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    Chapter 39: Unsolvable

    When Xu Zhu woke up on the next day, he discovered that he had slept on a soft bed in a big empty room similar to a Shaolin meditation hall, filled with antiques and copper vase. He felt disorientated and lost.

    At this time, a young girl brought a cup of water to his bed. “Oh, it’s Orchid [Lan Qian],” Xu Zhu muttered. “Master, have you woken up? Please freshen up and goggle.” suggested Orchid.

    Xu Zhu was still dazed and suffering from his hangover. His tongue has a bitter sensation and his throat was dry. Seeing a cup of tea, he took a sip from the cup, tasting a bitter sensation within its sweetness, and sweetness within the bitterness; the taste of tea was not apparent. Xu Zhu promptly finished the cup. Having never drank ginseng tea before; he did not know what he tasted. He then smiled and said “Thank you, sister.” Before Orchid answered, Chrystanthemum [Ju Qian] entered the room. “Both of us are helping master to dress up,” as Chrystanthemum was saying that, she went to the bed head and took out a pair of clean green undergarments and placed it under the blanket that Xu Zhu was using.

    Xu Zhu was surprised and blushed immediately. “I do not need to be served, sister.” He added “I do not have any illness or injury, and am only a bit drunk.” He sighed “I broke the No Drink Commandment. According to Buddhist Sutra, being in a drunken state may cause a variety of trouble. I better not drink again in the future.” All of a sudden, he asked “Where is my 3rd brother?”

    Orchid smiled and tried to cover her mouth, she answered “Master Duan had already descended from the mountain. He asked us the servants to pass the message to master that when everything at Lin Jiao Palace has settled, he will meet master in the central plains.”

    “Aayah, I still got something to ask him. Why did he go so early?” Xu Zhu muttered. He felt flustered and jumped out of the bed, intending to chase after Duan Yu in order to ask for the name of the Dream Maiden and where Xu Zhu could find her. All of the sudden, he found out that he was wearing a clean undergarment. He screamed and covered himself with a blanket. Panicky Xu Zhu asked “How come my clothes have been changed?” Since Xu Zhu came down from Shaolin, he had always worn a rough undergarment, which has been dirtied in this past half a year. What he was wearing right now can only be described as soft and light. Xu Zhu did not know whether it is cotton or silk. Whatever it is, it must be very expensive.

    Chrystanthemum smilingly replied, “Master was so drunk yesterday that master was unaware of anything when we four sisters helped master to bath and change.”

    Xu Zhu was even more surprised. When he raised his head, he saw that both Orchid and Chrystanthemum were smiling beautifully; he couldn’t control himself and his heart start pounding. Xu Zhu then raised his had, the sleeves of his robes fall down revealing a pair of very clean arms. Still bearing a slight hope, he laughingly said, “I must be so drunk yesterday. Luckily I can still bath myself.” “Master was so drunk that master could not even move by yourself. It was we four sisters who helped to scrub master.” Orchid coquettishly said. Xu Zhu winced and shouted, feeling unwell; he muttered “Alas, alas ….”

    Chrystanthemum and Orchid were startled and asked in unison, “Master, what’s the matter?” Xu Zhu ruefully smiled and said “I’m a guy, in front of you 4 sisters…. to be naked, this is …. very unbecoming. Moreover, my body is dirty and filled with smelly, dirty mud. How could I trouble al 4 sisters to do such disgusting task of bathing me?” Orchid answered, “We, 4 sisters are the personal maids of master, even if we sacrifice our lives for master, it would still be a most appropriate thing. We, the servants, must have committed a serious gaffe. Please forgive us, master.” After finishing that sentence, she and Chrystanthemum immediately kneeled down on the floor.

    Xu Zhu saw both of them was very scared, immediately thinking of Grandma Yu and Aunt Shau, he would have otherwise treated them the same. He noticed that both Chrystanthemum and Orchid was so frightened that their whole body was trembling. He knew that when they served Tong Lao in the past, whenever their mistress was unusually courteous and polite towards the maids, there’s a big chance that Tong Lao would turn murderous. Xu Zhu immediately asked “Sisters, please stand up. Please go out of the room, I will dress myself now. I do not need to be served again.” Chrystanthemum and Orchid both stand up, beads of tears start to form in their eyes, and slowly retreated from the room. Feeling puzzled, Xu Zhu asked “Did I offended you all? Why are you so unhappy and filled with tears? I must have said something wrong….”

    Chrystanthemum responded “Master asked both of us sisters to leave the room, without needing to further serve master. Master must really hate us….” Before finishing that sentence, tears start streaming down onto her cheeks. Xu Zhu shakes his hand and said “No, No… That’s not true. I just don’t know how to articulate my thoughts properly. I’m a man and you all are females. This is rather inconvenience. There’s really no other meaning. Really. I’m a monk, and I will never tell one ounce of untruth. I’m not lying to you people.”

    Seeing that Xu Zhu was very animated and very sincere, both girls stopped crying and broke out laughing. Together they said “Please forgive us, master. There have never been a male in the Lin Chao Palace. Moreover, master, we had never served a man before. Master is like a being up in the sky, while we the maids are humble folks down on the ground. Gender should not be an issue.” The two walked towards Xu Zhu and helped him to dress up and wear shoes. After that, Plum [Mei Qian] and Bamboo [Zhu Qian] entered the room. One of them brushed Xu Zhu’s hair while the other to wash his face. Xu Zhu was so startled that he was struck mute, his face turned pale, his heart started pounding again. He couldn’t dare to tell them not to serve him anymore.

    Xu Zhu thought that Duan Yu must have gone a fair distance from Lin Chao Palace, there’s no way for him now to catch up to Duan Yu anymore. He also thought about the islands and other sects’ master’s Life and Death Talisman. There’s no way that he could leave them alone without first healing them. Therefore after breakfast, he went to the main hall and helped cured the two who were suffering the most from the Life and Death Talisman.

    To cure the Life and Death Talisman needed to mobilize one’s inner energy in order to use the Tian Shan 6 Yang Palm. Xu Zhu was feeling full of inner power and at one go healed ten persons of the Life and Death Talisman. However, Tong Lao had put the talisman in different positions in the island and cave masters. Xu Zhu exhausted himself in thinking of a way to solve this problem. Because Xu Zhu’s knowledge of the major acupoints, meridians and blood vessels was limited, he dared not experiment in haste. Should a mistake occurred, he might further deepen the suffering of those people. By lunchtime, he only managed to further cure 4 people. After lunch, Xu Zhu rested and meditated for a while.

    Plum saw that Xu Zhu was worried about finding a way to cure the Life and Death Talisman. Therefore she suggested, “In the back foyer of Lin Chao Palace, there’s a wall mural left behind by the old master. I once heard Lao Lao mentioned that these murals may be connected with the Life and Death Talisman. Why doesn’t master go and have a look?” Xu Zhu was so happy and immediately agreed.

