and depressing season of sadness for the people of Luo Yang. At the He Family Manor, another person who said that they have information about the Mok family came.

    “I saw him in the mountains in the west side of the city! He became a thief and that steals things from people!” said the man.

    “What weapons was he holding?” queried Chan Gwok Ho.

    “A sword, a fan, and a flute. It really as the White Warrior! The fan even had the saying, ‘if two hearts are together, anything can be accomplished’ (part of a Chinese Poem: Sum Yau Ling Sai Yut Dim Toong) on it!” said the man.

    “Where were his weapons located then?” said Gwok Ho.

    “He held the fan in hand. The flute was on his back and his sword was on his waist,” said the man.

    “Liar! The White Warrior’s sheath for his sword is never visible until he unsheathes his sword! How dare you come and give me false information! Guards! Take him out!” said Gwok Ho.

    “I’m not lying! I swear I’m not!” said the man as he was dragged out.

    Gwok Ho slapped the table angrily as he picked up his cup of tea.

    “Brother, don’t be so mad,” said Mrs. He as she held the cup for him.

    “Not mad? You know how long I have been searching for the White Warrior? It’s been 18 years. After all this time, I finally have some progress, and within one night it all perished away! How can I not be angry about that?! For these three months, I have been waiting for their information. Every day, at least 5 or 6 of these people come up they are just hungry for money. Until I know where they are, I will not leave the city of Luo Yang,” said Gwok Ho.

    “Brother, what if the emperor gets mad for this action of yours?” said Mrs. He.

    “Him getting mad? I have control of half of the army in Tibet, which makes me as one of the two most powerful generals in China along with General Zhu! What can that useless emperor do?! Besides, even though I may not be a real member of the Chan Family, I will not do anything that will harm this family of mines that has brought me up after my real mother’s death,” said Gwok Ho.

    “Wait a minute, General Zhu…” wondered Mrs. He. She then continued, “Is his son Zhu Yeung Sung?”

    “Yes, why?” said Gwok Ho.

    “Zhu Yeung Sung was a very good friend of Mok Ming Hei, along with Sima Mei Yin and Tong Siu Lan,” said Mrs. He.

    “Sima Mei Yin and Tong Siu Lan… How dim-witted am I to not ask the Sima family for any information? They were so quiet for these months that I have totally forgotten about them! But who is this Tong Siu Lan?” said Gwok Ho.

    “She is a girl who sells flowers,” said He Git as he entered the room.

    “Sells flowers for a living? This family is quite questionable. They’d rather continue their lives selling flowers instead of telling me some information and receive a huge trunk of money that can guaranteed their financial problems for a few years,” said Gwok Ho. “Nephew, where is this Tong Siu Lan? I think I have to pay her a vsit. After I pay her a visit, I shall do the same with the Sima family.”

    “I’ll draw you a map,” said He Git.

    In the city, Siu Lan and Yi Ting were selling flowers normally when Chan Gwok Ho arrived and his 9 men circled them.

    “Who are you?” demanded Yi Ting.

    “I’m surprised that two women like you are not surprised or terrified at all when a group surrounds you like this. I’m Chan Gwok Ho and I think that you know the reason for my arrival,” said Gwok Ho.

    “I’m very honored for the great General Chan’s arrival, but we have no knowledge about your reason of appearing. Would you care to educate us about your coming?” said Yi Ting.

    “You surely are a brave and courageous women to not even be scared to speak with your head up to a great general who can have you executed within a few moments. All I want is to invite you and your daughter, Siu Lan, for tea,” said Gwok Ho. “Shall you accept or decline this invitation?” The guards started moving closer to them as they placed their hands on their swords, being ready to unsheath any time.

    “How can we decline General Chan’s invitation?” said Yi Ting after she studied their situation.

    “Very well then, you shall be escorted to the He Family Manor at this very moment,” said Gwok Ho.

    At the He Family, Yi Ting placed down her cup of tea and stood up.

    “General Chan, my daughter and I have been here for a while, and I’m not sure that you came just to invite us for tea. Please inform us about what you really want,” said Yi Ting.

    “It’s hard to find someone like you who is so beautiful and yet so brave these days,” teased Gwok Ho as he walked up to her. “Your daughter has the name of Siu Lan, like the beautiful orchids down by the east side of the city. What is your name then?”

    “Tong Yi Ting. I do not believe that that is all you came to ask for,” sad Yi Ting.

    “You are right Yi Ting Goo Leung,” said Gwok Ho. Where has he heard her name before? It was awfully familiar. He walked back and took a seat. “I have a question for your daughter. Tong Siu Lan, where is Mok Ming Hei?”

    “How would I know?” said Siu Lan quietly yet calmly.

    “Why wouldn’t you know?” said Gwok Ho,

    “I haven’t seen him ever since he disappeared,” said Siu Lan.

    Gwok Ho got up again and walked up to her. “Really?” he said in disbelief. He stared threatening into her eyes and continued, “Don’t you want the money that I’ll give you once you give me any information about him?”

    Right then, Siu Lan burst into tears. “I don’t know anything!” cried Siu Lan as she continue to cry even more. Seeing this, Gwok Ho was petrified. He didn’t do anything and she’s sitting there and crying! He backed up at sudden shock.

    “You two can leave,” said Gwok Ho.

    “Thanks you, General Chan,” said Yi Ting as they left.

    “General, why did you let them off that easily?” said one of the soldiers.

    “That girl doesn’t seem to know anything. I think we shall pay the Sima family a visit tonight. With Sima Mei Yin’s connection with Mok Ming Hei, she is sure to know something. If she refuses to speak, then further action will be taken,” said Gwok Ho.

    Out of the He Family manor walked Yi Ting and Siu Lan. After they’ve walked a reasonable distance, Siu Lan stopped her tears.

    “Mother! How was I?” said Siu Lan as she smiled sweetly into her mother’s face.

    “That was excellent. No wonder people say that women are made out of water. I believe that made them take our names off of their list of suspects,” said Yi Ting.

    “Mother, they are asking us for information, what if they ask Mei Yin too? I know that they would not let her go as easy as they did to us,” said Siu Lan.

    “They will be fine, I hope. Whatever that will happen is out of our hands. Besides, they know nothing, we are the ones that do,” said Yi Ting.

    That night, Chan Gwok Ho showed up with his top 9 guards at the doors of the Sima family.

    “General Chan! What brings you here?” said Lok Yun as he greeted them by the door.

    “May we please be welcomed in and be able to see you and your daughter and have a nice dinner together?” said General Chan as the guards took a sturdy stand on the ground.

    Seeing this, Lok Yun couldn’t do anything more than to invite them in and have his daughter come out of her room. Mei Yin came out and sat obediently, but her face was pale and expressionless. She cared less about General Chan’s arrival and chose to ignore him.

    “Mei Yin, why are you not welcoming out guest?” said Lok Yun. Mei Yin did not answer.

    “It’s okay. She does not have to at all. Mr. Sima, please sit down and enjoy the dinner,” said Gwok Ho.

    “Yes, General Chan,” said Lok Yun.

    Not a word was said as they ate. The servants of the Sima residents stared nervously at the nine guards that observed everyone’s actions.

    Gwok Ho placed his chopsticks down. “I think we all ate enough. Now, let’s get down to business,” said Gwok Ho.

    “”Wh-what business?” said Lok Yun nervously.

    “Sima Mei Yin, look up at me,” said Gwok Ho. Mei Yin ignored him and kept her eyes down at the table.

    “Mei Yin!” yelled Lok Yun. Mei Yin slowly raised her head and glared into his eyes.

    Gwok Ho leaned against the table. He deepened his voice and said, “Where is Mok Ming Hei?” Mei Yin did not answer. “I repeat, where is Mok Ming Hei?” Mei Yin still did not respond.

    “General Chan! I’m so sorry! My daughter is not feeling well right now,” said Lok Yun.

    “Really? Or does she just not want to respond. Sima Mei Yin! I am ordering you right now to give me the exact location of Mok Ming Hei or else I will take away your family’s fortune given by the government,” said Gwok Ho.

    “No! Please do not take away our things General Chan! My daughter does not know anything,” pleaded Lok Yun.

    “Your daughter does not know anything? Are you kidding me? Her lover is Mok Ming Hei. How can you tell me that she does not know anything? For all that they have been through and him trying to rescue her from this house, I think she knows exactly where he is right now,” said Gwok Ho.

    “General Chan, my daughter knows nothing,” repeated Lok Yun once again.

    “Are you sure?” said Gwok Ho as he held up her chin. Mei Yin twisted her face out of his hands and glared into his eyes. “A tough girl you are then. If this is the way you are going to be, your house shall be taken back by the government in two days. In two nights, we will come and close the house. I think I have given you enough time to pack your things.”

    Lok Yun and the servants widened their eyes at this sudden shock, but Mei Yin remained motionless. “Please don’t, General Chan. I’ve worked hard all these years to be where I’m. You can’t just take it away from me,” said Lok Yun.

    “I just did,” said Gwok Ho.

    Lok Yun dropped onto his knees in sadness. Suddenly, a plan came to his mind.

    “What about this,” said Lok Yun. He got up and whispered something into his ears.

    “If that does not work, the consequences will still be the same,” said Gwok Ho. He and his 9 guards then departed.
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    CHAPTER 4: One Last Time

    Mok Ming Hei - Benny Chan
    Tong Siu Lan - Leila Tong
    Tong Yi Ting
    Chan Gwok Ho


    The next day, a new yellow notice caught Yi Ting and Siu Lan’s attention as they entered the city that next morning. It read: The Sima family’s family fortune and belongings shall be taken away tomorrow due to their inability to cooperate. They will be made to leave the city of Luo Yang in two days.

    “Tomorrow? What did Mei Yin’s family do?” said Siu Lan worriedly. “If they leave, Ming Hei will never see her again. The only essence of living that he has besides the last words of his father is the hope to see her again. I can’t just let this happen. Ming Hei deserves to see her for one last time!”

    “Are you crazy? That is too dangerous!” said Yi Ting as she tugged her daughter to the side.

    “No it wouldn’t be. The Sima family is packing their things for these last two days. All their servants will be gone already. The only ones in the house will be her father and she. Ming Hei will be even sadder if we do no tell him anything at all until she left!” argued Siu Lan.

    Yi Ting sighed. “Siu Lan, I said no. It’s too dangerous and I would not want to risk it.”

    “Yes, mother,” said Siu Lan sadly.

    The sun was about to descend when Yi Ting and Siu Lan returned home. Siu Lan peeked inside Ming Hei’s room and saw him staring at a lilac bookmark. She knocked on his door.

    “Come in,” said Ming Hei.

    Siu Lan entered upon his words and sat down at the table.

    “Ming Hei, are you missing Mei Yin?” asked Siu Lan.

    “Yes,” said Ming Hei softly as he continued to stare at the bookmark.

    “Why are you staring at the bookmark all the time?” said Siu Lan. Her curiosity pushed her into asking that question after seeing him staring at the same lilac bookmark again and again for these pass three months.

    Ming Hei sighed and said, “It’s our first gift to each other, Mei Yin and I. We said to each other that seeing the bookmark will be the same as seeing each other in person. With this bookmark still being alive, the hope of us being together one day still exists.” Seeing him being this hopeful, Siu Lan doesn’t want to ruin his dream, but she couldn’t help herself.

    “You will not be together with her! Her family had their fortune taken away by the government! They are forced to move out of the city tomorrow morning! You will NOT be able to be together!” blurted Siu Lan.

    Ming Hei stared upon her face in alarm. “What are you talking about?” questioned Ming Hei forcefully.

    “Chan Gwok Ho took away their family fortune and they are forced to leave the city! You two would not be able to be together at all! You won’t even have a chance to see her again! So stop being so hopeful about being able to spend the rest of your life with her!” shouted Siu Lan. Ming Hei dropped the bookmark onto the floor and slumped onto his chair. His hope was gone… All gone... Siu Lan kneeled by his side and softly said, “There are many other people that hope to be with you. Mei Yin is not the only one.”

    Ming Hei’s eyes stared into thin air as tears slowly trickled down his face. His hope was lost and his heart was broken. Suddenly, he stood up and started heading for the door.

    Siu Lan pulled him back and said, “Where are you going?”

    “Even if we can’t be together, can’t I even see her face for one last time?” said Ming Hei. He flung her arm off and paced out the door.

    As Siu Lan called after him and tried to catch up, Yi Ting stopped her path.

    “Where are you going?” said Yi Ting.

    “I accidentally told Ming Hei about Mei Yin’s departure,” said Siu Lan.

    “What?! Do you know how dangerous that is? Quick! Siu Lan, you must get him back here before anything happens,” said Yi Ting.

    “Yes mother,” said Siu Lan as she ran out the door. Yi Ting’s heart increased as nervousness built within her.

    Ming Hei ran quickly towards the city as Siu Lan chased him with her Hing Gong. Once Ming Hei saw her approaching, he ran faster and faster, but his feet were no match for Siu Lan’s superior Hing Gong. Within a few seconds, Siu Lan caught up with him. As she was about to grasp him by his back collar, Ming Hei blocked her hand with his own. They started exchanging a few attacks with each other as Ming Hei tried to move further away.

    “Ming Hei! Stop! It’s too dangerous to go! What if Chan Gwok Ho is using it as a trap?” shouted Siu Lan.

    “I can care less. I have to see her for one last time!” sad Ming Hei as he ran off again.

    “Stop!” yelled Siu Lan. Ming Hei just kept on running. Siu Lan suddenly jumped right in front of him. Ming Hei tried to escape but wherever he moved, Siu Lan followed easily. Soon, Ming Hei couldn’t run anymore and collapsed onto the ground. Siu Lan stood beside him and watched him as he panted and sobbed.

    “Why aren’t you letting me see her for one last time?” sobbed Ming Hei. I might never be able to see her ever again in my life.” Tears trickled down his face. Siu Lan bit down on her lips as she thought. His tears have touched her.

