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    Default Story Vault stats

    I thought I'd share some of the Story Vault statistics that we recently gathered for the month of February with members.

    Top 5 Clicked on Genres:
    Martial Arts

    Top 5 Viewed Stories

    Somewhere over the rainbow.... by azalea [Drama]
    The Matchmakers Written by purple_november [Drama]
    Battle of Fate : Story of Two by ghostdarTealc [Martial Arts]
    Your Heart, My Heart by Christelwise [Drama]
    A Moment of Love by chinswa [Romance]

    Usually stories that are listed up top - most recently updated or added - also get the most clicks and views.

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    yeah, i always wonder if there are really ppl reading my fanfic. Altho im only posting my fanfics in SPCnet so that my readers in winglin can continue reading them as my accounts there has malfunctioned, it's a help if i can tell how many actually read my fanfic....

    i remember vaguely that spcnet's story pages used to have hit counters, right?what happened to those?(forgive me if i mistaken this for another site)
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