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Thread: any1 else mad about this problem?

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    Default any1 else mad about this problem?

    have u guys noticed that some of the reviews (before the site was changed) are gone. i always have to google the series to find that reviw on the old spcnet review page, also any1 else hate that theres no button that can return u to the main page from the forum?
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    If you scroll all the way down to the bottom right, there is a link labeled that transfers you to the main page.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuNaR
    any1 else mad about this problem?
    Yes, I'm mad about it too.

    Are you talking about old reviews that never got added back into our new review system? I sent out a notice a while back to all reviewers to register under the new system and re-submit those reviews but not everyone responded. It's a manual process otherwise to add back those one by one and I think a majority of them were already added by us if the reviewer registered.

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