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Thread: Which Chinese Actress have the best Chinese name? + why

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    Default Which Chinese Actress have the best Chinese name? + why

    i really like maggie cheung man yuk because of the meaning (million jade?) and it is also catchy to me
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    i find the name athena chu yan very nice
    i dont know why because im not chinese but it sounds sweet

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    1. Shu Chang (means something like happy)
    2. Zhao Li Ying (nice name but don't know meaning)
    3. Ariel Lin Yi Chen (catchy)
    4. Shui Ling (sounds nice)
    5. Liu Yi Fei (catchy)
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    I like:
    1. Jiang Qin Qin (the Qin Qin part sounds nice)
    2. Gao Yuan Yuan (the Yuan Yuan part is cute)
    Can't think of more now.
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    1) vivian chow wai man

    2) athena chu yan

    3) zhao wei

    4) gao yuan yuan

    5) chingmy yau

    and christy chung's character in "mermaid got married" wong siu may (not an actual actress but oh well...) .

    i'm not chinese but i like these names because i think they are catchy and have a nice ring to them.

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    1) Sun Fei Fei. I don't know, Fei Fei just appeals to me.
    2) Bai Xue--Even though the bai isn't "white," the xue is still "snow." i'd like to think of it as white snow anyways. i actually think that describes her perfectly--so pure.
    These two are my fav. but I like Liu Tao and Dong Jie too, for no reason. (I think two-syllable names appeal to me).

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