    “Do you really want to see her?” said Siu Lan as she kneeled by his side.

    “What kind of question is that?” retorted Ming Hei.

    “I can help you,” said Siu Lan.

    Ming Hei’s facial expression quickly changed and he stared hopefully into Siu Lan’s face. “You can?” said Ming Hei. Siu Lan nodded. “Well let’s go!” said Ming Hei happily as he stood up and ran down the hill with Siu Lan. Ming Hei carried the happy face that he carried a few months ago. She released a smile within her heart, even though the person whom he loved was not her.

    “Wait!” said Siu Lan as she came to a halt.

    “What?” said Ming Hei.

    “Put this white mask on. If someone at the Sima resident sees us, at least they will not be able to recognize us,” said Siu Lan as she handed him a white piece of cloth. Ming Hei and Siu Lan placed the cloth on their face and traveled across the forest and into the city of Luo Yang. They jumped onto the roof of the Sima residents and examined the empty area closely.

    “There is no one here, let’s so,” said Ming Hei as he was about to jump down, but Siu Lan held him back. “What NOW?”

    “Shh!! I hear some sounds,” said Siu Lan.

    “I don’t here anything,” said Ming Hei.

    “Of course you don’t! I have the better Hing Gong here. The highest level of Hing Gong is to travel quickly and quietly without a sound heard. To be able to do that, the learner must have high alerting ears first,” said Siu Lan. “There are people hiding somewhere, somewhere where you can’t see. This must be a trap. It’s too dangerous, we should go back.”

    “Go back?! She is leaving tomorrow! I am not leaving after all the distance that I’ve traveled,” said Ming Hei.

    Siu Lan sighed. “Fine, but once we jump down, I’m sure that at least many men will circle and pounce on us. If we do go, you have to make your visit fast. Hurry up and get inside her room and say your last words while I block the guards. You will need to quickly come out and we’ll leave immediately. Understand? If you don’t, then we shall leave right now,” directed Siu Lan with a serious and deep tone.

    Ming Hei giggled. Siu Lan’s heart pounded faster at the sight of his laughter. “What are you laughing at?” questioned Siu Lan.

    “Your seriousness, I have never seen you this serious before,” said Ming Hei.

    “Stop it. Are you going to go down or not?” said Siu Lan.

    “Right with you!” said Ming Hei gleefully. They jumped down in unison and Ming Hei quickly ran over to open Mei Yin’s doors as Siu Lan kept an eye on the area. Just as he was about to, Chan Gwok Ho and eight of his fine soldiers marched out in front of them.

    “Mok Ming Hei, I knew that you would come tonight! Guards, take him down!” commanded Gwok Ho. Ming Hei ignored him and quickly entered Mei Yin’s room. As the guards charged towards them, Siu Lan pulled out her 1 meter long metal chain, which was her chosen weapon, and started an exchange of attacks as she attempted to block them getting near the doors.

    “Mei Yin!” shouted Ming Hei as he shut the doors from behind and saw someone sleeping in the bed. “Mei Yin,” said Ming Hei as he tapped the person on the shoulder. The bed sheet went flying into the air and a man in black jumped up, unsheathed his sword, and started aiming it violently at Ming Hei. Luckily, Ming Hei reacted quickly and unsheathed his own sword to block these attacks. He backed up more and more at each swing the man made, bring him closer to the door where he came in. He slammed against the door and broke it, casting himself out of the room. There stood Siu Lan attacking their foes like a skilled warrior. He quickly jumped in and helped her fight.

    “You are done?” said Siu Lan as she whacked the chain into a man’s stomach and caused him to flip in the air and fall onto the ground.

    “It was a trap! Let’s get out of here!” said Ming Hei as he blocked off a few swords and knocked a few men onto the ground.

    “Looking for Sima Mei Yin?” teased Chan Gwok Ho as he jumped into the battle. Just at the moment, Siu Lan pulled Ming Hei by his hip and jumped into the air at a quick speed and they were out of sight before Gwok Ho even noticed. It seemed like they disappeared into thin air. Gwok Ho threw his sword angrily onto the floor. Who was this girl with superior martial arts? Everything seemed so familiar, but what was it? Siu Lan knocked down 3 or the 9 best guards he had with only a small metal chain. That fragile looking girl’s power is not to be underestimated.

    Siu Lan held tightly onto Ming Hei as she traveled in the air speedily and swiftly. Somehow, it seemed like the wind moved itself aside for them to glide through. Soon, they were back in the forest. Siu Lan safely landed onto the ground. Once she realized that her hand was still on his hip, so she quickly released it as she blushed.

    “Are you okay?” asked Siu Lan.

    “I’m fine, but I couldn’t believe that it was a trap!” said Ming Hei sadly as he sat down on a rock with his hands on his chin and elbows in his knees. A drop of tear was seem trickling off his face.

    Siu Lan squatted down next to him and stared at him with her curious eyes. “Don’t be so sad. With this occurring, she will at least know that you are still alive,” said Siu Lan.

    “Siu Lan, can you do one thing for me?” said Ming Hei.

    “What is it?” said Siu Lan.

    “If you see Mei Yin tomorrow as she exit the city, can you tell her a few things?” said Ming Hei.

    “But mother sa---. Yes, I can tell her a few things,” said Siu Lan.

    “Thank you,” said Ming Hei as he released a faint smile on his face.
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    CHAPTER 5: I Will Wait for that Day's Arrival

    Sima Mei Yin - Tavia Yeung
    Sima Lok Yun
    Mok Ming Hei - Benny Chan
    Tong Siu Lan - Leila Tong
    Tong Yi Ting
    He Git - Kenneth Ma
    Fong Ying Fung


    The next day rose and the Sima family were about to depart from their grandiose manor forever. Lok Yun dismissed their remaining servants, looked around this manor of his for one last time, and sat besides his daughter.

    “Mei Yin, did you gather all your things? We will never be able to come back,” said Lok Yun. Mei Yin did not reply, and only kept her eyes on the ground.

    She raised her head, and her father heard the soothing voice of his daughter after so long. “Father, can you do one last thing for me? This will be the last thing I ever ask for you to do.”

    “What is it?” said Lok Yun.

    “Can you please buy Siu Chun back? We found her in the streets of Chang’an, she has no family, and we are all that she has. She is the closest friend that I have now. Please father,” begged Mei Yin as a drop of tear fell down her cheeks.

    “We don’t have that much money right now. If we buy her back, we will not be able to buy back our small manor in Chang’an,” said Lok Yun.

    “I don’t care if we live in a small house. I want Siu Chun,” said Mei Yin stubbornly.

    Lok Yun sighed. “If we really do reach the end of our road, we can most likely live with my friend Mr. Kwok back in Hang Zhou I hope. You remember him and his children don’t you?” said Lok Yun.

    “Thank you, father,” said Mei Yin as a weak smile appeared on her face, the smile that his father does not remember.

    After making sure that they had everything, they left their grandiose manor. Mei Yin walked out, without turning back once. Lok Yun walked out as he pushed a cart of their remaining belongings. He glanced back at the fame that he once held, the fame that he’ll never regain, and continued down the streets towards the city gates. As they walked, Mei yin heard the people of the streets whispering and wondering about their story. Just as they were traveling down the streets, their path was blocked when He Git stood in front of them with his two sidekicks by his side.

    “Where are you going so fast Mr. Sima?” said He Git.

    “Excuse me He Gong Zi, but we are in a little hurry,” said Lok Yun courteously.

    “No, you have a little time,” said He Git as they walked over to them. He lifted Mei Yin’s chin with his fan and she glared ominously into his eyes. “Why are you staring at me like this Mei Yin? Just because my uncle is searching all around for your lover?” Mei Yin knocked his fan onto the ground as she kept the same glare on her face.

    “Stop it!” said Siu Lan as she stepped out of the crowd and stood in front of Mei Yin. “They are already needed to leave the city, how much for harassing do you need to do to them?”

    “Oh there are plenty more I can do, little Siu Lan,” said He Git as he tried to touch her cheeks. Once she saw his approach, she twisted his arm and threw it aside, causing him to almost lose his balance. He Git stared at her in shock at the powerful force she held in her flimsy looking hands. “That push you made really made my heart beat,” teased He Git. “Let’s go guys!” At the sound of his words, he and his sidekicks left.

    “Mei Yin, are you okay?” asked Siu Lan.

    “I’m fine,” said Mei Yin lifelessly.

    “Thank you, Miss Tong,” said Lok Yun.

    “It was only a small favor. Mr. Sima, is it okay if I speak a few words with Mei Yin, alone?” asked Siu Lan.

    “Go right ahead,” said Lok Yun.

    “What is it Siu Lan?” said Mei Yin as they walked aside.

    “I know that you are leaving today, and Ming Hei told me to tell you this,” said Siu Lan.

    “Ming Hei? You know where he is?” said Mei Yin fervently as she gripped tightly onto Siu Lan’s hands.

    “He’s living at where I live right now. Remember to not tell anyone about this,” said Siu Lan as she removed her arms.

    “I promise,” said Mei Yin. An ease feeling flowed through her body at the hearing of Ming Hei’s safe.

    “He told me to tell you a few things before you depart. He said that you must take good care of yourself and live strong. One day, you two will reunite and spend the remainder of your lives together. Before that day comes, you have to continue living on as he makes a name in the martial world so you would be able to find him no matter where he is. As long as your lilac bookmark stays alive, so will your love for him and his love for you. No matter what, live strong and wait for that day where he will come and ask you for your hand to walk the rest of your lives together,” said Siu Lan word for word, not daring to leave out a single detail.

    Tears trickled down Mei Yin’s eyes as these words flowed into her ears like a harmonious tone. “Thank you Siu Lan. This short message means a lot to me. Can you return a message to Ming Hei for me? Please tell him that I will wait for this day no matter what that will happen. No one else but someone by his name will become my husband. No matter how long it will be, either in a few years or even a few lives, I will wait for him.” She pulled out a white piece of jade with a butterfly design on it from her waistband and broke it into two. “This jade was my mother’s last gift for me before she died. Give this half to Ming Hei. The day this jade will come together will be the day when we will be running the rest of our lives together.”

    “Mei Yin, we have to get going,” said Lok Yun as he walked over.

    “I have to leave now. Good bye, Siu Lan. You will always remain as one of my best friends. There will be a day where I’ll see you again,” said Mei Yin as she turned around and departed. Siu Lan watched them as they disappeared into the distant. Mei Yin have said that she would remain as one of her best friends, but was it wrong for her to love one of her best friend’s lover? She knew that she loved Ming Hei, but she doesn’t want to see Ming Hei just waiting for Mei Yin when they were surely not going to see each other again unless heaven really wanted to bring them back together. Siu Lan clenched the jade in her hands tightly as she walked back to her and her mother’s flower stand.

    That night when Yi Ting and Siu Lan walked home, they smelled something good coming out of their house.

    “What is that smell?” wondered Yi Ting.

    “I don’t know. Come on mother, let’s go in,” said Siu Lan. As they opened the doors, Yi Ting and Siu Lan’s eyes widened with bewilderment.

    Ming Hei was out of his room. That was not it. He was setting down dishes of food onto the table, the food that caused the pleasing smell out of the doors. Yi Ting and Siu Lan never knew that he knows how to cook.

    “Back already? I made dinner tonight,” said Ming Hei as he released a faint smile.

    “Ming Hei… Ar-are you okay?” said Yi Ting as she placed her hand on his forehead to check for a fever.

    “I’m fine, Tong Ma. I just felt like making a meal for you two since you’ve taken care of me ever since my parents died,” said Ming Hei.

    “Ming Hei, you know how to cook?” asked Siu Lan.

    “My mother taught me a few tricks before. I just never took the time to try before. Sit down and try some,” said Ming Hei. “I’ll be back. I’m going to get the rice bowls out.” Ming Hei left the room and Siu Lan and Yi Ting sat down. They stared at the dishes in front of them, which smelled very good and looked very tasty. Ming Hei came back with the three rice bowls and he started eating. “What are you staring at?” said Ming Hei when he lifted his head.

    “Are you sure you are okay?” asked Yi Ting once again.

    “I’m perfectly fine. Tong Ma, try some of these Bak Choy,” said Ming Hei as he placed some into Yi Ting’s bowl. Yi Ting slowly placed it in her mouth as Siu Lan and Ming Hei watched her.

    “Wow. It’s very tasty,” said Yi Ting. Ming Hei smiled at her comment.

    “Are you sure it is edible?” asked Siu Lan.

    Ming Hei whacked her in the head with his chopsticks. “Of course it is edible. You aren’t scared are you?”

    “Scared? Me? No way!” said Siu Lan as she placed a piece into her mouth. “Wow. It actually is good…”

    “I told you!” said Ming Hei lightheartedly.

    After they were finished with dinner, Ming Hei offered to do the dishes. Siu Lan had a feeling that something was wrong, so she stepped out of the house that night to join him.

    “Ming Hei?” said Siu Lan as she kneeled by his side.

    “Siu Lan, why are you here?” said Ming Hei as he continued to scrub the dishes, without lifting his face to see her face.

    “Ming Hei, are you okay?” asked Siu Lan.

    “Of course I am okay,” said Ming Hei as he continued scrubbing.

    Siu Lan tilted over and looked at his face. “Are you sure?”

    “I am! Go back inside, it’s cold out here,” said Ming Hei.

    Siu Lan tilted over more and saw that his eyes were red. “Ming Hei, stop lying! You are crying! What’s wrong?”

    “Nothing, I’m fine,” said Ming Hei as he wiped his tears away.

    Siu Lan pulled his hands away from the dishes. “Ming Hei, stop lying. What’s wrong? You know you can trust me,” said Siu Lan as she saw his sobbing face. Never has she seen Ming Hei cried like this before. Ming Hei buried his face in his hands as he tried to control his emotions.

