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Thread: The Unofficial Fan-Fiction Index

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    Smile The Unofficial Fan-Fiction Index

    I made the fan-fiction index many moons ago and nowadays I'm so busy that updating the index is at the bottom of the things to do list. Therefore, for the sake of the readers of this forum, here is the opportunity for writers to serve their readers (and potential readers) and promote their fanfics (modestly), and allow readers to know a little about the fan-fics featured in this forum.

    This is mainly a guidepost for readers (like the table of contents/index).

    So writers, please post your fan-fic info as follows:

    3)Synopsis: (short 1-2 sentence blurb/gist of your fanfic to entice your readers)
    4)Status: (completed/active and ongoing or in progress)
    6)Link to your fan-fic thread

    Note: This is only for people who've already written two chapters or more for their fan-fic. People who are still in the planning stage, need not post.

    BTW, You don't need to number your listing like I did.
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    I'll be first. I admit: I'm a publicity w'hore these days when it comes to promoting my fanfic.

    Title: Mobile Suit Gundam: The Second Century (Part 1: Prelude 0099)

    Author: Ken Cheng (based on characters created by Yoshiyuki Tomino)

    Synopsis: Six years after the final battle between Amuro Ray and Char Aznable, two idealistic and strong-willed young women will change the world and write the final chapter of the long Earth/Zeon war that has claimed billions of lives.

    Status: in progress (basic story completed, now being manually transferred from hard copy to Fanfic Forum)

    Genre: manga, anime, science fiction, mecha (i.e. futuristic war machines), action, adventure, military drama, political drama, "space opera," romance (yes, romance)

    NOTE: *Some* mature content (mostly PG). Violence (frequent, but usually not graphic). Mild sexual situations (occasional). Adult language.

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    Not too sure if this counts.

    Working Title : Create Your Own Wuxia Character Game #2
    Authors : 10 - 20 Spcnet Members
    Sypnosis : Ultimate sword fight dedicated to Jin Yong?
    Genre : Wuxia, Martial Arts, Ancient, Chinese etc.
    Link :

    Rating Advisory : Violence, Politics. Don't read if you don't feel like it.

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    1) Title:


    2) Author:


    3) Synopsis:

    An accident leaves her with no memories of the past...
    Will that be the end of their story?
    Or is it just the beginning?

    4) Status:


    5) Genre:

    Self-Search, Romance


    1) Title:

    The Unfilial Daughter

    2) Author:


    3) Synopsis:

    In changing her own fate, she changed the fate of many others as well.

    Was fate really in her own hands? Or was she in the hands of fate all along?

    4) Status:


    5) Genre:

    Self-Search, Romance, Fate, Destiny, Struggle


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    Title: Buffy Season 8

    Author: fridaythe13th

    Synopsis: Have you ever wondered what happened to them after the destruction of Sunnydale? Well, now is the time to find out.

    Status: In-Progress

    Genre: Supernatural


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    1)Title: 《杀气》 DEATH AURA

    2)Author: Bogeyman

    3)Synopsis: Shangguan Xiaoyao's entire family gets slaughtered by five mysterious assassins one night. After getting picked up by two legendary masters, SGXY is now undergoing training in martial arts. He will avenge his parents, no matter the cost.

    4)Status: In Progress. Earlier chapters undergoing editing.

    5)Genre: Wuxia, Ancient, Martial Arts, Action, Adventure, Mystery


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    I am huge fan of SCI-fiction.

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