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Thread: Horizon, Bright Moon, Sabre(天涯, 明月, 刀)

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    I will be posting soon. And also want to thank everyone who has translated or written any story and posted here to share with us.


    Genuis8 was the handle my beloved sister picked for me, when she first started to send me emails years ago. So I decided to keep it.

    You are right about english. My chinese character recognition is less than basic, so I have to agonize first to read and understand it in my mind in chinese mode, then go through the second difficult part of translating it into english, while trying to keep the author's style and full meaning in place.

    JinYong write grand epics, full of stylish majestic settings, while GuLong's novels are much darker in nature, more personal and sensitive. GuLong's main characters are flawed beings like all of us, having done wrong or been wronged, going thru hard times, but at the core of his being - nobility exists. I also like his intricate plots and subplots, and how he goes off tangent

    I will posting soon, warts and all.

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    Translator's Notes: I will be including notes throughout, to clarify certain things or my thoughts. I will use Tael in place of Liang, as this is a more widely known unit of measure, weighing between 37-40 grams (slightly heavier than an ounce). Liang/Tael is still the unit of measure being used today by chinese drugstore in many countries, when they prepare (mix up) and sell you Chinese medicine prescribed by Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine. (End Note)

    Chapter 6 - Before the duel.

    [Fu HungXie: Age approximately 36-37 years.

    Characteristics: Right foot lame, saber never leaves his hand.

    Martial skills: Not studied from any sect, an extremely fast saber wielder, and recognized in JiangHu as fastest saber under heaven!

    Family background: Birth unknown, adopted and trained in the past by "Demon Teacher" Princess Pai Feng (White Phoenix), who is skilled in many kinds of poison killing techniques.

    Single until now, wanders all over, and considers the four seas (four corners of the world) as his home. His disposition is eccentric, callous, and a loner.]

    Du Lei peruses these words, on a piece of paper; as he slowly approaches, stops in front of The Thumb, on whose face, not an expression is visible.

    The Thumb: Have you read it?

    Du Lei: Yes.

    The Thumb, sighs: I also know you will not be satisfied, but this is all the information we could compile regarding Fu HungXie. Not much more is known by anyone else.

    Du Lei: Very well done.

    The Thumb, blinks and probes: This info of any use to you?

    Du Lei: No.

    The Thumb: Not even a little bit useful?

    Du Lei, slowly nods. Stands up, walk aimlessly in measured steps, suddenly sits, and coldly says: Your information misses 2 items, the 2 most important points!

    The Thumb: Oh?

    Du Lei: Once before, he was level headed .... then deceived by a woman. Very cruelly deceived.

    The Thumb: Who is this woman?

    Du Lei: Someone called Green Jade *****.

    The Thumb, sighs: I've always wondered - Why? The more intelligent the man, the easier he is deceived by *****s?

    The Peacock sneers coldly: Because intelligent men like smart women, and smart women usually turn out to be *****s!

    The Thumb, shakes his head, smiles: I knew you hated women, but never thought your hate was this deep.

    Du Lei, coldly: Looks like he is definitely a victim of women's deception!

    The Peacock's complexion changed, smiles unexpectedly, replies: What is the second point you mentioned?

    Du Lei: He is sick.

    The Thumb: What kind of illness?

    Du Lei: Yang Dian insanity.

    The Thumb's eye lit up: When he is ill, is he like others, whose mouth spits white foam onto the ground, while swaying back and forth?

    Du Lei: There is only one kind of Yang Dian insanity.

    The Thumb: For someone who has this sickness, this is quite unexpected ... to master and become peerless at fast sabers!

    Du Lei: It took painstaking effort. It is said, he needs to practice at least 4 times a day, from when he was 4-5 years old. Each day, he must draw the saber at least 12,000 times! In regards to each of JiangHu's famous people, I am quite knowledgeable, because I have spent 5 months to collect information about them, then spend 5 months to analyze it.

    The Thumb: Regarding Fun HungXie, you must have spent more effort than others.

    Du Lei assented.

    The Thumb: What have you discovered?

    Du Lei: His saber never leaves his hand. It's because, all he ever used is this saber. More or less 20 years now, it has become a part of his body. When he uses the saber, it comes as naturally as when we use our hands and fingers.

    The Thumb: I also know, this saber he uses is not of good quality!

    Du Lei: Any blade that can kill, is a good blade!

    Between Fun HungXie and the saber, which is no longer just any saber, a bond exists beyond man's understanding.

    Even though Du Lei did not utter these words, The Thumb understood it.

    The Peacock, pondering all these time, suddenly: What if we can obtain this saber?

    Du Lei: No one can obtain his saber.

    The Peacock, smiling: There is always an exception.

    Du Lei: Not in this case.

    The Peacock not arguing any further, asks: When does his illness manifest?

    Du Lei: When he feels un-endurable anger or sorrow, the illness will surface.

    The Peacock: And if during this time, you are to attack ....

    Du Lei, sneers: Who do you think I am?

    The Peacock, smiles: I also know you would not willingly do this. Better have others do it ... if we have someone who can get him really upset, maybe ...

    Du Lei visibly relaxes his body, icily: I just want you guys to understand one thing.

    Both Thumb and Peacock paid attention.

    Du Lei: This is a personal duel between me and him. Regardless of who wins or lose, it has totally nothing to do with anyone else.

    The Thumb asks: Totally nothing to do with GongZi too?

    Du Lei suddenly puts his hand on the hilt.

    The Thumb: If you have not yet forgotten GongZi, you should at least do one thing.

    Du Lei, could not but ask: What thing?

    The Thumb: Let him wait, and wait for a while, until he is frustrated, then you go. In this fight, whether you win or lose, live or die, we don't care ... but we also would rather you not just throw your life away.

    In the center of Ni family garden, the sunlight shines directly on the hexagonal pagoda's apex. Outside the pagoda is a man, a saber, a jet black saber. Fu HungXie slowly walks through a path full of weeds, his hand gripping tightly the saber.

    On the parapet of the red lacquered tower, although leaning and shattered, the poplar tree had not yet collapsed; and under the sunlight, it seemed as magnificent as before. This place certainly had a grandiloquent past. How did it end up so miserably?

    A pair of swallow flew in, from afar, landing outside the hexagonal pagoda, on the poplar tree, as if seeking its former days' glory. If not for the polar tree, the local scenery is totally non-existent.

    The swallows fly to and fro. How many time has it come, and gone? The poplar does not ask, it has no words, it is heartless.

    Fu HungXie suddenly felt a stabbing pain in his heart. He, early on, is already capable of the poplar's silence. He just does not know, when can he achieve its heartlessness.

    The swallows fly to and fro. From where did they come from?

    The garden is left uncultivated. Which family's garden is it?

    Fu HungXie stands like a lunatic, seeming not to know or care where he is.

    From whence did he come from, he thinks no more; because suddenly, he hears someone laughing. The laughter is delightful and clear as a hawk. It is late spring, the grass is tall, the hawk not flown away yet. The hawkish sound emanated from the tall grass. A young girl stands up amidst the tall grass, looking at Fu HungXie, laughing heartily.

    Her laughter is delightful, her appearance just as beautiful; with long ebony- black hair, soft as silk and satin. She did not comb her hair, just letting the black silky hair fan over her shoulders. She is also not dressed, only wore a long gown; whose material, though seeming to be, is neither silk nor satin, most probably her own hair.

    She looks at Fu Hongxie, laughter in her eyes: "You do not ask, why?"

    Fu HungXie does not ask.

    "I am laughing at you." She laughs sweetly: "You look like a dullard (stupid person) standing there."

    Fu Hongxie has no words.

    "Aren't you going to ask who I am?"

    "Who are you?" Fu HungXie finally spoke, this question he had wanted to ask.

    Who knew that after he asks the question, the long haired girl suddenly jumps up, calls out: "I have been waiting for you to ask me this question."

    As she jumps up, she seems like the cat who is riled up. "Do you know this place you are standing at now, where you had been swaggering about, whose place this is?"

    Fu Hongxie coolly looks at her, waits for her to continue.

    "This place is Ni Family's." She uses a finger, points at her nose: "I am the 2nd Miss Ni. As long as I am happy, I will let you leave anytime."

    Fu HungXie can only shut up. A person going to and fro, inside another's home, upon suddenly meeting the owner, does not have much to say.

    2nd Miss Ni, with large eyes, staring at him straight on, suddenly laughs - a laugh that is oh so sweet.

    "Alas, I certainly will not allow you to leave, because....", She winks, "... because I like you!"

    Fu HungXie can not but listen. You can dislike others, but will be powerless to prevent others from liking you.

    But this 2nd Miss Ni already changed her mind. "What I just said, liking you, is actually untrue." She sighs. "I did not throw you out, because I know I can not defeat you."

