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Thread: The Sword of the Third Young Master

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    At last...........after a long wait... thanks Ren

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    Well worth the wait ..... Thks .....

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    Glad you guys are enjoying it. I'll try to do as much translation as I can in the upcoming days.

    Chapter 34: The Swift Blade of the Iron Banner

    Sword or ribbon, it didn’t matter. Once it entered Xie Xiaofeng’s hands, it possessed great power, like an arrow leaving the bow. The fierce battle had begun, and Tie Kaicheng no longer had any opportunity for second thoughts. The ribbon seemed to hold within it some sort of strange energy, capable of deflecting and pushing his sword about. He had no chance to stop at all.

    Twenty one more sword strikes shot out. It was actually the very last stance of the Iron Banner’s Swift Blade style, the “Bowstring Snapping Technique”. This attack contained within it the most exquisite aspects of the style, and as the sword flashed, it seemed as though one could hear the sounds of war-chariots and golden spears, of warfare and battle.

    In his younger years, Tie Zhongqi had killed a great many people. Over the course of a hundred battles, in most cases, he had only used eight, nine, or ten of the hundred and thirty two chain strikes before his opponent perished to his sword. Any opponent which forced him to use this very last technique surely would have been an incredibly formidable one, which is why this technique was focused utterly on offense, on killing the opponent at all costs, even if it meant sacrificing one’s own life.

    Thus, each sword strike held no leeway or mercy whatsoever, nor did it hold back any strength in reserve.

    Because once those twenty one blows were executed, the bowstring would be snapped, the sounds would come to an end, and both the sword and the man would die.

    The sword aura hung heavy in the air, and in the blink of an eye, all twenty one strikes had been executed. Every single strike gave off the feeling of a valiant warrior attacking his opponent, charging fearlessly without any thought for retreat. There was definitely no sword style which could be more solemn, more stirring, and more desperate.

    But as these twenty one blows were executed, they became like a stone dropping into the sea, disappearing without leaving behind any trace. By now, even if the man was still alive, all of the options of his style had come to an end. He no longer had any choice but to die. Those old comrades who had followed Tie Zhongqi for many years, watching as he prepared to unleash the very last stroke in the technique, couldn’t help but let out sighing sounds.

    But who would’ve thought that after Tie Kaicheng shot out with this last attack, his style would suddenly change dramatically, as a light, floating sword-strike suddenly stabbed out.

    Just now, the killing aura and the sword aura of his attacks had been extremely heavy, like a murder of crows covering the sky with their darkness. But with this strike, it seemed as though the crows in the sky had all been suddenly parted, releasing the sunlight behind them.

    It wasn’t, however, the soft, gentle, nurturing sunlight. It was the blazing sun which could melt gold and fuse stone, the setting sun which ran red with blood.

    Earlier, when Tie Kaicheng had executed that stately, solemn, desperate series of attacks, Xie Xiaofeng hadn’t paid them even the slightest attention.

    But once this sword struck out at him, he couldn’t help but involuntarily cry out, “Wonderful, wonderful sword technique!”

    Once these four words were spoken, Tie Kaicheng struck out four more times, each attack seemingly filled with boundless changes hidden inside, and yet at the same time, totally unchanging. It seemed to flutter, but it was actually ponderous; it seemed agile and beautiful, but in actuality was fierce and cruel.

    Xie Xiaofeng neither counter-attacked nor blocked.

    He only watched.

    Like a young man who had just seen a naked woman, he stared, somewhat dazed.

    But these four strikes didn’t harm a hair on his head. Tie Kaicheng thought it was very strange. He clearly had aimed a strike at his opponent’s chest, but somehow, the tip of the sword just barely brushed against the chest before slipping by. In another strike, the tip of the sword had clearly reached his opponent’s throat, but somehow, it had missed.

    It was as though Xie Xiaofeng had fully predicted and was fully aware of all the transformations of his attacks.

    Tie Kaicheng’s strikes suddenly grew slow, very slow. His sword swept out, paying no attention to form or to boundaries. But this stroke suddenly seemed like Wu Daozi drawing eyes on a dragon; although it was empty, it was the fulcrum for all transformations. No matter how his opponent might move, as long as he moved in the slightest, the next sword strike would take his life!

    [Wu Daozi is a famous Chinese painter in the 7th century. Accordingly to legend, he drew a picture of a dragon that was so realistic, he left its eyes unpainted, claiming that if the eyes were painted, the dragon would come to life and fly away. The Emperor insisted on Wu Daozi drawing the eyes, and true to his claim, after he did so, the painted dragon gained life and flew away.]

    Xie Xiaofeng didn’t move. In the blink of an eye, both of their movements came to a sudden halt, only to see this slow, clumsy looking attack suddenly transform like a rain of flowers under the light of the moon.

    The whole sky was filled with the sword-flowers, the whole sky was filled with the sword-rain. Suddenly, the sword-strike transformed yet again, this time into a rainbow flying across the sky.

    A seven-colored rainbow. Seven swords. Many colors and many postures, hundreds on thousands of transformations. And yet, suddenly, the rainbow was captured by dark clouds.

    The dark clouds coiled like a ribbon.

    A black ribbon.

    Tie Kaicheng’s movements suddenly came to a halt. His forehead was covered with sweat, dripping down like raindrops from his face.

    Xie Xiaofeng’s movements came to a halt as well. Enunciating each word clearly, he asked, “This is Yan Shisan’s “Life-Snatching Thirteen Swords?”

    Tie Kaicheng was silent. The silence meant yes.

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “Excellent. An excellent sword technique.”

    Suddenly, he let out a sigh. “Pity, what a pity.”

    Tie Kaicheng couldn’t help but ask, “What a pity?”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “It’s a pity that there are only thirteen stances. If there was a fourteenth stance, I would already be defeated by now.”

    Tie Kaicheng said, “There is a fourteenth stance?”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “There definitely is.”

    He fell silent, deep in thought. After a long period of time, he slowly said, “The fourteenth stance is the real essence and pinnacle of this style.”

    The essence of a style is like the soul of a person. Both were vague and illusory, but although nobody could see them, nobody could deny that they existed.

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “All the power and transformations of the Life-Snatching Thirteen Swords can only be realized to their fullest potential in the fourteenth stance. If someone were able to further refine a fifteenth stance, then he would surely have no equal in the world.”

    His hand trembled. Suddenly, the black ribbon in his hand stood up straight and ramrod stiff, in the shape of a sword.

    When the ‘sword’ struck out, it was like the setting sun, but also the scorching sun; it was like a rainbow, but also like a dark cloud; it moved but was still; it seemed illusory but was real; it seemed to come from the left, but also from the right; it seemed to attack from the front, but also from behind; it seemed fast, but also seemed slow; it seemed empty, but it also seemed substantive.

    Although it was nothing more than a black ribbon, in that instant, it had surpassed all of the weapons in the world in lethality.

    In that instant, Tie Kaicheng’s clothes became totally soaked with sweat. He had no way to defeat this attack, no way to block it, no way to counter, and nowhere to run.

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “This is the fourteenth stance.”

    Tie Kaicheng was unable to speak.

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “If you were to use this stance, you would be able to totally seal off and kill all my possible paths of retreat.”

    Tie Kaicheng was filled with remorse, hating himself for not having come up with this stance himself.

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “Have you seen this stance clearly?”

    Tie Kaicheng had indeed. He had practiced the sword since he was a child, had trained painstakingly. In this area, he was a natural, incredible talent, and he had honed that talent with both sweat and blood.

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “Watch it again.”

    He repeated the transformations and the movements of the stance a second time. “Have you memorized it by now?”

    Tie Kaicheng nodded.

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “Then give it a try.”

    Tie Kaicheng stared at him, not quite fully comprehending what he was saying.

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “I want you to use this stance against me. I want to see if it can overcome my sword.”

    Tie Kaicheng’s eyes shone for a moment, then immediately darkened. “I can’t act in such a manner.”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “I insist on you doing so.”

    Tie Kaicheng said, “Why?”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “Because I, too, want to try and see whether or not I can defeat this stance.”

    Because although he was the person who had come up with this stance, its variations, its very essence, was still originated from the Life-Snatching Thirteen Swords.

    And the soul of this stance still belonged to Yan Shisan.

    By now, Tie Kaicheng had understood his meaning. A look of respect and esteem once more shone in his eyes. “You are a proud man.”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “I am.”

    Tie Kaicheng said, “But your pride is well-deserved.”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “It is.”

    A sword shot out, and a forest of cold sword energy charged forth with it, stealing away even the color from the lamps. Xie Xiaofeng was retreating.

    This strike had sealed and killed off all of his opportunities for attack. His only option was to retreat. But although he was retreating, he hadn’t been defeated yet. His body had already been bent backwards by the force and pressure of this strike, so much so that it seemed like that of a bent bow. But when a bow is bent back, the bowstring is tightened, ready to snap out at any moment. The greater the pressure it was under, the mightier the counterattack would inevitably be. Once the right moment came, victory and defeat would be immediately determined.

    Who would’ve thought that just as that bowstring had reached its point of greatest power, and just as it was about to be released, behind the carriages, off to the side of the pavilion, four swords flew out like streaks of lightning.

    He had focused all of his attention, all of his power on the sword in Tie Kaicheng’s hands. All of his energy was focused on his upcoming counterattack. He had no excess energy left to deal with anything else.

    Flashing, three swords pierced into his shoulder, his left thigh, and his lower back.

    All of his strength immediately collapsed.

    Tie Kaicheng’s was also flying towards him, the tip of it having already touched his throat.

    He knew that he definitely had no strength left to dodge or to resist. Finally, at long last, he could taste death on his lips.

    What sort of flavor was death?

    At the moment a person was about to die, could that person really see his life flashing before his eyes?

    Throughout his life, how often had he truly been happy? How often had he been miserable?

    Had he done that person wrong, or had that person done him wrong?

    Aside from himself, who could answer these questions for him?

    But he had no response for himself. The cold, sharp tip of the sword had already entered his throat. He could feel that bone-penetrating cold, so cold that it caused him to collapse, to collapse beneath Tie Kaicheng’s sword, to collapse in a pool of his own blood.

    to be continued
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    Damn you, Ren, the title of your book should be "That Merciless Ren' ; u left us hanging...... after such an exciting sword fight; thanks for your efforts....btw, what's happening with Legend of the Arctic Wolf, finish it and publish it please.. I want to buy buy the first copy.

