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    Default The Dresden Files

    Anybody besides me enjoy the new TV series 'The Dresden Files' about a modern day wizard? He has a Ghost named Bob who was punished for raising his love from the dead. He is forced to live in his own scull for eternity and helps Harry Dresden with his cases.. Harry's wizard's staff is a hockey stick that he can zap people with.

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    Heh, never watched it.

    But I thought Dresden sounded familiar and thats because I had seen the title of the books they're based on somewhere.
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    I watched all 5 eps until now, however I think they subdued him a little and he is look not that powerful of a wizard. I prefer if he can conjure anything like in HP and just do the Avada Kedavra or Crucio curse thing to his opponent. In this series he always has his *ss pwned....

    The way they potray him in the series, its look like an apprentice, always need to look in the manual wizard book of his. Well maybe that's how the writer write about Dresden in the novel...

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