A starry silent...

Suddenly, two armed sentry's voices break the night's peace:"They're here!"

Their voices rung through our the mud streets of the Ralcros village.

In a matter of 10 minutes, the whole village was gathered infront of the fountain.

"Fear not my friends," The village leader called. "Our soldiers will evacuate the young and the elderly."

Numerous whispers rose above the crowd.

Then, a voice screached:"They are infont of the village gate!"

The crowd all turned to the East, neighing horses, swishing blades, greeted the villagers.

"I, Zel Magura." A deep voice rose from the horses. "Represent the Council of the Twele Elites.

"And I, Set Gaun. Another voice came. "Represent the United Federation of Zelros."

"Your village has refused to pay their taxes to the Federation for the past two years. We have let it slip through our concerns, but no longer shall this nonsense continue!" The first voice came.

"Pay up, or be ready to face death!" The second then came.

With that, the Federation's soldiers roared in union.

"I refuse! Your tax requirements are beyond that of any other kingdoms! How are we expected to pay, when we can hardly feed ourselves!" A bold man stepped out from the crowd.

A soft swishing sound shot through the air, followed by a cry of agony.

The village leader turned to see the bold man collapse onto his knees.

"Any who oppose, shall suffer the same fate as that man." The Council representative yelled with a bow in hand.

"We refuse!" The village leader opposed.

"A rejection...kill..." Set's voice came.