    “I really miss my parents,” sobbed Ming Hei. “I have never spent this long of a time without them by my side. Ever since birth, I see them at least once every day. It has been three months now since I’ve seen the last of their faces. I’m really scared that I’ll forget how they look like one day. I’m scared that I will never be able to remember the way that my mother’s food tasted like. I don’t want to forget my parents. The more you think about something, the more you forget, why is it like that?!”

    “Ming Hei, you will never forget your parents. They have been with you for 18 years already. There is no way for you to forget them. The Bak Choy you made today for dinner was excellent! If your mother finds out how well you can cook, she will surely be proud, but if she sees you crying lke this right now, her heart will just hurt,” said Siu Lan.

    Ming Hei sighed as he tried to stop himself from crying. “Thank you, Siu Lan,” said Ming Hei as he gave her a big hug, causing Siu Lan’s heart to beat faster as she felt her cheeks burn. Ming Hei’s heartbeat increased at the moment, for he was used to having Mei Yin by his side to help him with these things and hugging her was a normal reaction. He quickly let go. “Sorry.”

    Siu Lan smiled at him. “If you are scared that you will forget how your parents look like, you can always paint their portrait, so it will stay with you forever. With your talent in painting, I’m sure you will be able to capture their facial features.”

    “Thank you so much,” said Ming Hei.

    “I have some painting utensils in my room. You can use them if you want,” said Siu Lan.

    “Thank you,” said Ming Hei.
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    CHAPTER 6: A Lie

    Mok Ming Hei - Benny Chan
    Tong Siu Lan - Leila Tong
    Tong Yi Ting
    He Git - Kenneth Ma
    Chan Gwok Ho
    Mrs. He


    So they headed for Siu Lan’s room and she took out her things. Siu Lan helped him grind all the colors he needs as Ming Hei began to paint. As Siu Lan looked up and saw his face, she found herself captivated once again and could not take her eyes off of him. Soon, he was finished and lifted the the painting up to show her.

    “You’ve captured their facial expressions very well. It seems like the painting is alive,” admired Siu Lan.

    “Only if they really were,” sighed Ming Hei.

    “I-I’m sorry,” said Siu Lan.

    “It’s okay. Siu Lan, can I have another sheet of paper?” said Ming Hei.

    “What are you drawing this time?” said Siu Lan as she handed him another piece.

    “You’ll see,” said Ming Hei. So he picked up his brush again and started painting once again. The image that he was painting turned out to be Mei Yin.

    “Mei Yin?” said Siu Lan.

    “I won’t see her for a long time. What if I forget her like might forget my parents? A painting of her will be needed so keep her in my heart,” said Ming Hei.

    “You don’t have that bad of a memory,” said Siu Lan.

    “No, but what if my image of them change in my head and soon the image I have is not really what they look like? I cannot let that happen,” said Ming Hei.

    Hearing these words, Siu Lan found her heart pounding with envy. She couldn’t help herself and exclaimed, “Mei Yin’s not here anymore! Ming Hei, just wake up! She’ll never be back, never!”

    Ming Hei stared at her thunderstruck. “How can you say that?” retorted Ming Hei acrimoniously.

    “You won’t see her again! It’s not possible for you to! Just accept the fact that she is gone forever!” barked Siu Lan as tears dropped down her face.

    “I know that’s the truth, but can’t you just let me keep my hopes high?” sobbed Ming Hei as he fell onto the floor.

    “The higher your hopes are, the harder your fall will be. Ming Hei, just wake up,” said Siu Lan as she kneeled besides him. Suddenly, she couldn’t help it and said, “Ming Hei, Mei Yin… Mei Yin is dead.”

    Ming Hei quickly turned his head towards her face. “What are you talking about?!” yelled Ming Hei. He held tightly onto her shoulders. “This is not something to joke about!”

    Siu Lan didn’t know how to respond. “Sh—she is! Ming Hei, she’s gone. You two don’t have a future, you two won’t be together! So just get over it and start a new life! You have to wake up!” yelled Siu Lan.

    “Shut up!” sobbed Ming Hei as he slapped her across the face from anger. Siu Lan held onto her face as she stared at him disappointedly. She cried and ran out of the room, leaving him alone inside her room.

    He plopped himself onto the floor and stared into the ceiling. What could he do without her? How could he live on if that was his only essence of living? He closed his eyes as he felt that heartbreaking feeling in his heart. For the second time of his life, no tears would come out of his eyes.

    Soon, he fell asleep and had another dream. The place was familiar, with fog slowly dispersing from the area. It was Fong Ying Fung.

    “Mr. Fong, where are you? I know that it is you,” called Ming Hei as he walked around the foggy area. Soon, the fog diminished and Ying Fung walked out. Ming Hei nodded to him at his presence.

    Mr. Fong responded with a smile as he walked towards him.

    “Mr. Fong, I should have listened to what you said before. You have said that Mei Yin and I being together will bring the death of my parents, and you were correct.”

    “I can see that you got over it now right?”

    “How will I ever get over it? Never ever will I be able to…”

    “Don’t think so negative. I’ve told you before that she’s not the one you will be with at the end, so being with her is only hurting yourself. I’ve tried to prevent things from happening by informing you about the future, even though it’s against the rules of heaven, because I couldn’t let this tragedy just happen, but it’s not working. Fate is fate, nothing can be done to change it.”

    “What are you talking about Mr. Fong? I didn’t believe you then, but now I do! Things can be changed!”

    “You’ll see what will happen as time go by. With your handsome little face and talents, you are sure to be attracted by many women, but the few that you will fall in love with will slowly appear in your life,” said Ying Fung. He smiled and slowly diminished into thin air.

    “Mr. Fong! Mr. Fong!” called Ming Hei. He was no where to be seen. “What do you mean…?”

    Ming Hei jerked up from his sleep and realized that he was inside his own room, with his two paintings on his table. He stared out the window, realizing that the sun was high in the sky already. It should be noon. Ming Hei rubbed his eyes and saw a bowl of warm congee and a note besides his paintings, which he approached.

    Ming Hei,

    I’m sorry about yesterday. I realized that you were still in my room later that night, so I helped you back to your room. I assume that it’s noon now, am I right? Mother and I left for the city already so I left some congee for you on the table. Remember to not walk off of this hill. It can be dangerous. If you are bored, I left some ink and paper outside on the dinner table for you to paint if you want. And again, I’m sorry about yesterday. Please forgive me.

    Siu Lan

    As he saw the note, he thought about the words Siu Lan told him yesterday. 'Ming Hei, she’s gone. You two don’t have a future, you two won’t be together! So just get over it and start a new life! You have to wake up!'

    She was right. He couldn’t be like this forever. He made his parents a promise to make their family name proud and life strong. He has to live up to his words. Mei Yin doesn’t want to see him like this. He has to wake up.

    That night when they returned, Siu Lan tempted to avoid him, but she gained no success. Once she reached home, the first thing that happened was Ming Hei dragging her into his room. He locked the doors to prevent her from escaping. Siu Lan sat down at the table and stared terrifyingly at him and lowered her head to avoid eye contact.

    “Siu Lan,” said Ming Hei as he sat by her side. Siu Lan glanced at him surreptitiously, afraid of whatever he was about to say. “How did Mei Yin die?”

    Siu Lan felt a sudden skip of heart beat, for she does not know how to continue on her lie. “She… She…” stuttered Siu Lan as she started to think of a story.

    “Just say it slowly. All I want to know is the truth,” said Ming Hei calmly.

    The truth. What Siu Lan was about to tell him wasn’t the truth. Siu Lan took in a few gulps of air and became to slowly speak, “Her whole family was… was executed my Chan Gwok Ho after they told him that they knew nothing about you…”

    Ming Hei was silent. A tear struck down his cheeks. “That’s all I need to know. Thank you,” said Ming Hei calmly. Siu Lan left and gave him time to think.

    “It’s all my fault. I should have listened to Fong Ying Fung. Why was I so stubborn?” Ming Hei blamed on himself as he stared at the light of the candle that sat in the middle of the table as a scene of what that could have happened scrolled though his mind.

    For the next few days, Ming Hei was back to the self he was where he hid himself inside his room. Yi Ting believed that he was just still depressed about his parent’s death, but Siu Lan knew the truth… However, it seemed like he was back to whom he was after a few more days… Was he really able to let this go this easily? Or was he just hiding his feelings within himself?

    A few days later at the He residents, Gwok Ho furiously knocked his cup of tea onto the ground.

    “Brother, what is the reason to be so mad?” asked Mrs. He.

    “Uncle, are you still bothering with the things about the White Warrior?” said He Git as he entered the room.

    “It’s been three months! Everyone is useless and cannot help me! That Sima Mei Yin might know something, but she is too stubborn. What kind of woman is she?!” said Gwok Ho.

    “Even if you kill her, there will be no way for you to get anything out of her,” said He Git.

    “Of course I know that!” said Gwok Ho.

    “Maybe the whole family is dead already,” said Mrs. He. “Afterall, you did say that you have attacked Mok Tian Hau and Mok Fung.”

    “Yes, but there is still Mok Ming Hei. He’s still alive somewhere. As long as he lives, the Ching Sum Kuet has not perished from the earth, and will retrieve it and hold it in my palms,” said Gwok Ho.

    “Is that Ching Sum Kuet thing even that important?” said He Git indifferently.

    “Important? It is extremely important! With it, no one in the world is a match for me. If I have it, this world could belong to me. As long as it still lives, I’ll strive to get it in my hands,” said Gwok Ho.

    “Then why isn’t out ruler the Mok family?” questioned He Git.

    “The Moks know nothing about it, only the ones who truly carried the blood of the inventor knows its utmost power. Basically, they are stupid and scared to cast the true power of the Ching Sum Kuet over China,” uttered Gwok Ho.

    “Stupid? How can you say that brother? They use their powers to help the world out. They use their powers to help the people who suffered from the government’s corruptness,” said Mrs. He.

    “Sister, whose side are you on?” Gwok Ho gave her a defiant glare. Mrs. He felt a sudden shock traveling down her spine, and she quickly paced out of the room. As she did, a messenger came in.

    “General Chan,” said the messenger as he dropped on one knee with his hands cupped together in front of him.

    “What is it?” said Gwok Ho.

    “The emperor sent a message for you,” said the messenger as he pulled out an envelope with the emperor’s seal.

    Gwok Ho took the envelope and dismissed the messenger. After he read it, he frantically crumpled the paper and threw it onto the ground forcefully.

    “What is it uncle?” asked He Git.

    “The emperor wants me back in Chang’An for a special meeting,” said Gwok Ho as he deepened his voice. “I was this close to have the Ching Sum Kuet in my hands! Now I have to leave, everything will have to be started over again!”

    “I’m still here in the city so I can keep a watch for you,” suggested He Git.

    “No. Ah Git, I’m bringing you with me to the emperor,” said Gwok Ho.

    “M-me? Why?” said He Git with surprise.

    “You are one of the two only nephews I have. I have to care for your future. Your family will follow me to the royal palace and I will have your future set,” said Gwok Ho.

    “Thank you uncle!” said He Git contentedly.

    “In the mean time, I’ll have someone else live here. He can keep watch for the White Warrior for me. If any news is found, I will rush back from Chan’An and capture him with my own hands,” said Gwok Ho as he clenched his fist with determination. “We will depart tomorrow morning.”

    The news about the He family traveling to the capital city quickly spread through the city of Luo Yang. Once Siu Lan and Yi Ting found out, they were delighted than ever, for Ming Hei’s life will be a lot easier with Chan Gwok Ho out of his way.
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    you posted it here too =] hurry up and post chapter 7! i wanna read c[=

    anyways about chapter 6: eh oh siu lan lied to ming hei, is that why he'll fall in love with her n nancy later? because he thought mei yin is dead =[ watch her come back and get mad =p and it seems like that mrs. he is semi-good? will she help ming hei out one day? i have a feeling that she will and ming hei painting their pictures? does he really need their picture to remember what they look like? lols xD wait what dynasty is this story taking place in? cus i remember they don't have many paint colors back then except for black xD and is He Git going to be a court official later? seems like his role is starting to be bigger than yeung sung. u just wrote him out of the story, should bring him back D

    oh yeah ther's a spelling mistake at the end. "The news about the He family traveling to the capital city quickly spread threw the city of Luo Yang. " <--- i think you mean 'through' instead of 'threw'
    www.winglin.net/fanfic/Emilyy8 [Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Ron Ng]

    www.winglin.net/fanfic/Emilyy5 [oneshots]

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    fixed the typo. =D thanks! the lie is PARTIALLY the reason. but mei yin doesnt return till the third book. xD and mrs. he? Hmm, her role is not THAT big.. xD especially since i dont even have a name for her.. haha.. she sorta.. goes away by this point, and so does he git (until far later will he return). yeung sung's role is bigger than he git's. not as of now, but will be later. well.. somewhat even but i think yeung sung's role is biger though. ha. and with the paintings, ming hei is forgetful. at least he THINKS he's forgetful. the paintings are like, a souvenir of the past for him, something for him to look back at (sorta like how people make scrapbooks and stuff now i guess?). and the story takes palce during the tang dynasty, and i'm pretty sure tha they have colors by then... i just love your long comments emilyy. ^.^


    CHAPTER 7: A New Beginning

    Mok Ming Hei - Benny Chan
    Tong Siu Lan - Leila Tong
    Tong Yi Ting


    “Ming Hei!” called Siu Lan happily as she returned home that night.

    She opened Ming Hei’s doors and found him painting at his table. Ming Hei placed his brush down for a moment and asked, “What’s the matter?”

    “The He family—along with Chan Gwok Ho—are leaving to the capital tomorrow morning!” announced Siu Lan happily.

    “Ar-are you really serious?” stuttered Ming Hei.

