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    Question My thread

    May I enquire why my third edition changes thread's sticky status has been removed? Has my thread been demoted? Am I demoted?
    Last edited by Athena; 03-11-07 at 06:41 AM.
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    You should PM Ken about it as he is the mod for the wuxia fiction forum.

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    I believe when stickies get to a certain age, they get moved here: (and your thread is in it), so that they don't take up half of the screen and push new threads way down.
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    Candide hit the nail right on the head, Athena. That thread, though still valuable to the community, had not seen any action since last September. Thus, in the interest of keeping the amount of clutter on the front page down, it was moved into our "Classics" thread rather than being a Sticky thread on its own.

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    The thread has been restored to "Sticky" status, Athena. Just when you think it's safe to archive a thread that's been inactive for a half year, it's sudden departure from the front page results in all kinds of confusion.

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