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My Favorite Theme Song/Ending Song Video is gotta to be ROCH83!! Both themesong and ending songs are always a masterpiece, always a classic!

What was ROCH 83's ending song video? I thought it was just the same as the opening song, just with words scrolling up instead of video clips.

For me, I find a lot of the new Jin Yong opening themes and closing themes are really top class. Linked Cities, ROCH, LOCH, Book and Sword all opened and closed rather beautifully, while DGSD and SPW both had good ending song videos (but rather poor openings).

I've used Windows Movie Maker to cut all my favourite themesongs from the VCDs and I've also kept several wonderful old opening songs... One Sword, Lu Xiao Feng 78, Duke of Mount Deer 86, and some very nice ATV songs such as Reincarnated, Super Hero and Tiger Hill Trail. The best Cantonese songs all seem to come from that era, even if the videos are not brilliant.