    Fu HungXie, had to ask: "You know about my ..."

    "Definitely know."

    "Know what?"

    "Not only do I know your Martial Skill, I also know your Surname and Given Name."

    Both hands together, she complacently walks out from the tall grass. Squinting, she looks Fu HungXie up and down, sizing him up.

    "Others all say you are a monster, but I think ... not only are you not weird looking, you are considerably handsome."

    Fu HungXie slowly turns, under the direct sunlight reflecting from the hexagonal pagoda, asks: "Are you the only one left here?"

    "So what, if I am alone?" She rolls her eyes. "Dare you bully me?"

    "Are you not usually here?"

    "Why should I, all alone, tarry in this damned ungodly place?"

    Fu HungXie suddenly turns his head, stares at her: "Why aren't you leaving yet?"

    2nd Miss Ni also loudly replies: "This is my house, my home! I come and go as I please. Why should I be ordered around by others?"

    Fu HungXie wisely shut up.

    2nd Miss Ni maliciously stared at him, with a very ominous appearance, suddenly laughs: "Actually, I should not be quarreling with you. If we start quarreling now, how about the future?"

    The future?

    "You ... don't you know there are some people without a future?"

    Fu HungXie slowly walks up the stone dike, gazing far away. Even though the sunlight shines directly on his face, it is a pale, frightful face. He only hopes that Du Lei quickly comes.

    She actually teases him: "I know you are called Fu HungXie. At least you should ask me my name."

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    Continued ....

    He does not ask.

    She says: "My name is Ni Hui. Brightness from wisdom's words."

    She jumps over the parapet, and stands in front of Fu HungXie. "My father gave me this name, because I was bright since childhood."

    He pays her no attention.

    "You don't believe me!?"

    She lifts up her waist, goes up against Fu HungXie, the top of her head bumping his nose.

    "Not only do I know, from where you come from, putting two and two together, I can accurately guess what kind of person you are waiting for."


    "You are here, definitely waiting for someone, to go all out against. As soon as I saw your aura, I knew."


    "You have a killing aura!"

    This young girl, also knows what is Killing Aura?

    "I also know, you are definitely waiting for Du Lei."

    What she says is very interesting.

    "Because within several hundred miles, of a handful of people who can fight competently, only one matches up with you ... that one is Du Lei."

    This girl truly knows a lot.

    Fu HungXie looks at her very nimble clothes, coolly: "Since you know, you should quickly take a hike (leave)."

    Even though his tone is cold, it does not have its usual iciness, even his eyes seem gentler.

    NiHui also laughs: "Is it because you are starting to care about me?"

    Fu HungXie stoops, and in her face: "I want you to leave, because I don't want anyone to watch."

    NiHui curls her lip: "Even if you want me gone, there is no need to rush. Du Lei will definitely not be here this early."

    He stands his ground. The sun moves up.

    NiHui: "He will have you wait. Wait until you get agitated, wonder whether he will come at all, thereby increasing his odds."

    She continues, smilingly: "This is also a strategy. The kind of person you are, should have already thought about this."

    Shaking her head suddenly: "No, you would not think this ... because you are a true gentleman. Since I am not, I can teach you a strategy, especially to counter this villain's action."

    What strategy? Fu HungXie asks not, but does not refuse to listen either.

    "He wants you to wait, you can also make him wait. Tit for tat. How one is made to feel, another can also be made to feel. This method is a very old one, and ancient methods have proven to be unusually effective."

    Ni Hui: "We can stroll about, then come back. We can even play 2 games of chess, drink 2 glasses of wine, let him wait here, wait until he is so mad it would kill him."

    Fu HungXie did not respond.

    Ni Hui: "Let me take you first to our family's wine cavern. If we're lucky, who's to say if we were to find 6 jugs of 2-World's NieErrHung that was left over from the time my aunt got married."

    Even with her high spirits, he does not reply. She then pulls his hand - the hand that handles the saber, whom no one can move. As her delicate, slender, beautiful fingers barely touch his hand, she suddenly felt a strange powerful vibration. This unexpected powerful vibration, transmitted to her entire body, repelling her. Even though she wanted to, she could not stop herself from heavily tumbling to the ground.

    Surprisingly, she did not cry out. Her eyes rimmed red, sobbed: "I just want to bring you to a friend, do you a favor. How can you (mis)treat me this way!"

    She rubs her nose, as if about to burst out crying at any moment now. She appears to be a very, very young girl, both pitiful and lovable at the same time.

    Fu HungXie not sparing her even a single glance, coolly said: "Get up. There's snake in the grass."

    Using the hand that rubbed her nose, to rub her eyes: "I would rather be bitten to death by the poisonous snake."

    Even though Fu HungXie's pale face remained expressionless, he walked towards her. He knows that the powerful force he sent out moments ago, did not just come from the hand, which holds the saber, but also from the saber.

    This particular saber he holds, seemed to have acquired a life of its own. With life, there is strength, and life force. This type of energy, is quite powerful, and together with the indestructible "Sword Energy" (Jian Chi), are both equally frightening. Indeed, he should not have used this power on her. Ni Hui sat dejectedly upon the grass, simply brought her hands to her face. A pair of tiny delicate hands.

    Fu HungXie could not bear but extended a hand to pull her up, the hand which does not handle his saber. She neither resisted nor avoided. Her hand is soft and warm. Fu HungXie has not touched a young girl's hand in a very long time. He restrains his desire. Even though most ascetic people are tougher than normal people, he is still a man, who is, moreover, not quite as old as to have no desire.

    She stands up gently, murmuring. He really felt like holding her close, but stops. Could not have imagined that this girl, who gives others a hard time, would have seeped into his bosom.

    Her body is warm, soft. He even feels that if it possible for him to feel his heart beat, she certainly could feel it too. Unexpectedly, in this same instant, he also felt another emanation - containing a killing aura!

    In this exact instant, she pulls out a knife, 7 inches long, stabs his armpit's accu-point. While her face looks like a very, very young, little girl, this sinister attack made her seem appear like a deadly cobra. Too bad, this single attack is futile.

    Fu HungXie suddenly shifts. The knife point that should have clearly pricked his flesh and blood, just touched his skin and left. It is also at the same killing instant, when she realized the attack was futile, she quickly leapt away. Just like a swift uncoiling snake, her leap was high, turns over mid-air, twists again, the tip of her toe hangs on one of upturned eaves of the hexagonal pagoda.

    With a kick, she twists her body, landing 5 feet away, on the outside treetop. At first, she wanted to run farther away, but since Fu HungXie did not pursue, she stops. Standing with a foot on the root of a very soft branch, she unexpectedly starts cursing with gusto! While her lightfoot skill (ching kung) is quite high, her cursing ability is even higher.

    "Now I know why your woman in prior times got rid of you. Because you are not truly a man. Not only is your leg screwed up, your heart is also screwed up!"

    (Translator's Note): I am using the American slang "screwed up" to translate the chinese words "mao ping", whose literal translations are mental illness, crazy, insane, etc. As this slang means "messed up, has problems", and is perfect for this particular instance. (End Note)

    Her scolding is neither crude nor vulgar, each word needle sharp, stabbing deeply into Fu HungXie's heart. Fu HungXie's pale face started to turn red, hands grasping tightly, almost could not bear it, wants to draw his saber. But he did not move, because he discovered suddenly, that the pain in his heart, is not as intensely painful as he thought.

    All this time, his pain had always felt like heated iron brandings on cattle, always blindingly painful (because each of her smiles, each drop of tear, each spot of emotions, each piece of gossip & rumor, is deeply etched into his heart).

    He had always hidden it well. Until this moment, when he sees the bright moon's heart - the deeply stored memories of pain and suffering - now surface, and confront him face to face.

    How he is able to withstand this assault, nobody could have thought possible. What he could never have imagined, is that, since withstanding that assault, his pain seems somehow diminished. Ever since, all he wanted to, was to avoid this unthinkable pain, but now that it happened, he realizes he can endure.

    The pain in a person's heart, sometimes is like a festering wound. If you disregard it, it rots and festers. If you drastically shear it away, let it bleed, the pus will ooze out, and restart the healing process. As Fu HungXie begins to get up, his calm is completely restored.

    Ni Hui, still on the branch, is startled when looking at him. He does not draw the saber, but said these words in a normal tone: "You (should)leave." This time, she really obeys! Leaves very quickly!

    Daylight streams in from the west, the hexagonal pagoda cast shadows. Fu HungXie has not moved, nor has his posture changed. The shadow steadily grows longer. Fu HungXie still does not move. As the man is immobile, so too, the heart stays unmoved. If a person is long since accustomed to being solitary and lonely, then, to him, waiting is no longer painful.

