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Thread: ATV series??

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    Default ATV series??

    Hey all...I have been trying to find out the name of a series in the early 90s, I am not sure if it is ATV or TVB...but if anyone could help, that would be so awesome!

    It's a series about 4 sisters. The oldest was named Hoy Ying...(sp?) she wore red outfits and had on red boots, was married to someone who was considered slow but very loyal, the 2nd sister wore green outfits and had green boots, her name is du ying (sp?), the 3rd sister wore blue outfits and had on blue boots, her name was lan ying...and the last sister i think wore purple, but i don't really remember her name though....

    well anyways, the story part goes like this...they are 4 sisters and their dads were members of the royal government... the girls all had spears that matched their outfits....and one day they ran into a prince or king, (either or can't remember) and he took out this plaque that stated he was a very high up there kind of person, and the girls laughed and took out an even bigger plaque that showed their higher up authorities....they all were great kung fu artists, and so they were sent to fight the mongols, lan ying ended up falling in love with a mongol prince, his name is san guh (sp?)

    but for whatever reason the girls all end up dying....lan ying was actually kidnapped by san guh's sister in law, she was in love with him, and he had to come and rescue her, unfortunately for lan ying, if the door was opened she gets an arrow right to her stomach, which will kill her, and she dies, du ying was the only one that survived the trip out to the mongols, she returned with the guy she loves but the prince or king, that they met in the beginning was waiting for their return with an army out to kill her, and then that's the end of the series....

    if anyone knows the name of the series, if its atv or tvb, and could tell me who sings the theme song and where i could find it, that would be sooooooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! i loved that series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Wow, it sounds so interesting...must be a really old series....sorry i cant help you....

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    yep dis series sound very interesting hope someonedoes have this series

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