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    Wow!! I had given up hope that this story will ever get translated! It's good to see you back in action Ren.. Thank you!

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    Arg! I am left hanging between rainbows and flowers, between darkness and light .... Take me out of this misery Ren ... give me another page!

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    The text messed up and I ended up accidentally double post. See post below.
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    Something to note;
    (1) Source is from a Vietnamese translation.
    (2) Newbie (first one I'm translating)
    (3) Noun that I do not know will be left untranslated unless it easy.
    (4) Attached in the post will be a "docx" file zipped. There are some translation note (footnote) that couldn't be copy in to the forum directly.
    (5) Part that hard to translate will be (5a) translate literally word for word or (5b) guessing.
    (6) If any error/suggest is found, be sure to mention it.

    Anyway, let hope we can finish this novel by end of the year.

    Chapter 35: A Flower Pearls

    Then the sword energy struck between the two lines Tŕo Hŕn Ngọc and Hạ Hầu Tinh.

    Nobody can block this sword stance. These two step back, step quickly, step far. Hạ Hầu Tinh still holding on his sword suddenly loosens his grip.

    Tie Kaicheng stared at them, and said to to Xie Xiaofeng, “You still can unleash moves?”
    Xie Xiaofeng said, “I’m not dead yet!”
    Tie Kaicheng said, “That sword you use, that sword skill you invented. I only used that sword to rescue you.” Xie Xiaofeng understood his intentions. If not to save Xie Xiaofeng, even if he should die, he would never use those sword stances. Tie Kaicheng said, “So you don’t have to thanks me, rescuing you was your sword skill not mine!”

    Tŕo Hŕn Ngọc laughed lightly, “Since you rescued him, later who will rescue you?” Tie Kaicheng turned around and look at all his escort chiefs, of which many are friends that had undergo afflictions of life and death together with him. Among them are many skilled fighter that have been through hundreds of battle but looking at their faces showed not a hinted of emotion, each and every one of them looked like a block of wood.

    Tie Kaicheng’s heart laden down. His heart suddenly filled with anger and fear. Finally he cleared on one thing, which is that all his escort chiefs have already been bought.

    Red Flag Escort Agency is only in the name but actually dead.

    Seeing Tie Kaicheng reaction, Tŕo Hŕn Ngọc laughs and point his sword toward Tie Kaicheng, “Kill! Whoever kill them will get a larger rewards. Tie Kaicheng’s head 5000 taels, Xie Xiaofeng’s head 10,000 taels!” All the escort chiefs immediately draw their sabre.

    The lanterns radiate the sabre, the sabre glare red as blood.

    Xie Xiaofeng and Tie Kaicheng stand coldly side by side looking at the sabre light glisten dancing toward their direction. In the peaceful days, these two would not even consider these men in their eye but now one is fataly wounded, another without any internal energy. Even if they manage to kill all these traitor, how will they be able to defend against three of Tŕo Hŕn Ngọc sword stances and the purple clothes Vięn brothers.

    “When a person falls into a scene that would mean certain death, what should they be thinking?”

    Xie Xiaofeng suddenly ask, “What are you thinking now?”

    Tie Kaicheng said, “I’m not satisfied, why does your head worth double of mines?” Xie Xiaofeng laughed.

    Within the sound of laughter, suddenly from the wall outside a person flew toward the middle of sabre lights, two fingers on his left hands, one pointing up the sky, one pointing down to the ground, and he loudly said, “The sky and earth is dark, only I am monolatry.”

    “The sky and earth is dark, only I am monolatry!” These words seem like those of mysteries, in a blink of an eye causing all these sabre lights to suddenly stop.
    Who is this person?

    Tens of peoples, tens of pairs of eyes, all is startled when they saw this person.

    His faces is exactly like Xie Xiaofeng but pale, decrepit decrepit, emaciated but exuding a determination will like steel and iron.

    “Its you!” Xie Xiaofeng, Tie Kaicheng, Tŕo Hŕn Ngọc, the Vięn brothers all five of them said in unison, the only differences is their voice.

    Tie Kaicheng sounded fulled of surpise.

    Tŕo Hŕn Ngọc and Vięn brothers both strange and anger.

    And Xie Xiaofeng?

    Nobody could say what Xie Xiaofeng’s heart felt when he said those words. What flavor? What kind of feeling?

    Because the person that came is, the Kid! And so, it is also hard to understand the Kid’s heart. What flavor? What kind of feeling?

    Tŕo Hŕn Ngọc shouted, “Why did you come here?”

    The Kid said, “To tell you all to release people!”

    TNH ask, “Release who? Xie Xiaofeng? Again it TPH?”

    The Kid said, “Again it them!”

    Tŕo Hŕn Ngọc snigger and ask, “With what are you asking for us to release them? Do you know who order this was?” The Kid laughed lightly then reaches into his wrap and pulled out a five coloured silk, on the silk attached is a piece of deep blue jade articles.

    Tŕo Hŕn Ngọc faced suddenly changed colour.

    The Kid ask, “Can you recognise what this is?” Of course Tŕo Hŕn Ngọc recognise it. By looking at his reaction on his face is already enough to know that he recognise it. All the other also have a similar reaction to him; both surpise and scare.

    The Kid not looking at them once slowly step back and told Xie Xiaofeng, “Let’s go now!” Tie Kaicheng is silent, eventually nod. He only needs to leave now.

    In the twinkling of an eye to suddenly throw away all the merits which many years of striving accomplish, he admits he has completely failed to his root. It is not only difficult but also painful! Like catching a big fish that requires patience and skill only to lose it when it slip away, his story is as well as a story of suffering.

    Even so nobody dare to stop them, nobody dare to move.

    The articles with silk attach itself does not have any sort of strength but it a expression of supreme power, freely to kill.

    Outside there is a caravan.

    Great horse, new caravan. Of course it the Kid who has prepares all this, when he decided to do something then he before start, he will prepare thoughtfully.

    The caravan travel fast but sitting inside it still very stable.

    Xie Xiaofeng was leaning in the corner, his face pale due to the large lost of blood so he appear very tired, very very emaciated. But his eye still full of sparkling light.

    He was very happy not because he is living but because suddenly he find faith with people.

    For one person he is very interested, he wanted to bring the hope of his entire life and it entrusted to him.

    The Kid stared at Tie Kaicheng suddenly ask, “Since I have no intention of saving you, I did not want to save you!”

    Tie Kaicheng reply, “I know!”

    The Kid said, “I saved you because I know he do not want to leave you there since not only did you fight side by side but also because you rescued him!”

    Tie Kaicheng said, “I had said that it was not me who saved him!”

    The Kid said, “Whatever is it, this is between the two of you, it of no concern to me!”

    Tie Kaicheng said, “I know that!”

    The Kid said, “Therefore from now on you, you are free to look for me to settle our debt!”

    Tie Kaicheng ask, “What debt?”

    The Kid reply, “Red Flag Escort Agency is destroyed long ago, there is no longer a escort flag there!” He smirk then laughed, his smiles contain full of pain and compassion, “The escort flag no longer have any debt to settle!”
    Xie Xiaofeng said, “There still a little debt left!”

    Tie Kaicheng ask, “What debt?”

    Xie Xiaofeng reply, “Debt of a pearled flower!” He stared at Tie Kaicheng, “This pearled flower, it is really you that order someone to buy?”

    TKH reply, “Right!”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “I don’t believe!”

    Tie Kaicheng said, “I have never lies!”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “And Tie Yi? Does he tell lies?” Tie Kaicheng mouth shut.

    Xie Xiaofeng ask, “Could it be that woman was yours lover? What Tie Yi said is correct?” Tie Kaicheng did not respond, still refusing to respond.

    The Kid suddenly interjected and said, “I just met that woman!”

    Xie Xiaofeng ask, “Huh?”

    The Kid told, “She found me and gave me a letter, and told me to give it to you, however I must give it to you in person. Because the letter wrote a secret that truly big.” The Kid said slowly with each word, “The secret of Red Flag Escort Agency!”

    Xie Xiaofeng repeat, “Where the letter?”

    The kid said, “The letter is here!” A secret letter, clearly that the letter speak of a trade secret. Before Xie Xiaofeng could look at the letter, right as the Kid reaches for the letter, Tie Kaicheng already strike at him like electric flash, stole the letter and crumple up the letter with his two hands. The letter now into thousands of piece flowed, blown by the wind into “butterfly butterfly flying filled the sky.”

    Xie Xiaofeng faces darken looking down, “That is not something a gentleman should do!”

    Tie Kaicheng said, “I am which is not a gentleman!”

    The Kid also said, “I am the same!”

    Tie Kaicheng said, “I…”

    The Kid said, “A gentleman would not snatch letter from others, also not steal other people letter. You are not a gentleman, lucky I also not one!”

    Tie Kaicheng faces changed colour, “You already read that letter?”

    The Kid laughed loudly, “Not only did I already read that letter; I can also remember each words clearly.”

    Tie Kaicheng faces slanted away, like someone who was unexpectedly punched heavily in the stomache, beat till their entire body writh.

    What secret does the letter hold, why did it cause Tie Kaicheng to fear it like so?

    “Concubine I, am not Tie Kaicheng’s lover. And I only wanted to seduce him but he too strong, basically I could not find a opportunity. Luckily old man Tie Zhongqi no longer has the devoted heart like his young days but started the habit of luxury expense and like beautiful girl. I have always been pretty so I became his lover. I only need to escape Hạ Hầu Tinh, comparing them, even though he is ugly or old, I prefered him. The men in this world I want to kill most is Hạ Hầu Tinh. With the escort leader’s of Red Flag Escort Agency care, of course Hạ Hầu Tinh could never find me. Although Tie Zhongqi is old but the way he did not mistreated me, not once have he ask about my background. Tie Kaicheng is not only a brave but also a filial son. As long as what he does make his father happy, he would perform any duty. On my birthday he bought me a gift, a pearled flower and torus bracelet. But it too bad those good days did not last long. Although Hạ Hầu Tinh could not find me but Mộ Dung Thu Hoạch could find me. Knowing my secret he planned to blackmail me, forcing me to work for him. I did not agree and did not dare to disagree. Representing him I slowly bride each of the escort chiefs, help scrutinise news of the Escort Agency; even so he was not satisfied, and forced me to cause a split between father and son, to find a way to kill Tie Kaicheng. With my words, whatever I say Tie Zhongqi will listen, expect for that one thing, no matter what I say he would one listen. So Mộ Dung Thu Hoạch forced me to put poison the wine. That night, heavy rain and strong wind, seeing Tie Zhongqi drank my poison wine, my heart more or less filled with worries but I know that this secret will be discover by other, so I the people that patrol the garden was brided after that night by Thięn Tôn. After that, Tie Kaicheng was suspicious but he could not find any evidence. In order to keep the good reputation of his old father, of course even more so he could not speak of it. But now I must speak of this. Because I must tell you how scary, evil Thięn Tôn is. Although I’m not a true woman, but for you, I will do anything. I only need you to remember that, everything else is not my concern!” That was a long letter, yet the Kid recite it without a word missing. From long ago to now the Kid memories are always good.

