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Thread: which cell phone company and why?

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    Default which cell phone company and why?

    which cell phone company and why? and do u like it?
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    T-Mobile - all my friends have it and it's cheaper. also fits my talking needs.

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    yea im with bogeyman- t-mobile. i had cingular before and although there are so many commercials with "fewest dropped calls" and stuff, the service wasnt that good anyways. t-mobile has the best plan and offers the most phones.

    what cell phone companies are in other countries??

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    even tho t-moblie is cheap, i think verizon has the best services, like texting and music and stuff. their phones r pretty sick too

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    SaskTel if you are in Saskatchewan. They have the best coverage in Saskatchewan. And I have no problem when I am in other province as well as in the states because they have some agreement to use other people's tower. If you sign up with their long distance package, basically you are pretty much set.

    The bad thing is they have some sucky phones (unless you know someone in there so they can activate your unlock CDMA phone). As well if you spend most of the time in the city, you might not need them since their plans is a little more then others. (My bills are around $50 cdn a month)
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    Quote Originally Posted by watermelonhead View Post
    even tho t-moblie is cheap, i think verizon has the best services, like texting and music and stuff. their phones r pretty sick too
    True, true. I'm using T-mobile right now, but I used to have Verizon and I liked it a lot. I had reception almost everywhere, shopping malls, elevators... with T-mobile, I have to walk around with my phone in the air almost every time I need to make a call. It's really hard to find signal. =.=' But I think it partly depends on the type of phone you have and the area in which you reside also. My cousin, who lives in a different city, uses T-mobile and she says it works great for her, whereas Verizon gave her a lot of dropped calls.

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