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Thread: The Fall of Seiryu Kingdom: Part One

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    Default The Four Kingdoms: Fall of Seiryu Kingdom

    Hi, I'm new and this is my first short story...
    I am trying to mix Wuxia with mythology fantasy, sort of like
    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon meets Lord of the Rings

    Part One


    She drew her Leung Chong Gim from her magnificent, dark scabbard and the sharp blue blade hummed a proud note as it glistened like the ocean under the sun. She moved like a hunting dragon, slithering to and fro, trying to anticipate her enemy’s moves. The sword was stretched, the aqua blade facing away from her. She held it firmly in her right hand. She stared her masked opponent, showing no fear. She accumulated her Qi and transferred some of it into her hand and her sword.

    Leung Chong Gim glowed blue.

    Her masked opponent, in a white suit and mask, raised his dragon-surfing-cloud guard sword above his head with both hands. The handsome gray double-edge blade gleamed proudly as its master prepared to unleash his attack. Light mist swirled faintly about the blade. Lightning cracked and struck the green ground around the fighter from the clear sky. He seemed invulnerable, like hunting wolf. His eyes fixated on Lorena and never wandered.

    Then like lightning, the two fighters disappeared in an explosion of fierce blazed that shook the earth in blazing light of gold. The two fought with all their strength. Lorena used her Right-Left-Offense-Defense technique and threw him into confusion. He never witnessed such skill, but he managed to get away from Lorena’s range and prepared to use his attack: Flying Dragon Descends and Wrecks the Villages. She came at him, but he had anticipated her moves and quickly transferred his Qi into speed. The fighter moved with ferocity and swiftness. He was faster and his Flying Dragon Descends and Wrecks the Villages was a powerful twister ripping through the garden. In a blur, his sword looked like a thousand blades. Lorena used swift defenses and warded off her opponent’s attacks.

    She felt a different rhythm in the air.

    He must be weakening, she thought.

    Lorena smiled to herself and continued to block the vicious attack of Lung Wan Gim. She was indeed correct: her opponent was quickly depleting his energy. He was becoming tired and exhausted, slowing down. The masked fighter also knew his was losing his energy fast. He broke from his ferocious rhythm and channeled his remaining Qi into his special attack: Category-Five Raging on Earth! He summoned storm clouds to the royal garden. His blade glowed devilishly silver; the gray-green eyes of the fighter illuminated the darkness of his spirit. The wind and rain swirled about the royal garden like a cyclone with the strength of the most powerful hurricane. Lorena, battered by dust and pebble-like water drops, bravely stared at the furious terror and remained intact on her opponent. It was cold, but Leung Chong Gim smiled radiantly as bright as the sun amidst the dark rage bellowing about it.

    The mighty warrior tore everything in his path. Lorena aimed her brightly lit sword and struck the eye dead on. Her Qi, infused with the sword’s own mystical and ancient powers, flared like the angry sun whose light was blocked by the Shadows. A commanding dragon emerged from the golden fires and repelled the noxious storm with little of it might. The White Fighter stumbled and failed to block Lorena’s attack. He dodged but he tripped over a stone and fell on to his back. The dragon, magnificent green 5and bright like a brilliant emerald stone in the sunlight’s glory, speared and vanquished the hurricane, clearing the sky and the sun shined again.

    The White Fighter’s sword was still twirling in the air from Lorena’s sword parrying. It fell and struck the ground just two inches from the fighter’s head and sank deep into the brown earth. He got up, tore off his mask and gave Lorena an angry and frustrated look.

    He said with an unsatisfied grunt, “You win, sister!” He clutched his left fist and bowed slightly.

    “Your Category-Five Raging on Earth was a force to be reckoned with!” Lorena saluted and praised her brother who looked away. “Tai-Feng, you should be—”

    “Hmph!!” Tai-Feng grunted loudly and rudely. “I don’t need your sympathy, Lorena! All I wanted was to rule Seiryu Kingdom, but no— Father gave the kingdom to you and made you Empress. It should’ve been me, Lorena! I made countless victories in all of those centuries of wars while you and your magic boyfriends wandered Gaea’s wonders. I slew a hundred thousands of demons and evil things!”

    “At the cost of what?” Lorena asked calmly as she sheathed her sword. “Our own blood?”

