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    Hi, I am thinking about purchasing Dragon Strike (aka Reincarnated II). I see that there's a US version on YesAsia and what I assume to be the HK version at Malmusic. What is different between the two versions (i.e. Subtitles, scenes cut/uncut etc)?

    Your help is very much appreciated.

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    I'm not sure about any HK versions but for the US version that you see on Yesasia, you might want to consider a few things first.

    I don't own this Dragon Strike VCD series but I own a different ATV series produced by the same company East Media Entertainment. The 'Dragon Strike' on Yesasia says its produced by 'Asiaview Entertainment' but they most likely forgot to change it to 'East Media Entertainment'.

    Anyway, judging from my OWN ATV VCD series produced by them, there is too many negatives which may also apply for this series.

    Firstly, the cover art obviously looks cheap/bootlegged and the actual cover picture is likely inkjet printed. Secondly, flimsy plastic case and the arrangements of the VCDs inside the box is awful and without care you might damage it as they stack the disks on top each other. This is most likely the same for this 'Dragon Strike' series BUT I can't confirm since I don't own Dragon Strike.

    Picture quality thirdly also plain sucks, can be blocky and pixelated at times especially during fast movements which means its alot worse than the TVB VCDs that happen to have the same problem. As Dragon Strike is a very old series, you can imagine the problem might be severe. Lastly, the price is obviously ridiculous, I personally would not pay for such an expensive 3 installment series which most likely comes in 3 seperate DVD boxes.

    Thats that for the US version and remember, I'm only basing this from my own experience of other East Media Ent' VCD so some things might not be totally true for this particular series unless someone else can confirm.

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    Thanks for the info Maz. I heard Dragon Strikes is coming out on DVD soon, curious now as to the quality of the motions on these ATV dvds.

    Someone else in this forum also posed the question: does the fighting look okay on DVD. Do the fast motions look choppy? vbmenu_register("postmenu_722643", true);
    Almo and Scffrx, you guys have Legendary Fok on DVD right? How were the motions? The picture does look better than the picture on the VCDs right?

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