    “We are serious Ming Hei. Siu Lan couldn’t wait and ran all the way here just to tell you this good news!” said Yi Ting as she entered the room.

    “Really? Then that’s really good news!” said Ming Hei happily as he danced around celebrating with Siu Lan. Seeing them like this, Yi Ting couldn’t help but imagined them as a couple someday—hopefully.

    The sun rose the next day and the He family were escorted out of the city with Chan Gwok Ho and his guards. They walked out arrogantly in fame as people clapped for them, but did they clap for their success or did they clap because they are finally leaving?

    Siu Lan and Yi Ting wanted to make sure that they really were leaving, so they followed their trail with their Hing Gong for about 10 miles. They really were gone, and they could finally let out a sigh of relief. Right after they were sure of this, Siu Lan and Yi Ting quickly back home to tell Ming Hei the good news.

    As they reached the bottom of the hill, they felt a strong gust of wind smacked against their face and traveled through the veins of their body, sending cold shivers of trepidation down their spines. All the nearby trees were blowing violently as their leaves whirled around mischievously. If they believed in the myth about this hill being bad luck and haunted ever since a deadly battle between the clan that occurred a while back, they would have thought that the ghosts were acting up.

    “What is that powerful force of wind?” asked Siu Lan as she struggled to keep her balance.

    “I don’t know. Come on, let’s get home first,” said Yi Ting as they struggled their way up the mountain with the wind blowing through against their body. As they approached the top of the hill, the power of the wind get stronger and stronger. They slowly opened their eyes and saw the source of the power. Ming Hei was practicing his martial art in the front of the house. Each strike of the sword released a powerful blow of air that was strong enough to reach the bottom of the hill and still give people a feeling of uneasiness. Yi Ting and Siu Lan couldn’t believe their eyes. The power that he possessed within him seemed to be frightening and horrendous, yet gentle. They could clearly see that if the Ching Sum Kuet for a bad cause, the world would surely be doomed. Ming Hei’s power doesn’t seem to be that powerful before. Maybe it was the death of his parents that motivated him. All that Yi Ting wished for was for revenge to not take over his life. Soon, Ming Hei completed his set of techniques and stood on a powerful warrior stand that Yi Ting remembered seeing Tian Hau in. He was balancing on his left leg, which was slightly bent as his right foot was stretched out in front of him. Then his right arm pointed his sword in front of him as he had his left hand behind him, with his middle and index finger shooting into the air. Siu Lan stepped out and started clapping violently.

    “Siu Lan?” said Ming Hei as he sheathed his sword and walked over.

    “That was beautiful! Ming Hei, your martial ars are improving greatly! You use to be so bad at it that you looked like you were a bad dancer, but now look at you!” said Siu Lan impressively.

    “Hmm, is that a compliment or an insult?” teased Ming Hei.

    “You know what I mean,” said Siu Lan. Ming Hei replied shyly with a smile.

    “That was impressive, Ming Hei,” said Yi Ting as she stepped out.

    “Thank you, Tong Ma. Hey, why are you two here at this time? Shouldn’t you be in the city?” asked Ming Hei curiously.

    “Remember when we said that Chan Gwok Ho and the He family are moving away to Chang’an today? Well, we wanted to make sure that it wasn’t any kind of trap just so that you would reveal yourself so we followed their tracks. They really left. So we came back to tell you the good news,” said Yi Ting.

    “Thank you for doing this, Tong Ma. I can never thank you enough,” said Ming Hei as dropped to his knees. Yi Ting quickly helped him up.

    “Ming Hei! There is no need to kneel to me like that. All I did was fulfill your father’s wishes. His wishes were for me to care for you until you can really care for yourself and bring fame to your family’s name. Gaining the name of the White Warrior was not easy for your grandfather and father, all you have to do now is to keep that name and protect the Ching Sum Kuet. Remember, the energy that it possesses has the ability to take over the world. You have to seriously not use that energy in the wrong direction. If you do, the world will be doomed. Remember—do not let the hunger for revenge overpower your control over the Ching Sum Kuet.”

    “Yes Tong Ma. Revenge will be taken one day, but not now. What I have to concentrate on now is to improve my martial art to level 9 of the Ching Sum Kuet.”

    “Oh, I’m sure you would reach that level soon.”

    “Father said that you will need to have multiple love stories in order to reach that level.”

    “Exactly. I know that you love Mei Yin a lot, but is still someone else by your side who loves you a lot,” said Yi Ting as she smiled at her daughter

    Siu Lan’s face quickly glowed red. “I have to go inside,” said Siu Lan bashfully as she left.

    “Ming Hei, Siu Lan is a very nice girl. She liked you ever since she was young. Now, I hope that you will not throw away her love for you,” said Yi Ting.

    “Tong Ma, all I have in my heart is Mei Yin. I don’t think I will ever be able to reach level 9. I don’t want to be an unfaithful person and loves more than one. Even if I am with Siu Lan and even if I love her, Mei Yin will always be in my heart no matter what. It won’t be fair for either person that way,” said Ming Hei.

    “I know that you love Mei Yin, but Siu Lan does not desire your whole heart to be just her. All she wants is for you to love her. She knows that it is not possible for you to forget Mei Yin. We know that you are not a man who forgets the old when the new comes, that’s the way and life of the White Warrior. No matter who end up with in the future, no matter how many women you fall in love with, I know that they will all remain inside your heart forever and equally, just like your father remembers your real mother and Yhun Yi at the same time. He loves them both but he couldn’t be with both, so they all remain in his heart, and I hope that you will do the same.”

    “Yes Tong Ma. I will remember that, but I don’t know now. I really don’t know if I have that feeling that I had for Mei Yin for her.”

    “Feelings take time to develop. Ming Hei, you are a very handsome boy with a very kind heart. You are superior in martial arts, painting, calligraphy, music, and many other things. You carry a face that is doomed to attract many females. No women in the world can resist someone like you.”

    “Tong Ma, don’t joke with me. I’m not great like that at all. If I am that great, then why are things the way they are right now? Why did I cause my parents’ death? I’m just a boy who is like a bad luck charm to the people around me, I’m just a boy who’s too naïve and stupid.”

    “Do not say that! You are a hero in the Martial World. You are the legendary White Warrior. Everyone wants to know you and see the legendary face that you bear. The Legendary White Warrior is not just a person well known for his martial arts. He is known as a man with an extremely kind heart and a man talented in many areas. He is the one which all the men wants to challenge, he is the one which all the women in the world wants to meet.”

    “The White Warrior is so kind hearted that he’s naive. The White Warrior isn’t that powerful anymore. I am not my father.”

    “Your father’s fame in the Martial World has never been achieved by anyone before. He was known by everyone, even the smallest villages of China. Wherever he went, people would step aside and let him pass, for they would not like to interfere with this great warrior. For the ones who were selfish and believed that they were more powerful, they wanted to fight him and take over his name that stands in the martial world. Predictably, they all usually sacrificed their lives within a few attacks.”

    “I will never achieve the fame he holds.”

    “Don’t worry Ming Hei, your father does not wish for you to step into the Martial World and deal with its affairs. He just wants to live strong and continue like happily like you always had. Most of all, he wants you safe and the Ching Sum Kuet to stay in nobody’s but your hands.”

    “Thank you, Tong Ma.”

    “You have said ‘thank you’ too much already today. Now, let’s go inside shall we?” said Yi Ting. Ming Hei released a smile on his face and followed her inside.

    “Mother, I’m going to the back mountains to search for some flowers. They usually blossom at this season and only the back mountains have them. They would make great bookmarks for us to sell since they are so unique,” said Siu Lan.

    “Back mountains? There are a lot of thieves there,” worried Yi Ting.

    “Mother, don’t worry. Remember, I know martial arts!” said Siu Lan.

    “Only Hing Gong and a few simple moves with your metal chain. If it wasn’t for your inner strength derived from your Hing Gong, your metal chain techniques are almost harmless to those vicious foes!” said Yi Ting.

    “Then why don’t you come with me—like last year?” said Siu Lan.

    “That group of thieves almost had us killed! I am not going to take that risk again. The flowers are pretty, but it’s not worth risking your life,” said Yi Ting.

    “Mother,” whined Siu Lan as she tugged on her sleeves.

    “Tong Ma, what is I went with Siu Lan? She will be safe if I went,” suggested Ming Hei.

    “Yes, but what if your identity as the White Warrior is revealed fro this journey? Plus, it is a one and a half day journey there and a one and a half day journey back,” worried Yi Ting.

    “Mother, you worry too much,” Siu Lan rolled her eyes.

    “This is for your own safety. How about this—the White Warrior is easily recognized as the White Warrior because of his white clothing. If you dress in other ways, they should not be able to recognize you,” said Yi Ting.

    “Dress up? How? Besides, I love the color white,” said Ming Hei as he looked at his own apparel.

    “You will have to not like white for now if you want to go on this journey. Watch me perform,” said Yi Ting as smiled.
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    wonder what so special about those flowers that Siu Lan would wanna risk her life for xD. Maybe Ming Hei will see the orchids (was it?) that he and Mei Yin had. I have a feeling that you put this in the story to develop some sparks between Ming Hei and Siu Lan. Am I right? =] Can't wait to read about some "bandits butt kicking" I kinda hope they'll meet a new character, like a good bandit. Maybe a heroic female, maybe Ming Hei's sidekick? Hope she'll appear soon For some reasons, I found Ming Hei's change a little fast. Dancing with Siu Lan, a little odd c[= lols. I don't like Siu Lan as much anymore, maybe because she lied to Ming Hei about Mei Yin, but I guess it's necessary. I have a feeling that she'll tell him the truth before she dies at the end of the book maybe? and he'll go searching for Mei Yin, so she'll appear in book 3 c[= hahah UPDATE SOOON!!!
    www.winglin.net/fanfic/Emilyy8 [Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Ron Ng]

    www.winglin.net/fanfic/Emilyy5 [oneshots]

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    Oh yeah, should we post "The Veil of Destiny" on spcnet? and i finished editing chapter 1
    www.winglin.net/fanfic/Emilyy8 [Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Ron Ng]

    www.winglin.net/fanfic/Emilyy5 [oneshots]

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    babiadorkable: these flowers will be really special for sure. and haha.. this portion of the story was first intended to add 'sparks' but then it got even more significant than that as i wrote on... and the bandit.. you'll see if he's good or bad.. hopefully the storyline i planned for him will go smoothly cuz it seemed a little rough when i review it now.. xD and ming hei still remembers Mei Yin, but he's trying to keep her 'inside' of him... xD i dunno.. maybe u'll turn out hating him. xD lol.


    CHAPTER 8: The Monkey Clan's Legacies

    Mok Ming Hei - Benny Chan
    Tong Siu Lan - Leila Tong
    Tong Yi Ting
    Tit Lawng Fan


    After a short amount of time, Ming Hei transformed into a farmer that seemed completely harmless—a quite handsome farmer too. If it’s a regular person, they would surely never know that he acknowledged any martial arts of power. The farmer hat, flax clothing, and Yi Ting’s expertise changed this whole look from a legendary hero to a farmer’s boy. Ming Hei wasn’t even able to recognize himself at the first glance.

    “Is this really me?” asked Ming Hei as he blinked a few times at his own reflection in a pool of water.

    ”Of course,” said Yi Ting. “Now, when you go with Siu Lan, you can’t go by the name of Ming Hei, or else people will know who you are. She’ll just call you Ah Hei, is that fine?”

    “No problem,” said Ming Hei.

    “I know that you don’t seem as handsome with this look as the warrior look but—” started Yi Ting.

    “It’s great! This looks so different that no one will recognize me and that’s the point behind it. All I care is for people to not remember me and know who I am,” said Ming Hei cheerfully as he admired his fresh appearance.

    “Here is a sheath for your sword. You would not be able to wear your white one with this outfit,” said Yi Ting as she handed him a brown color sheath, just like one that a farmer would seem to wear.

    “Thank you,” said Ming Hei as he placed it on behind his back. After he placed it in, he dramatically pretended that he was fighting and slowly did some moves as he unsheathed his sword, causing Siu Lan to giggle at his actions. “What are you laughing at, Siu Lan?” teased Ming Hei.

    “You really DO look like a farmer. I really wouldn’t recognize you down the streets if I saw you. You gestures and personality really fits this look though. It’s equally as playful and funny,” said Siu Lan.

    “Are you saying I’m funny looking?” said Ming Hei.

    “Yes,” teased Siu Lan as he stood up to him.

    “Fine! Then I will not go to the back mountains with you!” said Ming Hei nonchalantly like he didn’t care. He turned his back to her like a little kid.

    “Ming Hei, I know you want to go. You haven’t stepped off this hill for at least 3 months, almost 4! Don’t say you don’t want to because I know you do,” said Siu Lan.

    “Then hurry up!” said Ming Hei as he ran out the door.

    “Wait for me!” said Siu Lan as she chased after them.

    “Be careful!” yelled Yi Ting from inside their house as she watched them running off happily with each other.

    They traveled for a couple hours before the sun started to set. Ming Hei soon became tired of walking at the slow pace of Siu Lan’s, so he quickly sped and left Siu Lan lagging behind. After a while, he remembered that he was not traveling alone, and he quickly turned around and waited for her. Once she caught up, he teased, “Why are you walking so slowly? I thought Hing Gong is FAST, FAST, FAST!”

    “Am I using Hing Gong right now? I don’t think so,” said Siu Lan, with a little bit of angriness heard in her voice.

    “Well, even if you aren’t using it, shouldn’t you still walk faster than me since your feets take lighter steps?” said Ming Hei.

    “Shh!” whispered Siu Lan all of a sudden.

    “What?” said Ming Hei.

    “Shh! Quiet down!” whispered Siu Lan with a stern face. “Someone’s here.”

    “How can you hear?” whispered Ming Hei.

    “Just stay quiet. Okay?” said Siu Lan. Ming Hei nodded.

