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Thread: Sky Deity Verse (天神诀) by Taiyi Shengshui (太一生水)

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    Default Sky Deity Verse (天神诀) by Taiyi Shengshui (太一生水)

    Synopsis -

    A drop of magical blood would transcend mountains and rivers. A scroll of old scriptures would annihilate the cycle of sun and moon. A book of god's verse would bury the most prestige ones underneath heaven.

    By inheriting heaven given destiny and cultivating invincible techniques, Yang Qingxuan (杨青玄) started on a path to crush countless geniuses of the age and to advance to be an immortalized powerful person.
    "I have always made people into submission using virtue, and those who do not all dies."

    Name: Sky Deity Verse 天神诀
    Author: Taiyi Shengshui 太一生水
    Genre: Xuanhuan
    Status: On Going.
    Translated by: Owlchevalier

    from translator...

    Hello people
    I recently came upon this piece of work. After few chapters, I fell in love with the story.
    I know there is a placeholder on Novel Updates, but the translator really hasn't start their work.
    I figure since I will finish reading the novel regardless, why not translate it along the way.

    Thanks for inputs.
    Here is the synopsis for the novel. I will try to keep the updates consistent, probably 1-2 chapters a week.
    Due to I am taking a course right now and the final is coming up in 2 weeks, I will have more time after that.
    Will keep you folks posted.

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    Underneath Mount Kunlun.

    In a dark underground labyrinth that looked boundless, the only source of light was the lights emitted from billions of stars, leaking through the giant crack above.

    Dozens of thousand feet tall ancient bronze pillars stood in this vast void; they rose straight into the sky like the tombstones of peerless powerful people.

    "...seventy nine, eighty, eighty one."

    "As expected, it is the universe's Eighty One Numerological Reasoning [1]. Starting at one, and ending at ten. The cycle is endless, the reincarnation is eternal, and the order is never chaotic. "

    On one of the bronze pillars, one person quietly stood there with his back against the starlight.

    His facial appearance was unclear in the dusky place, but his eyes glittered while he scanned the dark ancient labyrinth.

    Under the starlight, he faintly made out the underground labyrinth's layout, which seemed to be a Formation of Heaven Offering Ritual used by ancient emperors.

    There were eighty one bronze pillars on the exterior, surrounding the Formation in an organized manner. On every bronze pillar, python like iron chain converged towards the middle, straight into the blur of misty void.

    On the Formation's interior, threads of X-pattern extended outward with intermittent display of four solar divinity patterns pointing towards the eight positions of Trigrams: Qian, Dui, Li, Zhen, Xun, Kan, Gen, and Kun.

    The underground labyrinth was dark and cold, and the cold air flew up along the bronze pillars.

    The shadow of the man above the pillars raised his hands and executed a technique to chase away the cold, but what could not be dispelled was the loneliness hidden within those pairs of eyes.

    A sudden change of color was shown on the man's face, and a surge of scorching sensation spread from his left shoulder to his entire body like fires of hell.

    A Mark of Burning Cloud shone through the back of his shoulder, displaying a magnificent blood-like red light.

    "You have felt it too?"

    Yang Qingxuan gave a self-deprecating smile mixed with some desolation.

    This Mark had appeared since he was six, and it had followed him for the past twenty four years.

    From an average commoner to be known across the world. Through hell and living, he reached to become the Grand Master of Martial Arts of Huaxia Kingdom [2]. This Mark had brought him endless amount of glory and power, yet it also consumed his body like a devil.

    "This underground labyrinth is hidden underneath Mount Kunlun, can this be the site of my destiny?"

    Yang Qingxuan coughed due to excitement, and his face appeared morbid red. "A Grand Master of thirty years, yet still don't even know his body belonged to whom in dreams? Ridiculous, such absurdity!"

    Along with his fluctuating mood, the strength of the Mark wantonly scorched his limbs and bones. Yang Qingxuan's brows frowned a moment due to pain.

