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Thread: A dream that I had.......(kind of OT, but kind of not)

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    Default A dream that I had.......(kind of OT, but kind of not)

    So, I had an interesting dream last night...

    I was a Jedi Knight and I was fighting Darth Vader and my light sabre was red.

    I was also using Jet Li's Du Gu 9 Swords against Darth Vader.

    The end result? I kicked Darth Vader's ***.

    Thats all, just wanted to share with you guys.

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    you watch too much star wars or play too many star wars video games.

    it's time to pull out the running shoes and run six miles with me.
    [ 空蕩的街景 想找個人放感情 做這種決定 是寂寞與我為鄰...我們的愛情 像你路過的風景 一直在進行 腳步卻從來不會為我而停...給你的愛一直很安靜 來交換你偶爾給的關心 明明是三個人的電影 我卻始終不能有姓名...你說愛像雲 要自在飄浮才美麗 我終於相信 分手的理由有時候很動聽...給你的愛一直很安靜 來交換你偶爾給的關心 明明是三個人的電影 我卻始終不能有姓名... 一直很安靜 ]

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    than he will have nightmares of giant rabbits chasing him for 6 miles
    TaZzY InC

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