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[Upcoming] 《胭脂雪》 Yan Zhi Xue -- Fan Bing Bing, Wallace Huo, Pace Wu, Kristy Yeung
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Thread: [Upcoming] 《胭脂雪》 Yan Zhi Xue -- Fan Bing Bing, Wallace Huo, Pace Wu, Kristy Yeung

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    Default [Upcoming] 《胭脂雪》 Yan Zhi Xue -- Fan Bing Bing, Wallace Huo, Pace Wu, Kristy Yeung

    《胭脂雪》Yan Zhi Xue

    Director- Teng Wen Ji
    Screenwriter- Yu Zheng (Zhu Lui Xiang)
    Production Company- http://www.tangde.com.cn/

    Fan Bing Bing as Wen Yu He
    Wallace Huo as Xia Yun Kai
    Pace Wu
    Lui Xue Hua
    Kristy Yang/ Xiao Qiang
    others not yet confirmed

    Set in the 1930s china-- a poignant tale about people of the previous times wanting to make change of destiny.

    Wen Yu He--is a sensitive young lady whose life is full of adversity and inner battles.
    She's in a relationship with a young man from a prominent family.

    Xia Yun Kai---is the young steward of this prominent family, he enters the scene, purposely to find the girl he loves but ends up being stranded on a love that is against his morals, he falls in love with Wen Yu He. He has a dark secret that nobody else knows.

    Lui Xue Hua-- will be Bing Bing's grandmother.

    they will begin filming in mid June

    They originally invited Vic Chou to play Xia Yun Kai but he is busy filming a series in Japan
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    where Sammul is!


    I thought i read in a forum that Sammul Chan may be involved in this one? Anybody got a clue?

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    sorry but i dont want Wallace huo to pair up with FBB>> why must she always be in everything.. getting sick of her..

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    kristy is my favorite actress,can't wait to watch this series

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