    “Who has arrived? Reveal yourself at the instant! There is no point in hiding your head but revealing your tail,” said Siu Lan with a strong and powerful voice as she pulled out her metal chain and held it securely in front of her. It seems like she has handled situations like these before plenty of times, but she was only 16 years old. How much has she gone through?

    Suddenly, terrifying monkey cackles echoed throughout the area. The trees began to shake and the frightening laughs surrounded them all around.

    “What is that?” whispered Ming Hei as fear was seen on his face.

    “It’s fine. Just stay quiet for now, okay?” said Siu Lan.

    Suddenly, a group of men dressed in ragged and dark colored clothing with no shoes jumped down from the trees and circled them. With their right hand, they all held an ax, and on their upper left arm, a monkey symbol was tattooed. Seeing this, Siu Lan knew that this must be the Monkey Clan ( Hou Ji Jhai 猴子族 ).

    “Who are they?” whispered Ming Hei nervously.

    “Monkey Clan. They are a group of thieves who wondered the world stealing the possession of travelers for a living. Their martial art is not that superior. It’s only their clan leader’s Iron Monkey Fist ( Tit Hou Keun 铁猴拳 ) that is powerful. Otherwise, this clan only wins fight because of the large amount of clan members. It wasn’t this band of thieves in these mountains before, the Monkey Clan must have killed them all and took over their territory,” explained Siu Lan. Siu Lan stepped forward with her right hand cupping her left fist to show respect to the clan. She then said, “This must be the well known Monkey Clan of the Martial World. May I ask all you to see your clan leader?”

    A man at his early 50s with a rough square and stern face stepped forward as he held onto an ax with his right hand. A hideous scar that marked his battles was seen on his upper left arm, chopping his monkey tattoo into two. It looked as if someone attempted to take his hand.

    “This must be the well known Monkey Clan leader, Tit Lawng Fan ( 铁朗凡 ),” replied Siu Lan with confidence.

    “It’s hard to find a young and pretty girl who remembers these old names of the martial world. All the young and pretty girls only remember the younger generations, like the handsome little Mok Ming Hei,” said Lawng Fan.

    Ming Hei gave a quick glance at the old man. How does news about the rising warrior spread so fast around the martial world?

    Siu Lan gave the old man a grin and said, “New names are needed to be known, but the old names will never perish. My mother has always told me that ever since I was young. To gain respect in the martial world, you would have to know all the names and be able to recognize them when you step upon their path. Am I right Mr. Tit?”

    “A very clever girl you are. Your mother has taught you very well. Who is your mother?” said Lawng Fan.

    “My mother does not wish to be involved in anymore martial world affairs so her name shall not be spoken. And for me, I’m just an ordinary girl who really is no one in the vast martial world. There is no point for me to review it with you,” said Siu Lan.

    Lawng Fan cackled and smirked at Siu Lan as he crossed his arms. “You must be pretty brave to talk to me in this manner.”

    “Please do not praise me like that Mr. Tit. Now, all my friend and I have to ask is for your permission for us to leave this place so we can continue on our journey in search for a special kind of flower that we can use to sell for a living. On our way back, we can give you a piece of that flower as a gift of appreciation.”

    “Everyone, and I mean everyone, who wants to pass have to leave down their valuables, and that includes you and your friend, pretty little girl.”

    “Mr. Tit, we are in penury. We have not brought anything valuable on our journey except for a set of clothing, water, and some food for us to eat. We don’t even have any money with us. There really is nothing for us to give you.”

    “Since you are so intellectual, we’ll give you a second way. That way is to beat my sect in martial arts. If you win, you can leave. If not, you and your friend will have to follow us back to our home.”

    “Then come on! I’m tired of your talking already!” said Ming Hei as he suddenly walked up to Lawng Fan and glared at him with aggravation in his eyes. He had waited too long for Siu Lan to talk so much rubbish to him just so he’ll let them past. After all her persuasion, they were still not out if it. Ming Hei does not understand how Siu Lan could take the pressure of trying to be nice with a band of thieves. Ming Hei was much shorter and less bulky than Lawng Fan—making him seem like a chick next to a chicken—so Lawng Fan just laughed when he spoke up.

    “So you want to fight my whole sect? Are you sure you can handle it little boy?” said Lawng Fan. His whole sect broke into a laugher as Siu Lan pulled him back.

    “Are you crazy? We won’t be able to handle them!” whispered Siu Lan.

    “Siu Lan, you don’t think I can handle a mere clan?” whispered Ming Hei.

    “It’s not that! It’s that you can’t use your Ching Sum Kuet fully when we fight. You can’t use the forces of nature, or else they’ll find out that you are the White Warrior!” whispered Siu Lan.

    “I refuse to believe that even if I don’t use the forces of nature, I will not be able to beat them!” said Ming Hei.

    Siu Lan sighed softly. “What else can we do now after your declaration? When you fight, I beg you to NOT use your power of nature. If anything goes wrong, I will quickly pull us out of the situation and fly off with Hing Gong, okay?” whispered Siu Lan.

    “Yes,” whispered Ming Hei. They both pulled out their weapons and stood back to back. Siu Lan stretched out her metal chain as Ming Hei held his sword up with both hands. Ming Hei looked towards his left as Siu Lan looked at her left, just so that they faced the whole clan. With a stomp of Lawng Fan’s foot, the battle began. A few people jumped off the trees and attacked the two with their axes. Siu Lan and Ming Hei pushed off of each other’s backs and jumped forward. They blocked each chop the monkey men attempted while their clan leader stood at the side and observed before he stepped in. Siu Lan’s mother had warned her before not to use the last level of her Hing Gong before she left, without revealing why. Trying to hide their identity, Siu Lan and Ming Hei both couldn’t use their full power. Without using her full power, Siu Lan was a lot weaker. When a man chopped towards her and she defended it by raising her metal chain, the metal chain chopped in two! Luckily, Ming Hei caught sight of this and immediately kicked a rock right on the ax, causing it to move off of the target.

    They smiled at each other and quickly got back to fighting. He may be swift and fast, but he can be very unobservant at times. Behind him, an ax came flying out of no where and was about to strike him right on the back. Siu Lan saw this and quickly pushed him onto the side, causing that ax to slightly slit her left shoulder. She shrieked in pain.

    “Stop!” commanded Lawng Fan. The whole clan froze and slowly backed off towards their leader.

    “Siu Lan! Are you okay?” said Ming Hei concernedly. He felt his heart ached at the sight of Siu Lan’s injury.

    Why would she do something as stupid as this just to save me? She is now injured herself! thought Ming Hei.

    “I’m fine,” said Siu Lan as she held her left shoulder with her right hand.

    Lawng Fan slowly walked up to Ming Hei and Siu Lan. “You two seem to be pretty good at martial arts, but you are already injured little girl. Your name is Siu Lan, right?”

    “Yes,” replied Siu Lan.

    “And what is your name boy?” said Lawng Fan.

    Siu Lan nudged Ming Hei to make him say something. “Ah Hei,” said Ming Hei reluctantly.

    “Your martial arts are pretty superior and will do just fine in the martial world if you chose that path one day. If that really is your choice, I’m sure that you’ll make your name famous one day,” said Lawng Fan impressively.

    “Mr. Tit, please do not talk anymore rubbish anymore. Our time is pricey and we have to get on our journey. State what you want right now so we can make our leave,” demanded Ming Hei.

    “A straightforward person you are. I’ll tell you what. If you leave your sword down, you and your lady right there can leave,” said Lawng Fan.

    Ming Hei and Siu Lan looked at each other in oddity. His lady? What was this man talking about?!

    “This sword belonged to my dead father. No matter what, I will not give it up. I WILL not leave it for your possession,” said Ming Hei.

    “Well, the sword is the only valuable thing that I see here. Hand it over or we shall bring you to our clan’s home. For the least, we have to keep our legacies,” said Lawng Fan.

    “What is the matter with you?! We have asked you nicely already to let us pass!” yelled Ming Hei.

    “Mr. Tit, if you really want to take this sword, take it,” said Siu Lan.

    “What?! What are you talking about Siu Lan?” said Ming Hei in shock.
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    that's the legendary sword though! xD I have the same question, how did Ming Hei's name traveled throughout Jianghu since He Git's uncle is a government agent? xD oh yeah you spelled reveal as review. and it seems like siu lan got smarter all of a sudden. or maybe cus her character never really had a chance to shine lols update soon
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    babiadorkable: siu lan gives an explanation on how it spreaded out so fast. =) hehe.. siu lan was always smarter that she appeared before.. like you said, no chance to shine in a city where she plays such a small role in. i hope that this chapter's development doesnt seem that much of a rush...


    CHAPTER 9: Unassurance

    Mok Ming Hei - Benny Chan
    Tong Siu Lan - Leila Tong
    Tit Lawng Fan


    “Trust me Ming Hei, he will not be able to take it,” whispered Siu Lan.

    “Now this girl knows what she is talking about!” Lawng Fan released a smirk. “Hand it over!”

    Ming Hei reluctantly placed his sword onto the ground. Lawng Fan approached the sword, and he reached down to pick it up. When he was a mere inch from touching the sword, an electric-like shock abruptly traveled through his hand and all the way throughout his body, shaking every vein and gnawing every bone as if a critter planted itself inside his body and chewed on his skin. He was forced to back up as he held his hand in pain.

    “Leader! Are you okay?” said one of he clan members concernedly as he approached him.

    “I’m fine.” Lawng Fan bit down onto his teeth and glared maliciously at Ming Hei. “What did you do to the sword?!”

    “This sword is special, like every other outstanding weapon in the martial world. Only people who the sword thinks is worthy enough to be their owner will be able to touch it. Even if you possessed it, you won’t be able to sell it or use it because of this property. It will just remain as a decoration of shame,” said Siu Lan. Ming Hei had never known this about the sword. At this moment, he remembered that the same thing happened when Duen Shun approached the sword. It must have been the same shock that ran though his body.

    “How is it possible to have a weapon like that to exist in the world?” said Lawng Fan in skepticism.

    “You see it right before your eyes. It is not that we aren’t giving you this sword, but it is the sword that doesn’t want you as its owner,” said Siu Lan.

    “Very well then. If it does not and will never belong to me, I should not take it. You two may leave,” said Lawng Fan.

    “Leader? Are you crazy? We never let anyone leave without them leaving anything behind!” said one of the clan members.

    “I said they may leave!” roared Lawng Fan. Frightened by the tone of his voice, the members of his clan cleared stepped aside for them to pass.

    “Thank you very much, Mr. Tit,” said Siu Lan as she bowed courteously as they left. The two did not stop their path until they were sure that the Monkey Clan was at least ten miles behind.

    “Ming Hei! You almost had us killed!” shouted Siu Lan.

    “It’s Ah Hei. What are you talking about?” said Ming Hei.

    “Ah Hei then. Respect is extremely important in the martial world. One incautious comment could have killed us. When you provoked them to a fight, our lives could have been near the rear edge of ending right there.”

    “If I did not need to hide my martial arts, all of them would have all dropped down within a few attacks!”

    “But you couldn’t. Your name is already heard in the martial world from Tit Lawng Fan’s words. You are prey for these hungry predators.”

    “How did people find out so fast?”

    “Chan Gwok Ho’s search for you in Luo Yang was obvious and known, causing word to spread quickly throughout the government and martial world. I am strongly urging you to be careful,” warned Siu Lan.

    Ming Hei dropped on one knee and cupped his hands. “Yes, Siu Lan Sifu!”

    “What are you doing?!” said Siu Lan as she helped him up. “Ah!” she yelped at the sudden usage of strength and gripped onto her injured left arm.

    “Are you okay?”

    “It’s just a small wound. I’ll be fine.”

    “A wound is not that simple! If you leave it unattended and its condition worsen, you might need to be chopped off. I see an old abandoned temple in the distant. It’s getting dark so let’s stay there for the night. I’ll examine your injury there.”

    “Examine my injury? I don’t think that’s ne—”

    “Stop fussing, come on!” said Ming Hei as he dragged her on the way.

    The sun soon seated itself behind the mountains, and the sky was pitched black. The bright full moon released glorious beams of silver light into the vast atmosphere as stars stitched into the quilt of heaven glittered magnificently. As they entered the temple that they’ve just reached, cobwebs covered the walls, broken pieces of wood that used to be furniture, and a big broken Laughing Buddha sat in the middle of the room.

    “This seemed to have been abandoned for quite some time,” said Ming Hei as he wiped aside some cobwebs and dusted the lap of the Laughing Buddha. “Sit,” said Ming Hei as he seated himself. Siu Lan slowly walked over as she apprehensively inspected the area. Staring at the seat besides Ming Hei, Siu Lan brushed it a few times before seating. Seeing a critter scurried across the ground, she instantly jumped and lifted her feet off the ground.

    Seeing her careful actions, he realized one of her weakness. It was not frightening people who were twice as big as her or anything that could take her life, but filthiness and critters. When he saw the small specks of red leaking through her light green dress, he remembered, “Let me see your injury.”

    “My injury? It-it’s fine,” stuttered Siu Lan as she scooted aside. Ming Hei of course, said that statement with no harm. All he wanted was to help her and never thought that she would mind anyhow.

    “Siu Lan, that ax was sharp and dirty! If I don’t clean your wound it will never get better,” convinced Ming Hei. Seeing no reply, he just grabbed her arm and pulled her sleeve up. Siu Lan gaped as her heart beat rushed and her face reddened, but she did not resist. Ming Hei does not seem to have noticed her reaction, for all that he focused on was to make sure that her arm was well.

    “Look at the bits of dirt the ax left on your arm! If you didn’t let me looked at it, your arm would surely be infected!” said Ming Hei as he lifted his head, seeing that Siu Lan was biting onto her teeth as she squeezed her eyes shut. Her body quivered as a drop of tear trickled down her face. “Are you okay?” asked Ming Hei concernedly.