    The four sisters led Xu Zhu to the garden; they moved aside a fake rock mountain, leading towards an underground path. Plum lighted up a torch and led all of them while inactivating traps along the way. The path kept on spiraling further and further down the grounds. At times, the path was quite tight, while sometimes it leads into big spaces, showing that the path must have been created from the natural cracks in the mountain.

    “When the island and cave sects’ masters attacked us, some of our sisters from the other groups were captured. We, four sisters, seeing that the enemy was too overwhelming, came here to hide. We hoped to help and save our people when it was dark,” Bamboo said. Orchid added, “Actually that was just our small way to repay Lao Lao’s acts of kindness. If master did not arrive in time, we would be eventually murdered by those filthy slaves.”

    Having walked 2 li (?1 li = 1/3 kilometers), Plum pushed aside a huge stone to reveal an opening into a chamber. She said, “Master, please enter. Inside lie the murals. We, the servants dare not enter.” Xu Zhu asked, “Why not? Is there any danger inside?” Plum replied, “There’s no danger. Inside is our sect‘s sacred ground. We, the servants were not allowed to enter.” Xu Zhu then said, “Let’s us go in together. It doesn’t matter. Further, it is too uncomfortable for you all to stand outside here in such a narrow space.” The four sisters looked at each other with excitement.

    “Master, Lao Lao once told us four sisters that if we are hard-working in practicing our martial arts and if we are obedient, by the time we are 40 years old, we will be allowed to spend one day a year to learn the martial arts depicted on the wall murals. Even if master is so kind to keep Lao Lao’s words, this is still 20 years too early” uttered Plum. Xu Zhu replied “To wait 20 years is too long, too boring. Besides, by that time, you all will be too old to learn any martial arts. Let us go in together.” The four sisters was so happy that they immediately kneel down. Xu Zhu said “Please, please get up. If I also kneel down, it would get too crowded here.”

    When the four sisters entered the rock chamber, they saw that the rock walls of the chamber was shiningly polished and filled with carvings of numerous, uncountable circles. Within each circle was drawings and engravings of different shapes. Some were human shapes, while others were filled with animal shapes. Some were unfinished calligraphy strokes, whereas there were even some filled with simple lines, slashes or indescribable codes. Besides each circle were signs that said “Stance No. 1”, “Stance No. 2”, others were “Technique No.1”, “Technique No. 2” and etc. The total circles in the whole chamber must have totaled at least eight to nine hundred, if not one thousand. How could they get a full glimpse of everything in an instant.

    “Let us have a look at Stance No. 1, master. Shall we?” asked Bamboo. Xu Zhu nodded and said yes. When all five of them lifted up their torches and studied the first circle Xu Zhu, at a glance, immediately recognized that the figure in that circle represent the first stance of the Tian Shan Plum Breaking Hand. The second circle showed the second technique of the same set of the technique. Following the sequence of numbers, he finished looking at the whole set. The next set was the Tian Shan 6 Yang Palm. Whatever that Tong Lao taught Xu Zhu in Xi Xia’s palace was explained explicitly in those circles on the wall.

    The techniques after the Tian Shan 6 Yang Palm were a complete mystery to Xu Zhu who had never learned those before. He followed the instructions on the wall, and initiated his inner power. After learning only a few stances, his whole body felt very light, feeling as if he is almost floated on the air. However, Xu Zhu must have missed something as he was unable to lift himself up from the ground.

    Xu Zhu were focusing all his attention into learning those stances, his mind blanked out, when he suddenly heard two screams. Shocked, he turned is head and saw Orchid and Bamboo were getting unsteady and then immediately fell down onto the ground. Plum and Chrystanthemum were also leaning against the wall, their face ashen; almost also falling unto the ground. Xu Zhu immediately helped Bamboo and Orchid from the ground and then asked “What happened?” Plum replied,” Master, our martial arts foundation is not up to par. We dare not look at these walls again. We will wait for master.” The four sisters leaned against the wall, and slowly exited the chamber.

    Xu Zhu was puzzled for a while and then followed them out. The four sisters were sitting meditating on the pathway. Their whole body were shaking while their face were contorted as if they were in extreme pain. Xu Zhu knew that they had suffered considerable damage to the inner power. He immediately used the Tian Shan 6 Yang Palm and pat on their backs a few times. A stream of Yang-type energy entered their bodies. The face of the four maids immediately returned to normal, before long, beads of sweats start to form on their foreheads. Upon opening their eyes, they kneel down and thanked Xu Zhu for saving their lives. Xu Zhu immediately lifted them up and asked “ What happened? How could you all suddenly got injured and fainted?”

    Plum sighed “Master, Lao Lao got her reasons when she told us to wait until we are 40 years old before entering this chamber. The martial arts on the wall are too advanced for us. Our inner power is not sufficient to even learn the technique from the first figure, therefore we injured ourselves. If not for master’s help, us four sisters would be paralyzed and fire-deviated.” Orchid added, “Lao Lao have really high expectations for us. By the age of 40, to be able to learn these advanced kung fu. However, our talents are lacking. Even if we practiced hard for another 22 years, even then we might not dare to step into the chamber again.”

    “No wonder. This must be my fault. I should not have insisted on you all to accompany me in”, Xu Zhu uttered. The four maids immediately kneel down and apologized, “There’s no need for master to say that. It was merely an act of kindness of master. It is entirely our fault.”

    “Master’s inner energy is very deep, totally suitable to learn these advance techniques. Lao Lao used to spend months in the chamber, further practicing the techniques on the wall”, informed Chrystanthemum. Plum added, “When the 36 caves and 72 island masters tried to force our sisters to divulge the location of where Lao Lao kept her treasures, our sisters did not yield even in the face of death. We four sisters initially planned to lure them into this secret pathway and then activate all the traps. However, we were afraid that there may be experts among them who can overcome these traps; should they enter this chamber and learned its techniques on the wall mural, it would be a major catastrophe. If we had known of the effects of learning the martial arts in the chamber, letting them in would have been excellent.”

    Xu Zhu nodded and said “Yes, it’s quite true. The techniques shown by the figures, if learned by those who were not powerful enough would cause more harm to them than any poisons or weapons. Fortunately, they did not enter.” Orchid retorted, “Master is too kind-hearted. If it is up to me, it would be a very pretty sight should they learned those techniques and died.”

    “I’d learned a few stances and felt re-energized. It would be great for me to go now and cure their Life and Death Talisman. Why don’t you girls go and take a rest?” suggested Xu Zhu. The five of them came out of the secret passage. Xu Zhu returned to the main hall and cured three persons of the talisman.

    Thereafter Xu Zhu helped to heal the rest every single day. Whenever he felt tired, he would enter the rock chamber to learn some more advance techniques. The four sisters would guard the chamber’s entrance, not daring to take one step in it again. Whenever Xu Zhu I free, he would spend some time giving pointers and imparting some teachings in martial arts to all the girls of the 9 groups that served Lin Chao Palace.