    Listening to entire letter, Tie Kaicheng face suffering profusely. And Xie Xiaofeng and the Kid, their heart too ache.

    Who knew for how long, eventually Xie Xiaofeng softly ask, “And her?”

    The Kid reply, “She left already!”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, "Did you ask where she going?”

    The Kid reply, “No!”

    Tie Kaicheng suddendly say, “I have to go too! You also should notask where I’m going because even if you ask I will not tell say.” Of course he have to go. He still have business to attend, business that must be done! Xie Xiaofeng understands his plight, even more so Tie Kaicheng’s feelings so he did not say anything more.

    Suddenly Tie Kaicheng ask a question out of Xie Xiaofeng thought, “Do you want to drink wine?” Xie Xiaofeng smile. Reluctantly but smile, also very pleased but smile.

    “You will also drink?”

    Tie Kaicheng ask, “Can I drink it?”

    Xie Xiaofeng reply, "Sure!”

    Tie Kaicheng ask, "If so why don’t we go drink wine?’

    Xie Xiaofeng again ask, "At this time can we buy wine.”

    Tie Kaicheng reply, "Can!”

    Then ask again, “If we can’t buy then can we go steal wine?”

    Xie Xiaofeng reply, "Can!”

    Nobody know what kind of smiles it is, “Gentleman don’t drink others’ stolen wine, also don’t drink stolen wine! Luckily I’m not a gentleman but you the same!” Night, empty streets, the least most people were silent.

    During the empty night, the least quiet usually are two kinds of people: a gambler become gambling, wine drinker become drunks.

    But now, the two kind of people tend to wander the nights communities are also quiet.

    Just because of wanting to drink stolen wine. It is truly a real steal! “Have you ever stole wine before?” “Whatever it is I have never stole before.” “I have stolen”

    Xie Xiaofeng seems very favorable attention, “I have not yet turned 10 yet already stolen wine to drink.” “Stolen from who?” “Stolen from my father!”

    Xie Xiaofeng again tell, “In my house my father rarely drink wine, things he stored ago are all good wines, sometime it hidden even more than swords at my house.” “So why isn’t your house get call Manor of Divine Wine?” Even Tie Kaicheng suddenly laughs.

    “Because in my house, beside me, they are all gentlemen, none of which were drunk!” “Lucky you are not!” That night, silent night, on the silent roads, only two of which is not quiet.

    Because their heart is not quiet! The caravan stopped at a faraway place, they have walked a long way. “The wine hidden in my house is really good, unfortunately two times while trying to steal the wine I got caught twice in the act.” Xie Xiaofeng still smiling as if it was someone else retelling his glorious history; “Therefore after that I always steal wine from others.” “Steal from who?” “The other side of lake Lục Thủy is a wine shop, the owner surname is also Xie. I know he is a good person for long. “So you steal from him?” “Steal the wind not the moon, steal the rain not the snow, steal from the good not the bad!” Xie Xiaofeng say it like a teacher teaching his students.

    “It is the teachings of the king of thieves and large thieves pass on: must be a petty thief, never to remember and take it to heart.” “Because getting caught by a good person then they won’t do much, getting caught by a bad person then nothing good!” “But good people also know how to catch petty thief!” “Precisely so, that why I was caught!”

    Xie Xiaofeng again sighs deeply, “Also it is nothing special but I receive a teaching lesson.” “Teaching lesson, how?” “If you steal wine, it best to incite other to steal, as for myself, at most to be a lookout on the outside!” Indeed Tie Kaicheng has never steal wine, also never stolen anything else but request him to steal something then it would not be too hard.

    Although his qiqong is not superb but should there be two hundreds wine jar buried under a well, Tie Kaicheng would steal it clean unbeknownst.

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    More note:

    (7) Tense jumping, I'm guessing most of these. Not that good with English.
    (8) Not proof reading.
    (9) Possible weird part where I decide to translate one way but change mind mid way and did not erase it.

    Anyway here next chapter. Check attachment for a translation note version.

    Chapter 36: Happy to Meet Life Companion

    Very few people buried their wine under a bed.

    Only the wealthiest household buried good wine. Wealthy household mostly have a wine cellar. Wanting to steal wine in a wine cellar is of course easier than to steal beneath a bed.

    Wine stealing talent of Tie Kaicheng compared to Xie Xiaofeng is not much less, nor is his ability to consume. Therefore the first drunk will be Tie Kaicheng.

    Whether it true drunkenness, or is fake, is spurious drunk or tipsy drunk then they would talk more than when sober but the words when drunk tend to be words rarely said when sober.

    Tie Kaicheng suddendly ask, “That Kid, is that really the Kid?” Xie Xiaofeng could not respond but still want to reply.

    “The Kid, what is really your surname? What is it called? What do you want him to be?”

    Tie Kaicheng said, "Regardless if his name is the Kid or not, he absolutely not the Kid!”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, "Not!”

    Tie Kaicheng reply, "You are a gentleman!”

    Xie Xiaofeng ask, "Is that what you think.”

    Tie Kaicheng reply, "I only know, if I were you then I would not be able to recite that letter!”

    Xie Xiaofeng ask, "Why?”

    Tie Kaicheng said, "Because I also know that you are a member of Thięn Tôn, your mother is Mộ Dung Thu Hoạch!”

    Xie Xiaofeng muses, finally sighed and said, “You truly are a gentleman!

    Tie Kaicheng said, “I also know one thing.”

    Xie Xiaofeng ask, “What thing?”

    Tie Kaicheng said, “He came to rescue you, you were really happy, not because he saved your life but happy because he came!” Xie Xiaofeng drank wine, forcefully laugh.

    Although wine is cold, laugh is wry but the heart filled with peaceful and inspire.

    An inspire of a life companion.

    Tie Kaicheng said, “There is one more thing, reassure, I absolutely will not go find Tiết Khả Nhân!” Tiết Khả Nhân is a woman like that cat there.

    Tie Kaicheng continue, “Even though she does wrong but because she was forced to, more so she has already redeemed her!”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “But…”

    Tie Kaicheng said, “But you have to go find her!” He emphasise, “Although I won’t go find her but you will have to!” Xie Xiaofeng understand Tie Kaicheng meaning. Although Tie Kaicheng let Tiết Khả Nhân go but Mộ Dung Thu Hoạch would never release her.

    Now Tŕo Hŕn Ngọc, the purple clothes Vięn brothers, all Red Flag Escort Agency now is under Thięn Tôn control, try asking what they would not do?

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “I must go find Tiết Khả Nhân!”

    Tie Kaicheng said, "Aside from her, there also one more person you must meet.”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, "Who?”

    Tie Kaicheng said, "Yan Shisan!” The night is dark as ink. Now it is the darkest times before dawn come.

    Xie Xiaofeng speak yet look into the distant, as if it was Yan Shisan standing in the darkness in that distant, as if Yan Shisan already mixed with the cold solitude night as one. He have never met Yan Shisan yet can still imagine what kind of person Yan Shisan is.

    A person with a characteristic of solitude, cold and cruel. A person that indifference and fatigue already deeply delve into the essence.

    He is tired because he have already killed many peoples, a few of which should not be kill. Yan Shisan kill peoples because he have no other option.

    From the depth of his mind Xie Xiaofeng suddendly let out a deep sigh. He understood this sorrow but also only he understood the most.

    Because he also kill peoples, also fatigued like him. The sword and his fame will always be like bundle strap on the back that can never be shake off, a bundle weighing heavily on his shoulder to the point that even breathing is hard.

    “The people that usually kill, what outcome will they face?”

    “Is it that they too be killed beneath other killer?” Xie Xiaofeng suddenly remembers the moment of certain death that just occurs, remembering the feeling of that moment. Within that moment what did his heart thought of?

    “Yan Shisan.” Referring to these three words, even a drunk like Tie Kaicheng would become sober.

    Tie Kaicheng’s face also stare toward the distant. Also over a long before he slowly said, "In your life, who was the most feared person have you met?”

    Xie Xiaofeng reply, "The stranger that I have never met!”
    Tie Kaicheng said, “Stranger is not worthy of being fear? Because a stranger don’t understand feelings, nor do they know of yours disadvantages. Only closest friend will know these things, by then when they betray you, only need one strike to take your life!” But the thing Tie Kaicheng did not say because he know Xie Xiaofeng already knew.

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “But that stranger must be different from others!”

    Tie Kaicheng ask, “What the difference?” Xie Xiaofeng did not say. Because he could not say, that why it worthy of fear.

    Tie Kaicheng again ask, “Where did you see them?

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “A strange far place!” A strange far place, he met a stranger that is truly scary with a person that he is very close, a person he practice sword with.

    Sword practice with him.

    “That close person to him, could it be Mộ Dung Thu Hoạch?”

    Tie Kaicheng said, “Could you say that person be Yan Shisan?”

    Xie Xiaofeng reply, “It is possible!”

    Tie Kaicheng suddenly sigh deeply, “In my life the person I fear the most is him but not you!”

    Xie Xiaofeng ask, “Not me.”

    Tie Kaicheng said, “Because after all you a still a human!”

    “It is possible that now I’ve changed!” These word Xie Xiaofeng could not say because he himself could not understand the reason that cause him to change!

    Tie Kaicheng continue, “Yan Shisan not so.”

    Xie Xiaofeng ask, “He is not a human.”

    Tie Kaicheng, “Absolute not.” He thoughtfully and slowly continues, “He does not have friend, nor anyone close. But he treat me very well, taught me sword techniques but never let me stay close, but also never tell me where he come from or going to! Because he is scares that he will have feelings for someone. “

    “Since he is a swordsman that kills then it must be ruthless!” But these words Tie Kaicheng did not speak of. He believes that Xie Xiaofeng also understands.