    In order to wait for that first time to draw the saber, he already waited for 17 years. That one time he drew the saber, was both insignificant and inefficient. He waited 17 years for only one reason, to kill a person, as revenge for his father, mother and family.

    But when the time came for him to draw his saber, he had discovered that he is not this family's descendant, is totally unrelated with this matter. But this is real life, and not comedy of errors. Regardless of right or wrong, anybody would state that this occurrence was too acrid, too virulent. But he did agree, because he had no other alternative.

    He, henceforth, learned to endure patiently. If Du Lei can understand this point, he should not have made me wait. The time that I have to spend waiting, he, himself, similarly has to wait. In the world, many matters are like a precious sword's 2 sides.

    When you go to injure others, one can also be injured. At times, your injury is much worse that the opponent's. After Fu HungXie chides gently, his mood becomes tranquil. Now, the end, comes.
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    Last part of Chapter 6 ........

    Four, in this gloomy room, terminating in a gloomy long lane, whose original owner was a sickly, parsimonious old man. It is said his corpse had decayed when discovered by other people.

    The Peacock rented this room, not because he is actually parsimonious. He had enough capability get the best inn, but would rather live here. When he says "The Peacock", these words are said mockingly.

    His personage is not at all magnificent or noble as an oak, nor likes birds which show off beautiful plumage, but in reality, seems like a bat who rarely sees daylight. When the Thumb comes in, he is lying down on cold and thick wooden plank bed. In the room the only window has been nailed tightly shut by wooden boards. The available light is gloomy enough to resemble a bat's cave.

    The Thumb sits down, gasps for breath. He never understood why the Peacock likes it here. The Peacock does not even glance at him, waited until his gasping breath slowed down, then asks: "How about Du Lei?"

    The Thumb: "He is still waiting."

    The Peacock: "When I left him, it was past noon (1 to 3 p.m.) How long is he prepared to make Fu HungXie wait?"

    The Thumb: "I told him, he should wait until mid afternoon (3 to 5 p.m.) at the least. Only then should he go."

    The corner's of Peacock's mouth lifted up, revealing his virulent, happy expression: "Standing in that awful god-damned place, waiting for 2 hours, is a major criminal offense."

    The Thumb scrunches his brows: "I am concerned about one thing."

    The Peacock: "Which is?"

    The Thumb: "While Fu HungXie is being made to wait, Du Lei also has to wait. I am worried he might not bear it as well as Fu HungXie."

    The Peacock snickers: "Should he die under Fu HungXie's saber, is it any loss to you?"

    The Thumb: "None at all."

    The Peacock: "In that case, what is there to worry about?"

    The Thumb smiles, uses his sleeves to wipe away the sweat: "I also have good news (to tell you)."

    The Peacock listens.

    "Yen NanFei has really been poisoned. Moreover, it is a serious poisoning."

    The Peacock: "Where did this news come from?"

    The Thumb: "Bought with 500 taels of silver."

    The Peacock's eyes lit up: "Information worth 500 silver taels are usually quite reliable."

    The Thumb: "Therefore, soon enough, we can go kill him."

    The Peacock: "Let's go now."

    "Now is not the time."

    Noon, by oneself, passes very slowly; sunlight is intense and blazingly hot; as spring gradually fades, the long summer day soon arrives. Fu HungXie does not like summer.

    Summer belongs to young children. Naked in daytime, swaying back and forth in the ponds, upturn and tumble in the grass, pick strawberries, chase butterflies; and at night, sit under melon awnings, eating melons cooled in deep wells, listen to adults & aunts trade brownie points.

    Golden summer days, golden childhood, forever containing happiness, no sadness.

    Fu HungXie, actually, never had a summer he can remember, that truly belongs to himself.

    What he remembers about summer: If not dripping with sweat, then it's sweating blood. If not hiding in the hot woods, training hard drawing a saber; then it's in the hot desert sun, drawing and twirling the saber.

    Drawing, twirling the saber; time and time again; as endless as flowing water; repeating these simple movements endlessly! This turned out to become a very important part of his life.

    When is the next time to draw a saber?

    A saber itself, represents death. Therefore, the time to draw a saber, is the time to die. This time, when he draws his saber, who will be the one to die?

    Fu HungXie tilts his head, looks at the hand holding the saber. The hand is ice cold and pale, the saber is jet black.

    It is at this moment, he hears Du Lei's footsteps. It is now exactly the 3rd hour.

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    Thanks for the translation,

    and welcome to the big lonely world of wuxia translators.

    Han Solo

    Quote Originally Posted by bliss
    I think they're probably at the same level as or one level below Ah Qing, which is about the level of a 2nd or 3rd generation Quan Zhen disciple.
    Troll Control

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    Thanks, Han Solo. I agree totally. It is a lonely club of Wuxia Translators, Fu HungXie and Siao Li Fei Tao.

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    Just heads up, bliss translated an excerpt from Chapter 7, the Duel.
    So, you can avoid doing the same thing all over again.
    (unless you want to redo it, which is fine, too...)

    I'd suggest keeping the names consistent: I think the earlier chapters use Fu Hongxue (pinyin). Unless it goes against your conscience, it might be better to keep it that way...

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    No problem, Fastclock. Consistency is good for reading. Thanks and let me know what else you suggest.

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    Yang Dian insanity is epilepsy.
    click to show/hide spoilers
    Green jade... is Cui Nong.

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    It is great to see somebody picking this novel!! Well done!

    When I was cleaning up my files and found some of my old work. I do have a decent draft of chapter 6 and some parts of chapter 7. If the new translator don't mind, I could post them before I forgot.

    And thank you everyone for yoru kind words despite my irresponsible MIA. :P
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    Default Chapter 06: Before the Duel

    Chapter 06: Before the Duel


    Fu Hongxue
    About 36-37 years old.
    Characterised by his maimed right foot and the sabre that never left his hand.
    His wugong don't seem to be from a particular school or teacher. His self learned sabre is extremely quick and widely acknowledged as jianghu's number one sabre.
    His family background is unclear. He was said to be adopted from birth by the Devil Sect Princess Bai Feng, and thus well acquainted in all kinds of killing arts using posion. He had never married, and roamed the world without a home.
    His character is eccentric and callous, operating alone and associating with no one else.

    Du Lei slowly pushed the paper with these data to the Thumb without any expressions.

    Thumb asked, "Have you read these?"

    Du Lei, "Hmm.."

    Thumb sighed, "I know that you would not be satisfied, but that's all the data we could dig out. And that's as much as anyone know about Fu Hongxue."

    Du Lei, "Very good."

    Thumb blinked and lightly probed, "Are these of any help to you?"

    Du Lei, "Not at all"

    Thumb, "Not even one bit?"

    Du Lei slowly nodded. He stood up, opened up a step and quickly sat down again. He said coldly, "Your data left out two things, the two most important points."

    Thumb, "Oh.."

    Du Lei, "He was cheated by a woman before, very badly cheated."

    Thumb, "Who was this woman?"

    Du Lei, "A wh_ore called, Cui Nong"

    Thumb sighed again, "I had always wondered why such an intelligent man would be so easily cheated by a w_h_o_r_e."

    Peacock suddenly butted in and sneered, "That's because an intelligent man would only like an intelligent woman and clever women are mostly w_h_o_r_e_s." //stupid filter W H O R E S

    Thumb shook his head and laughed, "I knew you hate women but would never guess that you hated them that much."

    Du Lei sneered, "Looks like he was also cheated by a woman."

    Peacock's face changed colour, unexpectedly smiled and changed the topic, "What's the second point?"

    Du Lei, "He has a sickness"

    Thumb, "What sickness?"

    Du Lei, "Epilepsy."

    Thumb's eyes shone, "When his sickness acts up, he would foamed in the mouth and rolled on the ground?"

    Du Lei, "Epilepsy has only one kind of effect."

    Thumb wondered, "How could an insane cripple like him mastered the unparalleled sabre under the heavens."

    Du Lei, "He had worked hard. It was said that he practiced his sabre at least eight hours everyday, starting from the age four to five, drawing his sabre at least 12000 times a day."

    Thumb laughed bitterly, "I can't believe that you know more about him than us."

    Du Lei softly said, "I know that much about each and every person in the Jianghu Hall of Fame, because I had spent five whole months collecting their info and another five months researching their skills."

    Thumb, "I am sure you had spent more time on Fu Hongxue than anyone else."

    Du Lei acknowledged that.

    Thumb, "So what's the result of your research?"

    Du Lei, "His sabre had never left his hands, for at least the last twenty years that sabre is all he ever used. By now, that sabre had practically become part of his body. He used that sabre, better and more easily than others used their own finger."