    Tai-Feng snorted, “They may share God Qinglong’s blood, but they are the low descendents. His blood flow through our veins the strongest! Empress Lorena Qinglong, We are the true powers! Emerald Knights are quite…expendable.”

    “That may be,” said Lorena quickly and sternly. “They are still family. I’d sacrifice my life to save one of them.”

    Tai-Feng shook his head disappointedly. “Oh, sister, I don’t know what Father saw in you.” He turned and picked up his sword. “I don’t know what I see in you! Warmth, compassion, sympathy, mercy…These aren’t traits of a ruler; they belong to the weak!”

    “You don’t understand the meaning of compassion!” Lorena raised her voice. “Perhaps, brother, you never will. The people are what count the most! I’d give up my life to protect my people.”

    “Ha!” he laughed. “You sound like the perfect ruler, but you’re not. Everyone has their secrets and dark desires. You’re not perfect at all.”

    Lorena had a quick temper. She gave him a disdained look and quickly announced, “You are no longer Royal General of the Emerald Knights, prince!”

    “WHAT?!” he reared his head in sudden anger. “What did you say?!”

    His voice risen but she continued anyway, “Lieutenant General Gabriel Néodspear is the new Royal General.”

    He clenched his teeth and growled, “You replace me with that little, beardless whelp?! You’re a fool, Lorena. He doesn’t have the bee’s brain to sting his enemy!”

    “I chose him,” Lorena began to exaggerate, “because of his skills and compassion for his Legion he led in battled five years ago. Because of his clever strategy, his forces suffered the least of casualties. He is quite suited for this position, don’t you think, Tai-Feng? But don’t worry; I have another position that will suit you very well.”

    “Pei!” he cursed. “What is it?”

    She looked around; the garden was destroyed and ruined. “You are now Overseer of the Palace Garden—” but Tai-Feng quickly interrupted her and protested, “What?! You *****! I am a warrior, not a gardener! Is this the thanks you give me for the centuries of service I devoted for the kingdom? An Overseer?! I am a—”

    “…an Overseer,” said Lorena firmly. “No more, no less. The deal is done.” She turned and headed back to the palace.

    “This isn’t over yet!”

    Tai-Feng brandished his weapon and charged like a raging, rabid bull. He leaped when was within yards of Lorena and prepared to strike down his own twin sister. Lorena turned too late. Her hand was not on the hilt and Tai-Feng already began his attack. She felt no energy in him, but there was the rage and hatred giving him limitless strength. She also felt evil in her brother. Fear paralyzed her. She couldn’t move her legs. Tai-Feng’s evil eyes hypnotized her, playing on her fears. Red eyes rushed at her as the sharp coldness was about to touch her chest.

    But a red flash appeared out of nowhere and struck cloud with a tremendous force. Tai-Feng crashed into the silver stone wall and his blade struck deep in the stone brick. The red light immediately ceased; Lorena saw the impact made a huge ditch-trail as though a meteor flew through the garden. She turned around and thanked her savior. It was none other than Richard Néodspear, Wizard of Red Kestrel and brother of Gabriel Néodspear.

    He walked up to and stopped at Lorena’s right side. His right finger was still dimly light with the red flash that struck Tai-Feng and sent him flying. The tall, handsome wizard with short black hair shouted, “How dare you attack her Majesty from behind? She is your Empress and sister, Tai-Feng Toi. You touched my wife, Storm and now I will kill you!”

    Lorena quickly extended her arm and prevented Richard’s rush. “No! He is my brother. Don’t do it. Leave him be.”

    Richard, taller than Lorena by over one head, was full of wisdom though he looked young. He begged her to reconsider, “He is your brother, but he tried to kill you. If he is kept alive, he will harm your descendents!”

    “I stand by my decision,” said Lorena calmly. “Knights!”

    Immediately, two Emerald Knights marched down the marble stairs and bowed to their Empress. “Yes, your Highness!”

    “Take Lord Wan to the dungeon, “ Lorena ordered. “And take away his weapon.”

    “Yes, your Highness!” The men chanted in unison. They marched off to Hui, picked him up and dragged him and his weapon back to the palace. Just before they passed through the gates, Tai-Feng turned his head and stared menacingly at Lorena. He said to her in a weak voice but threateningly, “I swear, you will lose everything: your kingdom, your man…your children!”

