Has anyone ever seen this series?

For the longest time (20 years or so), I have had this one series trailer in one of my mom's old QY series. It looks really good.

Just recently, I asked someone who knows chinese to tell me what series it was because I believe the title of the series was shown on the screen.

Turns out it was Wu Lin Wai Shi, an 80s Taiwanese adaptation of the Gu Long novel.

Has anyone ever heard of this or seen it? Tigerwong, have you?

I do realize Taiwanese wuxia series in the 80s are the rarest series out there. Practically no one knows about it or have even seen it. And if you did not watch it when it comes out, it is more rare to find than your average old school TVB series.

For those who were fortunate enough to watch this series, please tell me more about it, is it good. I hope at least it is more accurate to the novel than the HHB and RW one.