    Thumb, "From what I know, that sabre isn't really a good quality sabre."

    Du Lei, "A sabre that can kill is a good sabre!"

    - For Fu Hongxue, that sabre is no longer just a sabre. The man and sabre had developed a link that others would not be able understand.
    Although Du Lei did not say that aloud, but Thumb had understood what he had meant.

    Peacock was pondering all this time, and suddenly said, "If we can take away his sabre...."

    Du Lei, "Nobody can take away his sabre."

    Peacock smiled, "There are always exceptions to every matter."

    Du Lei, "There will be no exceptions in this case."

    Peacock did not argue further but instead asked, "Usually, when would his sickness act up?"

    Du Lei, "His sickness surfaces when he is suffering from extreme anger or sorrow."

    Peacock, "If you can strike when he is sick...."

    Du Lei's face darkened and coldly said, "What kind of person do you think I am?"

    Peacock smiled again, "I also know you are not willing to do such things, but we could easily have others to do that. If we could get someone to anger him first, then...."

    Du lei suddenly shot up, and coldly declared, "I only hope you understand one thing."

    Peacock is listening, and so is the Thumb!

    Du Lei, "This duel is between he and I alone, no matter who wins or loses, it has nothing do with anyone else."

    Thumb suddenly injected, "Nothing to do with Gongzi as well?"

    Du Lei's hand on the scabbard tightened suddenly.

    Thumb, "If you haven't have forgotten Gongzi, then you should at least do one thing."

    Du Lei could not help but to ask, "What is that?"

    Thumb, "Let him wait, let him wait longer, till he is anxious and bothered before you go."

    He smiled and continued, "This battle you win or lose, live or die, we don't really care. But we are also not keen to collect your body."


    Noon, the abandoned Ni Family Garden.

    The sun's rays are shinning on the hexagonal pavilion. Outside the pavilion, there is one man, one sabre!

    Pitch black sabre!

    Fu Hongxue slowly walked across the weeds-invaded alley, his hand clenching the sabre tightly.

    Although the red paint on the railings were already peeling off, the pavilion was still standing proud in the mist of the greenery . Under the sun's rays, it looked every bit of its former glory.

    This place certainly used to be splendid, but why had it fallen to such a desolate state?

    A pair of swallows flew in and settled on the poplar tree outside the hexagonal pavilion, as though they were searching too for its former glory.

    It's a pity that while the poplar tree was still the same, the local scenery was all gone.

    The swallows had flew back and fro, how many times had they came and how many times had they left?

    The poplar never asked.

    The poplar had no words!

    The poplar had no feelings.

    Fu Hongxue suddenly felt a stinging pain in his heart.

    He had long mastered the polar's slience, but when could he ever mastered the polar's ruthlessness!

    Fu Hongxue stood there cluelessly, as if forgetting where he was and where he's from.

    He did not think further, because he suddenly heard somebody's laughter.

    Laughter, clear and sweet like a golden oriole.

    The sun had set and the grass had grown tall but there was no sign of the oriole.

    The sounds of the golden oriole was in the tall grass.

    From the tall grass, a girl suddenly stood up, looking at Fu Hongxue and laughing sillily.

    Her laughter was beautiful, but more so was her person, her long raven hair as soft as silk.

    She didn't comb her hair and let her silky soft black hair fell free on her shoulders.

    She didn't wear any makeup either, just a long gown that fitted easily on her. It is neither silk or satin, but it lustred like her hair.

    Fu Hongxue did not ask.

    "I was laughing at you." She laughed even more sweetly. "You stood there, looking like a fool."

    Fu Hongxue was silent.

    "You wouldn't even ask who I am?"

    "Who are you?"

    Fu Hongxue had asked, as he had originally intented to!

    Who could have known that the moment he opened his mouth, that longhaired girl leaped out with a yell.

    "I was waiting for you to ask just that." She leaped up with the ominouness of a provoked kitten. "Do you know who owns the land you are standing on? Who are you to swagger around like a lord?"

    Fu Hongxue coolly watched her and waited for her to continued.

    "This place belonged to the Ni family" Her finger pointing at her own nose, "I am 2nd Miss Ni, "I could chase you out anytime I am displeased."

    Fu Hongxue could only keep his mouth shut.

    One hadn't have much to say when one was caught redhanded by the owner herself.

    2nd Miss Ni stared at him maliciously with her pair of large eyes. She smile again, still as sweetly as before.

    "However, I certainly would not chased you out , because..." She winked, "because I like you."

    Fu Hongxue could only listen on.
    You can choose not to fancy someone, but you can't prevent others from fancying you.

    But just as suddenly, this 2nd Miss Ni changed her mind, "I was actually lying when I said I like you." Signing, "I didn't chased you out, because I know I am not your match."

    Fu Hongxue could not help but to ask, "So, you know me?"

    "Of course!"

    "What do you know?"

    "I not only know about your martial arts, but your surname and name as well."

    With her hands behind her back, she swaggered out of the long grass. Slanting her eyes, she sized up Fu Hongxue from top to bottom.

    "Others all said that you are a freak, but I don't find you strange in any way. In fact, rather good looking."

    Fu Hongxue slowly turned and walked towards the hexagonal pavilion, "You are the only one left of this place?"

    "So what if I am alone?" She rolled her eyeballs, "Don't tell me you still dare to bully me?"

    "Usually, you don't stay here?"

    "Why would I stay in such an ghastly place?"

    Fu Hongxue suddenly turned and stared at her, "Why are you still here now?"

    2nd Miss Ni exclaimed,"This is my home, I can come and go as I like, why should I be under the orders of others?"

    Fu Hongxue could only shut up yet again.

    2nd Miss Ni stared at him intensely in a fierce looking manner. She however, smiled again, "Actually, I shouldn't have quarrel with you. If we start fighting now, how could we manage in the future."


    You - Do you know that there are some people with a future.

    Fu Hongxue slowly stepped on to the stone dike and stared into an unseen distant location. Despite the sun's rays, his face is still frightfully pale.

    He only wished that Du Lei would be here soon.

    She however still leeched on to him, "I know you are Fu Hongxue, so you should at least ask for my name."

    He did not ask, so she could only continued herself, "My name is Ni Hui, the 'hui' is as that of 'zhi hui'" (zhi hui = intelligent) and the same 'hui' of 'xiu wai hui zhong' (xiu wai hui zhong = external beauty with internal intelligence) Without warning, she leaped up the railings, facing Fu Hongxue, "My father give me this name, because I am intelligent since childhood."

    Fu Hongxue ignored her.

    " You don't believe?" With her hands on her waist, her forehead nearly touching his nose, "I not only know why you are here but also what type of people you are waiting for?"


    "You are certainly here for a life and death duel, I can tell from one look."


    "You have a murderous aura."

    What did this small slip of a girl know about murderous aura?

    "I also know that the person you are waiting for is certainly Dui Lei", Ni Hui said confidently. "Because within a few hundred li of this area, the only one who can match up with Fu Hongxue is Du Lei."

    This girl indeed knew not little.

    Fu Hongxue looked her two lively eyes and coldly said, " Since you know, you should leave quickly."

    Although his voice was cold, the emotion in his eyes wasn't quite as cold. In fact, the outline of his eyes showed some hint of tenderness.

    Ni Hui smiled again, gently, "Are you starting to care for me?"

    Fu Hongxue immediately lowered his face. "The reason I want you to go is that I don't kill for others to watch."

    Ni Hui curled her lips, "Even if you want me gone, there is no real hurry. Du Lei wouldn't be here that soon."

    Fu Hongxue lifed his head, the sun was already in the middle of the sky.

    Ni Hui, "He would let you wait, let you till wait you are agitated. When you are agitated, his chances would increased."

    She smiled and continued, "This is also a kind of battle strategy, a man like you should had thought of it a long time ago."

    She shook her head, "No no, you wouldn't have thought of it, you are a gentleman. I am, however not one, so I can teach you a method that is used especially to deal with such villain."

    What method?

    Fu Hongxue did not ask but did not refuse either.

    Ni Hui, "He let you wait, you could also let him wait."

    An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

    This is an ancient method, an ancient method is usually a very effective method.

    Ni Hui, "We could take a walk before coming back. We could even played two games of chess, drink two cups of wine, let him wait for you here, let him wait till he is anxious."

    Fu Hongxue shown no reaction.

    Ni Hui, "I could bring you to my family wine cellar. If we are lucky, we might even find a couple jars of nuerhong that was left when my aunt got married.
    //Nu-er-hong is a type of chinese rice wine that is traditionally buried when a daughter is born and only unearthed when she gets married. Usually drunk during her wedding banquet and usually kept in attractive and decorative jars.

