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Thread: Is there such a thing as a Heroes' Conference that doesn't involve a conspiracy?

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    Default Is there such a thing as a Heroes' Conference that doesn't involve a conspiracy?

    Heroes' Conferences in wulin, ostensibly, are grand conventions where wulin's notable people gather to discuss the problems facing wulin. Every single one of them, however, seems to break down into some conspiracy to "off" somebody or overthrow someone. Consider this:


    1. Beggar's Union Conference became meeting to expose Kiu Fung as a Khitan and kick him out of the Beggar's Union.

    2. Tsui Yin Manor Heroes Conference was a discussion about how to kill Kiu Fung that turned into a near lynching of Kiu Fung.

    3. Shaolin Heroes' Conference became another Kiu Fung-bashing affair, and ended up with Chief Abbot Yeun Chi and Yip 2 Leung dead.


    1. Heroes' Conference at Dai Sing Kwan hijacked by the Golden Wheel Monk and his disciples Fok Do and Dat Yee Ba into their bid to take over Chinese wulin.

    2. Beggar's Union Conference/new Union Chief election/Gwok Seung's 16th birthday became Fok Do's attempt to usurp Union Chief position.


    1. Cheung 3 Fung's 100th birthday party became an attempt to force Cheung Chui San and Yan So So to reveal Tse Tsun's whereabouts. Ended with suicides of Cheung Chui San and Yan So So.

    2. Heroes Conference at Shaolin was attempt by Sing Kwun to get Tse Tsun murdered and to take over Shaolin himself. Ngor Mei Sect also had their own agenda here.


    Didn't a Heroes Conference break down here too?

    There seems to be no such thing as a "clean," business-like Heroes Conference, does there?

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    I think the Heroes' Conference is the perfect setup for a little surprise royal rumble. Think about it: so many people, everyone's busy entertaining guests, why would anyone anticipate trouble at the HEROES' conference? Heroes aren't supposed to stir up trouble, after all.
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    You would think they would no better.
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    I blame those pesky beggers. They have to talk about it every li of the way there. How could the whole world not know about it? Plus, it's easy to disguise as a bum. If you want a peaceful, no-fuss Hero's Conference then don't invite those hobos.

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