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    Default Cat and Mouse

    I actually think the review is a bit too extreme....
    if you truely hate the movie, you shouldn't write a review about it when there are enough people liking it

    I did enjoy it very much......the jokes about judge bao and stuff weren't bad, imho
    sure, the lovestory and disguise thing was cheap, but what do you expect?

    if you take the movie too serious, surely you'll be dissapointed.....
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    仗 剑 停 马 问
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    挥 出 一 片 心
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    决 战 世 上 人 类 恶 运
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    Although harsh, I do agree with many of the points PJ raised in the review. With such fine calibre of actors as Andy Lau, Cecilia Cheung and Anthony Wong heading the movie, I had expected a better story, moving drama, and character depiction. Most of the jokes were very contrived and done "for the sake of getting a good laugh" rather than having anything to do with the plot of the story. Almost all the actors seem to be just "sleepwalking" through their parts. If the intention of the director was aiming for a satire or parody, they should at least have made a better effort in making it more silly and over-the-top. Rather, the tone of the movie was neither here nor there... With all the money put in the sets, backdrops and costuming, I had expected so much more and felt cheated in the unoriginality of the story and the waste of talent gathered.

    I believe it was the first time Andy and Cecilia paired together and I felt the two of them had zilch chemistry on screen.

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    Cecilia looks like Andy's daughter...

    Anyway, yeah, this film disappoints me most. And I agree with C Monster.

    I'll be damned if the reviewer chooses not to give an unbiased opinion about the movie JUST BECAUSE a lot of people liked it.

    Hey, Titanic's the top-grossing movie of all time, lots of people liked it...and lots of people hated it. So, should those who hated it keep quiet JUST BECAUSE lots of people liked it? Feh.
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    Default Re: Cat and Mouse

    Originally posted by tungfuurue
    I actually think the review is a bit too extreme....
    if you truely hate the movie, you shouldn't write a review about it when there are enough people liking it
    if you take the movie too serious, surely you'll be dissapointed.....
    That's what the reviews here are all about. We put up different opinions of productions even if it's not catering to popular vote.

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    I too think the review was a bit harsh. By far, its not one of the best movies of the year, but its not THAT bad. Come on, Ive seen worst. Sure Andy and Cecilia had zero chemistry and the fighting choreography wasnt that great, but I got a kick out of the simple humor. The movie wasnt impressive by any standards, but I would say it doesn't deserve a 1 star rating. Maybe 3 stars?

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    i have to agree 100% with PJ's review of the movie...yep, it was definitely THAT excruciatingly painful to watch....the movie dragged and a lot of the characters were pathetic and did not do much but made time slow for the viewers. no one in this movie stood out positively, instead each was horrible in there own rights. I'm a fan of Cecilia but i still can't stand this movie....the plot was practically nonsensical and the acting ability of the actors in this was horrendous. i'm surprise it even got that many stars...for me it would have been in the negatives.

    omg, this movie was sooooooo slow that my entire family left the movie on and everyone did different things while paying attention to it, but noooo, it was in slow motion. even after doing many things, the movie didn't end as soon as we had hoped it to be.

    yep, this is a horrible new year movie...and Andy and Cecilia did not give any sense of romantic feel btw their characters at all.

    that's an hour and something minutes that i can't take back.

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