    Lorena glared at her brother as she reached for her sword, but Richard stayed her hand. She looked at him, and the wizard slowly shook his head.

    “Seiryu will fall under your rule!” continued the exhausted Tai-Feng. “I swear on my life that you, your children or your children’s children will ever claim the throne!”

    “Silence from you!” one of the Knights ordered. “You dare talk to her Highness this way?”

    “Looks like you need a cold dunk!” added the other knight.

    The Emerald Knights took the Gray lord to the dungeon, leaving the Empress and Richard in the ruined garden.

    “Your Highness,” Richard bowed to her just she was about to walk up the stairs.

    She paused and looked at Richard. She chuckled, “You know, Richard, you don’t have to call me ‘Your Highness’ anymore now that we’re husband and wife.”

    He stood up with a smile. “You are Empress, and I am still a Wizard.
    Look, all joking aside, I suggest you execute Tai-Feng now.” (His face was stern and authority, but Lorena wasn’t at all afraid) “He is a danger to the kingdom and to you.”

    “Hmph!” she grunted arrogantly. “Is that why you linger here? What are the true matters you wish to address me?”

    Richard chuckled wanly but he replied as he pressed his body against hers and embraced her, “Well…”

    “I hate that ‘well’,” cooed Lorena.

    “All right!” Richard said, giving up. “The other Wizards have called me to an important gathering.”

    “Oh no!” Lorena scoffed angrily. She threw off her husband and turned to face him. She was much shorter than him but she looked formidable. “The last time you went away, two years passed.”

    “Empress Celestyna and Archduke Felix had a ‘witch’ problem,” Richard explained calmly. “Remember the sorceress tried to steal Suzaku Throne?”

    “Oh, yeah,” she said half-sarcastically. “And you banished her, right?”

    Richard replied, “Well, technically I killed her…” Then under his breath, he said, “I think.”

    “Then what troubles are rousing now?” Lorena asked worriedly.

    “I don’t know,” he shook his head downheartedly. He was…scared. “Wizard Taurus only mentioned that it was urgent. I have to leave immediately tonight.”

    “What?!” she shrieked. “This soon? This is…sudden.”

    She sank on to the stairs, wide-eyed and empty.

    Richard was a traveler, a nomad, an adventurer. The other three wizards, Yurina the Griffin; Anubis the Jackal; and Tranquil Taurus, were stationary in their own respective kingdoms most of the time: Yurina to the West (Byakko Kingdom), Anubis to the South (Suzaku Kingdom) and Taurus to the North (Genbu Kingdom). She dreamt the day when Richard would finally hold off his duty and spend the rest of their days their children…when they’d have them.

    “And we will have them,” Richard assured after listening to her thoughts.

    “I hate when you do that,” said Lorena. “These thoughts are private.”

    Richard leaned towards his wife and planted a soft kiss on her red lips. Her anger fell away and her heart churned lustfully as she and her husband began their last night together.

    To be Continued
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    Default Seriyu Kingdom Part 2

    Ten years slowly passed.

    Richard returned to Availis with the other Wizards just five days ago. At least she slept with him.

    Lorena continued her royal duties under the warring ties. The Romans of Forbidden Isle were occupying the Elisa Shore near Fortress Troy. The noble, young Emerald Knight Galahad reported that were five hundred Roman ships invading the bay. The Emerald Knights came in ten thousands, including those who don’t carry the Qinglong blood. The stronghold of Fortress Troy was able to hold off the invasion but the continuous battering of the enemies catapults proved too much for knights to fend off. Lorena grabbed her sword and ordered one of the stablemen to bring out her horse.

    The white stallion, named Glider, was an immortal horse from the Celestial Heavens. It was rumored that Glider and his horse clan was taken care of by Sun Wu’Kung. Glider the Brave was given to Lorena on her fifteenth birthday from the Jade Emperor and she never rode on another horse since. He served her bravely two years ago against the weak, insignificant invasion from the Romans. He was swifter than the wind and loyal. Glider had been her friend through many dark times for many years.

    Now he aided her again in the Great War.

    She grabbed her reins firmly and shouted out to Glider, “Run! Fly to Fortress Troy!”

