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Thread: The ALMOST COUPLES SuRViVoR GaMe: A Valentine Special

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    I know. I was too busy checking the scores. And by the time I was done, I went to school during the whole speedy round thing. Used spcnet. Went to school. 300 posts later, the game was over.

    BTW PJ, I was wondering if we should go back and check to see who really won. But I am guessing, it takes too much work. So should we just go with the results we have?

    I like the other game more when there were only two contestants. Much easier to track it.

    This game, we must track +1/-1 , if it is right. Did anyone make an out of turn vote. Did anyone make two consecutive same votes not within the rule of 1 hour or 7 votes. Did they wait for at least 3 other votes or 30 mins. Do they have the right score from the previous post.
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