    She was in high spirits. But he still did not show any reaction, so she reached out for his hand - the hand that held the sabre.

    Nobody can touch that hand.

    Her soft delicate fingers merely brushed his hand, but she could feel a strange and powerful vibration.

    This powerful vibration actually sent her whole body flying away.

    She was trying to remain standing but she couldn't steady herself and finally she fell down, a heavy fall!

    Although she didn't cry, her eyes were already flushing red. With a choking voice, "I only want to make friends with you and help you with such a small matter, why do you treat me like this."

    She rubbed her nose and looked to cry any moment.

    She looked just like a small, tiny girl, so pitiful and cute.

    Fu Hongxue did not pay her any attention, did not look at her, not even one look. He however coolly said, "Get up, there is snake in the grass."

    Ni Hui felt even more wronged, "How could I stand up when all bones in my body was almost shattered."

    She used the hand that was rubbing her nose to rub her eyes, "I might as well be bitten to death by the venomous snake."

    Fu Hongxue's pale face still had no emotion, but he already started to walk to her.

    He knew the power he had used just now.

    That strength did not come wholly from his hand. His hand was holding the sabre and the sabre too had its own strength.

    In his hands, the sabre seemed to have a life of its own.

    With life, it has strength.

    The power of life.

    This kind of strength is powerful, almost as powerful as that kind of jian qi(sword energy) that can cut through everything.

    He indeed shouldn't use this kind of strength on her.

    Ni Hui sat dejectedly upon the grass, with her face buried in her hands.

    Her hands are white and small.

    Fu Hongxue couldn't help but to reach out and pull her up - naturally with the hand which is not holding his sabre.

    She did not refused or avoid him.

    Her hand was soft and warm.

    Fu Hongxue had not touch a girl's hand for a long long time.

    His control over his own lust is almost more thorough and complete than the worst tortures.

    However, he is still a man, moreover he isn't that old.

    She obediently stood up, softly moaning. He was just about to support her, but her whole body unexpectedly fell into his embrace.

    Her body was warmer, softer.

    He could even felt his own heartbeat, she of course could felt it too.

    Oddly, at the same time he suddenly had another very unnatural sensation.

    He suddenly felt a rush of murderous aura.

    At this very moment, she had pulled out a dagger. A seven inch dagger. Dagger stabbed at the weak point on the his armpit.

    Her face was still that of a small, tiny girl, her hands were as deadly as the venomous cobra.

    Too bad, her stab still missed the mark.

    Fu Hongxue's body suddenly contracted, the blade that was clearly destinated for his flesh and blood had merely grazed his skin.

    In the same moment when she realised that she had missed, she had already springed up!

    Just like the kind of venomous snake which could suddenly springed up from the ground, the second she springed up, she somesaulted away.

    One turn and then another, her feet was already on the eave of the hexagonal pavilion.

    With her feet firmly planted, she was already 50 feet away in the treeline with another flip.

    She had intented to flee further but Fu Hongxue didn't give chase. So, she didn't have to flee either. Amazingly, with just one foot on a thin tree branch, she could hurl abuse.

    Her lightness skill was high, but her ability to hurl abuse was higher.

    "Now I know why that woman in the past jilted you, that is because you are simply not a man. You are not only crippled in the leg, but crippled in the heart as well."

    Her curses were not very vuglar, but every word was like a needle, piercing Fu Hongxue's heart.

    Fu Hongxue's pale face suddenly had a kind of red blush, his hand was already holding tight.

    He nearly could not help but to draw his sabre.

    However, he didn't move because he realised the pain in his heart wasn't as intense as he had thought.

    In the past, his pain was like a hot brand on livestocks, forever clear and fresh.

    Her every smile, her every tear, every bit of emotion, every little lie was deeply etched in his heart.

    He had always hidden it very well.

    All until the moment he saw Mingyue Xin - all the deeply hidden painful memories, all came alive in front of him.

    No one could have imagined the pain he had bear then.

    Unexpectedly to him, after that shocking hurt, his pain lessened. The unthinkable pain had became more bearable.
    - The hurt of the heart is sometimes like a festering wound. If you do not cut it out, it would rot even more; if you steeled your heart and cut it out, allowing the blood and pus to flow out, the wound might begin to heal.

    When Fu Hongxue lifed his head again, he had completely recovered his composure.

    Ni Hui was still on the tree branch, staring at him in surprise. He didn't draw his sabre, but he softly said two words, "You should go!"

    This time Ni Hui obeyed, went off in a flash.


    The sun had already moved to the west, the hexagonal pavilion already casted a shadow.

    Fu Hongxue had not move, not even his posture had moved.

    The shadow grew longer and longer.

    Fu Hongxue still did not move.

    When the body is stilled, the heart is also stilled.

    To a man who had long acustomed to solitary and loneliness, waiting is not painful anymore.

    To draw his sabre for the very first time, he had waited for seventeen years. However, that draw of his sabre was both meaningless and unneccessary!

    He waited seventeen years to kill a person, to avenge for his parents.

    But when he drew his sabre, he already discovered that he wasn't a descendant of that family, so he got nothing to do with the matter.

    That was more than irony.

    No matter how you looked at it, this kind of irony was too cruel and malicious.

    But he had accepted it, beacause he had no choice.

    He had, henceforth, learned to endure.

    If Du Lei could understand this point, perhaps he wouldn't make him wait.
    - while you are making wait, you are also waiting yourself!

    In this world, many matters were like a double edge sword.
    - When you are trying to hurt others, many a times you would ended up hurting yourself the same way. Sometimes you hurt yourself more than your hurt others!

    Fu Hongxue softly breathed out, feeling totally calm.

    The time was already 15 mins past 2pm. (未时一刻)


    This dark gloomy house was at the end of a long, dark and gloomy street. The original owner was a sicky and stingy old man, it was said that only when his body started to smell, his corpse was discovered.

    Peacock rented this house, not because he was stingy.

    He already had the ability to live in the best inn, but he prefered it here.

    For him, the name "Peacock" was an irony.

    His personality was definately unlike that of the proud, gorgeous plumage showbird, more of that of the bat which don't ever see the light of the day.

    When Thumb entered, he was lying on that cold and hard wooden bed of his.

    The only window of the house was also nailed shuted, so it was really not unlike a bat's cave.

    Thumb sat down and panted, he could never understand why Peacock liked to live in this place.

    Peacock did not even take a single look at him, only when his breathing quieted down, did he asked, "What about Du Lei?"

    Thumb, "He is still waiting."

    Peacock, "When we parted ways, it is exactly 2pm." (未时)

    He added, "How long is he prepared to let Fu Hongxue waited?"

    Thumb, "I already told him to wait till at least 4pm before setting off. (申时)

    Peacock broke into an evil grin, "Standing in that ghastly place and waiting for four hours is certainly no joke."

    Thumb however raised an eyebrown, "But I am worried about something."

    Peacock, "What is that?"

    Thumb, "Although Fu Hongxue is waiting, Du Lei himself is also waiting. I only worried that he might it more unbearable than Fu Hongxue."

    Peacock softly said, "If he died under Fu Hongxue's sabre, do you suffer any loss?"

    Thumb, "No."

    Peacock, "Then, there is nothing to worry about."

    Thumb laughed and wiped off his sweat with his sleeves, "I have good news for you."

    Peacock listened on.

    Thumb, "Yan Nanfei is not only poisoned, but seriously as well.

    Peacock, "Where did you get this piece of news?"

    Thumb, "Bought it with five hundreds taels of silver."

    Peacock's eyes shined, "News that is worth five hundred taels is usually very reliable."

    Thumb, "So, now we can go and kill him anytime."

    Peacock, "Let's go now."

    The time was exactly 15 mins past 2pm. (未时一刻)


    Noon had long passed, the sun rays was getting harsher and hotter. Spring had gradually tailed off, and the long summer season would arrive soon.

    Fu Hongxue dislike summer.

    Summer belonged to the children - During the day, frolicking stark naked in the ponds, rolling in the grassland, picking strawberries, catching butterflies. During the night, sitting under the melon shed, eating sweet melons chilled with well water. Listening to the adults tell tall tales and trade gossip. Catching a bag of fireflies, putting them into a gauze pouch and exchanging it with young ladies and girls for a few pieces of candy.

    The golden summer, the golden childhood, everlasting joy and never any pain.

    However, Fu Hongxue never did have a summer that truly belonged to himself.

    In his memories, the summer was full of sweat and blood. Hiding in the hot woods, drawing the saber; under the hot desert sun, drawing the saber!

    Drawing the sabre!

    Again and again, the never ending draw!

    This simple action had already transformed into the most important part of his life.

    When is the next time he draw his sabre?
    - The sabre itself is death
    - When the sabre is drawn, death comes.