    They muses for a long time Tie Kaicheng suddendly said, "The fourteenth stance of ‘Life-Snatching Thirteen Swords’ were not invented by you!”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “It was him!”

    Tie Kaicheng nod, “He already knew of this sword skills long ago and also knew of the weakness of your invention long ago.”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “But he did not yet impart on to you?”

    Tie Kaicheng said, “He did not yet”

    Xie Xiaofeng ask, “You assume that he kept it to himself.”

    Tie Kaicheng reply, “He is not that kind of person.”

    Xie Xiaofeng ask, “Then how did you know of it?”

    Tie Kaicheng said, “Only because he was afraid after I learned of this sword skills then I would go find him to duel.”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “Because for the fourteenth stance even he is not sure. “

    Tie Kaicheng said, “But even you are not certain that you can break this stance of his.” Xie Xiaofeng did not response.

    Tie Kaicheng said, “I advise you not to go find him because both of you does not hold certainty, I don’t want both of you to massacre each other or defeated asking for injury. “

    Xie Xiaofeng muses for a long time, suddenly ask, “A dying person, before the moments of death what will they be thinking?”

    Tie Kaicheng said, “Would it be that they are thinking of their closes one and their past?”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “Wrong!” He added, “Which I also think the same but I also know that during those moment of death however those are not the thoughts!”

    Tie Kaicheng ask, “Then what were you thinking?”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “To cross with that sword!” Tie Kaicheng muses, eventually lazily sighs deeply, during those few short moments he too was thinking of those sword techniques. A person that have been made sacrifice all his life for sword, before their death how can they even think about other things!

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “Although I’m not certain of breaking that sword technique, but during those moment before death my heart seem as if there is a light flashing, those sword technique doesn’t exactly have a tough point, nor is immoveable, inseparable, untouchable but those hitting distraction light then immediately they would appear!”

    Tie Kaicheng ask, “Can they appear?”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “Appear to be very laughable.” A sword skills that is truly fearful yet turned into something laughable then the stances is what terrifying.
    Tie Kaicheng will not say anything more, only continue drinking more wine.

    The more Xie Xiaofeng drank, the faster it is.

    Tie Kaicheng said, “Good wine!”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “Stolen wine commonly is good wine!”

    Tie Kaicheng said, “Today we depart, who know when we can be drunk!”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “You just need to want to be drunk, then you can be drunk whenever!” Tie Kaicheng suddenly smiles, laughing loudly yet stood up without any more word and left. Xie Xiaofeng also did not say anything, only look at Xie Xiaofeng still laughing, watching him leave.

    “Although Tie Zhongqi is not his biological but to preserve the reputation of a heroic life of ‘Tie Qi Khoái Sword’, Tie Kaicheng rather die, rather accept all his sins because indeed they already truly have a father son feelings!” Xie Xiaofeng did not smile. Thinking up to this point how could be not smile about that. He drank the remaining wines till he could no longer distinguish the whether it tastes sweet or bitter! Whether sweet or bitter it still is wine not water, also it is not blood, no one can be condemned! Are they not the same as father and son?


    The caravan is still there, the Kid still there.

    When Xie Xiaofeng came back, although already drunk but the smell of blood on his body is more fragrance than of wine.

    The Kid saw Xie Xiaofeng enter the caravan and fell down, he did not say a word.

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “It a pity you did not go drinking wine with us, truly it was good wine!” Truly words that Xie Xiaofeng already said. He laugh loudly.

    The Kid said, “The only regret is that no matter how many good wine, it still could not heal yours wound!”

    Whether it is external wounds or internal, both are not treated the same!

    But Xie Xiaofeng still laugh, “Luckily there a few basic wounds that does not need be treated!”

    The Kid ask, “Which wounds?

    Xie Xiaofeng reply, “Basic wounds that can’t be treated!”

    The Kid look at Xie Xiaofeng, until long after then moderately said, “You are drunk!”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “You also are drunk!”

    The Kid, “Huh?”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “You need to know the kind of people that I abandon most easily is what type?”

    The Kid reply, “The dead!”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “If you are not drunk then it best that you abandon me, why do you insist on saving me?” The Kid keep shut but suddenly strike eleventh of Xie Xiaofeng’s acupoint.

    The last thing that Xie Xiaofeng saw was the Kid pairs of eye, a pairs filled with emotion, expressing something that no one could ever understand.

    That moment the sunlight shine through the windows into the caravan, illuminating the Kid pairs of eye.

    When Xie Xiaofeng wake up, the first thing he see was a pairs of eye but this pair was not the Kid.

    But tens pairs of eye! It was a very large room, on the surface it is also very large and he too is lying on a very large bed.

    Tens of people gather around and stare at him. There was tall skinny, or short fat, or old, or young but dress old but faces were healthy looking, proved of a prosperous life, receive full nourished.

    Tens pairs of eye, some small some large, of which are sharp, each pairs of eye show a bizarre look like the looks of those butcher watching a cow, goat that about to be butcher but could not decide on where to start the killing.

    Xie Xiaofeng’s heart is currently heavy. He discover all his strength is dispense, that even standing up not possible

    Suppose he could stand up, the other tens of people only need to press a finger in order for him to fall down.

    Who could they be? Why do they stare at him with such a bizarre look?

    Suddenly all tens of them dissipate, backed into a corner far away, although they left they once again gather together and whispering discussion.

    Xie Xiaofeng could not hear what they were talking about but seem as if they are discussion something very important but this discussion is very important that is closely related to him. Because while discussing they would not look back to steal a glance of him. Could it be they are discussing on how to deal with him, to torture him?

    And what about the Kid?

    Eventually the Kid also appear! Few days before he seems tired, shabby, dizzy, miserable. But now he already changes his into a magnificent brand new clothes, even his hair is combed finely to shines. Truly become into a different person! “What seems to be reason for your sudden high engrossed spirits? Could it be that you thought through the benefits and risks in life, eventually to sold Xie Xiaofeng out to Thięn Tôn to establish reward?” Seeing him arrive, those tens of people gathered around him praising him, showing cower.

    The Kid attitude seems very serious, coldly ask, “How was the?”
    “Not good.” Reply the tens of people in unison.

    “There isn’t a way?”

    “No!”, the Kid face looked down, his eye glow anger, suddenly he grab the shirt of one of the people into the group.

    This person was the oldest, he body is not small, in his hand hold a jade box contains inhalers that value up to thousands of gold. But before the Kid’s eye he look like a mouse caught in a cat’s nail.

    The Kid ask, “You are Giản Phục Sinh right?”

    The old man reply, “Yes, correct!”

    The Kid said, “The rumours is that everyone call you, ‘Cải Tử Resurrect’ great scholar Giản, right?”

    Giản Phục Sinh said, “That just something that other fabricate and exaggerate only, old I dare not accept!”

    The Kid look from his head to toe, suddenly laugh, “That inhalers box of yours is not too bad!” Although Giản Phục Sinh is still scare but his eye did not show satisfaction.

    This box was made from a whole bluish green. Giản Phục Sinh always carried it with him, even when he sleep he would not separate it but place it right beneath his pillow. Hearing someone praise his bluish-green jade box is more pleasing than hearing other praise him of his medical arts.

    The Kid laugh, “It seems that this box was made from a whole Chinese Jade, only fear that it must costs at least thousands of taels!”

    Giản Phục Sinh could not help but laugh, “Truly I didn’t expect Young Master know people and belongings!”

    The Kid ask, “Where did you get so much money?”

    Giản Phục Sinh reply, “The whole money is rewards from patience.”

    The Kid said, “It seems you don’t take others offering not so little!” Giản Phục Sinh also slowly feel the expression is not quite right so he smile but not a dimple.

    The Kid said, “Can you let me have a look?” Giản Phục Sinh does not want to let him borrow but he dare not refuse.

    The Kid holding the box like he was intoxicated and muttered, “Excellent. Truly it is precious! Only it a pity that someone such as you dare to using such precious item!” Just as he finish then *crack*, the jade box with a value of a city is thrown onto the ground, broken.

    Giản Phục Sinh face change colour, face look even more unsightly than a recent married dead husband’s wife, only thing missing was tears.

    The Kid lightly laugh, “Your medical reputation of taking money is above all others yet a few mediocre wounds you could not treat, then what the hell will become of you?” Giản Phục Sinh tremble his whole body, head in cold sweat, his mouth stammer that no one could understand?
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    Chapter 37: Insight of Life and Death

    Standing beside the old man was a young man wearing a flower clothes start to argue, “This is just no mediocre wounds! Because this sir wound is so heavy that even that even now student I have never seen before!”

    The Kid glare at him, “You are what?”

    The young man said, “Student I is not a ‘what’, student I is a person name Giản Truyền Học.”[1]

    The Kid ask, “You are Giản Phục Sinh’s son?”

    The young man reply, “Correct!”

    The Kid said, "Since your name is ‘Truyền Học’ then you have received his education, so in terms of education it must not be little!”

    Giản Truyền Học said, “Student I although talentless and poorly learnt however in term of medical aspects golden rule then I do know a little.”

    He point to someone behind him, “All the uncles and elders here are all smart, but the wound that we that can treat, others can think all they like but could never treat!”

    The Kid angrily said, “Why do you think the others could not treat?”

    Giản Truyền Học said, “The wound on this sir body, in total there is five points, two are old wounds, three are new from recent days, from a sharp sword pierce. Although it not a major point but each sword stab are deep, which injure tendon of muscles and joints!” He sighs deeply and continues, “If the patient were to treat right after injury then it could be treated. Pity after being injure the patient have to exert excessive force, then also drank heavy amount of wines causing the wound to start necrosis.” His each word of his pathological analysis have basis, the Kid could only stand and listen.

    Giản Truyền Học said, “But most serious is the two old wounds. Consider that we treat his new wound but then he could only live for another seven days!”

    The Kid’s face change colour and ask, “Seven days?’

    Giản Truyền Học reply, “At most seven days!”

    The Kid ask, “But the two old wounds, it look to have healed already.”

    Giản Truyền Học reply, “Precisely because the wound have healed that why at most it seven days!”

    The Kid said, “I don’t understand!”