    Only after a further 20 days, Xu Zhu was able to cure all the island and cave masters from their Life and Death Talisman. In this period of time, Xu Zhu’s kung fu showed remarkable improvement as he would dedicatedly learn martial arts from the wall murals every day.

    The whole entourage of island and cave sect masters, who were forced to serve Tong Lao due to the Life and Death Talisman, was touched by Xu Zhu’s kindness. After vowing to willing serve Xu Zhu, they left Lin Chao Palace.
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    Initially I tried to get help to translate the gaps between CC's translation of the HJ vs JMZ fight, but got trapped at the start of Chap 39.

    Translating is so exhausting and boring. I do not think i will do it anymore.Yeah, please correct any mistake.

    So the first bits of Chap 39.

    Disclaimer: I can't read any chinese, so i asked my friends to read to me so that i can change it inot english.
    The title is inadequate, and so are some of the names of the stances.

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    Originally posted by Han Solo

    Translating is so exhausting and boring.

    Yep it can be exhausting and boring...
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    My tremendous respect to all you guys/gals out there who translates all these things for you.

    So for you, Noodle, Meh, Athena, Moin, Lanny, FaQ, Junny and Tiger Wong (I missed anyone?)

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    Originally posted by Noodles
    Yep it can be exhausting and boring...
    Is that why no update on ROCH?

    he,he,he.. I don't mean to push you though... just long for your update...

    because of your translation, I'm up to the point saying "I love you Noodles" sometimes... he,he,he.. sorry..
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    Thank God that JY is revising his novels, gives me a perfect opportunity to shy away from translating his novels.

    The rest of the chapter 39 although incomplete.
    May get help to translate more by this weekend, but depends.

    Pls correct any mistakes. i.e. names etc and the chinese sayings.

    After all of them left the mountain, Xhu Zhu was the only male remaining on the Misty Mountain. He privately thought, “I’m an orphan, extremely indebted to my master for my upbringing. If I do not return to Shaolin, I’ be too unrespectful. Forgetful of all the kindness that master had showed. I ought to go back in order to apologize to master and the abbot. It is the only thing to do.” He explained his decision to all the maids, intending to leave Lin Chao Palace the very next day. He asked Grandma Yu and Aunt Shau to help to take care of things at the palace.

    Xhu Zhu’s four personal maids initially intend to follow and serve him. Xhu Zhu objected, “I’m going back to Shaolin to be a monk. It would be ridiculous for me to have female servants.” The four sisters disbelieved him. To prove himself, Xhu Zhu shaved his head, revealing some deeply indented dots on his scalp, showing that he had once been a monk. Seeing this, the four sisters were in despair. All the maids of Lin Chao Place tearfully sent off Xhu Zhu.

    Xhu Zhu put on his old monk robes and started to head east towards Song Mountain. With his personality, he would not look for trouble unnecessarily. A young monk with such old and poor clothing would definitely not get the attention of bandits. The whole trip was therefore rather peaceful, and he returned to Shaolin safely.

    When he saw the yellow tiles on the rooftop of the Shaolin Temple again, his heart was filled with a deep sense of shame. Reflecting on the past few months, he had broken many Shaolin rules. All the commandments of not killing, engaging in vice, eating meat and drinking alcohol had been broken, but worse of all, the unforgivable sin of “Pou-lou Yi-da” has been committed as well. Xhu Zhu doubted that the abbot and his master would forgive him and allow him to re-enter Shaolin to resume his buddhist education.

    Xhu Zhu felt very unsettled and soon after entering the gates of Shaolin, immediately seek his master Hui Lan. Hui Lan was excited and pleased to see him back and asked “Where did the reverend send you off to? Why did it take you so long?”

    Xhu Zhu kneeled on the ground and burst out into tears. He was in unbearable sorrow, and said “Master…. I had committed many unforgivable errors. After I left Shaolin, I could not stay within the holy boundaries. I broke a lot of the rules and percepts that you taught me before.”

    Hui Lan’s expression changed and asked, “What did you do? Did you have a taste of meat?” Xhu Zhu replied “Yes, not only that…” “Damn it, you drank?” Hui Lan angrily scolded. Xhu Zhu said, “Not only did I drank alcohol, I got terribly drunk.” Hui Lan sighed bitterly, tears started to stream down his face. “I thought that since young, you are honest and humble. How did the ‘colorful’ world seduced you and turned you into such a disgraceful state” he coughed. Seeing that his master was sad, Xhu Zhu became more worried. He said: Master, the commandments that I had broke is more than this…..” Not having said that he had committed murder and vice. At this very moment, the bells start to ring tang tang, two short note with a silent gap in between, asking for the monks with the Hui rank.

    Hui Lan stand up immediately, rubbing his tears, said “You broke too many commandments, I’m powerless to protect you. You … You… ought to go to the disciplinary hall to confess your sins. As a result of your action, I’m also in the wrong. Ai.” He sighed and hurriedly ran out.

    Xhu Zhu went to the disciplinary hall, loudly state, “Disciple Xhu Zhu, broke the Buddhist commandments, and would like to invite the disciplinary elders to punish me.” After saying it twice, in the middle of the sentence walked out a middle age monk, who coldly said “The disciplinary elder and other martial uncles are busy, they are not free to hear your confessions. Please kneel and wait for a while.” Xhu Zhu replied, “Yes.” He then kneeled from mid-day to evening, however no one comes to look for him. Luckily, Xhu Zhu’s inner power was deep. Even though he had kneeled down without eating or drinking for half a day, he suffered no ill effect or tiredness.

    Hearing the drum sounding nighttime, the night meditation sessions has passed. Xhu Zhu prayed and recounted to himself, all his sins. The middle-aged monk came over and said, “Xhu Zhu these few days, the elders are busy with temple matters, they are not free to deal with your problems. Seeing that you had knelt for such a long time, you surely are sincere and regret about your behaviour. Right, you go first to the vegetable gardens and await further instructions. When the elders are free, we will ask you to explain your circumstances and punish you according to the offences.” Xhu Zhu very politely and said “Thank you for your kindness.” After bowing immediately, he stood up. In his heart, he thought “Since they had not expelled me from Shaolin immediately, this matter may yet have a hope.’ He felt more relieved after thinking this.

    He went to the vegetable gardens and said to the monk in charge of the garden “Senior apprentice, disciple Xhu Zhu had broken our school’s commandments. The disciplinary masters sent me here to tend to the garden.”