    When he draw his sabre this time, who would die?

    Fu Hongxue lowered his head, gazing at the hand that held the sabre. The hand is cold, the hand is pale, the sabre pitch black.

    At this moment, he heard the footstep of Du lei.

    The time was exactly 45 mins past 2pm. (未时三刻)

    ~End of Chapter 6~

    Translation Help
    I never heard of the phrase 谈孤说鬼. I translated it as "tell tall tales and trade gossip" which I think should be a fairly decent guess. Any help would be welcome.

    I had decided to post this chapter as I realised that the new translator had not post for sometime. I had some parts of chapter 7 done, so being anal, I would finish it as well. No promises after that. :P

    Anyone is welcome to continue on the translation as I am far too lazy and slow. And again, thank you everyone or anyone(?) who is reading!

    Next chapter is predictably: The Duel.
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    Thank you for the translation.

    This novel is certainly important in the story of FHX.

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    I think they're probably at the same level as or one level below Ah Qing, which is about the level of a 2nd or 3rd generation Quan Zhen disciple.
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    I am willing to take over this novel for a while after the next chapter is posted. It'll give me a break from DGSD, which is kinda boring since I already know what's going to happen...
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    Very prickish and unthankful but Ren [My hero {a few flattering words may help}] please consider translating another novel!

    Personally i feel that Huang Yi far surpasses Gu Long as #2 in the wuxia world! [second only to Jinyong]

    Even if the Huang Yi novels can NOT be completed I would still love to read more of his novels and have at least a start done on them, so that others may. .. some time in the future.. . .complete them!

    Sorry for being so audacious and ungrateful but i just thought i would throw my own opinion out there!

    Renwoxing please don't confuse me! I am deeply appreciative of the heroic efforts you have placed on DGSD.

    I am looking forward to absolutely anything people as kind as you [those who help broaden the horizon's of us Chinese illiterate] are willing to translate!!!!

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    RWX- do whatever that pleases you.

    You have my eternal thanks.

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    I think they're probably at the same level as or one level below Ah Qing, which is about the level of a 2nd or 3rd generation Quan Zhen disciple.
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    Ren Wo Xing - Great! I "stolen" one of the most interesting chapters thou. Hehee Chapter 7 is great reflection of Gu Long's work.

    Shi-Potian - Gu Long is very anti climax and usually leave alot to the reader's imagination. He used very simple language but with lots of word play. So, it might not be easy to transmit his style into English. Thus, GL's novel are generally terrible for televsion and translations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chowbeng View Post
    Ren Wo Xing - Great! I "stolen" one of the most interesting chapters thou. Hehee Chapter 7 is great reflection of Gu Long's work.

    Shi-Potian - Gu Long is very anti climax and usually leave alot to the reader's imagination. He used very simple language but with lots of word play. So, it might not be easy to transmit his style into English. Thus, GL's novel are generally terrible for televsion and translations.
    Haha, feel free to give me whatever part of Chapter 7 you have, and I'll finish it off. I really want to get started ASAP...
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    I am almost done with chapter 7, only a couple of pages left. So, you can start on chapter 8 right away.

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    Default Chapter 07: The Duel

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    Default Chapter 07: The Duel

    Chapter 07: The Duel


    There is a small door at the corner of the back garden.

    Fu Hongxue walked in from that door, so did Du Lei.

    They didn't climb over the wall.

    The path was swallowed with weeds, the distance would be shorter if one cut across the grass.

    However, they rather walked on the winding path.

    They were walking very slowly, but once they started, they definately would not stop.

    From certain angles, they looked to share many similarities.

    However, they were definately not the same type of people, you can tell simply from their sabre.

    Du Lei's sabre was richly bejeweled and glittering!

    Fu Hongxue's sabre was pitch black.

    But these two sabres did share one thing in common.
    - The two sabres are both sabres, sabres that kill.

    Did these two men share something in common?
    - The two men are both man, man that kill!

    It wasn't 4pm(申时) yet but it was already time to draw the sabre.

    Once the sabre was drawn, there would be death!
    If it was not yours, than it was mine!

    Du Lei's footsteps finally stopped, faced Fu Hongxue and also faced the sabre without peer in his hands.

    He was determined to have this person killed under his sabre, but deep in this heart, the person he respected most is also him!

    Fu Hongxue however seem to be staring at the horizon, on the horizon a dark cloud had cover up the sun.

    The sun was gone, but the sun would forever not die.

    What about man?

    Du Lei finally opened his mouth, "I am Du, Du Lei"

    Fu Hongxue, "I know!"

    Du Lei, "I am late."

    Fu Hongxue, "I know!"

    Du Lei, "I purposely made you wait, let you wait till you were anxious. Only then I had a chance to kill you."

    Fu Hongxue, "I know!"

    Du Lei suddenly laughed, "Too bad I had forgotten one point."

    He laughed bitterly, "While I was making you wait, I myself was waiting as well."

    Fu Hongxue, "I know!"

    Du Lei laughed coldly again, "So, you know everything?"

    Fu Hongxue, "At least one more thing."

    Du Lei, "Let hear it."

    Fu Hongxue coldly, "When I draw the sabre, you die."

    Du Lei clenched his hand tightly and his pupils contracted. After a long while, he asked, " You are confident?"

    Fu Hongxue, "Yes!"

    Du Lei, "Then, why have you not draw your sabre?"

    Time was just after 2.45pm(未时三刻), the dark clouds had just covered the sun, the wind had just carried a little cold draft.

    This was the most appropriate time for killing.


    Mingyue was at the Bright Moon Mansion, Mingyue was at the Bright Moon Lane.
    //This is kind of tricky coz Mingyue is also bright moon, got to decide if the author is refering to the bright moon or Mingyue Xin.

    When Thumb and Peacock stepped into Bright Moon Lane, they felt a gust of breeze.

    What a cooling breeze.

    Thumb took a deep breathe and smiled, "Today's weather is great for killing, and now is also a great time for killing."

    Peacock, "Oh"

    Thumb, "After killing now, we still could take a unhurried, relaxed bathe and then have a comfortable drink."

    Peacock, "After that, find a woman to sleep with."

    Thumb laughed with slited eyes, "Sometimes, I even get two or three."

    Peacock also laughed, "You said before Mingyue Xin is also a w_h_o_r_e."

    Thumb, "That's what she is!"

    Peacock, "Then, would you like to get her tonight?"

    Thumb, "No."

    Peacock, "Why?"

    Thumb didn't directly reply to the question but slowly said, "There are many type of w_h_o_r_es!"

    Peacock, "What type is she?"

    Thumb, "She happens to the type I dislike!"

    Peacock asked again, "Why?"

    Thumb signed and bitterly said, "Because of all the woman I had seen, she is the most formidable, if I would to shut my eyes, she would kill me."

    Peacock, "What if you don't shut your eyes?"

    Thumb signed again, "Even if I don't shut my eyes, she still could kill me."

    Peacock, "I know your martial arts is pretty good."

    Thumb, "But there are at least two women who could kill me in this world."

    Peacock, "She is one of them?"

    Thumb signed and nodded.

    Peacock, " Who is the other one?"

    Thumb, "2nd Miss Ni, Ni Hui."

    As he finished this sentence, a pearl of laughter was heard. Crisp and clear, as lovely as silver bells.

    The lane has high walls on both sides, on top of the high walls were some foliage.

    Spring was deep, so was the foliage.

    The laughter came from deep within the foliage.

    "Bad Fatty, how do you know I am eavesdropping"

    "I don't know" Thumb quickly denied.

    "Then why are you purposely buttered up me" The laughter was beautiful, the girl was beautiful, the lightness technique was even more beautiful. When she floated down from the top of the wall, it was like a cloud, like a petal.

    A petal of peach blossom just blown loose by the spring breeze, a piece of cloud that just flew out of dell.

    Thumb saw her shadow, but her person had disappeared.

    When Thumb followed her shadow to the other side of foliage and disappeared, his eyes slited to a smile again.

    "That is 2nd Miss Ni."

    "Why did she come as suddenly as she goes?", Peacock couldn't help to ask.

    "Because she wanted us to know that she is better than Mingyue Xin." Thumb's eyes were still centered at where her shadow disappeared. "So that we could set your minds to ease and kill Yan Nanfei."

    "There is one thing I don't understand."

    "What is it?"

    "Why must we kill Yan Nanfei?" Peacock probed, "What kind of man is he? Why nobody in jianghu has ever heard of his background?"

    "That is something that you best not ask." Thumb's manner abruptly became very strict. "If you want to ask, you better prepare one item."

    "What do you want me to prepare?"


    Peacock did not ask again. When he lifed up his head, a piece of dark cloud had covered up the moonlight.