    Glider neighed proudly and took off at the speed of a rocket. He galloped like a mad wind, leaving a trail of dust flying behind them. He ran through the woods and plains toward the rising sun effortlessly. He certainly enjoyed the exercise but the immortal horse was determined to deliver her majesty to Fortress Troy on time. Less than three minutes from the edge of the barren desert, they arrived at the gates of Troy. Her Emerald Knights gathered, stood on the side of the roads, and slammed their spears on the ground. Her knights saluted, “All hail Empress Lorena, Ruler of Seiryu Kingdom!!”

    Though her steed whizzed by them, she managed to wave a brief, warm greeting to her brave men in emerald armor. The line formation of the knights continued until she arrived at the commander tent. Instead of stopping Glider and getting off, she leaped off of Glider and soared into the tent. She used her Qi to lightly land before the strategy table, which was surrounded by Captain Julius Endreaus, Lieutenant General James Lau and Royal General Gabriel Néodspear. The map was inhabited by two groups of figurines: Blue for the Emerald Knights and Gold for the Romans. As soon as she arrived, the officers immediately placed their fist above their hearts and bowed, chanting loyally, “Long live Lorena, Empress of Seiryu Kingdom!”

    Lorena retuned the salute with her curtsy. But her soft expression quickly turned stern strictness. Had birds had seen her face, they would forgot how to sing. She said to them without blinking, “What seems to be the trouble?” In truth, the letter might’ve meant something else instead of the actual.

    “Your Majesty,” Captain Endreaus stepped up and began to speak. “The enemy’s number, as you know, is greater than we anticipated. They have ships flinging iron balls at the fortress. Most our men are killed; we have left at least seven thousand.”

    “Seven thousand left?!” She exclaimed fearfully. Her hands were behind her back, but she clenched her first so tight that the stress lines looked deep. “This is bad. What about our weapons? What damage have the enemies sustained?”

    This time, Lt. General Lau answered, “Your Highness, their numbers remain intact. Our weapons were…diminished in midair.”

    “The Romans are still strong as they were when they invaded then,” said Lorena with a heavy sigh.

    “Great Empress,” said Endreaus sadly. “We should face the possible inevitable: we might lose this war.”

    Lorena slammed her fists on the table, throwing up the figurines off of their positions. She ordered angrily, “No more ill thoughts!! There is always a way. We just have to find it! Exactly how many Romans are there?”

    “Two hundred thousands, at most, Lord Lorena,” replied the pale Gabriel.

    Lorena almost stumbled at the stunning numbers of the enemy but she held on and blew off her nervousness. She fought back her tears guiltily and commented softly, “That’s…great. We have seven thousand able men.” She looked up at the officers and asked them quickly, “What do we know about the Romans?”

    She got off the table and looked outside the tent.

    “Well,” began Gabriel, “each leader has a legion and they are gladiators. These guys love one-on-one duel to the death.”

    Lau quickly joined in and added, “They’re competitive. They’re aggressive and passionate. That’s their pride and also weakness!”

    “Also,” Endreaus said, “General Gabriel and your Highness both possess powerful Qi. It is a shame Lord Richard can’t be here with us.”

    “In other words…” Lorena said as the plan began to unravel in her mind. She turned to them and proposed, “Let’s have a one-on-one match then. Such a gamble for us will be a victory.”

    “My Empress!” Gabriel said sternly. “I don’t trust the Romans. They caught us once when we were naïve travelers looking for adventures. They are honorable in single matches but they will regroup together and attack us full force. This plan is risky. Don’t do it—” He almost slipped out her first name.

    But Lau added to Gabriel’s defense, “General Néodspear is right. Flail Mace is the master of the gladiators and very clever strategist. You can win the match, but we can’t win the war.”

    “Hmm…” Lorena mumbled to herself as she dusted off her left sleeve. “You know, they never faced a god before. I, Lorena Qinglong—”

    “Empress, please reconsider!!” Gabriel couldn’t help but blurt out in protest. “You are only part god and you don’t have the powers to stop all of them!”

    Lorena would have Gabriel executed, but she replied, “That is why I am also offering them the Qinglong arts!”

    “That is forbidden!” Gabriel shouted. The other officers withdrew into the shadows from their fear. “The Qinglong arts can only be passed down to the descendents. You will be breaking the law your ancestor wrote!”

    Lorena twisted around and with a commanding voice, she said, “Enough! I will hear no more! Captain!”