    The monk, Yuen Ken, was not ordained as a monk at Shaolin, therefore he was not in any of the ranks of Xuan, Hui, Xhu, Kong. As he was not gifted, he was not able to master either the fields of buddhism and spiritual matters or martial arts cultivation. However, he usually likes to boss around small matters. The garden consists of 200 hectares of land, requiring up to thirty to forty workers to tend it. Being in charge of so many people, made Yuan Ken felt naturally very superior. Upon meeting someone who was sentenced by the disciplinary hall to work in the garden, he felt even more superior. Upon hearing what Xhu Zhu said, he secretly felt pleased, and asked, “What sins had you committed?” Xhu Zhu replied, “My sins are many, it would be hard for me to mention them all quickly.” Yuan Ken furiously said “What long story, I command you to honestly explain everything. You are only a small monk, even if the superintendents of Da Mo Hall or Luo Han hall had committed any sin, and if they were punished to come to this garden, I still would force them to confess. There would be no exception. When I looked at your complexion, it must be clear that you eat meat. Have you?”

    Xhu Zhu replied, “Yes. That’s right.” Yuan Ken then said “Huh, See, My guess was right. Maybe you even had stolen some wine to drink. You don’t have to lie. Lying to me is not easy.” Xhu Zhu replied “Yes, exactly. Disciples had one day got drunk until I was totally unaware of anything.” Yuan Ken laughed “Heh, heh heh. You are really daring. After filling yourself with alcohol, you must had been going wild. You must have forgotten the teaching that ‘sins are emptiness and emptiness are sins.’ In your heart, you must be thinking of women. Is that so? Not only thinking once, it must be at least seven or eight time. Do you dare to confess?” He said that with a serious expression. Xhu Zhu sighed, “Disciple dare not lie to senior apprentice brother. Not only did I think about women, I even broke the vice commandment.”

    Yuan Ken was very excited and started to point his fingers at Xhu Zhu, he shouted “You little monk, you are too daring, how dare you break the reputation of Shaolin. Apart from these, what other sins have you committed? Had you stolen or committed banditry before? Have you argued with others? Or involve yourself in a fight?” Xhu Zhu lowered his head and replied “Disciple had committed murder before. Not only killing one person.”

    Yuan Ken was startled, his complexion changed and he immediately retreated three steps.. Hearing that Xhu Zhu confessed that he had committed more than one killing, Yuan Ken was afraid that if Xhu Zhu’s murderous rage surfaces, he would not be able defend himself. Trying to show a calm appearance, he feigned a smiled and said “Our temple’s kung fu reigned supreme in the world, after learning some martial arts, harming others by accident would be inevitably happen. The martial arts of apprentice brother must be outstanding.”

    Xhu Zhu replied “Alas, my Shaolin kung fu has been voided. There’s not a trace of it left.” Feeling very buoyant, Yuan Ken said, “That’s very good, excellent.” After hearing that his Shaolin kung fu have been negated, Yuan Ken thought that it must be because of the enormous sins that Xhu Zhu had committed, thus causing the elders to punish him thus, his facial expression changed again at once. But he then thought, “Even though his martial arts has been voided, the residual kung fu will be hard to deal with.” Then he said “It is good for apprentice brother to help to tend to the garden, but it is the rule here that anyone who had broke any commandments will have to be chained on both the wrists and feets. This is a rule passed down by past generations. Would apprentice brother be willing to wear those chains?” Xhu Zhu said, “Disciple would definitely follow the rules.”

    Yuan Ken felt relieved. Secretly pleased, he then immediately brought out iron chains for Xhu Zhu to wear. In the hundred years history of Shaolin, it would be inevitable that some disciples would break rules and because these disciples are usually highly-skilled in martial arts, chains made of very strong iron would be prepared in the disciplinary hall, confessional chambers, vegetable garden etcetera. Seeing Xhu Zhu wearing those chains, Yuan Ken felt very relieved. He then berated Xhu Zhu “You filthy monk, you are so young, yet you are so daring and disrespectful. You broke every commandment there is. If you are not punished severely today, how could my feelings of anger be dissipated?” He broke off a branch from a nearby tree and repeatedly used it to beat Xhu Zhu’s head.

    Xhu Zhu withdrew his inner energy, not daring to circulate his chi to resist, permitting Yuan Ken to beat him. After a while, he was beaten until fresh blood oozed from his face and head. He chanted sutra; his face not filled with any unhappy expression.

    Seeing that he was not resisting, Yuan Ken thought, “This monk must have lost all his kung fu. It would be easy to bully him.” Thinking about Xhu Zhu indulging himself with meat, fish, wine and the companion of female, and about the barrenness of his forty plus years of life as he had never partake in any of these, his jealousy rose up, he beat Xhu Zhu even more heavier, not stopping until three branches had been used. Angrily he grunted, “You will carry 100 barrels to water the plants. If you tried to wriggle out of any one barrel, I will use a iron stick break both your legs.”

    Although Xhu Zhu suffered from the beatings, he felt calm and at peace. He thought, “I broke so many commandment, I ought to be punished. If I am punished more heavily, my sins and burdens would be then reduced even more.” Therefore he politely replied, “Yes.” He walked to the end of corridor and lifted a barrel filled with manure, and then waded to the garden to fertilized and water the plants. Watering the plants is by scoop-by-scoop is a very tedious job, but Xhu Zhu dedicatedly watered all the plants until all one hundred barrels had been used. By late night, he head off to the garden sheds and then to bed.

    The next day, before sunrise, Yuan Ken came over; scolding and kicking he woke Xhu Zhu up. He scolded “You filthy monk, you lazy bone, How dare you hide here and sleep when the day had begun. Go and chop some fire woods.” Xhu Zhu replied, “Yes.” He did not object and went and chopped the woods. He did this for the next six days, chopping woods in the morning and spreading manure for the plants in the evenings, suffering from tortures and jeering, his whole body was full of scars and bruises, having felt the effects of hundreds to thousands of whippings and beatings.

    On the morning of the eight day, while Xhu Zhu was chopping wood, Yuan Ken approached him and smilingly said “Senior apprentice brother, it must have been a hard work” He brought out some keys and opened Xhu Zhu’s chains. Xhu Zhu said “Not at all.” He lifted up the axe, intending to resume the wood chopping. Yuan Ken said, “Senior apprentice brother, there’s no need to chop any more. Please go into the house to eat something. If little monk here had offended you during these few days, I ought to die immediately. Please forgive me.”

    Hearing the dramatic change in his tone, Xhu Zhu was very puzzled. Raising his head, he saw bruises covering Yuan Ken’s whole face. Obviously, he had been beaten viciously. Yuan Ken said bitterly “Little monk here did not recognize Mount Tai Shan, offending senior apprentice brother. If you do not forgive me, I would be finished.” Xhu Zhu replied, “I deserved all my suffering. Senior apprentice brother’s punishments are most appropriate.”