    When this piece of dark cloud covered up the moonlight, Mingyue Xin was facing a embroidery of wild rose by the window.

    She was also embroidering wild roses, the wild roses of Spring.

    Spring was old.

    The wild roses were also old.

    Yan Nanfei was lying on the bed, not moving an inch, his pale face was not unlike Fu Hongxue's.

    The wind was blowing lightly from the window, the wind was cold, cold as the cruel autumn.

    Suddenly, she heard their noises.

    Their footsteps were lighter than the wind, their voices were colder than the wind.

    "Tell Yan Nanfei to come down quickly."

    "If he doesn't come down, we would go up."

    Mingyue Xin exhaled, she knew Yan Nanfei would certainly not go down and they would certainly come up.

    That was because Yan Nanfei didn't want to kill them, it was them that wanted to kill Yan Nanfei. Hence, Yan Nanfei could lie down comfortably in bed, while they had to bring their weapon, make their way to the lane, knock on the door and hurrily burst in, for fear of missing the chance to kill.

    - The murderer and the murdered, who is the noble one, who is the lowly one? It is a question that no one could answer.

    She again lowered her to embroider.

    She did not hear footsteps, nor knockings on the door but she knew someone was already outside the door.

    "Come in." She didn't even lift her head "The door is unlatched, you only need to push."

    Although the door would be opened with a gentle shove, nobody opened it.

    "Since the two of you are here to kill, you don't really expect your victim himself to open the door in welcome?"

    Her voice was very gentle, but to Peacock and Thumb it was sharper than a needle.

    Today's weather is great for killing, and now is a great time for killing, they were initially in great spirits.

    But now, they were feeling a little unhappy because the supposed victim seemed to be far more relaxed than they were. They were standing outside the door like fools, their heartbeat already doubled.

    Alas, killing wasn't such a happy thing afterall.

    Peacock looked at Thumb, Thumb looked at Peacock. Both of them were asking themselves: Is Yan Nanfei really poisoned? Is there an ambush behind the door waiting for them?

    Actually, they both knew that all their questions would be answered by opening the door.

    But neither of them made a move.

    "When you enter, keep your footsteps lighter" Mingyue Xin's voice was even more gentle now, "Yan Gongzi (gongzi = young gentleman) is poisoned and is now sleeping soundly. Please do not disturb his rest."

    Thumb abrupted laughed, "She is Yan Nanfei's friend, she know we are here to kill Yan Nanfei. But it seems that she is worried that we didn't dare to enter and kill him. What do you think she is up to?"

    Peacock coldly said, "That's because she is a woman; a woman by nature would betray a man anytime."

    Thumb, "Not so."

    Peacock, "Then what do you think she is up to?"

    Thumb, "That is because she knew that the more that she do so, the more suspicious we would be and likely to back off."

    Peacock, "You are reasonable there, all along you understand woman better than me."

    Thumb, "Then what are you waiting for?"

    Peacock, "Waiting for you to open the door"

    Thumb, "The one killing is you."

    Peacock, "The one opening is you."

    Thumb laughed again, "You never take any risk, do you?"

    Peacock, "Yes."

    Thumb laughing, "Being partners with a person like you is really enjoyable, because you would surely live longer than than me. When I die, you could at least recover my body."

    Still smiling, he lightly tapped the door with his fingers. With just that, the door opened. Mingyue Xin was still embroidering in front of the window, Yan Nanfei was still lying on the bed like a dead man.

    Thumb breathed out, "Please enter."

    Peacock, "You would not go in?"

    Thumb, "You kill people, I open door, I had done my part, it is now your turn."

    Peacock stared at him for a long time, suddenly said, "There is something that I had never told you."

    Thumb, "Huh.."

    Peacock coldly, "I loathed you the moment I set my eyes on you, and on at least three occasions I had wanted to kill you."

    Thumb however was still smiling, "Luckly, on this occasion the one you want to kill is not me, but Yan Nanfei."

    Peacock was silent.

    Thus Thumb pushed the door again to open it up more, "This way please."

    Inside the room was very quiet and very dark as well. The moonlight outside the window was completely blocked out by dark clouds.

    The time is 4pm.

    Peacock finally entered the room. When he entered, his hands had gone under his sleeves with the Peacock Plume in his fingers.

    The ice cold and glossy Peacock Plume is a hidden weapon without peer in the world.

    His heart was again filled with confidence.

    Mingyue Xin lifted up her head, looked at him and laughed, "So, you are the Peacock?."

    Peacock, "Peacock is not laughable."

    Mingyue Xin, "But you don't look like peacock, really don't."

    Peacock, "You also don't look like a w_h_o_r_e."

    Mingyue Xin laughed again.

    Peacock, "Being a w_h_o_r_e is not laughable too."

    Mingyue Xin, "But there is something else which is laughable."

    Peacock, "What is that?"

    Mingyue Xin, "You don't look like peacock, but is Peacock, I don't look a w_h_o_r_e but is a w_h_o_r_e, a donkey looks very much like a horse but isn't a horse at all."

    She smiled, "In this world, there are so many matters that are just like that."

    Peacock, "What do you really trying to say?"

    Mingyue Xin, "For example, the hidden weapon in your person clearly looks like the Peacock Plume, but isn't the Peacock Plume."

    Peacock laughed loudly, a big laugh.

    A person would only laughed this hard if he had heard the most ridiculous and impossible joke.

    Mingyue Xin, "The truth is that in your heart, you had long suspected this. Because you had felt that its power isn't as fearsome as it is said to be, that's why you did not dare to use it against Fu Hongxue."

    Peacock was still laughing, but his laugh was a little forced.

    Mingyue Xin, "It is a pity that although you have your suspicions, you couldn't verify it, and also do not dare to verify it."

    Peacock couldn't help but to ask, "You could prove it?"

    Mingyue Xin, "I can prove it, only I could, because...."

    Peacock, "Because what?"

    Mingyue Xin softly, "The kind of Peacock Plume you have, I still have a few of them. I can give you a couple anytime."

    Peacock's face changed colour, outside the door, Thumb's face also changed colour.

    Mingyue Xin, "I can give you another one right now, here take it."

    Incredibly, she really reached into her sleeve and took out a glittering golden cylinder. Casually, she threw it at Peacock, just like when one bestowed a single wen to a begger. //wen is the lowest unit of money.

    Peacock reached out his hand and caught it. After a quick look, he looked someone who had been kicked in the stomach.

    Mingyue Xin, "Why don't you check if this Peacock Plume is exactly the same as the one you have?"

    Peacock did not answer, also he need not answer.

    Anyone who can see his expressions, could already guess the answer.

    Thumb already started to move stealthily backwards.

    Peacock suddenly turned back and stared at him, "Why did you not strike out and kill me?"

    Thumb with a forced laugh, "We are partners, why should I kill you?"

    Peacock, "Because I want to kill you, all along I want to kill you and now I had to kill you no matter what!"

    Thumb, "But I don't want to kill you, because there is no need for me to strike with my own hands."

    He really laughed, laughed till his eyes were almost closed to slit. "In jianghu, if there is just one single person who knows that you are not the real Peacock, within six hours, you would be a dead peacock."

    Peacock, "Too bad, you had forgotten one thing."

    Thumb, "Huh.."

    Peacock, "Although this Peacock Plume is a fake, but to kill you, it is more than enough."

    Thumb's smile harden, his body sprung up.

    Although his reaction was slow at all, but he was still a step late.

    A ray of blinding light had already shot out of the golden cylinder in Peacock's hands.

    As magnificent as the setting sun, as beautiful as the rainbow.

    Thumb ugly and fat body was instantly swallowed up by this ray of beautiful light, just like the ugly sand swallowed up by the beautiful tide.

    When this ray of light faded, his life was also gone.

    With a ring of thunder, raindrops started to fall from the dark clouds.

    At least Mingyue Xin breathed out and said, "You are certainly right, although this Peacock Plume is fake, it still has the power to kill."

    Peacock had already turned already and stared at her, "That's why I could also use it to kill you."

    Mingyue Xin, "I know that, if you would kill even Thumb to ensure his silence, you certainly would not spare me."

    Peacock, "After you died, nobody would know if this Peacock Plume is real or fake."

    Mingyue Xin, "It is true that apart from me, nobody else knows this secret."

    Peacock, "Du Lei would wait till 4pm before showing up, so if I rush there after I kill you, it would be just right. Regardless of who is the victor of that duel, he would also die under my hands."

    Mingyue Xin, "Your plan is very thorough, but too bad that you have neglected one thing."

    Peacock shut up and waited for her to continue.

    Mingyue Xin, "You had neglected to ask me why I know that this Peacock Plume is fake."

    Peacock indeed asked immediately, "How do you know?"