    Giản Truyền Học said, “Of course young master can’t understand. The people that could understand this is not many. Unfortunately for him, he is familiar with a person that is also lucky, one that is his friend.”
    The more the Kid listen, the more he could not understand, “A friend of his.”

    Giản Truyền Học said, “After his injury he was lucky to meet that friend who was carrying the best type of drug needles and also was carrying the core of canopy.” He sighs deeply and continues, “The drug needles aid the muscles, the canopy core soften the bones. When we can see that the wound is healed, it is when the toxic have enter the bones. In seven days, 137 of his bones will become blood.”

    The Kid hold Giản Truyền Học’s tightly, holding very tightly, “Is there no medicine to cure this toxic?”

    Giản Truyền Học reply, “None!” His answer was simply, unequivocally, that causes other to not have any doubt, furthermore could not but believe.

    But for the Kid to must believe this then it truly is miserable, truly cruel! Just need for Giản Truyền Học to say who that friend is and to let the Kid know then the deeper the painful.

    There is only pain, nothing else. For no matter how hateful, the Kid could not hate! The who need love then cannot love, the people who need hate then cannot hate, for a young man who blood has yet turn cold, how will he endure this suffering?

    He suddenly heard Xie Xiaofeng ask, “The most is seven days, the least amount days is?” The Kid would not dare turn back to look at Xie Xiaofeng, also does not want to hear Giản Truyền Học answer. But then the Kid must listen.

    “Three days…”, Giản Truyền Học answer, although it was definitive and clear, his voice contain seems to contain pain not much different, “… the least is three days!” For a person that suddenly discover that his only remaining life was three short day, then what would their reaction be?

    Xie Xiaofeng’s reaction is very special. Why could he still laugh?

    Is it the contempt and satire of life? Or because properly see through everything?

    The Kid suddenly turn around, running toward, loudly ask, “How could you still laugh? You can still laugh?”

    Xie Xiaofeng did not reply but ask back, “A guest from afar, could the Master of the house not bring wine out to entertain.” Giản Truyền Học suddenly quivers both his hands, only now did he let a sigh of relief.

    The idea of ‘drinking a cup’ usually it really drinking a cup.

    Three cup already drank, only now did Giản Truyền Học’s hand recover to being steady. Wine sometime can help relive nerves, or stable mentality.

    But for a surgical physician, year-round holding a surgery knife then their hands must not quivers.

    Xie Xiaofeng have been staring at Giản Truyền Học hands ever since could not help but suddenly ask, “You tend to drink, but can’t consume too much?”, then you immediate ask, “For a person that usually drink wine then that person much like to drink wine?”

    Giản Truyền Học reply, “Something like that!”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “Since liking to drink wine, then why not drink many?”

    Giản Truyền Học said, “Because drinking excessively will damage the body, so…”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “Because from a psychology view of person that like to drink, they could not control their urge, right!” Giản Truyền Học admittedly bowed down.

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “Because you want to continue to live, live for many more years, the longer the better!” Giản Truyền Học could not deny. Life is so precious, who does not regret?

    Xie Xiaofeng raise his cup, drinking it all, “Every man that is still alive, in their heart there must be plenty of thing to do but dare not to because those that are alive could not escape from being bind, from the forbidden taboo!”

    Giản Truyền Học once again sighs deeply for a long time, laughed awkwardly, “In the majority of the living beings swarm, who would not be affected, freely to do as they please!”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “There is one kind of people.”

    Giản Truyền Học ask, “Which kind?”

    Xie Xiaofeng smile wryly, “The kind that know he only have a few days to live!” He once again laughs. But except for him but else dare to laugh? Who have the heart to and who could?

    In all of human’s species tragedies, what else is more sorrowful than deaths?

    The eternal sadness! The wine is enough.

    But also not enough. Xie Xiaofeng suddenly ask, “If you know for certain that you could only live for a few more days, during those days what would you do?” This is a marvelous question, marvelous but full of interest, but also carries a cruel satire.

    There are probably a lot who ponder at night but no matter what could ever dare to ask themselves such a question.

    “If you could only live for three more days, then during those three days what would I do?” For people who ask others of this question, is also few.

    The person Xie Xiaofeng asks is not a person of nonsense but a person that is also sitting here.

    In the wine drinking crowd suddenly a person stood up, loudly said, “If it were me, then I would go kill people!” This person name is Thi Kinh Mặc.

    A West Hŕ region,[2] the Thi[3] is prestigious family. The Thi’s[4] ancestors is all famous doctor, passed down to Thi Kinh Mặc as the ninth generation, each generation is of a gentlemen class, still holding onto the old ways of a scholar.[5]
    Thi Kinh Mặc is a gentleman of a quiet character that rarely speaks, elegantly polite. Now suddenly say those word, the people that know him were surprised.

    Xie Xiaofeng only laugh and ask, “You plan to kill people? Kill how many?”

    Thi Kinh Mặc seemed startled due to that question, muttered, “Kill how many? How many people can I kills?”

    Xie Xiaofeng still ask, “How many do you plan to kill?”

    Thi Kinh Mặc said, “I plan to kill one person, thinking about it now then there still two more that need to die!”

    Xie Xiaofeng ask, “They have wronged you?” Thi Kinh Mặc gnash his teeth, fire burn his burn as if his enemy is right in front of him that at any time he is ready to behead them.

    Xie Xiaofeng sighs deeply, “Pity you still can live for many days so you rather see them freely live longer, most likely to be more pleasurable than even yours own life!”[6]

    Thi Kinh Mặc sat dumbfound for a long time, two hands gripping tightly slowly loosen, fire in his eye also soften slowly, warmly said, “Indeed correct, because I still can live so might as well let them live!” His voice filled with sorrowful content, to continue to live, for him it became a burden of life.

    He could not restrain but ask himself, “For a person to able continue living, is it happiness or unfortunate?”

    Xie Xiaofeng suddenly gaze at Giản Truyền Học, “And you?”

    Giản Truyền Học still was musing, thinking, as if the question startled him, “Me?”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “You are a person of talent, come from a decent upbringing, well educated, and stubbornly dutiful, as if the world respected you. Certainly you yourself of course would not do anything that overcomes the old tradition rites!” Giản Truyền Học could not deny that.

    Xie Xiaofeng ask, “If you could only live for three more days, what would you do?”

    Giản Truyền Học said, "I... I would go arrange for a decent burial, after that quietly wait for death!”

    Xie Xiaofeng ask, “It is true?”

    Giản Truyền Học nod then suddenly stood up loudly said, “It not what I said is true, absolutely it not!” He immediately without stopping drink three cups then said loudly, “You… why you think of doing such things?”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “Doing those that could be interesting!” If you could only live for three more days, who knows, you would do the same!”

    Giản Phục Sinh perplexed, “I… I…”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “Pity both father and son can still live long so in your hearts you could only think of death but could only dare think silently in your minds!”[7]

    Giản Phục Sinh sigh, “Truthfully, even thinking of it I would not dare to!” A nursemaid[8] age 27, 28 carrying a large wreathe hot stew meat step in. She looks quite pretty.

    Xie Xiaofeng suddenly asks her, “If you could only live for three more days, what do you plan to do?” The nursemaid was startled by the question, she hesitate from saying anything.

    The Kid face cloud over, “Sir Xie already ask, you must answer honestly!” The nursemaid become both shy and terrify, eventually face red, “I get marry!”

    Xie Xiaofeng ask, “You have yet to married anyone?”

    The nursemaid reply, “Not yet!”

    Xie Xiaofeng ask, “Why have you not?”

    The nursemaid said, “I was as a child to be a servant, how could I get marry and who would agree to?”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “If you could only live for three days then you would marry any one?”

    The nursemaid said ask, “As long as it is a man and as long as the man is alive!” A woman of misses of 27-28 wanting to get marry then no one would be surprise but what is surprising that no one could believe their ear is the latter part of the answer.

    At that time, the nursemaid face were full radiant and joy, suddenly laughs loudly, “After marriage, I’ll kill him!”

    Everyone was startled, “You already marry him, why do you want to kill him?”

    The nursemaid said, “Because I’ve never been a widow so I still want see how the taste of being a widow without husband is like!” Everyone looks at each other bewildered, wanting to laugh but could not. Nobody could expect a woman like her could have such an ‘incredible’ thoughts like that.

    The nursemaid continue, “Regrettably I’m not dying, so not only I can’t be a widow but even wanting to have a husband is not possible!” She bow down and softly sighs, placing down the plate of meats on her hand, while still bowing and walk out the room.

    Silence remains for a long time, suddenly a person sitting in the crowd muttered, “If indeed I only could live for three more days, I would go marry her!” This person name is Vu Tuấn Tŕi, a doctor but live an odd life, his body is of a monstrous form, not only is his humpback, clubfoot but his faces is pock-marked like a beehive.

    He is a very famous person, both in fame and reputation, so his matchmaker would use hundreds of thousands of design proposal to introduce him but they only need to hear his name, “Old Pock-mark Roan” then the female’s family times in would refuse. There was even a time which the matchmaker would sweep out of the door by the female’s family broom.[9]

    Xie Xiaofeng ask Vu Tuấn Tŕi, “You really would marry her?”

    Vu Tuấn Tŕi reply, “That woman is clean, also pretty. Being married to such a wife like that could said to be ‘A house of good fortune’, pity…”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “Pity you still are alive not dead, more so to keep your family good names, you couldn’t openly bring a sedan to meet such a person like the nursemaid to be yours wife!” Vu Tuấn Tŕi could only nod and sighs while he drinks wine.

    Xie Xiaofeng suddenly laughs. Everyone looks at his laughing.

    Xie Xiaofeng suddendly said, “You all want to ask me, a person clearly knows that he is about to die could still laugh, right? Why don’t you just ask!” Nobody reply, nobody could answer!

    Xie Xiaofeng answer for them, “Because in yours heart, each of you silently admire me, that is, what you think that you would dare not to do, but I would dare to do right away! A person is free to as they like, doing with delight then within those days, I believe that there is many people admired, hoping it like so but could only think silent in their heart!”[10]

    Vu Tuấn Tŕi drink two cup immediately, suddenly ask, “And you? During those three days, what do you plan to do?”

    Xie Xiaofeng reply, “I want you to marry a maiden!”[11]

    Vu Tuấn Tŕi ask, “Marry which maiden?”

    Xie Xiaofeng reply, “Marry my adopted sister!”