    Yuan Ken face changed colour immediately, he raised his hands and slapped himself strongly four times on both his cheeks, and begged “Senior, Senior apprentice brother, please spare me. ‘Big men will forgive the faults of little men’, I…. I….” Saying this, he started to slap himself again. Xhu Zhu felt very surprised; he asked, “Senior apprentice brother, why are you doing this?” Yuan Ken knelt down, grabbing Xhu Zhu’s robe, he said “Senior, if you do not forgive me, my pair of eyeballs would be gone.” Xhu Zhu was bewildered, “I don’t understand this at all.” “As long as senior apprentice brother forgive me, and spare my eyeballs, I would be willing to serve under senior apprentice brother even in the next life to repay senior’s kindness” Yuan Ken said. Xhu Zhu asked, “Why did senior apprentice brother say this. When did I say I would dig out your eye balls?” Yuan Ken’s face turned ashen, and said “Since senior apprentice brother would not forgive me, and since even having my two eyeballs, I’m not able to recognize Mount Tai Shan, I would have no choice but to punish myself.” Saying this, he raised his right hand, sticking out two fingers, intending to poke out his own eyes.

    Xhu Zhu raised his hand and grabbed Yuan Ken’s wrist “Who is it that forced you to dig out your eyeballs?” Yuan Ken started sweating and filled with apprehension “I do not dare to say… If I say, they will come and kill me immediately.” Xhu Zhu: “Is it the abbot?” Yuan Ken replied, “No.” Xhu Zhu tend guessed whether it was the elders of the Da Mo, Luo Han or disciplinary halls. Again Yuan Ken denied this, he then said, “Senior apprentice brother, I would not dare to say. Please forgive me, please. They said if I want to preserve my eye balls, I would have to just beg for your forgiveness.” Saying this, he stole a glance to the side. He was totally petrified.

    Xhu Zhu followed Yuan Ken’s glance and saw four monks who were wearing gray robes and buddhist hats in the small house. As they were facing inwards, Xhu Zhu could not see their face. He thought, “Is it these four seniors? It seems that they must be important persons within the temple. Disciplining Yuan Ken because of his bullying nature.” Xhu Zhu said, “I do not blame senior apprentice brother, I had forgiven senior a long time ago.” Yuan Ken was very relieved hearing this, immediately kneeled down and bowed to Xhu Zhu. Xhu Zhu also bowed down and said “Senior apprentice brother, please get up.”

    Yuan Ken stood up, and very courteously invited Xhu Zhu to the dining hall, personally serving him with tea and rice. Xhu Zhu dare not refuse because if Yuan Ken did not serve him, Yuan Ken who land into further trouble.

    Yuan Ken said softly, “Do senior apprentice brother want to drink wine? Or eat dog meat? I can bring those to you.” Xhu Zhu was surprise, “Amida Buddha, please forgive me. This is so immoral.” Yuan Ken blinked and said, “All the sins would be mine alone. You need not feel worried. I’ll bring those to you.” “No, no. No way.” Xhu Zhu said while shaking his head.

    Yuan Ken smiled and said, “If senior apprentice brother cannot enjoy yourself in this temple, you can go down the mountain. If the disciplinary hall asked about this, I will say that senior went down to beg for alms. There would not be any repercussion from this.” Xhu Zhu again shakes his head, “I’m sincere in correcting my past wrong-doings. I definitely will not repeat my mistakes. Senior, please do not say all those things again.”

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    Default CC's translation of Xhu Zhu's fight.

    Below is CC (from Jin yong forum)'s translation of Xhu Zhu's fight with Kau Mor Chee. I apologize not being free to fill in the gaps. Pls thank CC!

    Jiu Mo Zhi smiled and said 'I wouldn't dare! If reverend Xuan Sheng would give some pointers?' With those words
    he twisted his torso, raised his left palm flatly while his right fist shot out straight with a shout. There was a 'Tang'
    sound and the tripod copper incense brazier in front of the Buddha jumped up in the air! This was a move from the Jing
    Gang Fist called the Luo Zhong Dong Ying (Luo Zhong Northen Image?). To cause a striking sound from the brazier
    without contacting it would not be considered difficult, but to cause the brazier to jump vertically while the fist shot out
    horizontally showed a deep mastery of the essense of the Jing Gang Fist.
    Without waiting for the brazier to drop itself, Jiu Mo Zhi struck out with his left palm, using the She Fu Wai Dao
    (ambushing the outer path?) technique from the Ban Rou Palm (way of the palm?) skill. The brazier spun half a circle in the air and incense ash
    flew out from all directions, obscuring it. At this point, as the force of his Jing Gang Fist dissipated and the brazier
    started to drop, Jiu Mo Zhi stuck out his thumb and a thick stream of energy issued forth, pushing the brazier half a
    foot to left, with three rapid motions of his thumb, the brazier moved shifted one half feet to the side before finally
    dropping to the floor. The senior Shaolin monks gave a sad sigh, knowing that although the 3 nudges of his thumb
    looked plain, it contained extraordinary internal strength and was a move from the Demon Humiliating Finger called
    Thrice Entering Hell. The significance of the name was that the intense training for each nudge was equivalent to
    going through the pain of entering hell.
    As the ashes fell, an object revealed itself. The assembled monks gave a shout of shock as the object revealed
    itself to be a copper palm print, five fingers spread, shining in the light, without a trace of the ash on it.
    Jiu Mo Zhi gave a laugh as he waved his sleeve, 'This Buddist Robe Demon Subduing Skill of mine is still raw,
    would the Abbot please instruct?' As his words finished, the brazier 7 feet away started rocking and several rocking
    motions later, was spun round to reveal that a shining palm print had been gourged from the metal. The junior monks
    then realised that the palm strength from his earlier She Fu Wai Dao was like the sharpest of treasured blades, able to
    cut out a palm print from the copper brazier. (more fuel for the deterioration theorists!)
    After witnessing those 3 techniques, Xuan Sheng felt dread in his heart, fearing that what this monk had claimed was
    true, that Shaolin's 72 Supreme Skills originated from Tibet since his mastery of the skills' essense was
    way above Shaolin's own. Clasping his hands in salute, he praised 'Great Master's (how the heck do you translate
    Guo Shi?) divine skills has humbled me, I am in much admiration!'
    Jiu Mo Zhi's last technique of Buddist Robe Demon Subduing Skill was an art which Abbot Xuan Ci had spent a
    lifetime studying. Yet Xuan Ci noted that Jiu Mo Zhi could easily laugh and speak without fear of disrupting his
    inner energy flow while turning the brazier round with a flick of his sleeve, showing mastery of the skill way above
    Xuan Ci's own. At this display of skill, the entire hall fell into silence, only to be broken by a long sigh from the
    Abbot Xuan Ci 'An old monk (how do you translate Lao Na???) has his eyes opened today! A sky above the sky,
    humans above humans. I have trained for years, yet am insignificant in front of Great Master. Brother Bo Luo Xing,
    Shaolin's shallow waters are not meant to retain a dragon, we can no longer force you to stay, please do as you will.'
    With those words, Bo Luo Xing and Zhe Luo Xing were overjoyed.

