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Thread: Ying Ye 3+1 [Starring: Joe (Qiao En), Ming Dao, Jason Hsu, Huang Zhi Wei]

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    hehe, despite the criticisms, I just liked YY 3+1 especially the earlier episodes...but I agree that it's also good to mix up actors so they don't always get paired together for variety's sake. It just so happened that I like JC and MD's on screen chemistry, both in Frog Prince and YY. But I liked JC with Ethan in FTYL too, so I'm pretty open about this issue. Anyways, in my opinion, its pretty easy to pair Joe Chen to any actor because she's a gifted actress who adapts well to her partner's acting style. Plus she's really likeable, like Aril Lin and Ella. They rock!

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    kind of late but I thought this series was pretty good. Also like JC and MD's on screen chemistry. The bully part did kind of drag but some of the other mysteries were kind of interesting.

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