    Vu Tuấn Tŕi ask, “Your adopted sister? Who is your adopted sister?” Xie Xiaofeng suddenly left; drag that pretty nursemaid who was hiding outside eavesdropping.

    “This is my adopted sister!” Vu Tuấn Tŕi straightens his body. The pretty nursemaid also straightens her body.

    Xie Xiaofeng ask her, “What is your surname, what is your name?”
    The nursemaid reply, “Being a maid, there is no surname, master gave a name, called Phương Mai, so my name is Phương Mai.”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “Now you have a surname, the Xie!”

    Phương Mai ask, “The Xie?”

    Xie Xiaofeng reply, “Now you are my adopt sister. My surname is Xie, if you’re not Xie, else what can your surname be?”

    Phương Mai said, “But you… you…”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “I’m Third Young Master Xie Xiaofeng, of the Xie family of the Manor of the Divine Sword, lake Lục Thủy at Mount Thúy Vân Phong here!”[12]

    Phương Mai seems to have heard of this name, “Third Young Master Xie Xiaofeng of the Xie family.”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “No matter who become an adopt sister of Third Young Master of the Xie family can be a loss of face!”

    He point at Vu Tuấn Tŕi and told Phương Mai, “Although this person is not handsome, however he is certainly a good husband!” Phương Mai bow even lower.

    Xie Xiaofeng pulled her hand, placing them onto Vu Tuấn Tŕi, “Now I declare the two of you wife and husband, is there anyone who oppose?” No one. Of course there is no one. This happy news is not just any happy news, completely out of ordinary, perhaps looks even more fabulous. But if it is happy news then regardless of what happy news it is, it still cause others’ mind to be excited. Except for Thi Kinh Mặc still looked mournful.

    Xie Xiaofeng moderately walks near close and ask, “This person is your friend.”

    Thi Kinh Mặc ask, "Which person.”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “The person that wronged you!”

    Thi Kinh Mặc reply, “I still consider them friend, but…”

    Xie Xiaofeng ask, “What wrong did he do to you?” Thi Kinh Mặc close he mouth, not letting out a word, but his eyes already had tears flowing.

    This is something he could not conveniently say nor something he wants to.

    Regardless of how great the hatred is, or how deep is the sadness, he could gnash and accept but he could not accept such a thing that causes such humiliation toward him.

    Xie Xiaofeng looks at Thi Kinh Mặc, with a face filled with understanding and sympathy, “I see that you a honest person!”

    Thi Kinh Mặc bow, "I’m nothing but are a useless person!” The idea of honest people is normally an honest person is only a useless person.

    Xie Xiaofeng again said, “At least you seem to be educated!”

    Thi Kinh Mặc said, “It could be that I’m educated so that how I’ve become so useless!”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “There is use!”

    Thi Kinh Mặc laughs, in this laughs carried a hint of satire to oneself, “Use? Use for what?”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “Sometime nib could kill people!”

    [1] ‘Giản’ mean simply, Phục Sinh; Easter. Truyền; To pass on (in term of teaching); Học; learn.

    [2] Tây Hŕ.

    [3] Make sure to fix this part too if can get original romanji name.

    [4] Same as above.

    [5] “Nhŕ nho” translate as scholar, language dictionary say it, “Confician scholar”, but the word confician does not exist, Confucian does exist. I always thought ‘nho’ was ‘Han’, research (loosely) show that it the Classical Chinese. ‘Nho’ directly translate grapes in most case.

    [6] 80%

    [7] Hearts/Mind, two different word were used here but essential both mean ‘heart’ in this context but I decided to use mind.

    [8] The term “chị vú” I believe was a position of a, usually servant who would (1) breastfeed someone else child and (2) take care of them in the position of high class mother. I remember there is a term for this so until I find out what, nursemaid sounds good enough, either that or it could be “wet-nurse”. *Note to replace all the word if edit.

    [9] There were plenty of idioms in here, some was translate some replaced. Overall, plenty of pondering on what all it means. Basically the girls don’t want to marry him cause of his handsomeness.

    [10] There may be a typo in the sources. The quotation end at “right away!” But reading it, it sound like he said the rest of that second part.

    [11] Initially it was “her”, but the next line is impossible to use “her” in any way, “Who?” would reduce his guy talking personality, he probably going to get a few more lines and get kill or remove. Furthermore Xie Xiaofeng have been referring to her as a female elder, or nursemaid, only did now did he change the way of addressing her.

    [12] Find out the translation of those two names in earlier chapters.
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    Included is Chapter 38 and an unfinished Chapter 39 which is quite complicate with all the names.

    Chapter 38 – Mouth Close, Pen Cut

    Thi Kinh Mặc ask, “Using pen can kill people?

    Xie Xiaofeng ask again, "You don’t believe?”

    Thi Kinh Mặc said, “I…”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “That table over there have pen’s ink, why don’t you go and have a try!

    Thi Kinh Mặc ask, “Try, how?”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “You only need to write three words then you could send someone to their death!”

    Thi Kinh Mặc ask, “Which three words?”

    Xie Xiaofeng reply, “Three words, their name!”Thi Kinh Mặc’s raised his head, look at Xie Xiaofeng surprisingly. Only until now did he discover that standing before him is a dying person but still carry a frightening mystical power, as if anything was possible but for others it is impossible.

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “Quickly go and write! Afterward you can seal it and give them to me; I assure you no one will reveal your secret!” Finally Thi Kinh Mặc stood up and walk over there, lifted up the pen…

    This person has the power, now that he has ordered, then there no resistance nor date dares to resist. This person’s word once spoken, then Thi Kinh Mặc could not but believe! Sealing the envelope tightly, he handed it directly to Xie Xiaofeng. In the letter there is only one sheet of paper, a person name!

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “Aside from you, I assure you, no one know whose name is written in this letter!”Thi Kinh Mặc nod. Due to the excitement and worries his face turned green causing it to be distorted.

    He could not restrain himself and ask, “Now what?”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “Now only one person can view this name.”

    Thi Kinh Mặc ask, “Who?”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “A person that absolutely can keep your secret!”He turn around facing toward the Kid, “You of course could guessed who this person is, right?”

    The Kid reply, “Correct!”

    He open held out his hand accepting the letter from Xie Xiaofeng. His hand also steady as Xie Xiaofeng.

    Everyone that is there, does their face express respect or fear?

    A letter, a piece of paper, a person name… only with that, could in an instant decide the fate of a person life and death! Who are these are people? To have such power?

    On Thi Kinh Mặc forehead, cold sweat pouring as big as bean, suddenly he rushed toward snatching the letter on the Kid’s hand, crumble it into a lump, putting it into his mouth, chewing it to shred, after swallowing it, he start to vomit without stop.

    Xie Xiaofeng coldly looks at him but did not prevent him.

    The Kid face also does not show any emotion. Waiting until Thi Kinh Mặc stop vomiting, then Xie Xiaofeng coldly said, “You could not bear for them to die.”Thi Kinh Mặc shook his head profusely, tears and sweats poured out together.

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “Your hatred is deep into the bone marrows, why not have the heart to let them die?”

    Thi Kinh Mặc perplexed, “I… I…”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “There still pen and paper over there, I still can give you another opportunity!”

    Thi Kinh Mặc shook his head profusely, “I really do not want him to die anymore, really do not want anymore!”

    Xie Xiaofeng laugh and said, “It turns out your hatred for them is not as you imagined!”He smile lightly, supporting Thi Kinh Mặc who stuck into the ground to stand up, “No matter how it is, you hoped for the opportunity to kill your enemies but you let pass, and not wanting to kill them anymore. Just by thinking like that, your heart would feel more comfortable!”Although the house is very dark but as though Xie Xiaofeng faces emit light.

    Everyone could not but restrain from looking at him, revealing that is of respects and not one little bit of fear.

    A letter, a piece of paper, a person name… only within a short moment could resolve hatred, resentment of years, months in a person hearts… Actually what kind of person is Xie Xiaofeng, why does he have such a magical power?

    Cup filled with wine, everyone quietly raises their cup and drink till dry. All clearly understood who this cup is being drink for. Although there is only three days left, but within these three short days, what else will he accomplish?

    Xie Xiaofeng sighs deeply, truly deep and laughs even jollier. After a moment he felt even more satisfied.

    He enjoys good wines, happy because others respect him. Things like the last two he dismissed long ago but now his body slowly feels warmer.

    “Must leave. Sooner or later, I must leave!”He looks at everyone, “Now no one has anything else important to keep me here?”

    The Kid once again raises his cup, drinking it dry in one gulp, afterward speaking each word clearly, “No longer! Of course there is no longer anything!”Everyone again raises their cup drinking it till dry, while drinking it, they all look at Xie Xiaofeng.

    Only Giản Truyền Học still bowing his head, suddenly he ask, “Now is when you must leave?”

    Xie Xiaofeng reply, “Right!”

    He stood up, walked toward Giản Truyền Học, held his hand, “Let’s go together!”

    Finally till now did Giản Truyền Học raised his head, “Let’s go together? You want me to go with you.”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “Right, go! Go to drink, eat till satisfaction, go to gamble, prostitution till heaven shake and earth quake!”

    Giản Truyền Học ask, “Then what after?”

    Xie Xiaofeng reply, “Then after I die, and as for you, you go back to being that gentleman of yours!”

    Giản Truyền Học no longer could think anymore, he suddenly sprang up, “Good! Let’s go!”Looking at the two of them holding each other shoulder, everyone knew that once this trip start, for Xie Xiaofeng, death is certain.

    But for Giản Truyền Học? Will he manage to come back to being that gentleman of his? Reaching the door, Giản Truyền Học suddenly stop and said, “Now, we can’t go!”

    Xie Xiaofeng ask, “Why?”

    Giản Truyền Học said, “Because you are Third Young Master Xie Xiaofeng of the Xie’s family!”That is not a reason! So Giản Truyền Học added, “Everyone here know that sword skills of Third Young Master Xie Xiaofeng of the Xie family is a sword skill without any equal, but nobody have seen it!”Xie Xiaofeng admitted it. The whole knew of his reputation but those that have witness his sword skills then it is few.

    Giản Truyền Học said, “If Third Young Master die then who can see the sword skills of Third Young Master anymore!”No one. Of course there is no one. Giản Truyền Học again said, “Everyone travels thousands of miles to be here, to see not just the illness of Third Young Master but also to see Third Young Master’s sword skills. Could Third Young Master let everyone leave with such difficulties, leaving empty, to hold on with a life of regret and sorrow!”That is words of truth. Not to craves Third Young Master’s illness but to craves swordmanship. Xie Xiaofeng laughs.