    Quick summary to get to next fight. Xuan Ci lets the goon leave with his elder disciple since Jiu Mo Zhi's mastery
    of the shaolin forms make it pointless to try to maintain shaolin's skills from spreading by imprisoning Bo Luo
    Xing. BLX only know 3 skills, inconsequantial compared to JMZ. Xuan Ci is depressed since he knows that Shaolin's
    reputation as leader of the martial arts world has been doomed, within a month, the whole wu lin will hear of this
    humilitation. Shaolin's several hundred years of reputation is hence doomed under his leadership (where's
    sweeper monk when he is needed huh?) Xu Zhu sees his senior monks all in tears (bunch of babies!) but is puzzled
    since he can clearly see that JMZ is using Xiao Wu Xiang Gong as inner power. Its also mentioned here that the
    3 techiniques (ban ruo palm, jing gang fist and demon finger) have their own unique inner power techniques. Xuan
    Sheng and Bo Luo Xing were using them with buddhist power, JMZ was not. The senior shaolin monks could see that
    JMZ was not using shaolin style power, but with no training in taoist kung fu, they just thought that tibetan buddist
    inner power looked different.

    Ok a bit of side track here. its mentioned at this point that Tong Lao's teacher only taught Xiao Wu Xiang Gong to
    Li Qui Shiu, so she was hopping mad when she saw that Xu Zhu had inherited Xiao Wu Xiang Gong power from
    Wu Ya Zi, proving that WYZ and LQS were close. But its also stated that Xu Zhu later learnt the essense of Xiao
    Wu Xiang Gong from the Ling Jiao Gong secret cave, meaning that Tong Lao had access to it all along? But she didnt
    bother to learn it? Was Ling Jiao Gong the actual site of Xiao Yao Pai's founder? Tong Lao didnt learn it even
    though she had access to it due to her following her teacher's wishes? Or was Ba Hwang Wo Du Zhun better?
    Bei Ming has no internal power generation since WYZ cultivated Xiao Wu Xiang Gong? Lots of questions...

    Ok back to the story, quick summary continues... JMZ continues to insult shaolin verbally, asking Abbot to
    publicly admit that shaolin stole tibetan techniques. Getting the monks all worked up. he goes on to say shaolin
    is not even up to Tian Long Shi in Dali's standards, what a disappointment (again, where's sweeper monk when
    he is needed to take out the rubbish?) Among the angry shaolin monks, one guy steps up...ok next fight begins..

    Jiu Mo Zhi laughed ' I have long admired Reverend Xuan Du's Nian Hua Zhi (flower massaging finger??) , I am
    so lucky to witness it personally' with those words, 2 fingers on his right hand started rubbing each other as if
    rolling flower petals. Both monk slowly raised their right hands, and in rapid succession fired off 3 shots with their
    fingers. There were 3 sounds of 'Bo Bo Bo' as the energy collided (this looks like Tan Zi Shen Tong without the
    rocks! further fuel for deterioration theory) and with a quick flash, Xuan Du's chest sprouted 3 jets of fresh blood!
    In the exchange, Xuan Du's skills were inferior and therefore received 3 strikes to his chest. The effect was as if
    3 sharp knives had stuck him.

    Fast Forward Mode : Novel goes on to say how kind Xuan Du was, how all the junior monks loved him. How
    Xu Zhu once spent 8 months serving him and learnt Luo Han Fist from Xuan Du. Seeing that Xuan Du was
    heavily injured, Xu Zhu dashed forward and used the techniques Xu Xing He taught him to immediately heal
    Xuan Du. With his inner strength, he quickly sealed Xuan Du's 11 pressure points. With one palm tap, he caused
    Xuan Du's blow flow to actually reverse back into his chest! Xuan Du with a weak voice praises JMZ's flower
    finger skill, but Xu Zhu loudly points out that JMZ was not using flower finger skill or buddhist style kung fu at
    all. JMZ then asks what skill he was using if not buddhist skill? Xu Zhu then uses his own Xiao Wu Xiang Gong to
    fire off 3 fingers at a large bell, causing 3 immese chimes to fill the hall.
    'Excellent kung fu!' shouts Jiu Mo Zhi 'Please test out one move from my Prana Palm!' as he starts to fold his
    hands together as in greeting, but before his hands meet each other, a loud 'Hu!' is heard and a palm strike is
    issued forth from both palms, the force of the palm strike rushing towards Xu Zhu. This strike was the Heavenly
    Wind of the Gorges from the Prana Palm. Xu Zhu could see the fierce power of the palm strike, and knew he had
    no choice but to block it, thus executing a stroke from the Tian Shan Liu Yang Palm to dissipate the incoming
    strike. Jiu Mo Zhi sensed that Xu Zhu's palm stroke was of strong absorbtion power, perfect for controlling the
    palm force from the Heavenly Wind of the Gorges strike. Recognising the essense of Xiao Wu Xiang Gong, he
    shivered inwardly but laughed and said 'Little Master, is this a kung fu from the Buddhist school? I have come
    to this Great Temple today to witness the divine skills of Shaolin, how can you use the skills of an outside
    school of thought? Shaolin's martial arts are considered number 1 or 2 within the Great Song Empire, is that
    reputation a fallacy?' Jiu Mo Zhi had seen through Xu Zhu's kung fu base, and had no confidence of defeating
    him, thus decided to use words to force him to use Shaolin Kung Fu.

    How could Xu Zhu (being the dumbass that he is) understand the hidden intentions of his words? Honestly
    replying 'I am a lowly monk of no great talent, and have only been able to learn a set of Luo Han Fist and Wei
    Tuo Palm, the basic skills of my sect. How can I be qualified to match techniques with Great Master?' Jiu Mo
    Zhi cackled 'Since it is so, you should thus know that you are not my equal, so begone!' Xu Zhu answered
    'Yes!' folded his arms in salute and retreated back to group of junior monks of his own rank.

    Abbot Xuan Ci being of great intelligence (yeah right, who got #####ered by Murong Bo huh?) did not know
    where Xu Zhu's skills were from, but recognised just from a few strokes that they were of ultra complexity
    and deep inner strength, enough to face up to Jiu Mo Zhi. Since Shaolin was in such a difficult spot now,
    he might as well use Xu Zhu to help out. Thus Xuan Ci spoke out 'Great Master claims to be skilled in all
    72 Shaolin Ultimate Skills, brilliant in talent, deserving of admiration. Shaolin's kung fu is coarse and shallow,
    unworthy of Great Master. Xu Zhu, you are ranked of the third generation in Shaolin, thus unworthy of
    sparring with the number 1 Great Master of Tibet. But since Great Master has travelled many miles, this
    is a rare opportunity, please use Luo Han Fist and Wei Tuo Palm and ask Great Master for instruction.' With
    these words, he had indicated that being of 3rd generation, even if Xu Zhu lost it would be of little matter, but
    if by chance he can last for the period of 1 or 2 joss sticks, Jiu Mo Zhi would have no more basis for his

