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A new parody movie??
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Thread: A new parody movie??

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    Default A new parody movie??

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    This movie is called "The Big Movie (大电影之数百亿)"

    and yes, it is a parody like the scary movies.

    Also, from 2 of the 6 writers for scary movies comes "The Epic Movie"

    The story centers on four not-so-young orphans: one raised by a curator at the Louvre (where an albino assassin lurks), another a refugee from Mexican "libre" wrestling, the third a recent victim of snakes on her plane, and the fourth a "normal" resident of a mutant "X"-community. The hapless quartet visits a chocolate factory, where they stumble into an enchanted wardrobe that transports them to the land of Gnarnia (with a "G"). There they meet a flamboyant pirate captain and earnest students of wizardry - and join forces with, among others, a wise-but-horny lion to defeat the evil White ***** of Gnarnia.

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