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Thread: Rating Poisons Kevin and Charmaine Judging HK Film Awards Nominees Creates Outrage

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    Thumbs down Rating Poisons Kevin and Charmaine Judging HK Film Awards Nominees Creates Outrage

    An interesting threat came up when I was surfing the net. Apparently, Charmaine and Kevin are going to be judges in HK film awards, judging A-class list actors/actresses.

    The 26th Annual Hong Kong Film Awards will be held this Sunday, as the awards ceremony will be broadcasted on TVB Channel, TVB did many promotional advertisements for the awards featuring last year's TVB awards winners Kevin Cheng and Charmaine Sheh. In the advertisements, Kevin and Charmaine were required to judge big movie stars such as Aaron Kwok, Chow Yun Fat and Gong Li.

    These promos caused outrage amongst netizens, some said 'In the Hong Kong Film Awards promotion ads, Kevin was making comments about movie kings, but he is not even on the same level with them.' And others criticised: 'TVB is so full of itself, just because it rigs its own awards results, don't think the Hong Kong Film Awards will stoop down to its level.'

    Kevin and Charmaine each filmed a movie recently, but both movies flopped in box office earnings. Netizens said 'They can't even act themselves, and now they are judging big name movie stars, this is a disgrace. There were news recently about Charmaine being a rating poison, now she wants to judge, what a big joke!' Seems like TVB's decision to let Kevin and Charmaine judge the Hong Kong Film Awards has not being accepted by the audience.

    Source From Apple Daily
    and more info from asianfanatics

    My thoughts: I don't think TVB is doing the right thing. How could junior-class actors/actresses (TVB) judge their experienced seniors (international actors/actresses) It's hilarious if you think about it!
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    Kevin's film being a flop? I just read in asianfanatics yesterday that Kevin's film was the only HK film that made it to the top 10 of their weekly (or maybe month, I didn't pay attention to at the time) boxoffice record.

    Apple Daily is becoming more and more unprofessional and lazy. They just took whatever people said on the net and post it in their magazine. If like that, I also can be a reporter. Just surf the net and copy and paste some comments from netizen and add a few comments myself, and, bam, a news article.
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    what is netizen anyways? that criticize everything
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    ugh..whats with "this magazine say that magazine said"
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    poor charmaine and kevin . gettin full dissed like that!
    however i do agree wif the fact that they should be judging ppl like chow yun fat, man he is a god!
    but dang.. wot the paparazzi thing is saying is a bit too much and harsh!!
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