    “I—I’m fine,” stuttered Siu Lan as she forced a smile on her face.

    Uncertain about whether her words were true or false, Ming Hei grabbed their bottle of water and poured it onto a handkerchief of his. He then carefully used it to clean up her injury. She yelped a few times from the stinging, but she kept herself from doing so loudly. After a while, Siu Lan has gotten used to the pain as she looked intently at Ming Hei’s face as he carefully helped her clean her wound.

    “Stay here for a while. I have to get some herbs that I saw on the way as we traveled,” said Ming Hei as he walked out the door. Siu Lan took a look at her injury and realized that it was pretty deep.

    After a short while, Ming Hei returned with some leaves in his hands. “What are those?” inquired Siu Lan.

    “It will help heal your wound,” said Ming Hei. He seated himself besides Siu Lan and started chewing the herbs.

    “What are you doing?” said Siu Lan in shock.

    “I have to chew on them first so the medicine will come out,” said Ming Hei as he spitted it onto his hand.

    Siu Lan looked at his hand in abhorrence. Seeing her reaction, Ming Hei added a few words of comfort, “Don’t worry. It may look nauseating, but it’s very useful. Close your eyes.”


    “Just do so, and do not open your eyes until I tell you,” said Ming Hei. Siu Lan did as told, and she felt a cold sensation on her wound that did not hurt at all. It was the herbs that Ming Hei gathered and chewed up. He quickly took of one of his waistbands and wrapped her would up expertly and quickly. “Okay, you can open your eyes now.”

    Siu Lan slowly opened her eyes and peered at her arm. “What happened? You wrapped it up so quickly!”

    “Of course! I’m an expert!”

    “What’s that cold feeling on my arm?” asked Siu Lan, even though she pretty much knew the answer.

    “The.. the herbs,” said Ming Hei as he jumped away from Siu Lan, afraid that she’ll hit him.

    Surprisingly, Siu Lan did not have any surprised for shocked expression. All she did was stare.

    “Now, don’t hit me. It’s for your own good,” said Ming Hei as he slowly moved back and sat next to her.

    “Are you sure?” said Siu Lan.

    “Of coruse!” said Ming Hei.

    “Okay then,” said Siu Lan.

    “You are not mad?” questioned Ming Hei. Siu Lan just smiled and nodded no her head. Ming Hei replied with a sweets smile. “Your dress is stained with your blood, why don’t you take it off and wash it?”

    “What?” snapped Siu Lan in shock.

    “It’s dirty,” said Ming Hei. Seeing the widened eyes of Siu Lan, Ming Hei realized what he said. “Wait—I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like that… I—”

    “It’s okay. You mean no harm,” said Siu Lan.

    “I remember! Your mother packed you an extra set of clothing, why don’t you change into that?” suggested Ming Hei.

    “Change where though?” said Siu Lan as she scanned the surrounding.

    “Umm,” said Ming Hei. “Behind the Buddha!” Ming Hei then quickly covered up his eyes like a little kid would do. Siu Lan giggled as she changed behind the Buddha. When she was done, she tapped Ming Hei on the shoulder.

    “Done?” said Ming Hei as he turned around with his hands still covering his eyes.

    Siu Lan giggled and replied, “Yes.” Ming Hei quickly released his hands from his eyes and released a stunning smile.

    Suddenly, a loud bang of lighting was heard outside and rain started to pour. At the sound of the thunder, Siu Lan was terrified and immediately hugged Ming Hei tightly around the hips. Ming Hei’s face instantaneously reddened and his heart beat speeded up as he felt her approach. “Are you okay?” asked Ming Hei concernedly as he attempted to push her off.

    “I—I’m scared of thunder,” said Siu Lan. Another shock of thunder beated to the ground and she grasped him tighter

    “Don’t worry. Here, I’ll cover your ears,” suggested Ming Hei tenderly. They sat down on the Buddha’s lap and as Ming Hei brought her towards him and covered her ears. Siu Lan leaned against his chest as she heart his heart beat and felt the warmth of his body. Ming Hei felt a sudden rush of blood to his brain as he saw Siu Lan so close besides him. He felt his body temperature go up as his heart beat increased. A while later, the rain lightened up and the lighting stopped, and Ming Hei released his hands from Siu Lan’s ears.

    “Is that better now?” asked Ming Hei softly. Siu Lan nodded and released a lovable smile. Seeing that she was better, Ming Hei walked out near the door to see how the bad the storm was.

    “I think we are forced to stay here for the night even if we don’t want to,” said Ming Hei after observing for a short while.

    “Here?” said Siu Lan in discomfort.

    “It’s pouring outside!” said Ming Hei. Spotting some hay in the corner of the temple, he brought some over and placed them in front of the Buddha. After about three trips, he started making a bed out of it. “You can sleep on this tonight. I know that it may not be as comfy as your bed at home, but it would do for a night.”

    “Thank you,” said Siu Lan as she sat down.

    Suddenly, Ming Hei couldn’t resist the temptation to ask Siu Lan a question that he had on his mind for a long time. “Siu Lan, I could tell that you traveled many times from your abilities to handle these sects and stuff, but why are you still afraid of such little things like critters and thunder?”

    “Mother never needed us to stay in temples before. We always managed to sleep at a nearby village.”

    “Even when you walk this path to gather the flowers you wanted?”

    “No. There used to be a village here but the band of thieves from before burnt it all down. Last year we tried to pass this area but they would not let us at all, so we had to turn back,” said Siu Lan. A moment of awkward silence occurred and Siu Lan asked, “Where are you doing to sleep Ming Hei?”

    “Don’t worry about me. I’m a man. The heaven is our blanket and the earth is our bed. I can sleep on the Buddha,” said Ming Hei.

    “You will surely not have a good sleep if you do so,” said Siu Lan with concern.

    “There is not enough hay here to make another bed though,” said Ming Hei.

    “You—you can sleep on my bed with me,” suggested Siu Lan as she scooted over.

    “What?!” said Ming Hei in shock, for that was improper.

    “Umm, you sleep on that side while I stay on this side,” said Siu Lan softly.

    “Are you sure?” asked Ming Hei nervously.

    “I wouldn’t want you to have a bad sleep just because you want me to have a comfy night,” said Siu Lan.

    “Umm, okay,” said Ming Hei. So that was how it went, Ming Hei slept on the right and Siu Lan slept on the left with their backs facing each other. As the night went on, they tossed and turn, and ended up facing each other without them noticing. A large sound of thunder was heard and Ming Hei woke up. The first thing he saw when he opened his eyes was Siu Lan’s face. His heart beat raced and his body quicken heated up as he gazed at her face up close. He had never noticed how beautiful she was with those soft cheeks and gorgeous big eyes. Today seemed to be the first day he noticed this all, the first day that was ever this close to her. Another shock of thunder was heard as the rain hammered heavily on the ground outside, causing Siu Lan to slowly wake up. Ming Hei quickly closed his eyes and pretended that he was still asleep. Siu Lan slowly opened her eyes and saw Ming right in front of her. She stared at Ming Hei’s handsome little face as she felt her own heart raced. She touched his face gently. Of course, Ming Hei felt her gentle hands touching his face but did not do anything except allowing his own heart beat to race faster. She closed her eyes and went back to sleep.
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    ahhh! ur chapter urge me to write more of my story ahah imma start it tomorrow xD BTW, how did Ming Hei see Siu Lan's big eyes when they were close c[= lols! but i see the sparks developing between them! i miss Mei Yin though ahhaha can't wait til she comes back in book 3. and when Nancy appear. Im starting to adore Ming Hei and Siu Lan though. i like how she liked him since forever, hopefully, he'll start liking her xD
    www.winglin.net/fanfic/Emilyy8 [Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Ron Ng]

    www.winglin.net/fanfic/Emilyy5 [oneshots]

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    babiadorkable - i finally updatd. xD and... he sees the eyeline of hers and imagines that they are big? c(: i think.. and i'll be waiting for ur updates


    CHAPTER 10: The Racing of Hearts

    Mok Ming Hei - Benny Chan
    Tong Siu Lan - Leila Tong
    Fong Ying Fung


    Morning soon arrived and a flock of birds flew over the temple, waking Siu Lan and Ming Hei. They opened their eyes in harmony and the first thing before them was each other’s face. They kept a steady stare at each other and allowed their heart race as they thought of what to say.

    “Good morning,” said Siu Lan at last.

    “Good morning,” replied Ming Hei. Without saying much, they got up and started on their journey once again. As they walk, their journey was slowed down by the wet ground that resulted from yesterday’s heavy rain as they took careful steps to avoid slipping and stepping in mud puddles.

    “Are you hungry?” asked Ming Hei as they walked.

    “A little bit,” said Siu Lan softly as she took glances at his face.

    “Let’s sit down on that rock over there to eat,” said Ming Hei. Siu Lan nodded and they headed over. Once they were seated, Ming Hei took out some mantous that they had and they both ate silently.

    Breaking the silence, Ming Hei suddenly choked on his food and Siu Lan instantly patted him on his back. “Are you okay?” asked Siu Lan with concern.

    “I’m fine, thank you,” said Ming Hei politely as if they’ve just met. Siu Lan smiled sweetly and went back to eating. As she ate, Ming Hei took occasional peeks at her face, just like Siu Lan did. He never realized how gorgeous she looked throughout all these years. The sudden thought of Mei Yin pulled him back from getting farter into his imagination. He quickly heaved his eyes away and kept them on his mantou, but no matter what he did, he could not stop his racing heartbeat.

    Within a few more hours of traveling, they finally reached the mountain where the unique flowers that Siu Lan was looking for were located.

    “Come on Ming Hei, it’s just over the top of this hill. Once we get there, you’ll see the glamorous view of the flowers!” said Siu Lan excitedly as she ran up the hill.

    “Slow down! I don’t know Hing Gong like you!” said Ming Hei as he tried to catch up. Siu Lan smiled and slowly helped him up the mountains. Once he felt her touch him, he felt his heart race once again and he felt a burn on his cheeks. He tried to ignore this feeling by biting onto his lips and reminded himself that Mei Yin was the one in his heart, and will be the only one even though she’s gone.

    The moment they reached the top of the hill, Siu Lan pulled him to view the magnificent scene that she’s been waiting to see for years. Ming Hei’s eyes immediately widened at the sight before him. The silver flowers not so far below glittered beautifully with life, releasing an incomparable feeling that forces one to approach it without opposition. Each and every one of them was like a star in the midnight sky, sparkling with hope and radiance. The aura it held was so mysterious and intriguing. One definitely would have thought that they’ve stepped into paradise upon arriving to this land.

    “What kind of flower is that? They are absolutely stunning,” commented Ming Hei.

    “The ones I’ve been looking for. They glitter as if they were a newborn child full of life.”

    “Let’s go down.”

    “Wait! The hill is steep, especially since the rain last night.”

    “We’ll be fine,” said Ming Hei as he took a step forward. It was that step that did it. He slipped down the hill and Siu Lan quickly reached for his hand as she attempted to pull him back. She managed to grab his wrist, but that grab caused her to tumble down along with him. Down and down the mountain they rolled without control. Soon, Ming Hei unsheathed his sword and dragged it against the hill, slowing down their fall. By the time they reached the bottom of the hill, they had a steady stop.

    “Siu Lan! Are you okay?” asked Ming Hei concernedly.

    “My ankle… I think I twisted it,” said Siu Lan as she grabbed onto her right ankle.

    “Let me see,” said Ming Hei as he took off her shoe and examined her injury. He twisted it around a little and Siu Lan slightly squealed. “Close your eyes,” said Ming Hei. Siu Lan did as told; and Ming Hei quickly rotated her ankle in an experienced way to pull her muscles back in place and Siu Lan shriek as she gripped tightly onto the grass growing besides her.

    “That hurts,” said Siu Lan as she touched her ankle. At the same time, Ming Hei ripped a piece of clothing from Siu Lan’s extra set of clothing that was stained from the night before and wrapped her ankle.

    “I don’t think you can walk for a while. Your ankle was badly twisted. It’ll be the best that you do not move it for at least three days” said Ming Hei.

    “What? How will I get back up and how will I gather my flowers?” said Siu Lan.

    “Don’t worry. I can help you gather the flowers. We are so close from them. We can both see them twinkling in the near distance. I can carry you over and you can tell me which ones you want me to pick out,” suggested Ming Hei. Siu Lan nodded and Ming Hei carried her to the center of the flowers. Standing in the field of flowers, he’s starting to see something familiar about them.

    “Siu Lan, don’t they look like orchids?” asked Ming Hei as he examined one.

    “They do. They seemed to be a royal like of orchid that releases a glittering glow in the daytime. Wait till it’s nighttime. The glow is comparable to the power of the moon. It’s exceptionally gorgeous,” said Siu Lan.

    “Tonight? Shouldn’t we head home right after we gather the flowers?”

    “Please, Ming Hei. I only get this chance to see them once every year. Can we please stay and watch them release their power just this one night?”

    “Well… fine.”

    “Thank you so much!” Her giddiness was charming to his eyes. He couldn’t believe that he had never noticed this all before. Once again, he reminded himself of Mei Yin and snapped himself out of the thought.

    “Why don’t I point to various blossoms and you tell me if those were the ones that you’d want me to pick?” suggested Ming Hei. Siu Lan nodded in agreement. This continued for about two hours before their whole big basket was full. Exhausted, Ming Hei collapsed onto the ground besides Siu Lan as they observed the crimson sky.

    “Look! The sun is setting!” said Siu Lan excitedly as she leaned into the grass with Ming Hei.

    “It’s magnificent,” said Ming Hei as he watched the cherry sky be swallowed up by the navy sea of twinkling stars. The vivid sun descended down the mountains and the silver moon rose into the sky, releasing the power of their glow on the orchids. They absorbed the moon’s shine and perfected their shine, bringing their viewers to a new land of paradise. Ming Hei and Siu Lan couldn’t take their eyes off of this beauty. The glittering orchid-like flowers seemed like a new phase of evolution, bring shine and glory to this small valley. If one does not know, they might believe that these little flowers were possessions of the moon goddess.