    "To either succeed or fail, everything depends on this! This is my last chance. I must find my ancestry and the answer of this Mark!" With a deep inhale of air, he bolted across the iron chain. After a few breathing moments, he arrived inside the Formation's interior.

    For these past years, he almost imagined that this body did not belong to himself. With the advent of an underground labyrinth in his dreams, this feeling grew stronger.

    His footsteps suddenly stagnated. Due to forced stop, qi flown into his feet and pressed down on the iron chains, making 'clang clang' noises.

    Yang Qingxuan's pairs of pupils enlarged unexpectedly, and he saw the most memorable scene of his life!

    The space of the Formation's interior was unexpectedly vast, almost as if standing in another place. On the plain like Formation ground around the center, billions of giant monster were pierced through by the iron chains to lock them in a prostrating position.

    At the center, where all the monsters prostrating towards, was a giant beast around thousand feet tall. Its hands folded across its chest, and its weathered eyes, empty and unfocused, gazed at the tumbling dark clouds in the sky.

    Yang Qingxuan's body stiffened up, and after few minutes, he was able to recover from shock.

    This Formation was completely horrifying as if all of the monsters suffered a divine punishment like some kind of an offering ritual.

    He had gone through battles of three thousand li (1500 km), had used a single sword to fight against millions of soldiers, had traveled back and forth over mountains and deserts, but never had he sawn such strange yet horrific sight?!

    Yang Qingxuan's gaze paused in front of the beast's body.

    On the palms of the beast's hands, there was a silver compass disk. With reflections of silver light, it looked beautiful and breathtaking.

    Yang Qingxuan's heart moved lightly as he stepped over the empty air and landed on the beast's palm to take a careful look.

    The compass disk was crystal clear with a surface carved with complex drawings of arts of formation. Silver lights dotted across the disk, making it looking pure and ethereal. Against the dark black disk, the fragmented lights of silver appeared more brilliant than ever.

    The most shocking part was those silver white dots were not embellishing details, but they were reflections of the zodiacs in the sky.

    Yang Qingxuan lost in a wave of deep thought while staring at the billions of stars within the compass disk. His heart inexplicably shook as a word came into his mind, and he immediately shouted, "Xing Yu Disk (星宇盘)!"

    Before seeing this object, he had never heard the three words of 'Xing Yu Disk'.

    Yang Qingxuan was shocked. Without any thoughts, he raised his hand to gently touch Xing Yu Disk, and a cold sensation felt through his hand.

    Suddenly, an extreme pain came from his left shoulder as if his soul was parting from his body.

    Behind Yang Qingxuan, a pillar of light surged upward. The light then turned into purple light rays scattering everywhere and illuminated heaven and earth like the radiance of Vairocana.

    The bodies of billions of monsters shattered under the purple light rays and turned into dust in the air.

    The color of Yang Qingxuan's face was ghastly white as the Mark's power had finally lost control. The ray of light activated the constellations and a lightening of Brahma struck down on his body.

    At that exact moment, the galaxy exploded with blinding brilliance, and galactic fire spread around the underground labyrinth.

    Within this destructive power, there appeared a tall shadow with unidentifiable figure. Standing alone in between sky and earth, it gazed into the galaxy.

    This day, Mount Kunlun's burial ground collapsed with sounds that even trembled heaven and earth.

    On the peak of the mountain top and cloud tips, a silvery light pillar surged into the sky, straight into ancient chaotic universe!

    1. 八十一数理 (Eighty One Numerological Reasoning), also known as 五格数理 (Five Charts Numerological Reasoning), is a popularized fortune telling system to assist in formulating names for people as well as fortune telling their lucks.

    1. 华夏国 can be translated to either Huaxia Kingdom or Huaxia Country. The former would suggest an ancient imperial world setting while the latter would means a modernized world.

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    hi just wanna say thanks for translating this.

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