    Hearing the abbots commands, Xu Zhu immediately obeyed and walked forward, clasping his hands in
    greeting 'Great Master please be lenient!' thinking that since Jiu Mo Zhi is his senior, would definitely not
    strike first, but as his arms were engaged in greeting it formed the stance from Wei Tuo Palm called Ling
    Shan Li Fo (Mountain's Gift to Buddha?). Xu Zhu had spent his time in Shaolin half in prayers and half in
    studying kung fu, thus over more then 10 years, he became very familiar with the skills of Luo Han Fist and
    Wei Tuo Palm. This stance of Mountain's Gift to Buddha was meant to show respect to the opponent and
    was not good for fierce duels. But with the force of Xiao Yao Pai's three supreme elders, Tong Lao's detailed
    teachings and the learnings from the murals on Ling Jiao Palace, his inner force had benefited greatly. Thus
    as he bowed in greeting, a great force rippled through his robes and circulated throughout his body, protecting

    Jiu Mo Zhi knew that there was no backing out from this fight, thus shot out with his palms, the wind force
    generated from his palm strength softly reveberated with a 'Bi Bi Bu Bu', this was an elite technique from
    the Prana Palm. Wei Tuo Palm was a basic skill from Shaolin, new disciples would first learn Luo Han Fist,
    then Wei Tuo Palm. Prana Palm was an elite kung fu, to progress from Wei Tuo Palm to Prana Palm would
    require 30 to 40 years. Prana Palm was one of Shaolin's 72 Supreme Skills, progress in it will never end. As
    one continues practising it, one's palm strength will continue to improve in power and purity, there being no
    end to its potential. Ever since Shaolin's founding, Wei Tuo Palm has never met Prana Palm, being from 2
    extreme ends of Shaolin's kung fu spectrum. Even if a teacher was instructing his disciple, if the teacher
    could execute Prana Palm, the disciple would at least be capable of replying with Da Mo Palm, Tiger
    Subduing Palm (isnt there a Tiger Subduing Fist too?) or Buddha's Thousand Hand Technique etc etc.
    Xu Zhu seeing the incoming attack, slanting his body and pushed out with his palms, using the Buddhist Law
    of the Mountain Pass stance from the Wei Tuo Palm, the palm technique was plain, but the strength behind it
    was massive. Jiu Mo Zhi fluidly twisted his body and struck out with a Wu Xiang Jie Zhi, finger aimed at
    his opponent. As Xu Zhu slanted his body to dodge, Jiu Mo Zhi had already predicted his move and shot
    out with a punch from the Da Jing Gang Fist, there was a loud 'Peng!' as his fist struck Xu Zhu in the shoulder.

    As Xu Zhu rapidly retreated 2 steps, Jiu Mo Zhi chortled 'Does little master admit defeat?' thinking that the
    great force of his Da Jing Gang Fist would have shattered Xu Zhu's shoulder bones to powder. But Xu Zhu's
    Bei Ming Zhen Qi was protecting his body, such that he only felt a pain from his shoulder. Using his hands
    to rub his robes, he crossed his palms left to right, this was a stance called 'The Perpertual River Flows to
    Sea' , the force of his twin palms like the rolling waters of the rivers and sea. Jiu Mo Zhi was stunned to see
    that not only was Xu Zhu uninjured, but his return strike was full of intensity. Jiu Mo Zhi raised his palms to
    defend while striking rapidly with his legs, in an instant, 6 kicks had been struck on Xu Zhu's heart. This was
    one of Shaolin's 72 Skills, the 'Formless Image Kick' each kick was followed by another as if it was an
    identical image. Each kick was delivered with such speed that Xu Zhu only jumped by by the 6th strike. But
    Jiu Mo Zhi would not let Xu Zhu recover, following with 2 consecutive finger strikes of the 'Duo Luo Finger'.
    Xu Zhu assumed the 'Drawing a bow on horseback' stance and replied with a punch from the 'Luo Han Fist'
    called the 'Black Tiger Stealing Heart'. Although the punch was a coarse and basic technique, his Xiao Wu
    Xiang Gong powering it was able to match the rock and iron smashing force of Jiu Mo Zhi's 2 finger strikes.

    Jiu Mo Zhi had the intention to show off, thus once his finger strike was dissipated, he instantly changed
    his attack to a chop, utilising the technique of 'Burning Wood Knife Skill'. This skill was such that a master
    could strike multiple blows on a piece of wood but not scratch it one bit, but the heat from the chop will
    set the wood ablaze. Xiao Feng's teacher Xuan Ku was once a master of this skill, but since his passing,
    no one in Shaolin knew the skill. This 'Burning Wood Knife Skill' Jiu Mo Zhi used was totally different from
    the 'Blazing Knife Skill' he used at the Heavenly Dragon Temple in Dali. Fiercely chopping and slashing with
    his hands as if they were knives, this was a pure Shaolin technique. With a chop, he struck down on Xu Zhu's
    right arm. 'Very Fast!' Xu Zhu shouted as he shot out with his right fist, but halfway through his punch, another
    knife blow landed on his right arm. Jiu Mo Zhi's force was concentrated on his hand edge, his chops being
    the equal of an iron knife, being able to sever necks and limb alike, but Xu Zhu had withstood 2 chops and
    showed no signs of damage, yet Jiu Mo Zhi's palms ached with a deep pain.

    Jiu Mo Zhi was shocked. Even if this little monk had mastered the 'Golden Bell Armour Skill' or the 'Iron
    Robe Technique', he shouldn't be able to withstand such heavy blows. Could he be wearing some form
    of protective armour under his robes? Thinking thus, Jiu Mo Zhi aimed only at Xu Zhu's face. 'Da Zhi Wu
    Ding Zhi' 'Qu Fan Nou Zhi' 'Ji Mie Zhua' 'Yin Tuo Lou Zhua' (someone help me translate these? I never
    seen so many techniques in 1 fight), 6 or 7 different Shaolin elite skills were displayed, all aimed at Xu
    Zhu's eyes and face. With such a fierce attack, Xu Zhu panicked and retreated, unable to even use any
    move from the Wei Tuo Palm. Striking out with fist after fist, every punch was the identical 'Black Tiger
    Stealing Heart', but each punch drove Jiu Mo Zhi back buy half a foot. With just this half foot separation,
    all of Jiu Mo Zhi's strikes could not hit their target. In an instant, Jiu Mo Zhi used 16 different Shaolin
    techniques, striking repeatedly.