    “Aren’t you glad we stayed?” said Siu Lan as she leaned onto the grass.

    “Yes, these flowers are beautiful,” answered Ming Hei as he leaned back with her.

    “I’ve traveled here every single year ever since I was born. The few days of every year that I spend here could be the best days of my life, just because of these flower’s presence.”

    “Every year? I thought you said that there is a band of thieves that block the path that allows you to come here before the Monkey Clan settled.”

    “That was only last year. The years before, there was no clan or band of thieves at all. There used to be just a nice small village down the road, but the bang of thieves murdered them all, burnt down their village, and took over their territory. Their deeds prevented us from coming here last year. I was so sad, but I’m so glad that we made it this year.”

    “The martial world can be quite terrifying.”

    “It is scary. One wrong sentence or action, you will have to pay it off with your life,” said Siu Lan. There was silence for a short while of time, but Siu Lan then spoke up again. “My mother calls these special flowers ‘silver orchids.’ They glitter in the sky, whether nighttime or daytime, just like the light of the silver moon.”

    “Silver orchid…” repeated Ming Hei.

    As they stared at the beautiful site, Ming Hei soon fell asleep.

    “Ming Hei---” started Siu Lan. But once she turned around, she realized that he was asleep already. Staring at his face, he longed for this man beside her to be hers and only hers forever, but she knew that it would never happen with Mei Yin’s forever presence in his heart even with the selfish lie she told. She knows that there will be many people who will fall in love with him, not just because of his handsome face, but also because of his talents in martial arts and literature and kind heart. She longed for him to be by her side always, and this day was one of the few days which they were alone together in a beautiful atmosphere. She leaned over his face for a closer look of him and stroked his cheeks. She never believed that there will be one day which he will be in love with her, for he has always treated her as if she was his little sister. She leaned towards his face and gave him a small kiss on the lips. She knows that there will never be a day where a real kiss would occur between them, so this was the only way she can fulfill her own wish. She felt the warm and satisfying feeling on his lips that she hoped that she’ll feel it again some day. After this, she just wanted to feel his warmth for one night. She scooted right besides him and placed her right hand on top of his chest and fell aslept. She longed for this feeling to be eternal.

    Ming Hei had another dream this night. The foggy area he was isolated in slowly diminished. He knew it was Fong Ying Fung once again.

    “Mr. Fong!” greeted Ming Hei. Mr. Fong materialized before him as the fog faded away.

    “Ming Hei,” replied Ying Fung.

    “Mr. Fong! I was just thinking of seeing you, and there you are!” said Ming Hei.

    “I know a lot of things. I knew that you wanted to see me,” Ying Fung smiled.

    “What DON’T you know?”

    “Hmm, I don’t know. How about this, I’ll tell you what I know.”

    “Fine with me.”

    “Now, let’s begin with your journey since two days ago. Yi Ting dressed you up as a farmer boy so people will not recognize you as you journey in search of a special kind of flower which is known as Silver Orchid. As you journeyed, you stepped upon the path of the Monkey Clan. Siu Lan handled them expertly, but with one sentence of yours, you started a battle. Siu Lan suffered an attack for you during the battle. Afterwards, they said that as long as you leave your sword, you two can leave but you refused. Siu Lan told you to leave it and you listened and realized that they couldn’t touch the sword and you two left. Later that night you two stayed at an old abandoned temple where you helped Siu Lan with the wound on her arm. Am I right so far?” said Ying Fung speedily.

    Ming Hei was silent due to amazement as he absorbed his words. “How did you know…”

    “Now, when you examined Siu Lan’s injury, you forgot to consider one thing. She’s a girl.”

    “What about her being a girl? I know that.”

    “You just pulled her sleeve up without asking her permission! You should know how she feels,” said Ying Fung.

    “I—I didn’t mean it! I had no intention to– I was just worried about her injury! I didn’t mean to do that---” stuttered Ming Hei as he remembered.

    “I know you meant no harm, and Siu Lan understood too, so she didn’t do anything,” Ying Fung smiled. “I’m sure you know what happened afterwards, but that morning when you awoke, did you feel something towards her?”

    “I don’t know… It—it was odd,” said Ming Hei.

    “Really? What if I told you this: Siu Lan gave you a kiss on the lips just a moment ago before I came,” Ying Fung grinned.

    Ming Hei placed his fingers and felt his own lips as his heart raced, and this, Ying Fung had noticed.

    “Ming Hei, you know that Siu Lan liked you ever since she was little. She always wished for you to be her’s and have her as the only one in your heart, but she knows that Mei Yin exists,” said Ying Fung. “Now Ming Hei, you know you developed feelings for her already.”

    “I—I don’t know. Mr. Fong, I don’t want to be a man who forgets the old when the new comes! I don’t want to forget Mei Yin. She will always be in my heart even if she’s dead. I don’t want to be one of those people who people considered as someone who just say they love someone just because they wanted more from them, like some who already viewed the White Warrior as such a person,” said Ming Hei.

    “But you are not Ming Hei. It’s just the way of the White Warrior. That’s your life. I’ve tried to prevent you from traveling that road, but I guess fate is fate. It cannot be changed,” said Ying Fung.

    “Way of my life?” wondered Ming Hei.

    “Yes, life of the White Warrior. And for Mei Yin, she’s not dead…” Ying Fung’s words died out. He started to diminish into the air and soon, he disappeared.
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    CHAPTER 11: A Closer Step My Heart Will Take

    Mok Ming Hei - Benny Chan
    Tong Siu Lan - Leila Tong


    Ming Hei woke up as the sun slowly lifted itself from slumber. Dewdrops formed on the petals of the beautiful Silver Orchids, giving them the essence that differed from that night. He tried to sit up, but realized that Siu Lan’s head rested upon her chest. He touched his own lips as he felt his heart raced. Did Siu Lan really kiss him? He doesn’t know. And Mei Yin is not dead? How would that even be true? Ming Hei swore that was what Siu lan said…

    “Siu Lan, wake up. The sun is up,” said Ming Hei as he tapped her on the shoulder.

    Siu Lan slowly opened her eyes and quickly sat up. Embarrassedly, she said, “I—I’m sorry.”

    “That’s okay. Come on, we should start heading home,” said Ming Hei as if it was no big deal. He suggested carrying her up the mountain since her leg was still hurt.

    “Won’t that be too much trouble? I’m pretty heavy,” said Siu Lan.

    “It’ll be fine. How heavy can you be compared to me?” said Ming Hei. “Come on!” Ming Hei squatted down, waiting for her to climb onto his back. She hesitated for a short while, but then she placed her hands onto his shoulder as she allowed her heartbeat to accelerate. Ming Hei held her tightly and started walking. Siu Lan’s heart raced as she felt the warmth of his body against his. She felt the acceleration of his heartbeat upon their contact.

    “You ARE pretty heavy,” teased Ming Hei.

    “Really? I can walk my way back if it’s too much trouble,” suggested Siu Lan as she tried to get off his back.

    “Where are you going? I was just kidding! Hold on tight to the basket of flower behind your back. Don’t lose our flowers after all that hard work,” said Ming Hei as he held on to her tightly.

    So there they were, Ming Hei carrying Siu Lan on her back as Siu Lan held the basket of flowers and their luggage on her back. As they walked up the hill, Siu Lan noticed him having some difficulties, for he was not used to traveling these mountains.

    “Ming Hei, put me down. You had trouble walking up the hill already, this is too much trouble,” worried Siu Lan.

    “No, I’m fine. If I am to protect the Ching Sum Kuet, I need to at least be able to do this,” He bit onto his lips and continued walking, for he did not want to appear like a weakling in front of her for some undefined reason.

    “Ming Hei, look at your face…”

    “I’m fine. This extra weight on my back while I walk will probably help me develop my Hing Gong,” joked Ming Hei.

    Siu Lan laughed quietly. “Silly.”

    “By the way, how DO you practice superior Hing Gong?"

    “Ever since I was five, my mother made me wear metal around my legs, arms, and waste, with the weight of it increasing each year. Then by the time I was eight, I started practicing breathing techniques and inner strength. By the time I was 10, my mother allowed me to remove the metal and since then, I perfected my Hing Gong each and everyday to what I am today.”

    “That seems very painful. Imagine! Two whole years of wearing those metal things all over you!” said Ming Hei.

    “It was painful, but it was worth it. My Hing Gong is excellent right now!” said Siu Lan.

    “BUT you only know Hing Gong and not any other fighting techniques,” teased Ming Hei.

    “Hey! I’m only 16, not old like you. It takes time to learn, especially since my mother wants me to perfect my Hing Gong before I do anything else,” said Siu Lan.

    “How about this, I’ll teach you some of my martial arts,” said Ming Hei.

    “Don’t you ever dare do that! Your family’s martial arts is sacred and can only be practiced by the ones with a surname of Mok,” said Siu Lan.

    “You can learn it if you—” started Ming Hei. He couldn’t finish his sentence, but he could tell that Siu Lan knew what he was going to say. Of course Siu Lan she does, he was going to say that she can learn it if she became his wife she could. Siu Lan blushed at the site, and they were silent until Ming Hei decided to speak up again.

    “I’ve been told by my father that your family’s Hing Gong is not that simple, then why does it bear such a single name—the Tang Family Hing Gong?” said Ming Hei.

    “I don’t know. Mother has never told me another name for it. She never said anything. If it is that special and superior, there SHOULD be a name for it like the Ching Sum Kuet and the Monkey Clan’s Iron Monkey Fist,” said Siu Lan.

    “Well, not all of them have a special name. Duen Shun’s palm never had a name. He just called it the Duen Family Palm,” said Ming Hei.

    “That’s different. There are two ways to acquire a name: either being so powerful and controlling that others decided to name it or you naming it yourself for your own purpose. Your family’s was named by others because of its superiority. Maybe our Hing Gong isn’t that significant, but the power it bears in reality really is, frightening to some extent. I’ve always wanted to ask my mother but I never had that chance or courage to so. The Duen Family’s family is similar to many other palms with slight differences. With them not thinking of a brighter name for their own significance, a simple name is what it bears.”

    “If it isn’t as powerful as the Ching Sum Kuet, then why is it still able to kill my parents?”

    “Your parents were injured beforehand. That’s different. The Duens were cheating at this game.”

    Ming Hei released a sigh as he thought. “Then what other martial arts were given a name?”

    “Well, the White Cloud Palm ( Bak Wun Jeurn 白云掌 ),” said Siu Lan.

    “White Cloud Palm? What is that?” said Ming Hei.

    “It’s the palm of the White Cloud Sect ( 白云派 ), named because of the clouds that covers the top of the mountain that leads to their sect. Once they release the power of their palm, fast and poisonous silver needles will shoot out from the center of their palm and bring their opponent to his or her death at the exact moment. The most frightening thing is that the needle disappears at the instant when it touches the body, so there is no evidence of the killer but the puff of white smokes that comes out of their mouths when the needles engage with their bodies. The White Cloud Sect is also known as the healing kingdom, as well as the poison kingdom. No matter what the poison is, they have it and they also have the cure for it. Therefore, many journey towards this sect above the clouds in search of cures and poisons, but only the ones worthy enough to pass their challenges will return him safe and rewarded,” said Siu Lan.

    “I wonder if they were the inventors of the White Cloud Chicken Feet (Bak Wun Fung Jiao) too,” teased Ming Hei.

    Siu Lan giggled. “You are so silly. I have never been there, but I’ve heard that this powerful sect is suled completely by women.”

    “Ruled by women?” said Ming Hei with skepticism.

    “Don’t you underestimate the power of women! Their martial arts are superior. One who wishes to intrude unmannerly will be killed without a hint on which the killer is. People know it is them, but there was never proof, and they do not wish to take part in their matter,” said Siu Lan.

    “That seems so complicated. Well, we won’t need to get anywhere near them.”

    “I hope… But some people die just to get near them. Not to get poison or a cure, but just to see the face of the sect leader, Bak Sing Ping ( 白星平 ). Sadly, some died before they even got a chance.”

    “Bak Sing Ping? Who is that?”

    “One of the four legendary beauties of the martial world.”.

    “Legendary beauties?”

    “My mother told me that she was an extremely graceful and beautiful lady. She may be in her early 40s, but people have said that she looks as if she is in her late twenties. Her appearance may seem weak, but the power she holds for her petite body and mesmerizing eyes that twinkle in the night sky is beyond description. Next to her daughter, they look as if they were sisters.”

    “She has a daughter? Then how is the White Cloud Sect ruled only by women? What about her husband?”

    “There is no husband.”

    “Oh,” said Ming Hei. “Who’s the other three legendary beauties?”

    “I don’t know. I’ve never been told about them. It is only Bak Sing Ping that my mother has ever talked about.” A moment of silence occurred between the two before Siu Lan spoke up again. “People said that the White Cloud Sect is beautiful, as if it’s its own private kingdom. I really would like to see it one day, but that is just beyond my dreams.” She chuckled at her naiveness.

    “Siu Lan…”

    “What is it?”

    “Is Mei Yin really dead?”

    Ming Hei felt her heart race against his back as she thought. “Why do you ask?” stuttered Siu Lan.

    “I don’t know. Never mind, I’m just being stupid. She’s gone… Why should I even be asking?” Ming Hei chuckled slightly at his own naiveness, believing that Mr. Fong was wrong. He needs to move on, he was sure that Mei Yin would not want to see him like this just because of her. Siu Lan bit down onto her lips as a feeling of guilt climbed onto her back. She shouldn’t have lied. She shouldn’t have. There will be one day where she would need to tell him the truth.

