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Thread: Paris Hilton

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    Judging by her cat walk down the sidewalk from the jailhouse to the car, I don't see anything grown up about her. She's smiling and waving and walking like she's modeling. She still craves the attention.

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    Quote Originally Posted by girllikeme View Post
    This is completely unjust.

    Why should Paris Hilton be freed many days prior to the day that she was supposed to be released? That is rubbish.
    Actually, it's quite consistent with California criminal law practices. In most cases, unless the prisoner is considered an imminent danger to society, he/she will often be released after serving a certain portion of his/her sentence (as determined by statutes and the judge). Part of the consideration is practical: California's jails are simply overcrowded. There needs to be space to house the really dangerous criminals, so the non-dangerous ones will often be released to make room. Moreover, it might also be part of an incentive plan for inmates to be on their best behavior while incarcerated.

    So no, she didn't get an early release just because she happens to be Paris Hilton. To insist that she stay in jail longer than she needs to just because she's Paris Hilton wouldn't be much more fair than insisting that she be released prematurely (i.e. less than what is required by law) because she's Paris Hilton.

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    hilton is out. she now can enjoy the paris in jail video. highly recommend it if any of you haven't seen it yet.

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    hahah on the news it was said that paris threw away all her clothing that had the color of her jail suit in it and that she spent an abundant amount of money on her gromming and everything
    its quite bizzare
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    What's with her "I have changed my ways" act? I think it is a publicity stunt. Help ex-prisoners reform? Hahaha. That is the most BS thing I have heard this year.

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    lol the moaning and how she shouted "mum!" in the courtroom makes her sound so childish..sigh..models..
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