    The assembled Shaolin monks look on in a daze. Jiu Mo Zhi's claim to knowing all 72 skills was
    definitely true, yet Xu Zhu could hold out by using the same 'Black Tiger Fist' repeatedly. His punches
    were clumsy and awkward, yet each punch increased in strength. With each punch, Jiu Mo Zhi was kept at
    bay, none of his strikes closing to within a foot of Xu Zhu's face. Jiu Mo Zhi recognised the Xiao Wu
    Xiang Gong in Xu Zhu, noticing that although he had much greaert inner strength, he could not utilise it
    to its full potential. Seeing that Xu Zhu was throwing another Black Tiger Fist, he intercepted with
    both hands, a technique from Shaolin called 'Dragon Claws' , left hand grabbing Xu Zhu's little
    finger, right hand grabbing Xu Zhu's thumb, gathering his energy, he prepared to break Xu Zhu's

    Feeling the pain in his fingers, Xu Zhu instinctively used his 'Tian Shan Zhe Mei Shou', right wrist
    turning a half circle, flipping over and grabbing Jiu Mo Zhi's left wrist.

    Jiu Mo Zhi was cheering at intercepting the fist with his 'Dragon Claws' when his opponent used
    a strange and strong technique, grabbing his wrist in return. Although he was steeped in kung fu
    knowledge, this 'Tian Shan Zhe Mei Shou' was unknown to him, with a shock, it felt like his left
    wrist was encased in iron locks. But in Xu Zhu's haste to stop Jiu Mo Zhi's attacks, he forgot to
    immobilise Jiu Mo Zhi, hanging on to his wrist blankly. Jiu Mo Zhi gathered his strength and
    surged his inner force, hoping to break Xu Zhu's grip. Xu Zhu felt a numbness in his hands, and
    in his fear of Jiu Mo Zhi breaking free and resuming his attacks, his Bei Ming Zhen Qi surged
    forward as he blindly increased his inner force. Although his kung fu and Duan Yu's were from
    the same source, he never learnt the technique of absorbing inner strength (like he needs any
    more!), thus he could not leech any inner force even as he grabbed on to Jiu Mo Zhi's wrists.

    Jiu Mo Zhi tried three times to break free with all his inner force, but failed. In his panic his
    right palm shot out towards Xu Zhu's neck. In his panic, he forgot about using Shaolin Kung
    Fu, this chop was an original skill from his Tibetan school. Xu Zhu countered this with a Tian
    Shan Liu Yang Zhang from his left hand. Jiu Mo Zhi repeatedly struck with his palm, and
    Xu Zhu repeatedly countered with his Liu Yang Palm, his palm was soft like cotton, dissipating
    the fierce strikes completedly. Both their bodies were locked in close contact, and each
    strike only had 7 or 8 inches to travel, yet each blow was filled with great force. Jiu Mo Zhi
    struck with great force, the assembled monks could see that his chops were like fierce
    knives, having acheived supreme mastery of this technique. The fierce wind from his
    chops gusted in all directions and the junior monks retreated in fear. The senior monks
    were not fearful of being harmed, but still gathered their inner strength for protection.

    Xu Zhu had studied the Liu Yang Zhang intensely due to his wish to cure the Life and Death
    Talisman, and from the murals in Ling Jao Palace had understood the intricacies of the
    skill. But he had never used this skill in combat, and without practice was fighting such an
    elite opponent. Even though his skill was great, and inner force immense, could only
    use 20 to 30 percent of his potential (so he has about 4 times Jiu Mo Zhi's strength?) Jiu
    Mo Zhi's attacks increased in intensity and strength, while Xu Zhu was only concerned with
    defence. Fearful of losing his life should Jiu Mo Zhi break free, Xu Zhu hung on to his
    left wrist, not letting Jiu Mo Zhi attack with his left arm.

    With his left arm trapped, Jiu Mo Zhi could not utilise all his techniques, while Xu Zhu only
    had to worry about defending with and against one arm. Thus Jiu Mo Zhi's effectiveness
    was halved, while Xu Zhu's 20% effectiveness was doubled.

    One joss stick had burned down in the time the 2 fighters exchanged over 100 blows. The
    senior monks could see that both fighters were right-handed, but Xu Zhu was using his
    right hand to trap Jiu Mo Zhi's left hand, leaving his left arm to defend against Jiu Mo
    Zhi's right arm, disadvantaging him.

    **skipping some non fighting paragraphs about monks being shocked at xu zhu's
    power and no one interfering as it would ruin Shaolin's repute****

    Another 100 plus strokes were exchanged, as Xu Zhu's fear eroded, his understanding
    of Liu Yang Zhang increased with each stroke, 9 out of 10 strokes were defensive. But
    as time passed, 2 or 3 strokes out of 10 were offensive. Seeing this, the monks were
    quietly cheering.

    **skipping some more inner thoughts of the bystanders****

    At this point, Xu Zhu was attacking 40% of the time, his inner strength surged and
    Xiao Yao Pai's techniques naturally came forward. The watching monks all thought
    inwardly that if they were struck by even one such blow, they would die or be crippled.
    Since Shaolin's founding, none of the disciples were female, and Shaolin's path
    has been straight and noble. All of Shaolin's kung fu were meant to subdue without
    killing. But Tong Lao's and Li Qui Shui's techniques were the opposite, filled with
    killing intent and deviously evil. Jiu Mo Zhi gathered his energy and tried 3 times to
    break free, yet Xu Zhu's strength only seemed to increase. In his haste, he struck out
    with 3 loud palm strikes, yet all were blocked. In desparation, he reached into his
    socks and pulled out a dagger, aiming at Xu Zhu's shoulder. Xu Zhu had only
    learned bare handed fighting, and was at a loss at how to intercept. Using his
    'Tian Shan Zhe Mei Shou' he grabbed ahold of Jiu Mo Zhi's right hand in a
    swift and accurate movement. At this point, Jiu Mo Zhi pushed out with his palm
    force, and the dagger leapt out of his hand, plunging to the hilt into Xu Zhu's

    **at this point, the fight is over. Xu Zhu's 4 maids jump out with their
    swords at JMZ, XZ lets go of his arm, JMZ uses his Burning Knife Chop
    and breaks their swords, and reveals that they are female, shaming

    This is exhausting work. I now understand how hard it must be for
    Moinellion and Lanny to try to translate the whole book

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    Just a quick notice that CC is posting up some translations on the DGSD Shaolin fight scenes at the Jin Yong Discussion Forum


    Han Solo

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    is the chaptering according to the chinese novel or the indonesian novel that is floating around here??
    TaZzY InC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tazzy1972
    is the chaptering according to the chinese novel or the indonesian novel that is floating around here??

    It is the chaptering of the 2nd edition DGSD (Chinese) - only Kirara & Temujin (in this forum) translated from Indonesian into English, the others translated from Chinese (2nd edition). The Indonesian translations (of all JY's works) have never any chapterings.

    They were published in small volumes (without chapter divisions), e.g. the Indonesian translation of DGSD was first published in 1963-4 (43 volumes), then it was illegally reprinted by another publisher who published in (88) smaller volumes. Another publisher published again illegally with a different number of volumes.

    [What Temujin mentioned was actually the volume number, not chapter number. Kirara divided the Indonesian translation of the 1st edition HSDS using the chapter divisions of the 2nd Chinese edition]. So, are you confused enough?
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    oh ic thanks
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