    After a few hours of traveling with Siu Lan on his back, Ming Hei began to feel the pain in his knees. Suddenly, a cramp in his left left forced him onto the ground, bringing Siu Lan down with him.

    “Ming Hei! Are you okay?” asked Siu Lan quickly as she pulled herself over.

    “I’m fine. It’s just… My leg... Cramp!” yelled Ming Hei as he held onto his leg in pain.

    Siu Lan softly pulled his hands away and extended his leg as he started massaging it. Seeing her concern, Ming Hei slowly forgot his pain and was captivated with Siu Lan’s almond shaped eyes.

    “Does that feel better?” asked Siu Lan as she continued massaging.

    “Yes,” replied Ming Hei.

    “Why didn’t you ask to rest earlier?” said Siu Lan as she faced him. Her heart thumped as she saw him staring at her with those dreaming and captivating eyes.

    “I… I didn’t want you to think of me as a weakling who can’t even carry a girl all the way home,” stuttered Ming Hei as he continued to stare and allow his heart race.

    “Silly, why would I ever think that?” asked Siu Lan.

    Ming Hei didn’t answer, and continued staring into her eyes, finding them quite beautiful. Both of them just continued to stare awkwardly at each other, for they didn’t know how to end the stare, they did not wish to. Ming Hei never noticed her eyes to look like this before. Soon, a bird was heard from a tree above, breaking the silence and breaking the stare.
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    Good story Kaiyi.

    Keep it going, can't wait for the next update.

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    i'm starting to dislike Ming Hei =[ He's falling for Siu Lan too easily... and he's not even thinking that maybe the god guy is right... It seems like his love for Mei Yin wasn't that deep... anyways, update soon. I'll still be looking forward to future update
    www.winglin.net/fanfic/Emilyy8 [Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Ron Ng]

    www.winglin.net/fanfic/Emilyy5 [oneshots]

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    Spidey - thanks for dropping a comment! really encourages me to update more often. =)
    babiadorkable - aww... starting to not like him? well, he only really knew two ladies besides his motherin his whole life.. and one was like a sister.. so... he's starting to see the world.. but does he really like siu lan all along but just doesnt realize it or is it just a brother-sister love that he's mistakening?


    CHAPTER 12: Puzzles of the Past

    Mok Ming Hei - Benny Chan
    Tong Siu Lan - Leila Tong
    Tong Yi Ting
    Tit Lawng Fan


    “Umm… Are you hungry?” asked Siu Lan.

    “A little bit,” said Ming Hei as he stared into the sky, realizing that it was noon already.

    After they finished eating, Ming Hei asked, “How is your arm? Is that cold feeling still there?”

    “It’s okay now. That feeling went away.”

    Hearing her response, Ming Hei unravelled her arm, carefully cleaned off the herbs, and wrapped it with another one of his waistbands.

    “How many waistbands do you have?” wondered Siu Lan.

    “Hmm… Usually four,” answered Ming Hei.


    “I need them to hold things. The first waistband holds my important things like the jade my dad gave me. The second waistband holds medical stuff like ointments and my set of acupuncture needles. The third and fourth waistbands are used to cover up injuries if they unfortunately happen, like you! You used them both waistbands in two days!”

    “You are so funny. Who wears four waistbands? How do your things not fall out?”

    “I folded them in a little bit on the bottom so the waistband can hold the things up without allowing them to fall.”

    Siu Lan giggled at his silliness. Seeing her smile, Ming Hei felt as if there was a little clench within his heart. Suddenly, he somehow saw and felt Mei Yin’s smile within Siu Lan’s, and snapped himself out by smacking himself against the head.

    “Are you okay?” inquired Siu Lan upon seeing Ming Hei hit himself.

    “Huh? Oh, I’m fine. Come on, let’s get on. Tong Ma is waiting for us.”

    “Okay, but now, you have to stop and rest once every hour, or else your leg will hurt again.”

    “There is no need. I can carry you all the way.”

    “I said no. Understand?”

    Ming Hei smiled at her serious attitude. “Do you know that your face looks so funny when you get serious?”

    Siu Lan whacked him on the shoulder and jumped on his back again as she smiled at his playfulness within her heart. Even though she thinks that he had probably noticed, she wanted to tell him that she loved him, but the small amount of courage she obtains held her back. All she wanted was for this moment to last, where Ming Hei carried her on his back and what he said about hoping that she will not think of him as a weakling who is not able to carry a girl home on her mind. She had always thought of him as a hero and warrior, just like the image of the White Warrior that’s within everyone’s mind. The word ‘weak’ never applied to him, or ever will.

    That night, they stayed at the same Buddha temple they came upon earlier to the silver orchids, on the same hay bed they made the other day, and woke up early in the morning of the next day. After they ate, Ming Hei carried Siu Lan on his back again as they continued their journey home again. And once again, they stepped upon the Monkey Clan.

    Once they entered their territory, the ever so familiar monkey cries were heard all around. Then the group jumped down from the trees and surrounded them as they held their ax held firmly in their right hand.

    Tit Lawng Fan stepped forward. Siu Lan motioned Ming Hei to let her down and used his shoulder for support.

    “Well, well, well! And we meet again Miss Siu Lan?” said Lawng Fan.

    “Hello Mr. Tit. My friend Ah Hei and I just returned from our journey. We know your rules. We have to leave something in order for us to proceed. Last time we didn’t, but this time we’ll leave two things. Will leaving two of these beautiful silver orchids do?” asked Siu lan as she released a sweet smile and took out two beautiful silver orchids that glittered in the air. At the sight of the flowers, Lawng Fan’s eyes buldged out in revelation as shock soared up his spine.

    “Where did you get those flowers?! How did you know that they are called silver orchids?!” questioned Lawng Fan forcefully. His strong voice entwined with his words shook the hearts of his own men, and Ming Hei’s as well.

    “My friend and I picked them from the bottom of a hill not so far from here. To tell you the truth, these flowers have no name. My mother just told me to call them silver orchids,” replied Siu Lan calmly.

    “Silver orchids… Siu Lan… Silver orchids… Siu Lan…” muttered Lawng Fan to himself, and then suddenly turned towards Siu Lan and demanded, “Tell me, is your mother Tong Yi Ting?”

    Ming Hei felt his heart skip a beat upon his words. How did he know? Even though she was shocked too, Siu Lan remained calm, as if she had no idea of what he was talking about. “Mr. Tit, have you mistakened me as someone else? My mother’s name is Lam Mei ( 林美 ) and Lam is my surname—Lam Siu Lan. Our family never really learned a lot, therefore these simple names are of our acquaintance. I have never heard of anyone named Tong Yi Ting. May I ask who she is?”

    “Are you sure?” questioned Lawng Fan suspiciously.

    “I’m sorry but no. Is she of anyone spectacular I should know?” replied Siu Lan confusedly.

    Lawng Fan sighed. “Leave those two flowers down and you two may pass.”

    “Thank you Mr. Tit,” replied Siu Lan. She placed the flowers on the ground and jumped back onto Ming Hei’s back again and they walked away.

    “Leader, why did you let them go that easily again?” asked one of the sect members.

    “Tong Yi Ting is a powerful and cautious woman. Be more careful around that girl if we see her again,” said Lawng Fan. “You, you go follow them from a distant and see where they are heading. Stay a far distant from them, because if she really is Yi Ting’s daughter, her powerful Hing Gong will allow her to hear it if someone’s within her distance.”

    “Yes leader,” answered the man as he headed on his way.

    As Ming Hei walked, Lawng Fan’s words still bothered him. “Siu Lan, why do you think he let us go that easily this time and the last?”

    “I don’t know, but he knows my mother for sure. I wonder how,” said Siu Lan.

    “Let’s ask her when we return,” suggested Ming Hei.

    “I know that, but how should I start the conversation?”

    “Why are you making it so complicated? Can’t you just ask her without thinking so much?”

    “Well, that’s you. With that kind of attitude, you are doom to get yourself killed in the martial world.”

    “Well, I can protect myself with the Ching Sum Kuet!”

    “You are only on level 8. The difference between 8 and 9 is extreme. If you get to level 9, then you can perhaps talk with that attitude and not risk losing your life.”

    “That will never happen. I do not want to, and will not be a man who forgets the old when the new comes.”

    “You will never be a man like that. Ming Hei, I know you won’t. No matter how far Mei Yin is… uh… dead of alive… she’s still with you and will always be. I’m sure the second woman that you love will not care about your past,” said Siu Lan.

    “Will you?” asked Ming Hei.

    Siu Lan felt her heartbeat increase. She didn’t know how to answer. After a while of thinking, she said, “No.” Ming Hei stopped walking and placed her onto the ground and stared into her eyes. She doesn’t care if he has another person in his heart as long as she is still in it. She wouldn’t mind if Mei Yin takes Ming Hei back as long as she knows that he loves her too. The thing she minds is what Mei Yin thinks. What if she doesn’t accept the truth of Ming Hei being with another woman? She doesn’t want her to hate her, but she can’t deny the truth of her love for Ming Hei.

    By that late afternoon, they’ve reached home. Oddly, they saw that Yi Ting was still here. Usually, she should be out selling flowers at this time.

    “Tong Ma!” yelled Ming Hei. Yi Ting turned around and saw Ming Hei carrying Siu Lan on his back and quickly rushed towards them.

    “Ming Hei! Siu Lan! What’s wrong?” asked Yi Ting concernedly when she saw Siu Lan’s wrapped up leg.

    “I twisted my ankle, so I couldn’t walk. Ming Hei offered to carry me home,” said Siu Lan as she jumped off his back.

    “Oh,” said Yi Ting.

    “Mother, why aren’t you in the city selling flowers today?” said Siu Lan.

    “I wanted to, but some kind of rich family is moving into the city, and the government prohibited us open our stands because we are in the way of the installment of their furniture and belongings. Imagine what it will be like when they move into the house in a few months. These rich people, they can do anything they want. Poor people like we have no control,” said Yi Ting.

    “Rich people? Where are they moving?” questioned Ming Hei.

    “He Residents,” answered Yi Ting.

    “He residents? Does that mean that the He family is never coming back to Luo Yang?”

    “I hope not. Well, we are staying out of their ways and that’s final. Understand, Ming Hei?”

    “Yes, Tong Ma.”

    “Did you two manage to get the flowers?”

    “Right here!” announced Ming Hei as he aided Siu Lan remove off the basket from her back and showed it to Yi Ting. Yi Ting pulled out one of the Silver Orchids and stared at it deeply in thought.

    “Mother, are you okay?” asked Siu Lan when she saw a drop of tear trickled down her mother’s face.

    “I’m fine,” said Yi Ting as she wiped off her eyes. “Did you have trouble with the band of thieves?”

    “No. They weren’t there. Another group took over their territory, the Monkey Clan,” said Siu Lan.

    “Monkey Clan? You mean the one led by Tit Lawng Fan?” questioned Yi Ting with interest.

    “Yes. Do you know him? He asked me if I was your daughter.”

    “What did you reply?”

    “I said no.”

    “Good. To live in the martial world, patience and the knowledge of the martial artists is important. And yes, I know Tit Lawng Fan.”

    “Do you KNOW him know him or just know him?” asked Ming Hei.

    “Well I—I know who he is,” said Yi Ting.

    Siu Lan and Ming Hei could see that she was lying, but why?

    “Mother, you know him. Why are you trying to lie and deny the truth?” questioned Siu Lan.

    Yi Ting sighed. “I do know him.”

    “Why did you deny it?” queried Ming Hei.

    “I have my reasons,” said Yi Ting as she tried to walk away, but Ming Hei blocked her path.

    “Tong Ma, I have one more question. Is there some significance to your family’s Hing Gong?” asked Ming Hei.

    “Why do you ask?” questioned Yi Ting.

    “Siu Lan and I had a conversation before. The Monkey Clan has the Iron Monkey Fist, the White Cloud Sect has the White Cloud Palm, and my family has the Ching Sum Kuet. Martial arts acquire a name in one of two ways: either you name it yourself, or others name it for you because of its significance. From my observations, the power your family’s Hing Gong contains that allows one to travel a swift as the wind without the nearby observers even knowing one’s existence is magnificent. Surely it is of some importance and has a more intriguing name than just the Tong Family Hong Gong,” said Ming Hei.

    “What happened to you two these days? When have you become so interested in these things? Siu Lan, I shouldn’t have let you journeyed to gain these Silver Orchids,” queried Yi Ting.

    “Mother, you have told me that you called these as the Silver Orchids, but why does Tit Lawng Fan also know this name?” queried Siu Lan.

    Yi Ting tried to ignore her daughter by heading inside the house, but Siu Lan tried to stop her and eventually fell, since she her bad ankle still resulted form that fall downhill.

    “Siu Lan! Are you okay?” Yi Ting quickly ran over over to help her up.

    “Mother, tell me,” demanded Siu Lan.

    “Siu Lan, your leg is injured, be careful,” said Yi Ting concernedly as she stood up and headed for the house again.

    “Tong Ma!” screamed Ming Hei, bringing Yi Ting to a halt. “Tong Ma, you have to tell us some time or another. You can’t hide it from us forever. We’ll find out some time. Why don’t you tell us now so you can release it from lying within yourself? If my father told me about our secret earlier, the situation now probably wouldn’t even have existed, although there is no oddity with it from being worst or better, but at least that chance of being better still exists. You wouldn’t want Siu Lan to end up like me, with the ones who are the most significant to me all dead—mother, father, and even Mei Yin.”

    Yi Ting does not want Siu Lan to become an orphan. She’s only 16 right now. Yi Ting knew that Ming Hei would not just let this go. He had already suffered an incident that was led to today because of his father not informing him earlier. And for Mei Yin… where on earth did Ming Hei hear that she died? Only one source came into Yi Ting’s mind—Siu Lan.

    She turned around to them and said, “If you want to find out, come inside and have a seat.” Siu Lan and Ming Hei smiled at her and headed inside the house.
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