    He smile slightly, turn around and said, “Is there sword here?”There is sword here. Of course there is sword here! There is sword. It isn’t a sword controlled, not famed sword but just a good sword.

    A good sword made of steel by folding irons hundreds of time to forge. A good sword that want to become a controlled sword, become a famed sword to be use, then it normally sensible to see the who the user of it is?

    Sword meeting its owner, sword win. A famed sword not meeting its owner then sword lose, sword is destroy, sword is sunk… not only not to leave a good name in history possible, but not only able to save oneself. Is the fate of a man simply the same as so?[1]

    The moment the sword is drawn out of sheath, it transform into a flower light, become a curve of flower flight, bright, glorious, beautiful.

    The flower light glisten, illuminating, soaring, and high above like floating cloud but everyone felt this flower light, as it would seem to be attached between the two lines of their eyes, but also nobody know exactly it else it is! The versatility of the flower sword, as it would seem to have surpassed beyond the utmost limit of human capability, inciting the peoples from believing.

    But clearly is it here, there or somewhere and everywhere. Everyone confirm it exists as of the moment but then did not see anything.

    Feat suddenly appear, feat also suddenly disappear.

    Every movement, every transformation are completed in an instant, ending just like a shooting star, similar to the current of electric or that is the approaching meteor, with lightning flash.

    The power to drive the transformation belongs to the human creation.

    Human like all the normal people that is living, human from flesh and blood, bones and skins.

    Waiting until the sword rays disperse, the sword is here but the person is no longer seen! The sword lies on beam.

    Everyone looked at the sword stupefied, who know how long when until one person breath out a long breath of relief.

    “He will die!”


    “Because wherever he goes, he will remain forever in our hearts!”Night.

    Flowers everywhere, lights, like rendering.[2]

    They already smell tipsy but how many part is drunk. Giản Truyền Học scent of alcohol most, mumble, “These people truly are strange! Suddenly how did I think of doing something such a thing, I’ve always been a good child!”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “Are you a human, correct?”

    Giản Truyền Học reply, “Of course it correct!”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “You only need to be a human regardless of how you are, learning the bad is easier than the good, mostly, learning to eat, drink, prostitution, gambling… then without effort you will be skilled.”

    Giản Truyền Học immediately agree, “It seems that every human borne already have this talent, correct!”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “But if you want to truly master all those specialty is not easy!”

    Giản Truyền Học ask, “And you?”

    Xie Xiaofeng reply, “I’m an expert!”

    Giản Truyền Học ask, “Then where is the expert planning to take me now?”

    Xie Xiaofeng reply, “Take you to make money!”

    Giản Truyền Học ask, “Expert at doing those thing also need money.”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “Because I’m a experts hence the need to spend, but spend more than other peoples!”

    Giản Truyền Học ask, “Why is that?”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “Because these things itself means to spends money. If you don’t spend then rather go home, take cares of your children for your wife!”Truly it is the words expert level. Only a true expert level could understood the principle of this.

    Wanting to go out for pleasure yet counting every penny, like a stringy person, then what different are they from a lost person because when they compare to those that save a few cents then in others’ eyes they are not even worth a dime.

    Of course experts also have suffering of experts; the greatest suffering is normally lies in one word, “Money”because spending money is multiple times easier than making.

    However, even this suffering could not overthrow Xie Xiaofeng. He lead Giản Truyền Học, gliding East, gliding West out in the street, suddenly they storm into a tattered stall selling groceries, freely to look at the great thing that those having money would find. In the grocery store, there was only an old man, eye dim, half-blind half-deaf, allowing them to freely browse, he too seem like a man without money.

    Giản Truyền Học inside is surprised.

    “We’re not buying oil nor vinegar, why are we here?”Xie Xiaofeng suddenly walked near the old man, whispering something to the old man’s ear.

    The old man's attitude changes suddenly, not much different from a mouse suddenly being trapped by seven-eight cats without any escape. Then the old man lead Xie Xiaofeng into a small door at the back edge, on it hung a torn cloth curtain.

    Giản Truyền Học had to wait outside.

    Shortly after Xie Xiaofeng returns. Peeking out, he immediate ask, “Is 30,000 taels enough for us to spend?”30,000 silver taels?

    Where to get 30,000 silver taels?

    A small broken down grocery like this, yet within moments could gather 30,000 silver taels?

    Giản Truyền Học could not believe. But Xie Xiaofeng clearly have 30,000 silver taels. As for the old man he did not come out. Giản Truyền Học could not resist, he softly ask, “What happened here? What kind of place is it?”

    Xie Xiaofeng laughs, “This place is a very interesting place!”Then he added, “A place with money, normally it is a good place!”

    Giản Truyền Học ask, “This place, dig where to find money?”[3]

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “Wanting to see meat in dumpling, you must break it. A person with money or no money, looking from the outside is not easy!”

    Giản Truyền Học ask, “Then the old man have money.”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “Not only have money, but probably a person that most wealthiest within eight miles of this place!”

    Giản Truyền Học said, “Then why does he live so poorly like so?”

    Xie Xiaofeng, “Because he is content to living like so, with that you can have lots of money!”

    Giản Truyền Học ask, “The old man didn’t dare to spend money so why he suddenly give you 30,000 silver taels at a time?”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “Of course I have ways!”

    Giản Truyền Học blink rapidly, dropped his voice softly and said, “What ways? Or is it robbery?”

    Xie Xiaofeng only smile and did not answer.

    Giản Truyền Học became even more curious, he could not resisted and questioned, “Could it be that this old man’s place is where thieves and gangs split their money?”

    Xie Xiaofeng grin and said, “These story, you shouldn’t speak of them now!”

    Giản Truyền Học ask, “Then what should I be speaking of?”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “Ask me where I’m leading you to go spend money!”Giản Truyền Học must also burst into laugters.

    Whatever the case, spending money is what cause people a feeling of delightful. Giản Truyền Học asked immediately, “Then where we’re planning to go spend money?”

    Before Xie Xiaofeng’s lip even move the old man behind the torn cloth curtain, stick out his head and said, “Right here!”Here is a small broken down grocery store, even if all the goods is gathered, it certainly could not exceed 500 taels.

    Giản Truyền Học of course must ask, “Here, this is where to spend money.”The old man squint his eye looking at him, then withdrew his eye as if he is bored of talking with Giản Truyền Học.

    Xie Xiaofeng smile and said, “If this place is not where to spend money, then where would 30,000 silver taels come from.”These words are truly reasonable.

    Even so Giản Truyền Học still have doubt and said, “There is women here.”

    Xie Xiaofeng reply, “Not only women, but within 800 miles, the best women are here!”

    Giản Truyền Học ask, “Around 800 miles here, wine is also the best as well?”

    Xie Xiaofeng reply immediately, "Correct!”

    Giản Truyền Học ask, “Why do you know?”

    Xie Xiaofeng reply, “Hence why I’m an expert!”The back yard of the grocery stall is only a small door frame. The door is both narrow and small, furthermore is covered by torn cotton curtain.

    Where are the wines?

    Where are the women?

    Perhaps not, that both is inside that small door with torn curtain hanging on it?

    Giản Truyền Học’s could not resist, planned to uncover that torn curtain to peer inside but before the curtain is drawn open, before he could stick his head in he could smell a fragrant aroma.

    A sweet scent.

    Then he loses consciousness.

    When Giản Truyền Học wake up, Xie Xiaofeng’s is currently drinking wine, not drinking by himself but with many women serving him wine.

    Wine, whether or not is it good wine, as for the women, each and every one is not common, truly are not common.

    Giản Truyền Học’s staggered, stood up suddenly, stumbling and swaging he walks toward, first he grab a cup and drinking it empty.

    As expected, it is good wine! All the ladies now looking and laughing at him, as they laughed, they looked even more beautiful.

    Giản Truyền Học stare at them till he bored then looked at Xie Xiaofeng and ask, “You all can’t smell that scent of fragment.”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “Can’t!”

    Giản Truyền Học said, “I clearly smelled it, why can’t!”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “I blocked my nose!”

    Giản Truyền Học said, “Why did you block it?”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “Because I already knew what scent it is!”[4]

    Giản Truyền Học ask, “What scent it is?”

    Xie Xiaofeng reply, “Sleeping scent!”

    Why use sleeping scent to make me lose consciousness?”

    Xie Xiaofeng reply, “Only then it would be mystical!”Then he smiles and continued, “The more mystical it seem the more interesting it is!”

    Giản Truyền Học look at Xie Xiaofeng, look at the women, could not refrain, sighed and said, “It would seem you’re an expert, a genuine experts!”

    [1] Poem. The next few paragraphs are also quite dazzling.

    [2] Here where those poetry words end, this last paragraph I’m uncertain what of it saying, in term of context and definition. Going to translation tools for this last one.

    [3] As in, “How can this place have any money?”

    [4] Not sure what should be used here, scent? Fragrance, aroma? Powder? This include the next two lines.
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    thank you very much for the translation

    only few chapter left.. 46th the last is already translated..

    hoping the translation to continue

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    I'm bringing this thread back up and want to declare my intention to finish the translation for this story.

    Right now, it's missing ch. 39-47. Both ch. 39 and ch. 46 are partially translated but I'll retranslate the entire chapter. Chapters here are more then 2 times the length chapters in Silver Spear. So they'll be coming in slower.

    This translation project went through several translators and retranslation attempts so I'm also going to compile and edit an unabridged version of the project. Beside, this project needed an edited version. I want to credit everyone that has worked on this project so I'm comparing and joining all translations. I won't start on this till next month.

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    Wonderful! Looking forward to its completion. Thks kaister.

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    Great! and Thanks.

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    Default Ch. 39 (1/2)

    Here's a sample of the translation I have. I'm pecking at it slowly. I might be getting busy. I'll try to post at least half a chapter a week.

    ************************************************** ******************

    Chapter 39 - Gambling With Swords

    Part 1 of 2

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “I’m pinching my nose.”

    Jian Chuanxue said, “Why are you pinching your nose?”

    Xie Xiaofeng said. “Because I already knew what that smell is.”

    Jian Chuanxue said, “What kind of smell is that?”

