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Thread: Zhu Zi Liu vs Zhang Cui San

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    Default Zhu Zi Liu vs Zhang Cui San

    Who's better in the usage of a ink brush/pen? Zhu Zi Liu was able to incorporate 1YZ in his pen while Zhang Cui San was able to seal several aucpoints with just one stroke of his brush/pen...
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    I'd prob say ZZL just because his martial arts seems to be at a much higher level, and YYZ seems to translate into brush strokes much better as it is entirely a acupoint kungfu. Though the Dragonsabre/Heavensword poem kungfu given to ZCS is awesome, I can't help but wonder if it would be more powerful with a sword, especially the Heaven Sword

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    ZZL should be able to win this based on his age and experience:
    When ZZL was fighting at the heroes conference in ROCH he should have been around fifty years old, on the other hand ZCS was only in his early twenties when he encountered Xie Xun and fought him. After that ZCS did not improve his martial arts a lot for the next 10 years and then died.

    That said I believe that ZZL in his early twenties would have lost to ZCS at the same age, and that ZCS may have been able to equal or defeat a fifty year old ZZL if he had lived to fifty as well and continued to improve his martial arts at a steady rate.

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