Title : Blue Fish
Starring : Jung Eun Soo - Ko So Yong
Lee Hyun WOo - Park Jung Chul
Kang Yun Jong - Park Han Byul
Synopse : A sad love story between a violinist and a racer.

Review : Ko So Young, Korea's top two actress of 90s along with Kim Hee Sun, returns to this drama after a 9-year hiatus as a violinist who falls in love with a racer who saved her life after a car accident. This show was hyped because it marked the return of Ko So Young, who at 35 still looks stunning as she did in her last outing in her mid 20s and defied aging(What's her secret?). The bad news is, that's all there is about this drama. Ko So Young became a top star solely based on her looks, and she still acts as bad as she did 9 years ago in a high-pitched voice tone. The male lead is an unknown and forgettable too. This show reminds me of the Smile Again, which tried to carry an entire show based on the look of its lead actress Kim Hee Sun alone. This time, you don't even get a male lead as hot looking as Lee Dong Gun. If you happen to cross it, then skip it.