    Xie XIaofeng said, “Mixiang (knockout gas).”1

    Jian Chuanxue said: “Why do they need to use mixiang to make me lose consciousness?”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “This way it’s more mysterious.”

    He smiled, “Isn’t the more mysterious it seems, the more interesting it is?”

    Jian Chuanxue looked at him, and then looked at these girls. He couldn’t help but sighed: “Looks like you are
    an expert, truly an expert.”

    “Why do people always say ‘eating, drinking, whoring2, gambling’? Why not say ‘gambling, whoring, drinking, eating’?”

    “Don’t Know.”

    “I know.”

    “Tell me why?”

    “Because gambling is the most difficult. No matter how much you eat, drink, or visit brothel, you won’t lose everything in an instant. However, gambling, you can lose it all in a flash.”

    “Once you lose it all. You cannot eat. You cannot drink. You cannot go to brothels.”

    “That’s exactly right.”

    “So gambling should be last.”

    “That’s exactly right.”

    “Right now, isn’t it time for us to start gambling?”

    “It seems like it.”

    “Where are you going to bring me to gamble?”

    Xie Xiaofeng had not say anything yet, that old man suddenly stuck his head out the door and said, “Here! We have everything here!”

    This was definitely not the run down general store.

    This was a very beautiful house. It had beautiful decorations, beautiful women, excellent foods, and excellent alcohols.

    This place seemed to have everything. Unfortunately there was no gambling.

    If you are gambling, you have to gamble whole heartily. If you had already did something else with a woman whole heartily, could you also gamble with her whole heartily?

    Besides this type of women, there was also a Xie Xiaofeng here.

    Jian Chuanxue, of course, did not want to gamble with Xie Xiaofeng. Gambling can destroy friendships, leading to irreconcilable differences and leading to them becoming bitter enemies. However, if your gambling chip also belonged to your friend, how do you gamble with him?

    Old man’s head retreated back in again. Jian Chuanxue only asked Xie Xiaofeng, “How should we gamble?”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “Doesn’t matter how, as long as we get to gamble.”

    Jian Chuanxue said, “Could it be that we are the only two gambling?”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “Of course there are other people.”

    Jian Chuanxue said, “Where are the people?”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “They will come soon.”

    Jian Chuanxie, “Who are these people?”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “Don’t know.”

    - He smiled and said, “What I do know is, the people that old man got they must be good leg.”3

    Jian Chuanxue said, “What is a good leg?”

    Xie Xiaofeng said, “Good leg means they are experts.4 That also means it doesn’t matter how we gamble or what we gamble, they are willing and able to gamble.”

    Jian Chuanxue said, “Willing and able to gamble means they are willing and able to lose?”

    Xie Xiaofeng laughed and said, “It’s possible they wouldn’t lose. We might be the one that’ll lose instead.”

    Gambling is playing against odds. As long as there is no cheating, anyone has a chance to win.

    Jian Chuanxue said, “What are we gambling today?”

    Xie Xiaofeng did not say anything because the old man stuck his head out the door again.

    “Today, we’re gambling with sword.”

    He squinted his eyes and looked at Xie Xiaofeng, “I promise the people that are coming are good legs.”

    In Wulin, there were seven major sword schools —

    Wudang, Diancang, Huashan, Kunlun, Hainan, Emei, and Kongtong.

    Shaolin disciples mostly didn’t use sword; therefore Shaolin wasn’t included.

    Since Sanfeng5 zhenren6 was able brilliantly grasp the true essence of neijia7 (internal style) swordplay and after the establishment of the school., Wudang was revered by people, who practiced sword, as a standard orthodox school. Over the years, a large number of the school’s disciples developed into experts. Since the beginning, their reputation and prestige never wanes.

    Amongst older generation of the current Wadang swordsmen, there were six head disciples. They were known as the “Siling Shuangyu” (Four Divinities, Two Jades).

    The head of the Siling was Ouyang Yunhe8. Since he first appeared, he had been through thirty-six large and small battles. He had once confronted the renowned martial artist Gu-daoren9 that lived in seclusion in Bashan10 and only lost to several moves.

    Ouyang Yunhe had a slender stature, heroic and charismatic. He not only carried a great deal of prestige and respects amongst his peers in his school. He also had enjoyed good relations with the people of Jianghu. Therefore, after the battle in Bashan, he was widely considered the most likely successor to lead Wudang. He also carried himself properly and had a clean living and honest lifestyle.

    Surprisingly he actually showed up in a place like this today. The first person Xie Xiaofeng saw was him. It seemed like the old man wasn’t lying because Ouyang Yunhe was definitely an expert.

    The swordplay of Kongtong came from the same lineage as Wudang, however it favored more lateral thinking. The lateral approach didn’t mean it was not good, sometimes it was even more incisive and fierce. Swords were seeded from the heart. A swordsman’s intent was always an effect of the sword skill they had practiced. Therefore the majority of the disciples of Kongtong were rather sombre and vicious.

    As a result even though Kongtong was still considered a proper neijia martial art, very few recognized Kongtong School as a proper neijia school. This made Kongtong disciples rather sensitive. They did not like dealing with their peers in Jianghu.

    However the people of Jianghu did not disregard them, because in recent year everyone knew they’d developed an extremely fearsome set of swordplay. The swordplay had very few moves, but each move was lethal. Obviously it was not easy to master this swordplay. Beside the zhangmen11 (school master) and the four elders, it was said only one other person was capable of executing these lethal moves. This person was Qin Duxiu.

    The one that was following behind Ouyang Yunhe was Qin Duxiu. Qin Duxiu was obviously also an expert.

    Huashan was peculiarly dangerous. Their swordplay was also peculiarly dangerous.

    Huashan’s disciples were never numerous because in order to become a disciple of Huashan, one must have the will to endure hardship and be undaunted despite of setbacks. The current Huashan zhangmen was reclusive and arrogant. He was extremely strict and demanding toward his students. He would never allow Huashan disciples brashly step away from Huashan.

    Mei Changhua13 was the only one that could come and go freely; the one that could roam around Jianghu. It was because he had confident in Mei Changhua. Mei Changhua, without doubt, was also an expert.

    Kunlun’s Feilongjiushi (Flying Dragon Nine Stances) was famed throughout the land. It was acclaimed in Jianghu. Amongst the disciple, there was only one dragon.

    Tian Zailong14 was this dragon.

    Tian Zailong was also undoubtedly an expert.

    Diancang had picturesque scenery and was like spring year round. Their disciple began apprenticeship at a young age. Growing up in such an environment, most of them are congenial and gracious gentlemen. They were rather indifferent toward fame and fortune.

    Although Diancang’s swordplays were light and swift, they rarely had any fatal killing intent.

    However there was barely anyone willing to offend Diancang’s members. That was because they had a revered swordplay, that would made people unable to step outside a certain area. The only thing was that this skill required seven people in order to display its full power.

    That was why in Diancang, every generations had seven disciples. Every one in Jianghu referred them as the “Diancang Seven Swords”.

    In these three hundred years, every “Diancang Seven Sword” had an exceptional and skilled swordsman.

    Wu Tao15 was this generation’s Seven Swords’ exceptional figure.

    Wu Tao was also an expert.

    Hainan was in the middle of the south sea. Separated in such far away place, the people were also extremely solitary. If there weren’t any certainty on producing victories, they would not be willing to cross westward over the sea.

    In the past ten years, Hainan swordsman practically vanished in the central plain. Around these times, Li Pingzi16 had suddenly appeared.

    This person was not over the age of thirty. He had one arm and was lame and extremely ugly. However his sword skill was perfect and precise. Once he used his sword, it made people forgot about the lone arm, lame leg, and his ugly appearance.

    The person was also an expert.

    These six were without doubt some of the finest and top-rated masters of current Wulin. Every single one of them was amongst the best and stand out from the crowd.

    However the most distinct person was not them, it was Li Zhenzhen17.

    Li Zhenzhen of Emei was referred by Jianghu as the “Luocha18 Xianzi” (Demon Fairy) Li Zhenzhen.

    Emei was the most refined in the world.

    After the prior Miaoyin-shitai succeeded the school, the Emei’s air of elegance was concentrated within their female disciples.

    Li Zhenzhen was obviously a woman.

    After Miaoyin-shitai19 took the helm of the school, Emei female disciples were all head shaven nuns. Li Zhenzhen was an exception, the only exception.

    The current Emei zhangmen was the oldest amongst the seven great school masters. When she entered Emei and shaven as nun, she was already around thirty.

    (To be continue...will post 2nd half later...)

    1. Mixiang lit. unconsciousness fragrance. Note: fragrance and smell is the same word in Chinese.
    2. Piao (嫖), lit means visiting a prostitute. Note that “whoring” is only referring to action by the patron not the prostitute.
    3. Haojiao, lit. good leg, means a good gambling partner, opponent.
    4. Haoshou, lit. good hand, means a professional or expert. Note that good leg and good hand are not the same thing. He saying “They are good people to gamble with because they’re expert and not some newbies.”
    5. Zhang Sanfeng, founder of Wudang.
    6. -zhenren, Taoist master.
    7. Neijia, internal martial art. It focus on spiritual, mental or qi-related aspects of martial art instead of physiological aspect (i.e. external).
    8. Ouyang Yunhe (欧阳云鹤), surname Ouyang, given name means “cloud crane”.
    9. -daoren, Taoist.
    10. Bashan, Mt. Ba in eastern Sichuan.
    11. Zhangmen, head master or leader of a martial art school.
    12. Qin Duxiu (秦独秀), surname Qin, given name means “alone excel”.
    13. Mei Changhua (梅长华), surname Mei, given name means “always magnificent”. Same hua as Huashan.
    14. Tian Zailong (田在龙), surname Tian, given name means “at/exist/present dragon”.
    15. Wu Tao (吴涛), surname Wu, given name means “large wave”.
    16. Li Pingzi (黎平子), surname Li, given name means “flat/level/equal son”.
    17. Li Zhenzhen (厉真真), Surname Li means severe, given name shenzhen means truth.
    18. Loucha (罗刹), demon in Buddism.
    19. -shitai, female Taoist
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    Thanks - need to "revise" this novel from chap 1

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    Thanks - need to "revise" this novel from chap 1
    That's part of my plan. Somewhere next month, you should see an unabridged thread for this project.

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    Really looking forward to this unabridged version.

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