    Endreaus was shaking as he approached her. “Y-yes, your Highness?”

    “Send a message to Flail Mace!” Lorena said. “Empress Lorena Qinglong of Seiryu Kingdom hereby suggests a challenge to decide the future of here country. There will be a match: If the Romans win two out of three the Sacred Circle duels, I will pass my kingdom to the Romans without prejudice. If my candidates win, the Romans will leave and return to Forbidden Isle.”

    “You can’t be serious!” Lau exclaimed. “Your Majesty, please, don’t do this!”

    Lorena said darkly, “It is the only way to remedy this situation. Endreaus, have you memorized it?”

    Endreaus nodded so hard that the helmet almost fell off his head. Lorena gave him a marble-plaque with old Latin words etched on it. She instructed him, “Show them this treaty mark and they won’t attack you. Go now and take two men bearing the name of Qinglong.”

    Endreaus memorized every word of the message. He took the plaque and immediately left the tent. Minutes later, galloping hoofs disappeared. Lorena turned to her remaining officers in the tent. She said, “I have chosen three fighters: General Néodspear, Richard Néodspear and I will be candidates for the Sacred Circle duel.”

    Gabriel sighed and spoke up carefully, “My Empress, I am not a skilled fighter like my brother. I am no where near Richard’s level. If I can only master the Sparrow Finger—Please, don’t go forward with this plan. Don’t gamble like Tai-Feng.”

    “Hmph!” Lau grunted angrily. “With due respect, my lord, don’t mention that bastard’s name! Thank the heavens he died in jail! General, you are most capable! Those Roman bastards are no match against you today!”

    Lorena nodded in agreement with Lau. “You are stronger than all of those gladiators combined now. It isn’t Flame After II 1567. It is Flame After II 1619.”

    “Thank you, my lord,” Gabriel bowed, but still felt…

    “I have faith in you, my lords,” Lorena assured the two officers. “All I ask now is that you have faith in your majesty. Please.”

    “You have it, Empress Lorena,” the Royal General and the Lieutenant General replied and bowed.

    The Empress nodded and departed the tent. Lau excused himself from Gabriel’s presence and followed his Empress.

    “Your Highness!” Lau called out. The Empress stopped and waited for his words. “May I speak to you in private?”

    “Of course,” Lorena affirmed warmly. “Come with me.”

    Lau walked side-by-side with the brave and bold Empress. He wanted to caution her about the Roman’s slyness but there was another matter he was most concerned about. He didn’t know where he should start since it involved Lorena directly. So he began, “Your Highness, I am worried.” He paused nervously.

    Lorena turned to him and asked, “Worry about what?” A thought hit her as though the answer was obvious. “The Romans? Don’t worry about them. Their passion of fighting will be their undoing.” Lau liked her more when she wasn’t arrogant.

    “No, your Highness,” Lau said quickly. “It is about the Royal General.”

    Again, still stuck on the thought of the Romans, she chuckled and said proudly, “Gabriel is Richard’s younger brother, and he is quite skilled in the Sparrow Arts. He has yet to master the Sparrow Finger, but he is a skillful swordsman.”

    “This has nothing to do with the Romans,” the lieutenant general strained and repeated. He began to sweat slightly from his rising nervousness. “It concerns you, my liege.”

    “Me, Lau?” she sounded shocked. “What about me?”

    “I am loyal to you and my superior,” Lau reaffirmed passionately. “I will never betray your Majesty, Gabriel or our kingdom, but I must vent my concerns. I suspect that Royal General Néodspear in love with you. I apologize to your Highness if I am too bold.”

    “Hmph!!” she scoffed harshly. “Gabriel? Richard’s brother? In love with me? Preposterous!”

    The captain pressed on. “You may be married to his brother, but the love he carries in his heart will never burn out.”

    “That is bold, Lt. General Lau,” said Lorena with a stern, cold face. Her fiery green eyes didn’t blink. “And it will be enough out of you! You are dismissed. Don’t speak of this matter again.”

    Seeing he had stepped too far, Lau apologized with a polite bow and returned to the commander tent. Another tent, richer and royal than the others, was already set up for her. She went in and closed the flaps behind her…she drew out her weapon: Radiant Sword of Qinglong.

    She said to herself, “Heaven help us. Help me.”

    The blade…didn’t shine…

    To be continued...

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