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Thread: Lingbo Weibu as a function of internal energy?

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    Default Lingbo Weibu as a function of internal energy?

    Logically, Lingbo Weibu should be more powerful when the practioner has more internal energy. After Duan Yu absorbed Jiumozhi's life power, he was able to move around in a small room, and it was impossible for Murong Fu to scratch Duan Yu in this circumstance --> highly impressive. Now, consider the Duan Yu, before acquiring inner power from Cui Baichuan, Duan Yanqing, 6M, Wuliang Sword disciples, etc... if he were to run into above the situation with Murong Fu and small room, would the outcome be the same (Murong Fu impossible to touch Duan)?

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    It was stated that the steps can't be displayed without a solid foundation of internal strength; and that is why the steps were written at the last pages of the Bei Ming Shen Gong Manual.

    You get the picture.

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    Murong Fu can like twist the entire sword around the room and surely DY will be hit?

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