    Mingyue Xin softly said, "The reason why I am the only one that know this secret is because the one making these fake Peacock Plume is also me."

    Peacock was stunned again.

    Mingyue Xin, "If I could make these kind of Peacock Plume, and dare to give it to you so casually. Naturally, I have the confidence to defeat it!"

    Peacock's face had turned white, his hands were trembling.

    His ability to kill was, perhaps not because he had the Peacock Plume but because he had a heart filled with self confidence and a steady pair of hands.

    Now these two things had been destroyed.

    Mingyue Xin, "The first Peacock Plume was also purposely arranged by me for you to find. I had looked for a long time before I chose you to be my peacock. Because in jianghu there are not many people who are better suited then you, therefore I would not casually allow you to die. However...."

    She stared at him, eyes that were as gentle as the bright moon had suddenly turned as sharp as a blade. "If you want to continue to be my peacock, you should learn to be as obedient as a peacock. If you have any doubt, you can strike now."

    Peacock clenched both his hands tightly but still couldn't stop trembling.

    He looked at both his hands and suddenly bended over and vomited non stop!


    A ring of thunder, raindrops fell from the dark clouds.

    "I have not draw my sabre because I have the confidence."

    Fu Hongxue's voice seem very far away, far in the dark clouds. "When a person wants to kill, very often it is not unlike begging for a favour, he becomes very lowly. Because he does not have the utmost confidence, he would become very anxious in great fear of missing a good opportunity."

    He very seldom talked so much, he spoke very slowly as if fearing that Du Lei could not bear it.

    It was because he knew that everyone of his words had pierced Du Lei's heart like a blade.

    Du Lei entire body had stiffen up, even his voice had became coarse. "So you have the utmost confidence, that's why you are not anxious?"

    Fu Hongxue nodded.

    Du Lei, "When are you going to draw your sabre?"

    Fu Hongxue, "When you draw yours!"

    Du Lei, "What if I don't draw mine?"

    Fu Hongxue, "You certainly would draw your sabre, in fact very anxious to draw it!"

    - Because you want to kill me, but not me who want to kill you!
    - That's why the true moment you really die is not when I draw my sabre, but when you draw yours.

    Green veins had already protruded out of Du Lei's sabre wielding hand.

    He had not draw, but he himself knew that he had to draw sooner or later!

    The ice cold raindrops pelted on his body, on his face. He was facing Fu Hongxue, facing the sabre without peer in the world. Suddenly his mind went back to his lowly childhood.

    - Heavy rain pounded the mud, the mud had soiled the whole street.
    - He ran barefooted in the mud, because someone was chasing behind.
    - He had escaped from the escort office, where he had stolen an escort officer's new shoes. The shoes were too big for him and had fallen off before he made it halfway across the street.
    - But the officer still would not spare him. After the officer caught him, he stripped him naked, tied him to a tree and lashed him with a cane.

    When he faced Fu Hongxue now, his heart suddenly had that feeling again, the pain of being lashed.

    An agonising pain that was beyond words, an agonising pain that he could never forget.

    The rain was getting heavier, the soil on the ground had turned into mud.

    Without warning, he took off the pair of soft soled shoes that cost him eighteen taels of silver, standing barefooted in the mud.

    - Fu Hongxue seem to have turned into the escort officer who lashed him with the cane, turned into a symbol of his agonising pain.

    He roared madly and torn off his clothings.

    He stood stark naked in the rain and mud, howling madly. All these years of self restraint and control had finally found a release.

    So, he draw his sabre
    - The moment he draw his sabre is the moment of his death.

    So he died!

    Death was not only passion, but also pain. These two things were something that he had never able to attain at the same moment. But at the moment of "death", he did.


    The rain stopped as abruptly as it came.

    The path was still caked with mud, Fu Hongxue walked slowly but steadily on the path, his hand clenched on his sabre.

    The sabre was back in the sheath, the blood on the sabre was cleaned off, sabre pitch black.

    His pupils were also pitch black, deep and black, enough to conceal all the mercy and sorrow of his heart.

    A ray of sunlight had broke through the cover of dark clouds, no doubt the last light of the day.

    The sunlight shone on the high wall, suddenly from behind the wall there was a peal of laughter. A laughter crisp and clear, and as lovely as silver bells but it did also carry a strange ridicule.

    Ni Hui appeared under the sunlight, "Not exciting, not exciting to watch at all."

    - What is not exciting to watch?

    Fu Hongxue did not ask, his footsteps didn't even slow.

    But wherever he went, Ni Hui followed, "Your duel wasn't exciting to watch at all. I had came to see your sabreplay, who would expect that what you used was a trick."

    She explained further, "You let Du Lei strike first, on the surface it is yielding him one move. However it is a trick."

    - Why is a trick?

    Fu Hongxue did not ask, but his footsteps had stopped.

    Ni Hui, "When a sabre in the sheath, it has hidden strength and power, nobody knows its sharpness. When a sabre is drawn out of the sheath, its sharpness revealed, nobody would dare to take it lightly. Thus, a sabre is at its most priceless at the moment when it is about to strike but yet to strike."

    She continued, "You, of course understand this principle, that's why you let Du Lei strike first..."

    Fu Hongxue had been quietly listening but he suddenly cut her off, "That is also sabreplay, not a trick."

    Ni Hui, "No!"

    Fu Hongxue, "Sabreplays has different techniques and variations, but all share one essence."

    Her expression was very solemn, "That is the highest peak of the sabreplay?"

    Fu Hongxue, "Not yet!"

    Ni Hui, "Then at which stage can one achieve the highest peak of sabreplay?"

    Fu Hongxue had yet again shut up and continued forward!

    The sun was shining bright.

    The last ray of sunlight is often the most the gloriously beautiful - sometimes life is also the same.

    Ni Hui stood stumped at the wall for a long time, "Don't tell me that highest peak of sabreplay is achieved only when there is no variations at all."

    The shinning bright sun had dimmed in a flash.

    - No variations at all, could that be to surpass the limits of variations? In that case, does that sabre still have any reason to exist?

    Fu Hongxue signed in this heart, even he could not answer that question.

    - Why does the sabre need to exist? Why does man need to exist?

    The sunlight had disappeared on the high walls, and Nu Hui had also disappeared with the sun.

    - But the sun still existed, Nu Hui too still existed. What had disappeared momentarily was only their image - their image in Fu Hongxue's vision.

    Fu Hongxue pushed opened the door beneath the high walls and slowly walked in. As soon as he lifed his head, he saw Mingyue(bright moon) Xin at the high mansion.


    Despite being on the tall mansion, Fu Hongxue's head was hanging down.

    Mingxue Xin asked, "You won?"

    Fu Hongxue did not answer. By being alive, he had answered.

    Mingxue Xin unexpectedly signed, "Why, why has it to be?"

    Fu Hongxue didn't quite catch her, "Why?"

    Mingyue Xin, "You went despite knowing that you would win for sure. He went despite knowing that he would die for sure."

    This is a deep and profound question but Fu Hongxue could explained it, "Because he is Du Lei and I am Fu Hongxue."

    His explaination was like his sabre, it cuts into the heart of the question in one stroke. Mingyue Xin however was still not satisfied, "So, Du Lei has to die because there is Fu Hongxue in the this world."

    Fu Hongxue, "No."

    Mingyue Xin, "Then, what do you really mean?"

    Fu Hongxue, "Du Lei has to die because there is Du Lei in this world."

    His answer on the surface seem more deep and profound that the question but it was actually very simple, very reasonable.

    Without life, there is no death.
    - With life, there is no escaping from death.

    Mingyue could not help but to sign again, "It seems that regarding life and death, you see it very lightly."

    Fu Hongxue did not deny it.

    Mingyue Xin, "Regarding life and death of other people, you certainly see it very lightly, that is why you left Yan Nanfei back here."

    Fu Hongxue was silent, and after a long while before slowly asked, "Did Peacock come here?"

    Mingyue Xin, "Yes."

    Fu Hongxue, "Yan Nanfei is still alive?"

    Mingyue Xin, "Yes."

    Fu Hongxue softly said, "When I left him here, perhaps I already knew that he would not die."

    Mingyue Xin, "But, you..."

    Fu Hongxue interrupted her, "As long as your decision has not changed, my promise to you would also not changed."

    Mingyue Xin, "What is your promise?"

    Fu Hongxue, "Bring you both to Peacock Manor."

    Mingyue Xin's eyes lighted up, "Now?"

    Fu Hongxue, "Now."

    Mingyue Xin jumped up and turned her back, "Do you want me to put on that mask.?"

    Fu Hongxue coldly said, "Didn't you already have a mask on your face now."

    ~ End of Chapter 7 ~

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